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Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020 Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

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Unread 08-02-2020, 04:37 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by Poppy471 View Post
Hi everyone! I'm 49 and my surgery is on Wednesday the 7th. It will be a robotic laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy, removing cervix, uterus and tubes. I'll keep my ovaries. I was put on the schedule last Tuesday, so I have only had a week to get wound up and anxious, which is a relief. Some people wait months and having anxiety for that long sounds awful.

I'm a big sci fi fan, so having robotic surgery is very exciting for me. The future has arrived! I'm relieved we have had so many advances in medicine and that I benefit from it all.

I'm a bit concerned about recovering alone. Due to covid, my regular support people can't be there for me in person. But I've made arrangements for a very reliable, stable friend to call me every day at 3, with very specific instructions on what she should do if I don't answer after repeated tries. That has relieved my worries greatly.

I'm delighted at the prospect of not bleeding any more. Three out of the last four months I have been bleeding heavily and continuously. I have always hated how messy the whole menstruation process is, so I'll be glad to be shut of it.

Good luck to all of us!
Poppy471. I'm sorry your normal support system won't be able to be with you dear ... so glad you have a friend who will call every day to check on you.

Love to you dear ... we will see you on the other side.
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Unread 08-02-2020, 05:04 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by shannabanana View Post
Hello! My name is Shanna and I am having a total hysterectomy via Da Vinci on Friday. I’m a proud momma to our first daughter in Heaven, Brenna and our 10 month old, Makenna. I have struggled with fibroids since my early 20s. My paternal grandmother had a hysterectomy in the 60s due to fibroids as well as her daughter, my aunt, in the early 90s. Unfortunately, I guess it runs in the family!
I used to have cramps to the point I would be sick and eventually, my irregular bleeding transitioned to very heavy with large clots, causing me to be anemic. After several hysteroscopies/DNCs, I had a Da Vinci myomectomy in November of 2011 to remove 3 large fibroids (after Lupron they were estimated to have shrunken in surgery they were 5cm, 3cm and 3cm.). That surgery went very well and was pretty easy. However, by spring, I had grown several new ones.
I took Lupron for the next year to keep growth at bay. I met my husband in 2013 and we married in 2017. We got pregnant within a month of our wedding. A dream come true as I had always wanted to be a mommy. I’m the oldest in my family, and all my siblings had kids or some on the way. Being I was 39 and had a previous myomectomy, I was watched closely by a specialist. Unfortunately, on April 23, 2018, my dad passed I’m his sleep from a heart attack. Less than 2 weeks later, our sweet Brenna was stillborn. My grandfather passed a week and a half after Baby Brenna and I developed blood clots in both legs. I was assured that our loss had nothing to do with my age or previous uterine surgery. In fact, no reason was found. After 7 months on Xaralto, I was transitioned to Lovonox injections and we started trying again. I was thrilled to find out we were expecting again in February. My second pregnancy was rough emotionally and physically. My fibroids grew and would ache so badly some days! I had gestational diabetes and kidney stones. After a 6 week stay in the hospital due to Makenna’s heart decelerations, I went into early labor at 32 weeks. Not wanting to risk uterine rupture due to my previous myomectomy and emergency c-section, my doctor didn’t mess around. I was rushed into surgery and our sweet girl, albeit small, was born healthy!
My wonderful doctor, who delivered our firstborn when I walked into the labor and delivery unit with no movement advised me that I needed to have a hysterectomy. I have 9-10 fibroids that she has been able to count, with the largest 9 cm. I absolutely trust her guidance. Due to my history with clotting, she has sent me to a gynecological oncologist to do a Da Vinci since there is less risk.
My concerns are:
1. I was told that with fibroids, the bladder sometimes has issues draining after surgery, since it suddenly had all sorts of room, lol! If that’s the case, I might have to come home with a catheter and that freaks me out.
2. The pain. How bad is it?
3. Sex after having a vaginal cuff. I’ve been assured it’s just as good, but it still concerns me.
4. My largest fibroid is in the back of my uterus. If the doctor isn’t able to remove the uterus vaginally, she will have to make a vertical abdominal incision. I really don’t want another scar but also, concerned with pain and recovery.

Wishing you all the best this week ladies! Thanks in advance for your advice!
shannabanana ... so glad you could join us today. Your concerns are very normal dear ... I'm sure others are concerned too.

Our bladders go through trauma during surgery ... sometimes it takes a bit for them to start to function properly. One thing that will help you is to try to relax ... it is easy to be so anxious that you tense up. Many ladies have found putting your hand under warm running water or blowing in a straw to be helpful. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water.

Pain can vary for all of us. The goal of your medical team will be to control your pain ... let them know what your pain level is. Pain meds are not "one size" fits all ... if what they give you is not covering it, let them know right away. When you get home, be sure to take your meds on time ... it is hard to play catchup. your surgery will not need to be changed to abdominal.

We will be waiting for you on the other side.
Unread 08-02-2020, 05:48 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by Joyfulnoise777 View Post
I am having my surgery on Wed. Aug 5th. Thanks for this thread. I do have a few questions left. I've seen people say it's hard to get in and out of bed. I have a taller than normal bed with a remote that lifts the back up behind me (or the feet can be elevated).

One friend who had this surgery told me it's best to lay flat on your back as often as possible for the first 2 weeks (other than when walking or going to restroom / eating etc) to give the insides the best chance to heal without 'scrunching') like if you sat straight up in bed. Have you guys noticed that helps? Or did any doctor mention it? I've never seen anyone else talk about it.

I want to be able to read books on my tablet to pass time. I do find it hard on on my wrists to hold those above me. Did you guys get any devices that helped hold a book over your head? Either electronic or printed book?

I hope my higher bed and remote will help so I can lift myself some when trying to get up. We'll see...

I do have a stool for in the bathroom. Does it stay below your feet while knees bent and lifted or do you use it out in front of you with legs straight?

I have a choice to be picked up in an SUV or a car. Which would be easier to get in and out of? I think I'll sit in the back and avoid the seat belt either way. I'll have my HysterSisters pillow to hug either way. The ride is about 20 minutes home. My sister said after her C section her ride home for 5 minutes was awful. I don't look fwd to that part.

Right now the plan is to start my surgery laparoscopic with the doctor having permission to switch to abdominal if needed b/c of tumor and uterus size. The hope is a 23 hour stay once in a room. Has anyone had that short of a stay after abdominal? I hear it's more common if it's laparoscopic.

Curious what people felt like eating over the first few days. I did a lot of pre-cooking of soups. But curious with my last 2 days of prep here if there's anything else I should do to make it easier on my mom. My husband has been staying in another room b/c he just got back from traveling and we want to make sure I stay clear of COVID. (And never ever ever do I want to retake that horrible test!!!) My goodness. This is a terrible time to be getting medical care, isn't it? But my surgery was supposed to be in June. But COVID close downs delayed it.

Thanks for any advice.
... it is good to meet you Joyfulnoise777. It would be good to ask your medical team about the best position for you to lie in after surgery. One of the things that has helped our ladies is to use lots and lots of pillows or even a body pillow ... they help you to keep from pulling on your ab muscles and incision. If you are a side sleeper, propping up your tummy with a pillow helps to remove strain ... using a thin pillow between your knees also helps.

I find that I can't read laying flat ... I use my kindle a lot and l wouldn't be able to hold it up either. I don't have a problem when I am on my side or propped up in bed. One of the hardest things right after surgery is to get out of bed ... having a remote to raise your bed will be a big help. You will want to use your arm muscles and not your abs.

Using a stool in the bathroom is known as the "squatty potty" position. You would prop your feet up ... it changes the "angle" which helps with easier elimination. Riding home can be a challenge. Your choice depends on how cramped you would be in car and how hard it would be to step up into the SUV.

on your surgery dear ... remember you are not alone.
Unread 08-02-2020, 06:01 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by Miracle1206 View Post
Hi, Everyone! I'm soon to be 54 and as I've told most of my friends, my "inside plumbing" has rarely been a good friend. Endometriosis, many laparoscopy for that, infertility, fibroids, ovarian cysts....and on and on. Still some bleeding, and cramping. It's time for it to go!

My main surgery concern is the gas they fill your stomach with that settles in the shoulders afterwards. Just will fight through it.

I have no idea what post surgery and the weeks after will hold. Hope to rest when I can. All I DO know is I'm ready!

Stay strong sisters!
Miracle1206 . I understand your concern about the CO2 pain ... my hysterectomy was my first time to deal with CO2 issues. One of the things that often helps is using moist heat. Moistening a towel and heating it up in the microwave works well ... it really helped my shoulder pain. It will also be good to keep GasX on hand to help with the intestinal gas pain.

Remember we are here for you dear.
Unread 08-02-2020, 08:42 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Hi ladies. My name is Elizabeth. I'm 35 and I'm going to have my hysterectomy and BSO on Tuesday. I'm a little scared as this is my first surgery and no one can come with me. They're not allowing visitors either so my 23-hour stay will be by myself. Not looking forward to that. I'm getting this done because I have the BRCA2 mutation. Hope all goes well for everyone else getting their surgery this week.
Unread 08-02-2020, 08:51 PM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Hi! I'm having a laprascopic robotic assisted hysterectomy on Aug. 5. I'm 33 yrs old and I have 4 kids. 3 girls (13,11,6) and a son 2 1/2. I've struggled with heavy painful periods since I was 12 and have had dysplasia multiple times. Since having my son my periods have been unbearable and I had to have a cone biopsy to remove cancerous cells on the outside of my cervix. Luckily there was nothing invasive and the second test came back okay, but my Dr and myself agreed a hysterectomy would be my best option. The place where I'm having my surgery is almost 2 hours away and my husband is not allowed to come in, so I'm not looking forward to that! He will have about 10 hrs of time to pass. Any tips for the car ride home? I'm scared I'm going to be in pain.
Unread 08-02-2020, 09:02 PM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by Joyfulnoise777 View Post
Miracle1206... I pray all goes well for you. I asked a nurse at my pre-op Friday what to do about that gas (since it doesn't come out "the normal way". haha.) They said walking helps as much as we won't feel like it. So it can rise and she said DON'T DRINK OUT OF A STRAW.

After my two other procedures to try to avoid this (D&C and ablation) they gave me ice water once I woke up, both times had a straw. Of course gas with those wasn't an issue.) So I was glad they told me that.

Does Gas X help with that kind of gas? I'm not allowed to bring anything OTC to the hospital though so it seems like we have to wait til we get home to use it for relief. But I wasn't sure if that only helps with the abdominal version of gas.
A girl on YouTube said her Mom is a nurse and said to take charco caps for the gas pains because is helps with all the gases not just the ones in your digestive tract. She said it really helped her. I got mine at Walmart for around $9.
Unread 08-02-2020, 09:03 PM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Aug 02, 2020

Originally Posted by Tangled dreams View Post
good morning ladies! i am having a full hysterectomy and either lymph node removal or biopsy due to endometrial cancer on wens august 5th. I am 56 and have been very healthy until now so this surgery will be a whole new thing for me. I started bleeding constantly and having pain after not having a period for 8 months last october and after many months of ultrasounds, biopsies, tests, and a D&C I found out about the cancer on june 15th~ I am supposed to start radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks after I heal from surgery a few weeks....and then chemo as well.... I am so glad to have this site to chat and learn everything I can!! good luck to all of you strong women!!! big hugs

I'm very sorry you're facing all of this but am glad you'll be having surgery soon and kicking this stinking cancer to the curb. For any issues specific to your diagnosis, we do have a Cancer Concerns forum you're welcome to check out, if you'd like. There's lots of good information as well as experienced ladies to share the journey.

I know this all seem overwhelming right now, but you absolutely CAN do this. You are stronger than you know! Sending hugs and every good thought to you and everyone having procedures this week.

Unread 08-02-2020, 10:59 PM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread Aug 03-Aug 09,2020

Our time today has come to an end - our Pre-Op Open House Chat Thread is now closed. Thank you to all our members who attended as we support one another - women helping women.

The staff of HysterSisters is sending you hugs for the best outcome for your hysterectomy.

As you wait for your scheduled surgery, if you have more questions, please start a new thread discussion here in Pre-op hysterectomy forum area.

Then, after your surgery, there will be a specially created thread for our members who have surgery this week. Look for it in the Post-op Hysterectomy Recovery forum - specifically the Hysterectomy Recover Reports forum with dates matching your surgery date. You will find your surgery sisters there.

Closed Thread

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