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Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007 Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

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Unread 06-07-2007, 09:50 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Dear Wantetofeelgood, I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well. Perhaps you ought to have a blood test done as it doesn't seem to be normal to lose so much weight in such sort time. Don't wait for anything or anybody. If neccessary go to the Emergency Hospital Department and insist on having one done. Make sure they do also look into as to why you are feeling so poorly. Are you eating healthy food and properly? I am still suffering a bit due mainly to working a bit harder than I am supposed to. I still have some stiches which for some reason have not dissolved yet and that puzzle me. I am still not lifting anything heavy at all. But this morning I felt a bit of pain on my stomach too, although not too much and so far, I have not felt the need to take painkillers. Tonight is my 8 week since entering the operating theatre and although I am (I think) recovering very slowly and I don't feel 100% yet, neither have I regained my full energy yet. I am now trying to have a much rest as possible and tend to sleep a bit late in the afternoon. I feel that now is when we are at our most dangerous part of the recovery process and we ought to make sure that all heals well and in time. Keep in touch. Hope all goes well for you.
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Unread 06-07-2007, 09:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Thanks so much for the advice. I just might do that-get bloodwork done. I am trying to eat properly but honestly, everything I eat gives me AWFUL pain so I eat very small amounts at a time. I think I have to have another test done next week so if that shows nothing then I will insist on that blood test. Thanks for the advice. It seems all of us April sisters are going through a bit of a "few steps back" process.
Unread 06-07-2007, 12:11 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Dear Wanttofeelgood, NO, don't wait for anything! If there is any anomalies in your blood, it will show on a blood test right away. It's not wise to wait for results of other tests and then have a blood test. You can still do it while waiting for the result of other tests and by doing so, you will know right away if there are anomalies on the blood which therefore, will allow you and the doctor to tackle the problem pretty fast. By all means, make sure you do have whatever tests needs to be done and get to the bottom of whatever the problem may be. This is your life and your body too and if you don't take care of it, no one else will. Besides, if you are feeling so poorly, you most probably don't feel like doing the things you do normaly enjoy doing. In the meantime, eat chicken and lentil soups, fresh vegetables, grilled fish, drink also plenty fruit lots of fresh juices and plenty water too. Do make sure you do take lots of iron as it will keep anemia at bay. Spinach are full of iron and so are lentils which you can have as soups and they should settle your tummy in addition to allow you to empty your bowels without much effort. Avoid fats and greasy food. I don't want to scare you, but losing so much weight in such a sort time is simply not normal. Do you have fever? If you don't know whether you do have fever or not, perhaps it would be a good idea to take the temperature in the morning and in the evening. If you don't have a thermometre, either get it from a pharmacy yourself (if you feel up to it) or get someone to get one for you and begin taking your own temperature twice a day. That is in the morning as soon as you wake up and about 8.00 in the evening. When a person has fever, the temperature tend to go up in the evening. When a person has fever, it may well be that there is an infection. Usually people tend to gain weight as a result of not being so active and just eating and resting. I, myself, have not lost any weight, neither have I gained it. My tummy is still a bit sore and swallen, but I have just had a TAH/BSO 8 weeks ago. As I have already mentioned to you, I have better days than others, but it is very much part of the recuperation process and it will get better. Someone told me that it takes about 3 months to feel good and 6 - 12 months to regain the full energy. It does take sometime for the whole body to heal. Don't forget that we have been through major surgery and we have given the body a total shock, so we are bound to feel much weaker than we have felt before the operation. I believe that depending on the reasons as to why a person needs the operation, e.g. the mental and healthy state of the person before the operation, and age people tend to recover faster or at slower pace. Whatever you do, Don't despair. You will be just fine, but you MUST go to the bottom of the reasons as to why you are feeling so poorly. Don't take no for an answer, neither, let it wait and see what happens. If neccessary, get yourself into the hospital and make a fuss about how awful you feel. Don't leave the hospital until all the neccessary tests have been done and you do feel comfortable with the doctors explanations and treatments, should that be neccesary. We shall all be praying for your promptly and fast recovery. Do also make sure that you do nothing at all while recovering and for several weeks afterwards don't do any house work either and don't worry if you can write on the screen of your TV. (I have written my name on it, ha, ha, as a result of the lady who does my housework until I feel totally up to do it myself being sick with a cold this week) Do not do any heavy shopping or liflting either.
Whenever possible, it's worth paying someone to do all those chores, or get a friend, member of the family to do all that for you. Don't feel guilty about it and just think that you would do exactly the same for them if the need arises. Right now, you are NUMBER 1 and nothing else counts. I know that it also requires having greater expenses than you would normally have. It's also true that you may end up with a huge bill as a result of employing someone else to do all the work for you. However and that is my personal view, there is not point of having some savings stack in the bank, if I cannot enjoy myself spending them on a vacation, clothing, etc. Money my dear, comes and go and we, human being only have one life which we all ought to make the most of it while it last. Therefore, we must make sure that we are healthy and strong enough to continue enjoying our existence. In addition to it, being healthy means we can still work and make money to live as best as we can possible can. Take it very easy and relax, but don't wait for other results to come through before you have a blood test done. I know sometimes we feel incredibly frustated as we tend to feel as we were invalids, but don't worry about it. believe me, the time will come in which we will all be even stronger than we have ever been. I am not sure of the reasons as to why you were needing to have the operation done. I myself, suffered for years from huge fibroids and endomietrosis. I have had a laparascopic 5 years ago and felt wonderful. By pure chance, I requested to have a smear test before the Mirena coil was to be replace since it was due to expire and I was delighted with it, but I did not want to have something in my body which was doing nothing at all. I could feel bloted sometimes and getting bigger, but I did not know why. On doing so, I requested a smear test and an ultrasound scan. Once I saw what was coming out in the screen, I become aware that something, somehow, was not what was supposed to be, neither was I convinced at all with the diagnosed that it was a 'false ovulation' (ha, ha) I was also covered on fibroids and my ovaries could not be 'found'. Right and there, I knew something was really wrong even though I did not feel sick at all before I was operated. It simply could not be possible for the ovaries to have 'dissapear'. I requested a report of those test and a blood test right away and without any hesitation. Fortunate enough there was not anomalies in the blood, but the supposed to have been 'false ovulation' ended up being a 2 x 4cm cyst on my left ovary. With all the result, I then went for a second opinion and insisted on having further tests. My endometriosis could not have been worse than it really was yet, I have never known that I have had suffered so badly from it. Of course, looking back, I now understand why I suffered from such horrendous and excruciating painful periods. The surgeon who operated on me and who is just incredibly skillful and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been operated by him, told me that he was very pleased for having made the right decision. Previously, we have both agreed that if when the operation was to take place, there were organs which needed to be removed as a result of being unhealthy and were to create further problems later on in life, that would be it, he was to remove them. You know, If I would have left it a bit longer, I would have had serious problems in a year or so, yet, the first doctor told me not to worry about it as it was a 'false ovulation' and will probably dissapear soon, but if it did bother me, to go and see them in 6 months's time. Doctors, do more often than not save lifes, but they also make mistakes as they are human beings. Now, don't panick. Be positive and think positive, the human brain works wonders, believe it or not. Do also make sure you do go to the bottom of whatever the reasons are for losing so much weight and suffering from stomach pains regarless of what you do eat. Just make sure that you have a blood test as soon as possible and the sooner the better. Today, better than tomorrow. Please, don't despair, neither wait for anything or anybody. Let us know how are you getting along. I will have you on my prayers. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know. For now, I would send you a HUGE HUG.
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Unread 06-07-2007, 01:08 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Thanks for your great advice and you are right and I know you are right. I guess I have just become so overwhelmed with feelings of "Oh my God, here we go again" that I have been somewhat complacent. I have had 5 laproscopies prior to this surgery for removal of endo. One of those surgeries went terribly wrong and I lost all feeling on the left side of my body for a while. I have had my appendix taken out and honestly, the thought of having to go through anymore anything is really depressing me. I am a school teacher and think I am young (33) and a mother of a five year old and wife to a WONDERFUL husband! We have beent through so much in the past 2 years. He was daignosed with a brain tumor and then around the same time I started feeling awful with all of my female issues. I think I have reached a point where I feel like "ENOUGH"! Granted, I have so much to be thankful for (his brain tumor was successfully removed through surgery and he has a great prognosis) and I know there are so many people with so much more to deal with, but I just don't understand what has happened to my body. I am very active, fit and do all the right things I should for my body. I have been a comfortable 145 pounds my entire life and now I am down to 130. I WILL go have blood work done, I promise and I WILL not put it off. I am going to go and call my doc. as soon as I get off the computer. Thanks again and thanks for the HUGE HUG! I am sending one back to you!
Unread 06-08-2007, 11:45 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Hi, guys I am new to this website and I love reading all your posts. I was wondering if someone would give me a little advice. I had my partial hyst. 4-11-07. Since then I have still been having the cramps like I was going to start my period. Has anyone else experianced that problem?
Unread 06-08-2007, 11:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Dear Confusion,
Just wanted to thank you again for your advice. I went to the doc. this morning to have bloodwork done and will have results by Monday. My doctor was great and he was the one that insisted I come in to have bloodwork done and he said if he can't find anything then he is going to send me to a gastro. to see if he can figure out what's going on. Anyway, just wanted to thank you again! Have a great weekend!
Unread 06-08-2007, 12:01 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Dear watsokd1:

I had cramping for a long time. I just recently stopped but it wasn't until about a week ago. I think it's normal and I have a friend who had a total hysterectomy years ago and she said she still has occasional cramping. I am sorry you are suffering but hopefully it will subside soon.
Unread 06-08-2007, 12:04 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Dear wanttofeelgood,
Thanks so much for your reply! I had this done to get rid of the cramping and I feel like I am starting to go crazy with all the pain that I am still in. I have talked to all my aunts and my mom that have had the same thing done and they said that they didn't have pain after wards but they had a total, the doctors didn't leave their ovaries like they left mine. I am starting to think that they are going to have to do it again and I don't wanna go thru that again.
Unread 06-08-2007, 12:13 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Well, I did have a total and I have had a LOT of pain, post surgery. I really think it depends on how much pre-surgery you have had done in the past. I have had several surgeries and I think every time you are operated on, more scar tissue builds up, causing more pain. I am like you in that I have been dreading even thinking that there could actually be more going on. If it makes you feel any better, I have a good friend who had to go and have her ovaries removed after having a partial and she said it was really not as bad as she had anticipated. -Even though I know the thought of doing that again is dreadful. My meopause symtoms haven't been bad at all, honestly. Good luck to you and just remember that you are not going crazy and that there are a ton of us who are still feeling pain and we know how frustrating it can be!
Unread 06-08-2007, 12:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

I am so glad that that I found this site and that you responded. I really appriciate all the words of encourogement(sp). Are you on the HRT? I have heard that it is really hard on you. I was so glad to keep my ovaries but now I kinda wish that i didn't have them, because if it was all gone then I would be able to go to another doctor and then we might figure out what is wrong. I had to have the surgery because of AWFUL cramps and bleeding. The doctors couldn't explain why they were painful. No Endo or anything. So they took my stuff out to see how I feel. So far I don't feel any better so now I am thinking what if there is something else. It is so hard not knowing. I just want it all to stop. The only time I hurt is when it would have been time for my period. I am just ready to pull my hair out.
Thanks for listening to me vent. I know you have been going thru a worse time then what I am and you are being a real trooper. I on the other hand just sit here and complain. I wonder if it is because i came back to work too early. I came back right at 4 weeks after my surgery. The doc really didn't want me to return till at least 6 weeks, but I kinda talked him into letting me come back early. I was going nuts at home.

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