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Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021 Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

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Unread 09-20-2021, 04:00 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

If your hysterectomy was between Sep 20-Sep 26,2021 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your hysterectomy recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns instead of including the question in your update! There is information on how to start a new thread in this link: New Here? or you can use this link: Post a New Topic in the Post-Op forum.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

We hope you are recovering well with plenty of rest and water and a bit of walking. Don't forget to pamper the princess!

How to use the Recovery Progress Reports thread:

  • 1. This thread is for the purpose of sharing updates on your recovery as you heal from your hysterectomy.

  • 2. Generally, ONE or TWO posts on this thread per member/per day is adequate to share your daily progress and to share encouragement with your surgery week Sisters.

  • 3. Remember to start a new thread on the Post-Op message board to ask your questions.

  • 4. The Progress Report threads now begin in our special forum for all Hysterectomy Recovery Reports and will remain there for you to always find your discussion.
  • 5. Remember all the love and support you got here as a pre-op member? Now it's YOUR turn to give back to the women in the Pre-Op Hysterectomy Support forum. Extend your hand and your hugs in replies to our pre-op ladies in waiting. This will complete our circle of women helping women!
  • 6. You can also share support and experiences with post-op members in all phases of recovery in the Post-Op Hysterectomy Support forum by replying on the new threads they create.
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Unread 09-20-2021, 08:51 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

Hi, ladies! My surgery was this morning. I’m amazed at how good I feel tonight! Though that may be the pain killers talking, lol.

The worst part all day was them trying to get the IV started. It took a while, ouch. After that, it’s been smooth sailing. The anesthesiologist was wonderful. The nurses have been so kind and compassionate. My husband has been incredibly attentive and caring.

We’re staying ahead of the pain with Toradol every 6 hours, and Norco every four hours, though their policy is that I have to ask for that. Im using a lovely abdominal ice pack. I was pretty groggy for a couple hours, but just in a sleepy way, not in a gross way.

All in all, I’m surprised and pleased, and hopeful that recovery won’t be as bad as I thought it might be.
Unread 09-21-2021, 05:25 AM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

Hey everyone. I had surgery yesterday (removal of ovaries, uterus, and tubes). Surgery was about 3 hours and recovery 4 hours. I didn't get to talk to the surgeon afterwards as he had multiple surgeries scheduled. However, the nurse mentioned I had a CT scan due to having two uterus. I will follow up in two weeks with my doctor. I have been trying to stay on top of my pain. It bothers me the most getting in bed, getting up from bed and going to pee. Pain isn't as intense today. I am still taking it easy. I do notice I coughed up some flem so I am utilizing this medicine to breathe into for the next month so I don't get pneumonia. Hope everyone has a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
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Unread 09-21-2021, 06:49 AM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

My surgery was yesterday morning at 7am (LVAH kept ovaries). It was right at 2 hours long. Woke up in recovery in pain, which surprised me. We were able to head home around 3pm after a few hour struggle to urinate. Last night I spiked a fever (101.4) and my blood pressure went up and oxygen dropped a little (92/94%). My husband called the nurse and she said I should take the percocet. I was trying to avoid narcotics, but I had a lot of scar tissue so there was a lot of cutting done inside and I was in pain. (feeling like a baby as I'm usually really good with pain, I've had 3 c-sections and they weren't this difficult). Percocet helped immensely! Fever came down and I slept hard, between bathroom trips. As I lie here in bed typing, I feel pretty good, but I need to get up and will require hubby's assistance.
Unread 09-21-2021, 05:10 PM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

I had my surgery this morning and am home now. Everything went well in the hospital but I waited three hours for my doctor to come by and talk to me and she never came; she was supposed to call me at home but hasn't. I have several questions for her. First and most pressing is which pain meds I'm supposed to take when; she told me repeatedly to alternate tylenol and advil and just use the oxy for breakthrough pain, but it's not written down anywhere and I can't figure out how many hours in between. I had both tylenol and oxy at 2:30 pm and it's now 5; they helped a ton at first, but now pain in my belly has returned and I'm not sure what to do. I think I need to take Advil now but am not sure if I need to wait for four hours (or what) between doses. I'm on hold with the doctor's office but there are 5 people holding ahead of me. I"m frustrated.
The other questions I wanted to ask my doctor included one about diet. She told me to make sure I don't get constipated and to take Miralax and/or stool softeners if needed. I have IBS-D and whenever I take laxatives or stool softeners I get horrible painful diarrhea for at least three days, so I've been trying to manage this with diet so I don't have to take those. Doc was fine with that for prep but we never got to discuss afterward.
I was on clear liquids, except half a slice of toast, the whole day before my surgery. Everything was fine. Now I'm home and starving but not sure what/if I should eat. Still clear liquids? Soft foods? Regular food but light? I asked the nurses and they printed me out some stuff about constipation, but I am not constipated. Just trying to manage this proactively and properly.
I also wondered if it's better to sleep in the bed or the recliner. The nurse said it makes no difference; whatever's most comfortable for me. I'd love to know what's worked best for others.
I just got off hold so need to go now, but they're all gone and closed for the day; they may be able to put me through to someone. The whole hospital experience was really good (except the delay at the end), but I'm pretty frustrated right now at home, which I didn't expect. Sigh.
UPDATE: Doc just called me and answered all my questions. So glad she did! Don't want to stay on clear liquids. Start food as tolerated. Either bed or recliner is fine. Three hours between Tylenol and Advil.
Unread 09-22-2021, 02:52 AM
Smile - Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021 Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

Hi to all and congratulations on making it through to the other side!

After reading some of the other posts beforehand, I was a little (okay a lot) nervous. As if I didn't have enough to worry about, my husband/transportation got violently ill Sunday night and could not leave the bathroom to take me to the hospital. To top it off, he had put himself into my recovery bed, so I had to throw him out and change the sheets, not wanting to get whatever it was he had. I can only imagine throwing up repeatedly while my insides were all muddled up and stitched in place. Fortunately, there is an older couple who live next door that was willing to get up at 4 am and transport me for my 5:45 am report time, as well as stay at the hospital during my procedure. Thank you, thank you, thank you J and M!

That is pretty much the only drama I had during the whole process.
My surgery went well and recovery has been smooth sailing so far. I have been alternating Norco and ibuprofen, one every three hours, as they are both prescribed for six hours apart and it has been working well. This will also work for acetaminophen and ibuprofen, as I learned long ago from another doctor. (They are each supposed to be taken 6 hours apart, so by alternating one every three hours, you always have some painkiller in your system). I followed the Norco/ibuprofen regimen for the remainder of my surgery day (surgery at 7:30 am, home by 1:30 pm) and all day Tuesday. My last dose of Norco was at 10:30 pm Tuesday night. It is Wednesday, 4:30 am, and I am doing well so far without it.

My one problem was urinating after the surgery. I couldn't go home until I did, so I tried desperately, first on the bed pan and then in the bathroom, with the nurse holding my gown and making sure I didn't fall. Yes, there was a certain lack of dignity during this process, but at this point, everyone had seen everything, so what the heck? Finally, FINALLY, a few drops, just enough to tinkle if that makes sense and off I went to my prepared spot at home. I have since managed to urinate pretty much every time I leave my bed, so don't lose hope ladies!

My hospital has an online record that puts out results in real time, so I was able to see exactly what the pathologist said. Fortunately, no cancer, but a laundry list of other things that were wrong with my uterus, etc. I had no idea! Fibroids, cervicitis, and much more. I was only supposed to be there for abnormal bleeding.

Finally (I know, right?), still working on the bowel thing. I am taking Miralax and hoping for that miracle any time now. I will keep you updated if anyone cares.

Sorry so long. I hope all went/goes well for the rest of this week's princesses!
Unread 09-22-2021, 06:47 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

I’m now 2 days post-op (uterus and tubes removed laparoscopically). My back is sore from being in bed, but my stomach is sore if I do anything else. Otherwise I’m doing pretty well.

I’m confused about what activity level I’m supposed to have. The surgeon said I have zero restrictions - I can lift anything, do anything, drive, work, have sex, whatever, without even waiting for my 2 week checkup. But I feel like I got hit by a truck, and all I want to do is lie in bed. And everything I read says NOT to overdo it. But he says activity prevents blood clots, so get out of bed and do things.

I have seven children, and have homeschooled for many years. I’ve worked hard to arrange help and things so that I could basically stay in bed for two weeks. I *really* want to take advantage of that, but I also don’t want blood clots. Anyway, having a hard time figuring out the balance between “enough activity” and “not overdoing it.”

Still no bowel moves, but I’ve passed gas and I’m on a stool softener. I’m not worried yet. Certainly I poo’d enough during the bowel prep to last me a while, lol.

The pathology came back, and explains EVERYTHING. Adenomyosis and disordered proliferative endometrium. The symptoms match everything that’s been wrong with me, and I feel so confirmed in my decision to have the hysterectomy. I also feel a little resentful toward past doctors who told me my symptoms were “just part of getting older, for some women.” Sigh.

Take care, ladies!
Unread 09-22-2021, 08:57 AM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

The first time I tried to pee after the surgery nothing happened. I lay in the hospital bed and drank liquids and watched funny movies on tv for several hours, then peed no problem! During that time, I had a glass and a half of ice chips (which eased my throat a lot from the irritation from the breathing tube), some water, a whole sprite and a big mug of broth. Glad i did, because it worked. : )
Unread 09-22-2021, 09:13 AM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

Wow, your doctor's activity level instructions are much different than mine. I can't lift anything heavy for 6 weeks, and no sex for 6 weeks. She advised me that I can be "up and around" right away, meaning walking. She said flat-out: Off work for 2 weeks. So far, I've only walked around inside my house, but last night my doctor encouraged me to go for a walk outside today, which I will do, as the weather here is beautiful. I'm thinking very short walks. I can't drive 'til I"m off pain medications. I am very active and athletic, but I have concluded that walking is all I'll be doing for a while. My doctor cautioned me not to "engage my core," pretty much what we always do in yoga, so no yoga for a while!
I slept in the recliner last night, which is a power one, so it's easy to get in and out of. When I was in the hospital bed, my back was hurting. From past situations, I'd advise if your back is hurting lying in bed, to put a couple of pillows under your knees; that's been helpful to me in the past.
Best wishes to you! I've been told by others that exhaustion can be a lingering problem for a while after this surgery. So far, I've pretty much been resting so that hasn't been an issue, though last night, I couldn't read because I kept falling asleep!
Unread 09-22-2021, 09:33 AM
Re: Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Sep 20-Sep 26,2021

48 hours ago I was waking up in post-op. I definitely feel better than I did then! Only taking the 'good' pain meds at night, able to get out of some chairs without help, easier to walk around, etc. Today is a perfect first day of fall ( I'm in WI) so I'm soaking in the views and breeze from my open living room window.

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