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Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007 Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

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Unread 03-16-2007, 05:50 AM
good morning

Hi sisters,

It's cold again here in Michigan this morning. I am feeling alright. Kind of down. No big deal, this time of year is dark and dreary anyway right? It still hurts to pee. That's nothing new, it's hurt to pee since the c-section 6 years ago. I had hoped that would go away.

The good news is I am doing normal stuff with lifting restrictions only. I cleaned my closet yesterday. Sorted out 2 garbage bags of clothes. Going to donate the shirts my husband wears every time we go anywhere. He has some really great shirts, he just always wears the same few, so bye bye!

I went for my follow up with the plastic surgeon Wednesday. I am doing pretty well. My scar is pretty thin and healing really well.

Did a preliminary survey of the playground. Anxiety lingers, things were very different. Hopefully it was due to anxiety and fear and not the final result!

To all those who are having a rough time, Hang in there, I can see the edge of the woods from here!

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Unread 03-16-2007, 06:10 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Hello all,
I can't tell you how great it is to hear that it's OK to still feel the effects of the healing process. Everyone has told me that it can take up to a year, but something in me says "no way, I can do it in two weeks!" I feel guilty that it's taking so long! crazy right?
My recovery so far has actually been quite uneventful. no problems so far, with the exception of bouts of constipation and these strange intense pains around my rib cage when I inhale deeply, has anyone experienced these?? It's like shards of glass are in my chest and my ribs are in the way. It only lasts for a few seconds. thank goodness.
One other thing is my incision area is still numb in some areas and feeling like a bad bruise in others. I can imagine that these feelings are quite normal, but roughly how long will it take for the feeling to come back??
I had the whole kitt and kaboodle removed but I look like the doc inserted 25 extra pounds of something....Im looking forward to this lovely side effect to take a hike.
All in all things are OK, You guys and this site has been such a wonderful resource for me. It's so easy to feel alone when going through such personal things, but not here! Thank you so much!
Unread 03-16-2007, 06:11 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

For those of you that have the option of putting off going back to work, I envy you!!! I've been working from home from day 10 and with that nice big incision stretching across the front of me it HASN'T been fun sitting up most of the day even if I DO only work on a computer. I started back half days last week in my office then the remainder of the day from home and I can tell you, if I work in the office in the morning, the only thing I WANT to do at home is take a nap... but on rest for the weary. They give me more projects to do from home than I ever got when I was in full time! Today they're moving my office to a different location and we're expecting LOTS of snow so I'm working from home all day. I'm hoping that when they actually move my desk my remote connection will be lost so I"ll get the afternoon off (tricky, aren't I?) but at least its Friday. My DP left last night for a conference in Denver so I"m stuck in the house as soon as it snows. I can't plow, can't shovel, and I'm thinking any snow piled up on my car is going to have to wait to get cleared off. Thankfully I"m all set with necessities.

A comment on the anchor thingie. My first post op visit which was around day 7 involved snipping one stitch that I could see on the outside. The rest of the incision was sprayed with glue to keep it shut rather than stitches. I asked the doc what that one stitch was and he told me it held the rest of the stitching underneath together. For some reason I pictured knitting in my mind... dropping a stitch and watching everything fall to pieces. Kind of scary for me. Thankfully I have a number of friends who've gone through this surgery, all but one having TAH, and they assured me I"d actually feel more comfortable after that one stitch was removed. It stung a bit having it removed but I did feel as though my stomach was more comfortable after it was gone. I'm now having burning sensations near the incision and the dizziness is still hanging in there. But otherwise I feel pretty darned good. I think my bladder is healing a bit because it CAN get sore during the day, but my doc reminded me it had been quite squished and dislocated with the fibroid so its now settling back into its old home and "spreading its wings" so I"ll give that some time. I think I"m going to schedule a checkup with my primary care physician at about the four month out mark to review some of these other things (if the'yre still around then). Kind of like having a second opinion. But I was given the all clear at my 2nd post op (around the end of week 4) and just told there were still some stitches to go in the cuff and to give it 2 - 3 more weeks of "taking it easy". While I may miss some of the "actitivity", to be honest, the fibroids had reduced my life in that category for some time. I can wait a another month or so before testing the waters again!

For those of us living in snow country, stay warm this weekend and REST!!!! for those living in places where there isn't snow, REST!!! For all of us... HEAL!!!!!! AND BE HAPPY, the surgery we worried about before is behind us!
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Unread 03-16-2007, 06:12 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Good Morning to everybody!! Wasn't able to post much last night. After my apppointment I had to then take Catherine to the doctor. Then she had the runs for awhile last night. She's better now.

The doctor asked if I was having any hot flashes. I told her that I was getting very warm in the night so she increased my premarin dose. Said I was healing well. I asked about taking hot baths and praise the Lord up above she said that was okay. When I told her my husband wanted to know if the playground was open (I didn't use those words) she laughed and said, "That's all they ever think about." Then we spent the next few minutes making fun of men. (I love having a female for a doctor. She's two years older than me and is married with kids as well.)

My husband started my bath water around 10:30 last night--The princess was asleep. Wasn't that sweet and thoughtful on his part Anyway, all was well at recess time . Fun was had by all There is life after hysterectomy

I will say though that there is a dryness inside that wasn't there before but was able to fix with KY. Not to be too personal here, but I didn't want to act as if everything was the same.

Happy Now--I'm going back half days so I'm relieved about that. There is a part of me that would like to stay home for another two weeks just to enjoy some time off by myself and not be so laid up. But, my spring break will be here in two weeks. Catherine's was this past two weeks so I'll get that time then. I'm looking forward to teaching Science and getting back into the swing of things. My only worry is that yesterday I was running around so much and belly swelled like crazy (Doctor told me it would be a year before everything settled down in there. She said there are sutures that are still healing inside and that is what was causing the swelling.) Anyway, I'll get to school at 7:00 and leave at 11:30 and then go home and rest. When do you go back?

IMG--wish you were doing better. Sorry that things didn't go well. Prayers and hugs to all of you who are healing slower.

Have to go now. Hope everyone has a good day---My husband said, "Just because she released you doesn't mean you can start doing everything you used to. Take it slow." He's right!
Unread 03-16-2007, 06:22 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Trifin - I have the numb incision area as well. My doc said that's a sign of the nerves reconnecting. Before the numbness those nerves weren't awake yet. Now that they ARE, when you overdo things, they get tired and numb up and you feel the difference. Also, those sharp pains around your rib cage COULD be your obliques (I think that's those muscles) feeling tired because the'yre compensating for you NOT using your abdominal muscles. I know when I first started singing again I had those pains BIG time.... now that its been a few weeks and my abdominals are starting to take back their job it isn't quite as bad, but I do feel them tiring at the end of the day, or when I lean in certain directions.
Unread 03-16-2007, 06:33 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Good morning everyone! I also cannot believe how many posts we have but I think it's great and I am so happy to be part of this week's group. I personally think we are all wonderful. Today is a snow day in the poconos and the kids have no school. They will have to work a little since I am going to have them vacuum for me today. Of course, they will get to play in the snow also.

For those of you going back to work please don't overdo it. For those like me who are taking longer to heal (sorry to say I was in so much pain last night I took 2 percocet) we will eventually get there. For those healing fast congratulations. For those getting to go to the playground I am sure the dhs and boyfriends are very happy. Everyone have a great day and for those of you driving in the snow be safe.
Hugs to everyone.
Unread 03-16-2007, 07:03 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

As Fredy Mercury said 'We are the champions' , well done everyone for the support of each other, we have reached our century with pride.
Bagpuss, I too am amazed at the level of activity of our sisters whilst we are tucked up in bed. I know how you feel about the reluctance to venture out with friends, I have nothing that fits me at the moment, my belly is so swollen still, the evenings are worse. I am the first in my group of friends to have this done, so they don't quite get it, and keep on at me to go out!
I hope you soon feel much better, my post op is next Thursday, so I shall be asking you to take notes for me so that I know what to expect..good luck in advance,
kappel, well done on being 'released', your DH is so right about taking it easy, please say you will heed what he says.
I have been signed of work until the middle of...wait for it....May!
And that is not even the time I have to go back!!!! !!!!
I have to see my family doctor who will tell me in the middle of May when I can go back. My coleagues are covering for me, so I'm not under pressure to return. Also we get paid by our employer, full pay for 6 months and 1/2 pay for the next 6 months.
Our house is set out in the countryside, with no neighbours. We look out onto an old sand quarry that is no loger used and has been turned into a nature reserve, it's surrounded by a pine forrest. No-one is really aware of it so it is almost like a private estate..(in my dreams it is all mine) we have fabulous wildlife as no-one is about to disturb it (only me!), yesterday my DH walked around it with me, I felt great afterwards, felt as though I had turned a corner. (but still feel as though I have a prolapse).
My DH is away yet again on business, so I will be on line most of today, I look forward to reading everyones news and wish everyone well. 's
Unread 03-16-2007, 07:04 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

How could I forget the most important thing. Since no school we have lots of brownies to eat. That was one of the first things my kids said this morning. "Oh mom, we have to eat the brownies." You know that just makes them so sad. LOL.
Unread 03-16-2007, 07:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Happy now your home sounds idylic. Thankyou for the words of encouragement. I am going back to weight watchers next week to shift these extra pounds before the rot really sets in.I'll try and remember what is said at my post op. Dh is coming with me so I expect he have questions for Mr R too. At least I wont get too carried away as he is really rather dishy. Will go to this meal tonight but dont know what to wear. For the first time I've got swelly belly and it isn't nice! At least the penicillin is kicking in and I've got less pain. Cant take anything stronger than a paracetamol because of other meds. Feeling better because the sun is out and I'm sitting on our patio. Love and hugs to all.
Unread 03-16-2007, 08:01 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Good Morning Everyone
Pocono, I saw how much snow fell on you guys! Isn't it amazing how much one converging little Canadian front can do. Hope your kids have a great time with it. Here's hoping you start feeling a little better every day.

Img, you kill me I see doc next Wed and I can't find my glitter. Thanks for refreshing my memory of the v. packing! I wonder if I have anything stronger than Motrin 800 laying around the house? Sorry to hear you still have alot of stiches and a little more healing to go. At least it is only 3 weeks and not 3 years. (small consolation, I know)

Catnapper - can't believe the amount of swelly belly you have to endure. Wow! You hang in there girl.

Happy Now and Bagpus, you get 6 months off paid!? Almost makes me want to move to the UK. Can't wait to go back and tell my employers that little fact. Since most of them are guys they will just roll their eyes anyway. I was raised on a small farm but have lived in the city ever since I was married. I kind of miss the countryside. We just want to make sure our UK sisters have plenty to read as we go to bed and they get up.

Guinea it's super that you are feeling better. Even though I still have one ovary I still have the hot flashes and night sweats. Fortunately I just haven't had the crying bouts that some have had. Hope your test results turn out great.

Onthecouch I always hated missing school trips with the kids. Maybe this snow won't stay and they will reschedule. Sorry to hear your shopping trip was postponed as well. Won't it be grand when we can fit our old clothes again?

bookah212, hope your dh feels better too. Glad to hear you got rid of that bug.

FF1962 sorry to hear about your incision. It's ok to call your doc if it worries you.

PLWC1 I always have chocolate handy

Dd has given us an extra 6 months to plan for her wedding She and future sil have set their date for May 17, 2008! :woot:

Ds2 has his spring concert tonight so Mom's coming down. Dh, Mom and I will be there most of the evening.

Ds1 has not checked in with us for a couple of weeks so I will have to check in with him to make sure all is going well.

You ladies have a great day. Hope to hear from you all very soon.

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