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Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007 Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

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Unread 01-08-2007, 12:00 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

If your hysterectomy was between Jan 08-Jan 15,2007 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns!

We hope you are recovering with plenty of rest and a bit of walking.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

Don't forget to pamper the princess, drink plenty of water and walk a bit!

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Unread 01-11-2007, 05:47 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Surgery 1/8/07. Slept on and off most of the first day with limited use of the pain med pump. My DR prescribed an anti-inflammatory shot every 12 hours IM and I think that helped alot. She also ordered gas meds by mouth 4x per day and gas has been a minimal issue. Had the catheter and IV removed Tuesday and was allowed solid food. Took 3 Percocet Tuesday (one in the morning and two before bed). Walked a good bit around the floor and drank loads of water. Didn't get much sleep due to commotion with the other woman in the room during the night Tuesday night
Was discharged Wednesday morning. Had a crisis at home with one of our dogs and had to have her put to sleep, which sort of threw everything out of whack, but have not used any pain meds other than Motrin and Allieve (the Percocet makes me itchy).
Taking it easy and slept 11 hours last night. Had two BMs this morning (coffee does it every time) All in all doing very well.
I would say to the LIW, everyone's experience is different, I know, but for me, the post-op pain has been less than many of my periods.
The cramping with periods was often bad enough to keep me doubled over and sweating. This is more of an achy, swollen feeling with an occasional burning or jabbing sensation.
Good luck to all. I'm overjoyed to be on the other side.
Unread 01-11-2007, 05:22 PM
Surgery on January 8

I actually wrote a report yesterday but the computer apparently ate it.
I had a CHSH(I think it's called) procedure. A classic supracervical Semm Hysterectomy. This is a laproscopic procedure where they core the cervix as well as do the hysterectomy. I researched the coring part and consulted with my doctor and then decided to take his advice in that part. In my doctor's practice, this is a procedure that two doctors do. Bowel prep was not pleasant but it was not awful. The surgery went for an additional hour because they found a lot of shared blood vessels with the fibroids and the bowel. As a result, I have more incisions but I really appreciate the fact that it was not converted to a TAH. Worried my husband because it was taking longer but the doctor was reassuring when he came out, armed with photos of the procedure. The pictures were more information than my husband needed. Kept my ovaries since there was no sign of disease(I am 55). I also had a significant pulmonary embolism six years ago so had the inflatable boot(I think that is what they are called) the entire time I was in the hospital and two heperin injections.
Catheter came out the morning of the 9th and the nurse said to wait to try to urinate until a half an hour had passed since the first feelings are often connected to the removal of the catheter. She was right and they let me go home at around 10 in the morning after a surgery that was over around 1:30 in the afternoon.
Laid around most of that day and took all the medication they recommended.
10th - took my first shower and ate real food. Drank lots of water and hot tea and took all the Motrim allowed but only a couple of Percosets. Walked around the house and took a nap in the afternoon.
11th - took a nap in the morning. Walked around the house, showered and have taken all the Motrim but only one Percoset. No BM yet but rumblings - taking all the fiber stuff. I find that I have the attention span of a gnat. Today was the first day I could actually read anything and understand it. As long as I keep up with the Motrim, I am finding the pain is really just discomfort. I am wearing PJs just to remind myself not to do too much. Emptied the dishwasher.
Doctor does not put actual weight limits on activity - wants me to be careful and thoughtful so the heaviest thing I have been lifting is my laptop. I am allowed to have a small glass of wine and have availed myself of that. He also didn't limit my driving but my nurse made clear that driving on the drugs I am taking is not wise.
Summary to date:
My biggest anxiety was simply the wait from the time the operation was scheduled and the date of surgery. I have been putting off this surgery for years and I had to overcome the feeling of failure I had in having it done. I really had a great fear of death or significant disability which I think the medical professionals do not really think about. I did do the Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Directive and was actually able to have it witnessed and notarized at the hospital. I highly recommend doing that.
Bowel prep (magnesium citrate) was not awful. Had to mix 10 oz. of the stuff with 8 oz of something else, I used Sprite and ice and I got nauseated from how much I had to drink rather than the stuff. The result was really quite gentle and predictable so I wasn't really stressed. If I was doing this over, I would have sugared drinks and regular juice instead of my usual diet stuff because then I would have had more calories and would not have been so hungry.
I had a general anaethesia (I cannot spell today) and had no reaction except for the really dry mouth. Oxygen until the evening.
I really have no feelings of relief from the surgery itself - I think it was time to have it done and that's it. I just want to get back to normal and start exercising when my doctor gives me the Ok. I hope this long report can give someone a bit of comfort about having the procedure. I have found this site very useful.
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Unread 01-12-2007, 11:55 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Surgery on 1/8 ... even though I was asked to come in earlier than origially scheduled, surgery began late. They had tough time finding vein for IV due to dehydration from bowel prep.

Felt like pin cushion by time they found vein. Actually had a line in each arm in case one didn't work properly.

Had TAV (cervix gone, both ovaries kept). No staples or external stitches.

I'm one of the "fluffy ladies" and was surprised to see incision right in crease where fluffy area meets flat area of abdomen.

Have a bit of reservations about healing due to being in a folded area that can't get air unless I lift up abdomen ... which of course is about 4 times puffy due to swelly belly.

Used IV pump throughout first night. Wasn't too uncomfortable and slept fairly well. I have sleep apnea so I had to sleep with CPAP. Which went well being I was on morphine and was more relaxed.

Taken off IV next day. Given vicodin as needed. Motrin every 6 hrs.

Didn't sleep but 1/2 hr second night. Had horrible room situation. 3 beds crammed into what I think was originally a 2 bed room.

I was in middle and had roommates who were noisy and had visitors showing up after visiting hours over. Sometimes 4-6 at a time!

Did complain several times as due to cramped area they were partially into my area puffing out curtain between beds.

At one point I couldn't even get up to go to restroom due to too many people standing on side of bed I was getting up from.

Was afraid if I tried, they would move behind curtain and bump me, so I waited a bit til they were finally gone.

Found out later (when I saw diagram of rooms hanging on wall in hallway) they had tons of private rooms on the floor.

If I had known this I would have insisted I be moved due to being annoyed and not resting due to cramped quarters. It was really bad.

This is old hospital. New one to open soon with more private rooms and according to nurse, each patient with own plasma TV. In this room one old clunky TV for 3 beds.

I didn't care because I wasn't up for watching TV anyway but one patient controlled TV as though it was only hers. Very inconsiderate and selfish to say the least.

I didn't get up and walk as much as I should have and I'm paying for it now. It was tough for me to get up due to being a bit larger and trying to push with arms and having some shoulder problems.

Not to mention cramped quarters and lack of privacy when trying to get up. I had to call to have curtain moved being male visitors for person on right could see right into my area when I was trying to get up. It was annoying and frustrating.

So due to not walking as much as I should have, I'm having horrible time with gas. They gave me gas tablets to chew and stool softners. But still having horrid gas issues 4 days post-op.

By time I left hospital (Wed morning 1/10) I had not really passed a lot of gas. Nor had I had bowel movement.

Today is 1/12 and I still haven't had significant bowel activity. More gas has finally passed but wish more would get going. I think gas situation for me has been more painful than incision.

The little bit of bowel activity has been more like tail end of bowel prep. Liquidy and no color to it.

I didn't eat a tremendous amount in the hospital, nor have I since returning home.

Plan on eating bran muffin and apple for lunch today hoping the extra fiber will help move things along.

Am very tired ... surprised how much I'm sleeping. Get up every few hours to walk around and not feel so stiff and to try and get the gas moving.

They were surprised how little pain I was reporting while in hospital.

I had scratchy throat after surgery and raspy voice but no pain in throat from tube down throat.

Voice was better by 2nd day. Kept reading about needing chap stick. I took some just in case but never felt need to use it.

Haven't had much vaginal discharge. Had a tad 2nd day in hospital but nothing since coming home.

When waking up in recovery there was some woman way down on other side of room who was moaning and groaning and saying really loud "Why am I in so much paaaaaaaaaain!"

It was SO annoying and I felt like yelling out "SHUT UP!" LOL

I never made a peep in pre-op and shook head to acknowledge I was being spoke to and held up fingers to indicate pain level.

Sure glad I wasn't way down by the moaning lady or I would have been more annoyed than I was already listening to her.

Oh ... I almost forgot ... someone on the boards mentioned using cut tube sock over elbow area to prevent chaffing due to rough sheets in hospital.

YES ... go prepared with tube socks. I wish I had. By mid-day 2nd day my one elbow was red and raw from the rough sheets!

Can't wait to feel better. It's amazing the simple things we take for granted. Like just being able to get up from bed or chair without having to think about it.

Hope all the other "1/8" ladies are home and feeling better soon. Take care all.
Unread 01-12-2007, 12:09 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Surgery 01/10/07. Arrived at 06:15 for surgery at 08:00. All went well, got to keep my ovaries. Have 4 tiny incisions in tummy. I was discharged at 10:30 the following morning. I did not have a pain pump. I requested IV pain meds through out the night as well as something for nausea. I felt quite queasy until the next a.m. I had very little trouble urinating after the catheter was d/ced. I got up several times during the night to potty. Since I've been home I've tolerated food and drink well, with no nausea. No trouble peeing. I'm ambulating around the house slowly. Going up and down the stairs just fine. I have had just a little gas pains. No BM yet. Last night my temp was 100.4. Today down to 99. My family members have been great. I'm taking it very easy, watching movies and sleeping. I am taking my pain meds and iron. I still need the iron for at least six weeks. I lost a substantial amount of blood and my hemoglobin dropped a good bit, but not enough for a transfusion, thank God. All in all I say I am doing great! Glad it's all behind me. I'm tired now, will post again later.
Unread 01-12-2007, 01:34 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Hi all, I had my LSH (with left ovary removed) on the 9th.

I still feel a little poorly (I'm writing from bed) -- I'm pretty certain it's just the anesthesia getting out of my system; just mild nausea and that's already improving.

Turns out there were more problems than expected; we knew I had fibroids and an ovarian cyst (which looked like an endometrioma), but it turned out I also had endometriosis. Enough for them to keep me in surgery 1.5 or so hours longer; there were apparently lots of scar tissue and adhesions.

Maybe I should have complaind about menstrual pain to my doctors more! -- but I never really did suffer the classic symptoms -- the fibroids were the reason for the hyst!

Altogether though I feel pretty good, and have surprisingly little pain! I really only need ibuprofen to manage it, and that's really to manage the pain before it starts. I'm able to walk and get out of bed easily, stairs aren't a problem.

It's actually so relatively comfortable that I have to take great care not to overdo!

I'm reminded of this by the fact that I can't tolerate anything 'round my waist (the gas!) and eat much (the gas!) or move quickly (the gas!)

In other words, recovery, 3 days post-op, seems to be pretty "textbook".

Not out of the woods yet, but not complaining!
Unread 01-12-2007, 01:36 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Had surgery on 1/8. I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 am, got my cathereter, shaved and iv, surgery was at 8:45. I was on the morphine drip and liquid diet all day Monday. I slept most of the day, not really remembering much, a little bleeding but stop quick. On Tues, the morphine was taking out and I was given 2 percocet that morning and I think 2 before going to bed, still on liquid diet. I had a fever Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. IV was taking out on Wed morning. had a bm and started eating a regular diet. Came home Thursday morning, haven't had any pain meds since Wed 5pm. both ovaries taken out. I haven't been sleeping much wake up, I wake every so often, especially 3am and 5am. I've started having hot flashes, last night i walked around the house in the nude it was so hot. I slept like that too. No pain at all today, haven't had a bm yet today, had one about 3am this morning. Doing a little walking, laying and sitting. Have this terrible cough that puts me in tears. Other than that doing well. Hope all ladies that went this week is doing well and hope that your recovery is great. To the LIW, waiting IS the hardest part. I feel great and glad to be on this side. I pray that your surgery goes well and hope for a speedy recovery.

Unread 01-12-2007, 02:34 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Hi Gdiam, welcome home! I'm glad everything went well. Please call the doctor about your cough to see if there's something to make it stop. That is a lot of strain on your very tender tummy. I know how much it HURTS to cough at this stage.
Unread 01-12-2007, 04:23 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 08-Jan 15,2007

Surgery was 1/11/07 scheduled for 8:30 AM brought back at 8:45 AM. Was in my private room at 11:45 AM slept most of day and was released at 11:15 this morning. Everything fine, besides a little bit of pain feel normal
Unread 01-13-2007, 09:33 AM
tah with ovaries removed 9/1/07

Hi all, had my surgery on tuesday morning at 7:30 am.
Had an epidural put in for pain management and a general anesthetic of course. All went well. 8 inch incision above pubic bone with 23 staples to be removed on 16th. Nothing unexpected when Dr. went in. Morphine drip post-op. Catheter removed wed. morning. Everything working well in that area. Epidural with Morphine drip and IV left in for 30 hours post op. Morphine caused terrible itching. I understand this is a common side effect. Came home Thurs. morning. Surprisingly i have felt great! My husband is home with me an pampering me (just a little too much). He too is surprised at how good I have been. It does hurt to cough of course and I have had a bit of constipation (on colace-stool softener) but everything ok now. I'm taking it easy as told, even though I do feel well. Don't want any problems. I wish to all of you the great recovery that I have had so far. I see Dr. in 6 weeks and I hope that all the biopsies are fine. Not really anticipating any different.

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