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Anyone have experience with Depakot Anyone have experience with Depakot

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Unread 05-20-2003, 06:21 AM
Anyone have experience with Depakot

Hi ((((((((kim)))))))))))

Many years ago I was sent to a neurolgist for my TMJ/Trigeminal Neuralgia pain. He put me on Depakote. I was on it for about two weeks (and it wasn't doing anything for the pain and he kept increasing the dosage). At two weeks, I was shopping one day and noticed my legs were really aching. Then I got the chills so bad that I thought I was getting the flu and I crawled into bed in a sweatsuit and had two extra quilts on the bed. The feeling passed and I was ok.........never thought it was the meds. Then I kept getting the shakes and the chills exactly 5 hours after taking the meds...........then I started and my husband called the doctor who told me to quit taking the Depakote immediately.........that my system was going toxic on it and if I continued to take it, it would kill me!!

I just wanted to let you know because the doc said this was a pretty unusual reaction..........but it can happen. As soon as I quit taking the Depakote I was ok.

Sorry you're having so many problems and hope you're feeling better soon..................


TAH/BSO 1/5/01
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Unread 05-20-2003, 06:39 AM
Anyone have experience with Depakot

I really perked up when I saw this thread. I've not pursued the mercury filling avenue (yet). I too am plagued by migraines and headaches. Mine are triggered primarily by hormones, allergies and occasionally stress. Was hoping for improvement post-op, but hormones are not stabilized yet, I guess. The really severe migraines that cause me to throw up are less frequent, but 'bad headaches' are more frequent.

I saw my neurologist just last week and he suggested Depakote. As Susan posted, he told me it's an anti-seizure medication that has shown success in preventing migraines in some patients. I didn't want to try a new med (have had reactions to some in the past, so I stick with a pain med that dulls the pain) He wants me back in a month to see where I'm at and might try it then.

Some tips I've learned from the neurologist and personal experience over the years:

Caffeine: Watch the caffeine intake (check the ingredients on your Excedrin, some varieties contain caffeine). A little can help alleviate headache pain, too much can cause 'rebound' headaches. Oddly enough, if I'm not severely nauseated, I've found instant migraine relief from Baskin Robbins Cappucino Blasts. (I keep one or two in the freezer just for that reason.)

Allergies: Try eliminating fragrances from your environment, you'd be amazed! It's not easy, there's fragrance in everything and labels are deceiving. A product labeled "Unscented" often contains the ingredient "masking fragrance". The label has to say "Fragrance Free". I've found perfumes and fragrance trigger a severe headache instantly. If I go to an in-home party and they are burning scented candles, I'm in for it! Years ago I switched to fragrance free/dye free laundry detergent and fabric softener, switched to fragrance free shampoo/conditioner/deodorant (Almay)/lotions etc. Removed all potpouri and scented candles from the house, etc. (A note on frag. free hair products - they're scarce. Clinique has some. Also Aveda makes a line called "All Sensitive", you can find it in some beauty salons. And "Origins", in better department stores. Strictly herbal, no perfume. Often herbal scents bother me, but I can tolerate Origins.) Eliminating fragrances has done wonders.

Headeach Patches: Try Be-Kool. They work a lot better than Migraine Ice and last longer. When you feel a bad one coming on, slap a patch on and lay down if possible.

Hope some of these tips help you, I know how bad it hurts!
Unread 05-20-2003, 06:40 AM
Anyone have experience with Depakot

Hi Peachybabe, your symptoms you had are not unusual I have the PDR book and that is a side effect especially if you take aspirin with it. My dh can not take it because he is on aspirin therapy and the neuro didnt bother to tell him when he prescribe it to him. The pharmacist and the PDR has info on it. angie
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Unread 05-20-2003, 07:13 AM
Hi Kim,

Sorry you're having these problems.

On the depakote: I've not taken the med myself but do know of a couple of people who have taken it with adverse reactions. My nephew takes it now and it causes him to have severe shakes but vitamin B helps that some. There is a medicine that is closely related to depakote , it's called Topamax, it is also an anti seizure drug, I have been taking it for about 4 months for migraines. I can't REALLY say that it has helped with the migraines as of yet, I do still have migraines but they are are fewer and less severe but I'm also taking pain meds for other reasons so I'm not sure at this point which med is the reason for the migraines letting up. I can tell you that one of the side effects of topamax is weight loss, so if that is of concern to you on the depakote then the topamax might be a good alternative since they are both in the same class of drugs. What I like about the topamax is that I don't "feel" anything after taking it, no side effects and no drowsy feelings.

On the mercury removal. I work in the dental field..(when I work..) when you go to have these fillings removed ask the dentist and the assistant who is on duty to use what is called a "rubber dam", this is a device that will prevent ANY of the mercury material from being ingested. Without the rubber dam it is nearly impossible to not ingest at least some of the mercury into your system. And if it is the mercury causing your problem this could have a negative effect on you. I'm personally quite surprised that mercury fillings , better known as "amalgams" are still even being used. In the dental office we are not allowed to even touch it with our hands and it must be disposed of in a jar of special solution and then packaged tightly, labeled and picked up by a bio-hazard company and YET they are still putting it in our mouths???? Hmmm? Just be sure to ask for the rubber dam sweetie.

Good Luck.
Unread 05-20-2003, 10:10 AM
Anyone have experience with Depakot

I wanted to offer another view about mercury amalgam fillings, since having all your fillings replaced is a big step.

So Here it is. This article is a little strident, but it presents the issues clearly and is good food for thought. I'm not posting it to in any way criticize the decisions you and your doctors may make about your own care. It's just that the mercury issue is controversial and it's a good idea to hear all the arguments before making a final decision.

I wish you all the best.
Unread 05-20-2003, 12:15 PM
Amalgam fillings..mercury toxicity....

DeniseB, I wanted to respond to your post. I am a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) I am not OJT ( on the job trained), I went through almost 2 years of college including internships to attain my degree) which requires me to attend CEC's (Continuing Education Course's) in order to keep my accreditation current. Amalgam toxicicity is of MAJOR concern in today's dental society whether it be for validated reasons or for those who are merely "skeptical" about it's use due to hightened and possibly unfounded publicity.

I "personally" have never been opposed to amalgam fillings because I KNOW the effectiveness and strength of this material and it's value in long term usage. It has only been within the last year and a half that dental offices have been required (in Florida anyway) to dispose of this material in such a dramatic way as stated in my last post which really raised MY awareness of the possible toxicity of the material. Mercury is "usually" only a hazard in it's raw form..BUT some people, as with ANY drug do have a tendency to have a "reaction" or a "sensitivity" to this material. Just as someone would have a sensitivity to aspirin or penicillin or anti-inflammatories. Many years ago the dental assistants actually mixed the raw form of mercury with the other components of alloy to make up what is now called "amalgam" and many of the assistants became very ill which is why the "formula" was changed so that assistants and dentists no longer became ill by handling the mercury. To this day in EVERY dental office in america you will find what is called a "mercury spill kit". If they don't have one, they are not within guidelines of the CDC, these are just the facts.

I agree that the publicity surrounding amalgam fillings could be unfounded UNLESS there is a reason to believe otherwise, but with the new recent bio hazard laws that have been induced on dental offices and how they dispose of this material it does make a person wonder....why it is not safe to throw it in the trash, allow it to be drained through the drainage system or dumped out with the other debri that is caught within the suction traps. I'm not saying it's a horrible, terrible thing but obvously the CDC has changed the guidelines on the handling of this material so certainly there is SOME reason for this change. Whether that be for the recent public outcry or for scientific study.....? We will not know until conclusive studies are done. In my last post..I said " I was surprised" that is because usually if there is even the slightest chance that a certain element could cause physical harm, then it is pulled off of the shelves,(which is hard to do when 95% of adults have them already in their mouths) which is why you see many dental offices these days advertising "mercury free fillings" and such. It is a matter of time before these tests will be made known to the public and until then we are our own best advocates.

I personally have amalgam fillings as do my children and am of the mindset that amalgams are a good choice ( for me and my family) in restorative dental care when used in posterior teeth because they are the strongest and most resilient and tend to hold up the longest in the mouth because they are less likely to break down due to microflora in the mouth. That said, there ae some people who are extremely sensitive to the substance even in micro amounts and sometimes (from experience) removal of amalgams can improve some symptoms related to mercury toxicity. I have friends who are no longer able to work in offices who do amalgam fillings because they are so sensitive to the mercury content of the amalgam fillngs and have had to change positions to offices who do not use amalgam as a dental restorative.

Even in those patients who now have amalgam fillings, they do not HAVE to have them replaced and their health is not at risk UNLESS there is a breakdown of these fillings.....i.e...recurrent decay..because at this point the amalgam filling is then also breaking down and releasing it's mercury into the system. The best way to avoid this if you already have amalgam dental fillings is NOT to have ALL of your amalgams replaced but to be prudent about your 6 month cleanings and x-rays to make sure that your amalgam filllings are well intact and there is no sign of break down within the tooth or the filling. It is only when there is a break down in the tooth or filling (recurrent decay) in the tooth that has the amalgam filling that one should consider having the tooth filled with somthing other than amalgam. If the filling is not in disrepair, it is not a health hazard.

My origional post was not intended to scare anyone in regards to their dental treatment by any means. As a dental assistant myself I strive to make patients as comfortable and educated as possible in their treatment. BUT if you are AT ALL concerned that you ARE mercury sensitive and are having an amalgam filling replaced it is in YOUR best interest to request a rubber dam to be used during this procedure for your safety and to set your mind at ease. I hope that I didn't offend anyone with my origional post because that certainly wasn't my intention, I was merely trying to offer Kim the benefit of what I knew to be true about having amalgams removed.

My to all.

Unread 05-20-2003, 01:06 PM
Anyone have experience with Depakot


I didn't have any objection to your post at all, and I hope mine didn't bother you, either.

And we can all agree that CERTAINLY elemental mercury, not compounded with anything, is hazardous. It's believed to be behind the expression, "mad as a hatter"--hats used to be felted in the 18th or 19th century with mercury, and hatmakers were exposed to a great deal of the highly toxic vapors. As recently as the 19th century, mercury was used as a medicine and people with fevers were routinely dosed to toxic levels, with long-term ill effects. As recently as the 1950s, it was seen as just a little quicksilver. And how many people still have mercury thermometers in their homes? You sure can't buy one now.

That being said, I think that sometimes removal of mercury fillings is seen as a treatment for patients with a variety of pain disorders and autoimmune disorders, if for no other reason than because it works sometimes--anecdotally.

I think your point about appropriate safety precautions during removal is extremely well-taken.

This is all the information I have about the mercury stuff, so I'm going to shut up now.
Unread 05-20-2003, 01:23 PM
Anyone have experience with Depakot

Ladies, I have read the pros and cons about the mercury fillings. I was provided a link by a good friend and the article basically said that these tests were a bunch of baloney! Than I read another article stating the opposite.

I am going into this with my eyes wide open. I feel at this point I have nothing to lose. I've been thru all the GI tests, many of them twice. I've been told I have numerous food allergies so I can barely eat. I did better for awhile and than WHAM I get sick again. These days it really doesn't matter what I eat, if it's more than a mouthful I swell! I really can't afford to lose any more weight, but yet I feel better when I'm skin and bones.

All this to say it may work it may not. I don't even know at this point what this dentist is going to charge. If it's to $$$$ I may never find out. I'm out of work right now so unfortunately money will be an issue. If it's reasonable I will do it. At this point I am willing to try almost anything! If they told me that I could stand in the middle of the road naked and scream I would be fixed I would probably do it.

I appreciate everyone's input here! That is what makes this place so special, I can hear all the good and the bad and who knows maybe one day I will hit upon that magic formula that is going to fix me and than I can share and all my sisters will be fixed too!

My greatest wish is that there will not be a need for this forum. I want happy, healthy and painfree days for all my sisters.
Unread 05-20-2003, 09:32 PM

No, your post didn't bother me at all either.

I was just also sharing my viewpoint because I do know that some people have been alleviated of certain symptoms with removal of amalgam fillings. The thing about todays amalgam is it is still made exactly the same way that it has always been made (compounded with other alloys) the only difference now is that we, the assistants, don't manually mix it ourselves. Now it comes in capsules that has the elemental mercury in one end and the alloy in the other end that is seperated by a thin membrane to prevent mixture until it is ready for use. These capsules are placed in a machine that mixes it for us but you have to set the machine to the proper mix time and when not mixed properly and placed in the mouth there can be elemental mercury still free in the mixture, this is likely the reason for people getting mercury toxicity problems especially if they have multiple fillings done by the same dentist at an improper mix rate.

No offense taken whatsoever, that's the beauty of this site. They say 2 minds are better than one and we have many thousands here. WOOHOO.

Kim, I wish you luck. My suggestion would be to see at least a few dentists before spending a large amount of money on having all of these fillings replaced. I would also suggest that if you are seeing a dentist who doesn't use amalgam in their office that you also get an opinion from one who does. NOT to say ANYTHING derogative about ANY dentist but a dentist who doesnt use amalgam fillings is going to be more likely to tell you that they all need to come out then one who does use them on a regular basis. You really need to know if the fillings are in disrepair or are breaking down. Most likely if you don't already have them you will need a full mouth set of x-rays but you can have copies made of those to take with you to the other offices and usually consults are at no charge. There are also downfalls to the non mercury fillings, if you want to know more feel free to PM me and I'll fill you in. Again good luck.


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