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Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008 Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

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Unread 04-26-2008, 06:47 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Well, I made it through the first full week of work, and the very busiest week of our month. Was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day, with some swelling and soreness. Nothing that ibuprofen and resting with my feet up didn't take care of most days. One day, though, I was tempted to take a percoset, but remembered all too vividly what strange nightmares it gave me. So, I took a motrin, instead. I did feel some twinges while working. I think it was from using the abdominal muscles so much, plus getting in and out of the vehicle so often (at least 4-6 times each day) and being on my feet all day. I'm sure each day, each week will get better. I just feel that my stamina isn't quite there yet. At least this coming week there will be a break. It's our anniversary on Wednesday and my husband and I are taking the day off to spend it together.

It so good to read that most everyone is getting back to their lives and able to do the things you want to do and like to do! This site has helped so much in allowing me to know what I'm going through is normal; that I'm not alone in this. I've told every woman I know about it, just in case they ever need a hysterectomy at some point in their lives. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experience!

Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend, everyone! I wish that you all feel better and better every day!
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Unread 04-26-2008, 09:12 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I think we should all keep posting, just to stay in touch. As we all get more "normal" whatever that may be, this is still a great place to touch base. We've shared so much these past weeks, I feel like I'd be losing friends if everyone stopped writing!
Unread 04-26-2008, 04:21 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I'm glad i checked in as i wasnt getting any email alerts either a few different times....scared me!!!! i was sad...so glad to see that there were some. i'm dealing with swelly belly not as bad as usual more when i stand too long it pre-warns me now i get that contracting thing and then i know its gonna swell..gee it last it has manners LOL-Joan lol haha you have to belly buttons too, i have to laugh with you as i have come to just accept them, and embrace them when i stare at them..i did notice my ankles giving way here and there (must be that weight they got used too not carrying arouund while i was in bed) I havent lost a pound nor can i fit any sort of jeans, but i did move up to a pair of overalls woohoo and basket ball shorts that i pull up to my boobs...so it doesnt rest on my belly..gives everybody a hoot in the house a lovely vision i must say!! I did go fishing today i havent been in a few months that was nice, kept losing my fish-seems like i forgot how plus i scared of hurting something..So my DD keeps forgetting and asking me if i have any tampons...and they goes ooops sorry. So i brought the last tampon and about 5 bags of pads and said this is all i have to contribute, i even threw in a bag of pantyliners. We just had to laugh. trying very much soo to keep my spritis up. Did some research on bio-identical hormones found a few places to call on monday, so i'm excitied about that. I think the previous ones i was taken finally are wearing off since i full hot flashes at night now. Sleeping a little bit better, i toss and turn like salad all night long but i'm going from side to side, attempted the belly---wooo that made me queezy so wont try that again.Soooo i am so so so did i say so glad to still see posts!!!! This is my home away from away, and my sisters i grew up without. I know everyone will be busy, and still recovering, but i am more than happy reading any little bit i can get..So if you have it in you keep it coming..Lots of hugges and kisses to all..Hope everyone has a great weekend, and those still having a hard time keep you will, head and hope...if need be use your strength to make it here...cause all here we will be
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Unread 04-27-2008, 07:46 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I guess I'm first again today. And I'm happy to keep the forum going! I will really miss you all when we're all totally normal..which might be a long time if we could blame everything on the surgery!
I think I might have over-reached yesterday. For some reason I'm getting those pingy things again..cuff stitches? I helped a friend who was moving into her first house..and nope, I didnt lift and carry..much. My job was to wash out the kitchen cabinets and put dishes away. Not sure what I might have done because I was really careful. Today it's not so bad.
I expected these pings several weeks ago and nothing ever happened. At my 2 week check up the nurse practioner said that the cuff stitches would be disolving and I might feel it..and might spot. But, nope..I guess I have my very own time table!
Did we get a 7-8 week milestone note from HS? we are into week 8. yikes. And I STILL can't wear my normal pants. After yesterday, I'm a bit nervous about exercising too. Would the exercise ball be a good or bad idea? I really need my core muscles back if I ever going to ride my naughty horse again. Joan
Unread 04-27-2008, 10:23 AM
still here

Hello everyone i hope all is good!!! Joan i think its pretty normal cause i didnt have that in week 2 i have it now...called nurse she said it was ok, as i have been passing stiches here and there this whole week..so i guess what was left over from the cuff, not sure..I did have a horrible night last night trying to sleep and get comfortable..and was tweeking and cramping all night and morning..must of been from trying to fish and casting the rod??? then i carried some groceries in, and carried mylaptop bag and big purse at the same time..Well that reality checked me real quick. I notice before during princess time when i needed to reach for something (via cabinet or stepping out of tub) i would lift up on my tippy toes so i wasnt strectching so bad...but now i'm not and at walmart i grabbed something from the top shelf and felt like someone kinda kicked me (mental note to self-self you probably kicked yourself) So i finally sat down and told myself even tho its week 8, you feel better, your color has changed from yellow green, too lets say natural beige, doesnt mean your 100 % better and healed. I guess since our docs released us and gave us the boot we figured we are clear...he said i could exercise (yeah right) when realistically i cant stand or walk too long without belly kicking in so what part should i excericse??? My mental state i guess LOL..I still get winded trying to do my hair, i still cant sleep that great, gas pains still kick in with the good ol BM at it again (feel like i'm going backwards) Still have a hard time filling a big pot of water and oh get winded carrying laundry..Dont have then beending down pact either-needless to say i developed lazy knees and ankles. And shaving well we still have to become one...more like one big mess ( good days i call it art)Motivation making its way to my vocabulary -hasnt quite kicked in yet working on tho i am really..another note to self...and the urge to bring the whine back..oh its coming. But since its week 8 i think its not allowed as it gets ignored and no one does the dishes etc anymore..actually now that i am driving everyone thinks my new profession is a cab driver (via teens yeah) so here i finf myself yelling and stressing and crying cause the tad i'm microscopic tad help i got is all gone..So i guess for those of you at 8 weeks + or - i'm trying to say its ok if you dont feel up to paar as everyone (self) included expected. Hmm i think i just had a huge vent LOL.. ..at least hear i know everyone will listen (or skip the post...just kidding). My pup has become high maintence -i know what was i thinking..i'm trying to teach her play for 15 minutes and lets nap hehe. nah we play fetch except i think i fetch more..I know we are all dying to get back to routine-horse back riding included and it is frustrating and sad some days..but i do come on here and feel better, that i cant hide.Somedays i forget i even had surgery, and somedays it feels like day 1. I hope everyone has a beautiful day..just to give everyone a vision.. i had to meet a realtor yesterday quick notice..so OMG what can we throw on quickly-no such thing, anywho i find a pair of big plaid shorts..boy shorts that come to the knee so i put them on a button them (my first time in 8 weeks) wearing anything that button or zips so i'm like ok ok this is good is not resting on anything there low i put on a tank top to try and hold belly, and i t-shirt..i'm comfy cozy..until i realize when i get there and get out the truck...HELLLOO shorts are so low all you see are my big pink panties that i still have to pull up to my boobs!!!! why because i forgot the t-shirt was shorter!!! and nothing i could do about it, how about that for a hoot and laugh, i just had to excuse myself and call it the flatline moment of getting dressed i must of been in pre-op not post-op..Have a beautiful day xoxoxo to all
Unread 04-27-2008, 11:07 AM
Glad to read your posts

It is really great to read your posts. Some moments I feel "normal", and the next moment I feel sore and tired. I sit down and rest like an old lady, then I can get up and go again. I feel sore and a bit throbbing kind of at the back of my vagina area (I think) Not too familiar with that part lately as I don't have my final check til week 9.

I went to an all women's conference and did some dancing and it felt great! I ended the night with more swaying than dancing, but still FUN. Luckily the party started at 6:30 PM and I was in bed by 10. Tennis has to wait a little longer.

thanks again for all your posts. Seems like the world would like us to be back to our same old selves and yet inside we know we aren't.

TAH for uterine cancer and endo (cured) 3/3/08
Unread 04-27-2008, 03:03 PM
big pinkpanties

[HELLLOO shorts are so low all you see are my big pink panties that i still have to pull up to my boobs!!!! why because i forgot the t-shirt was shorter!!! and nothing i could do about it, how about that for a hoot and laugh,

omg Rachel..I spit my seltzer water all over my puter screen! I'm wearing a looong t shirt and big pink panties...AND my maternity jeans that I bought because I still can't button my jeans!
I shoveled out XL's stall today...also took him outside for a bit of play in the paddock and then for grass..yes we finally have some here.. without snow on top of it!
Then the barn boss asked me to rearrange some horses after the new boys got the stall cleaned. AHA..I 'm useful again!

Now I have to go grocery shopping and finish up (or actually do) my lesson plan for tomorrow. Joan
Unread 04-28-2008, 03:38 AM
I feel cured, now it's the CAT's turn!!

Hello everyone

Sorry I've been silent for a while - seems like the more normal you feel, the less you get around to posting. Not that I've forgotten everyone - still check in every day or so, and realise how important it is to keep everyone up-to-date with what's going on. Besides, I do miss you all when nobody's put up any news for a while, and really hope everyone is continuing to improve day-by-day. I guess I've been really lucky so far - I've felt so much better in the last two weeks, and don't even feel as though I've had any surgery.

Even the swelly belly has gone down considerably, and those black bloater elastic-waisted grandma outsize whopper duds I bought barely two weeks ago to crawl back to work in, are way too big, and have been put in a dark cupboard to moulder away!! Toilet visits are now back to normal too, as I don't have to go every couple of hours with the extra strain on the wound area!! The hot flushes/flashes aren't too bad, and winter's a-coming anyway. My memory is fabulous as the so-called "normal" people around work are still quite hopeless compared to me!! Barry Gibb is yet to drop around, but you can't have everything all at once!!!

Last Friday (Thank God - it was a public holiday!!) - I had a quiet day, then had a good day out on Saturday shopping, walking around for ages, and generally doing all the stuff I'd normally do at the weekend. On Sunday I went to the beauty parlour, and had a wonderful pedicure as my feet and toes felt like crocodile claws after so long on my sick-couch!!

Today back at work I felt fantastic, fitted into my normal black trousers, and even wore jeans over the week-end, and was all set to go on my first energetic walk in the afternoon after work!! But the CAT got in first!!

Poor old Tom was found crying by the rubbish bin on my return home with a very sore leg - off to the VET yet again ( I have shares in that place - this is a CAT who had HIS operation two days before mine, after incubating a large lump under his bellY!). We convalesced together - I lived in daily and nightly fear of 7.3kgs (a LOT of pounds to those non-metric folk!!) jumping on my belly for many weeks post-op!! The beast is okay - more puncture wounds from yet another catfight, and will probably send me to the poorhouse, but I wouldn't be without him!!

Well, once again enough of me - I'm pretty boring these days, which can only be a good thing. Hugs and best wishes to everyone out there, especially all my old mates and I hope you all continue to feel better every day. I really feel for anybody who's still finding things pretty awful - one day at a time - it takes months to recover fully from this - so we can all expect to feel up one minute and not so good the next still. As I'll probably find to my cost tomorrow after lugging the miserable fatso Tom to the vets - till now I've had a slave to do it as he had numerous visits during my recovery time!!

Keep well everyone, and look after yourselves as I do worry about you all, and hope you are all okay. We have to move the library in a few weeks to our new building, so I'm sure I'll find that a horrible challenge, despite my colleagues saying they'll do all the lifting and shoving (we do have removalists though!!)

Hugs and love to everyone.

PS Guys, I managed to upgrade to Crown Jewels membership from Australia - so hopefully now I can get around putting as many smilies in as possible without getting into trouble like I usually do!!!
Unread 04-28-2008, 03:47 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Hi SweatPea35

Your posts really make me laugh! Especially the bit about you trying to sleep on your belly. I really knew I was back to normal a few nights ago when I had rolled over onto my stomach without even realising I'd done it, and it felt quite okay. Would have killed me not so long back. Really hope you can do this too before too long. I think we really know we're getting well when we suddenly realise we're doing things again that we usually take for granted, which we were flat out doing just a few short weeks/days ago. Take care.
Unread 04-28-2008, 04:32 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

G'morning everyone..or at least those of us who check in every morning with coffee! Nothing much to report since I spit my seltzer all over the 'puter.
Rav, I too have felines. The two girls are small Siamese but the third one is a garden-variety big baby. He weighs in at 16 or 17 pounds..it seems to climb every time I weigh him. All 3 of mine are totally inside cats. We have coyotes here, even in upstate NY, and cats are delicacies for them. I could really relate to your concern about yours landing on your abdomen. I sat with a pillow across my middle for a week or more for just that reason. Bear, the big one, is so quiet and clever, that he's landing before I even know he's in the air. Youch!! The girls talk a lot so I usually know what's up with them.
Rain predicted here today..we've just had a fabulous week so I guess we're due. Much easier to keep the kids on task when it's raining!
off to school...Joan

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