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Teachers unite! Teachers unite!

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Unread 09-24-2005, 03:57 PM
Teachers unite!

Greetings and Salutations Dear Sisters:
Here's to a happy weekend!
Sarah - my dear sister, you are entitled to a "funk" now and then. Sorry it wasn't in sync with ours. Perhaps if we plan the next round we can all join in our own pity party. What happen with your students? Why wasn't the activity running smoothly? Sometimes that happens even when intentions are well. I hope you consider the activity again next week. I bet those kids look forward to it.
Mary - sorting is my life! I still haven't found a place for everything in my somewhat new abode. I keep changing things around. Have you heard from Sarah? How is she doing?
Kathy - so glad your toenails are decorated. You deserve a treat. I will send sunshine thoughts your way for many more weeks of sandals. I've also attached a positive prayer for your son.
Lisa - Have you heard from your friend in Texas? Such devastation all over. I hate to turn on the news. I do hope she is doing well. Spend some time on yourself this weekend and take care of that foot.
Donna - where are you?
Cindy: I miss you. Please come back.
I did my workshop on Friday night with 14 participants. These are workshops for new teachers. We signed up to do them last May for mentoring hours. The program requires us to teach 6 of them in a 2 1/2 week period after school. So..we are running around like crazy. The teachers really enjoyed what we presented. We gave them a gradebook program for their computers as well as a computerized lesson plan template. The comments have all been quite positive.
On Friday I filled in for the assistant principal. The day was filled with bus duty, lunch duty, and more bus duty. Not too exciting and I missed my students.
Well, I must be off. I would like to try and finish cleaning the house before darkness settles in.
Take care
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Unread 09-25-2005, 06:27 AM
Teachers unite!

Good morning, ladies! Let's here it for Sunday (ugh). Yes, the black curtain is coming down again as we approach another Monday. I'm trying to find my "game face" again...you know, that happy bubbly game face!
So how has everyone's weekend been? I don't even remember Saturday because it flew by so quickly! I still have some school work to do, but will put that off as long as possible.
Can you believe that I still do not have my names entered into my middle school grade book & attendance books?? My chorus class lists at that school are so screwed up and they literally change daily. It frustrates me to no end because I am a highly organized individual and trying to take daily attendance with inacurate lists is truly a nightmare.
The thing is, some dim-witted individual scheduled ALL of the necessary student services during 9th period (when band & chorus meet). So the students who truly can benefit from participating in band & chorus CAN'T participate because of schedule conflicts (resource, AIS, study support, etc.). Makes no sense to me, and I've just about given up the fight for these poor students. So many of them are not the brainy type nor athletes.....music is one of the only areas they can feel successful and the administration takes it away from them by not seeking out other scheduling options (and I DO know that other scheduling options are a possibility, as the principal himself said so, but never pursued it). Grrrrrrrr!!
ok....I am done venting!
Cathy, you amaze me with your virsatility! Workshop leader, mentor teacher, vice principal "fill-in"! You go, girl!! You are my hero and my motivation! However, I do not have the desire to clean my house! I asked for a cleaning lady for my birthday last year and my husband found me one! She comes every 2 weeks and tomorrow is the day....so the dust bunnies will wait for her!
I am still working to learn everyone's name and have actually started writing them down! I am on a mission to learn them all, so thank you for your patience, ladies!
Yes, I did hear from the hystersister in Texas who I have been in daily contact with. She is a teacher but does not post on this thread. Thankfully, all is well with her in Houston. I was truly worried about her.
Well, it is time to get ready for church, after which dh has to take on of my 3 sons to a cub scout meeting. Then.....we are going to be meeting a dog that we may be taking! Our board of ed president (whose son is a buddy of my 8 year old son) wants to find a home for his yellow lab, as they live in town and the dog needs room to run. She is just a year old and I'm sure is very frisky. I simply cannot believe that I may be allowing this dog in my home! Yes, you heard me....the dog MAY be allowed into the house! Thankfully, it has been trained and is a pure bread lab. Heaven help me!!!!
Happy Sunday ladies....and here's hoping that we all find our Monday game faces!
Unread 09-25-2005, 02:02 PM
Hi From Houston!

Hi Everyone,
Haven't been here in awhile, but I thought I'd let everyone know I made it through the hurricane. It really didn't hit as hard here as was first expected. I live about 30 miles north of Galveston, so I evacuated on Wednesday. Intented on driving to McAllen, but after DH and I were on the road for 5 hours with our two cats, we decided to ride out the storm with my parents in SW Houston. (That was an adventure in itself with our 2 felines!)
Only lost a few shingles, some tree branches, and a part of our fence (It was in bad shape anyway!). We feel extremely fortunate.
I only hope that everyone else was as lucky as us.
Hope to begin hopping in here more often.
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Unread 09-25-2005, 08:18 PM

Hey, it's me!

I've missed you all terribly but have been just swamped with demands for my time.

Sarah - Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was lovely. Sorry for the exaggeration, my bad. DD's English classes, after 4-5 weeks of The Pearl has moved on to A Wrinkle in Time. I fault poor substitute plans. The teacher has been out with National Guard responsibilities for the first few weeks of school. Some teachers really don't leave subs with much to do. Thank goodness it wasn't a video like so many leave!

Mary - Thank you again to the email. Assessments are complete for beginning-of-the-year data. Now it's on to Progress Monitoring with DIBELS. My time now is devoted to using the information gained to best instruct my SpEd students at their levels...or at least use some strategies that will help them catch up.

Debi and Diane - Sorry to hear about the IEP woes.

Cathy - Glad to hear about the new medication. I hope it continues to do the trick.

Donna - I'm sorry to hear that you'll be retiring. But, now the most difficult part of it all is over - you've made your decision - now you can focus on your students. Thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

Roz - When I read about your energy level, I honestly felt that it was something to do with your hyst...that you're still in recovery mode. I remember that most of us didn't really snap out of it until sometime after the holidays last year...at about 6 months. But, as I read on and saw that everyone was has been feeling a little out of it I started to wonder. Is it the weather? The natural calamities in the South? NCLB? Mary, living in the UK, throws most of those theories out the window. Whatever it is, I certainly hope everyone is feeling a little better now. Like Sarah, I wondered if your Houston hyster sister is our Kim, "Coping."

We're all at such different stages in our recovery. Me? I'm 100% better than I was last year at this time. (And my ankle anniversary is coming up. It's doing better, but I still have my days.)

Kathy - Your driving story just cracked me up!

Kim! It's so great to hear from you! Glad to hear that you were able to weather Rita without much upset.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, now with assessments out of the way, I can focus on my students. I did complete my word families game and my piggy word bank. The kids love the bank! I've added on element to it... using the Dolch lists from preprimer to third grade, I've written the words on die cuts ("coins"). Each level is worth a different coin value; Preprimer: a penny, Primer: a nickel, etc. Each student has a "bank" and records their account balance. They have been told that they are getting rich with knowledge and they love it. I have a treasure box for them. After they've earned a dollar, they can get something from the treasure box.

The game is still being cut. I'll let you know how that goes once I introduce it.

P.E. is going well. The kids love it. Some of the old "die hard" teachers are fighting it. (Which is just nuts!) But, we're determined to make it so much fun that the kids can't live without it! (So there! :P )

It's been good to read everyone's posts. I hope I can get back to you all soon, however, my computer has spyware on it and I think I will just take it into the shop rather than try to deal with it myself. *&[email protected]' computer geeks! Sure wish they'd get real jobs!

s to all!
Unread 09-25-2005, 08:24 PM
Teachers unite!

And, Kathy, I do hope the doctors will be able to find out what's going on with your DS. Prayers your way too!

Unread 09-26-2005, 05:55 AM
Teachers unite!

OK Sisters,
I have to admit that I am feeling better about work. I am finding that I don't have to put the game face on so much anymore and I am not as moody.
The boy that I have that is in a wheelchair(I'll refer to him as J)helps me with that. He is such a joker. I sat down the other day to do read aloud and we had just moved him from the wheelchair to a seat in the read aloud area (I have a set of old oak with spring cushions living room furniture.). I happened to look over to the table area to see what was taking another student so long to get to read aloud and there was J raisning and lowering his eyebrows at me to get me to laugh. I laugh so loud everyone else started to laugh.
Not only is it good for him to be with us, but he is great for us too. I am seeing the better qualities coming out in some of my students. Unfortunately, I am not seeing that with all my co-workers.
I went to the OB for my yearly on Thursday, and he tells me that I have had my share of things this past year. Then he states that he couldn't find anything wrong with me. I said to him that I wasn't looking for anything to be wrong and that what I had been through in the past year was nothing compared to what J has experienced the last three years of his life. He was your typical mischievous boy until he met up with a truck while riding his bike.
J puts a lot of things into perspective. I will learn a lot from him.
I probably won't post much this week, I have a full week and then we are hosting a retirement picnic here for two members that retired after school was out. Then Sunday, I have church and meetings for my oldest DDs confirmation. I will be checking in on all of you though. If I have time to post, I will.
Sorry I didn't speak to any of you directly.
Have a great week.
Unread 09-26-2005, 04:59 PM
Received some sad news

Hurricane Rita has left it's mark at my school... One of our 4th grade students was killed in an auto accident after his mom fell asleep at the wheel. As you may have heard, people drove for many hours, sometimes 30, for points further west in Texas. I feel very bad for the family. This little boy was being raised by a very loving great-grandma and grandma. We'll miss seeing them. They were making sure he was given every opportunity to achieve his goals.... Just feeling sad. Thanks for letting me share.
Unread 09-30-2005, 04:59 PM
Teachers unite!

Still pulling weeds until Mon-Thurs, good for planting and transplanting. Kim, I am so sorry for the loss of your student. That will be hard on his classmates too.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Unread 10-01-2005, 07:25 AM
Teachers unite!

Hi everyone,
Just thought I should let you know I'm still around!
Kim that's an awful consequence of the evacuation - your class will feel it badly.
I can't stay - I struggled into school Thursday but took Friday off as I have flu - aching, sore all over, bad cough and cold and congested chest. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it!
So - I hope everyone enjoys the weekend - I'll return later.
Unread 10-01-2005, 08:20 AM
Teachers unite!

Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday!
As usual I am feeling overwhelmed with so much to do but I know I just have to put my trust in the big guy up above and I can do anything.
My father will be moving here from Arizona on Friday. He and my mother divorced 2 years ago after 50 years of marriage. First my Mother stayed with us until she found her own place. Now it will be my Dad. His health and is attitude is not good. Please keep me in your thoughts as I try to keep the two of them from verbally killing each other. It ought to be a real challenge.
As for school - things seem to be as crazy as ever. I am almost done with those beg. teacher workshops...only two more to go. You feel so good when you give one because they are so grateful. It's just the prep and travel time that kills you.
Now for the personal messages....drum roll!!!
Cindy - YAHOO you are back. I have missed you. So good to hear from you and learn that you are ok. Darn DIBELS testing will kill just about anyone. Relax now that it is over and focus on those kids. Take care
Mary - Please rest and take care of yourself. It appears you are run down and the bug has gotten ahold of you. I have 3 words for you...Pamper, Pamper, Pamper.
Sarah - how did your week go? Thanks for the forecast.
Any bike riding plans for the weekend?
Kim - how devastating for the student. I can relate so much of what you shared. Please take care of yourself. I will keep you and the child in my thoughts and prayers.
Donna - hope you are doing well.
Diane - so glad that J has helped you to bring a fresh perspective to your class/life. We could all use that. Glad the health is well.
Lisa - I hope you have some special plans for yourself this weekend. Poo poo to that black curtain.
Take care ladies...I love you all!

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