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Q's about siatic nerve Q's about siatic nerve

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Unread 07-22-2003, 08:45 AM
sciatic pain

I would sure bite the bullet and go to the doctor. There are things that you can do to help the situation and the pain. When we start to "favor" one side, it then sets off a whole domino affect and throws everything else out of whack.

I have done the whole physical therapy route twice.. yes, there are some benefits.. ice does indeed help. I'd ask about motrin or other ibuprofens instead of tylenol. If it is actually inflamation around the nerve, then ice and an anti-inflamatory helps. My doc has me on 800 milligrams of ibuprofen (2 x a day). It really does help.

I learned in physical therapy to do some very gentle warm-up stretching excerises before I get out of bed. It does help.

I've also just become aware of something not too many people know about and that is nutra-sweet poisoning. If you do a search on it, there is a ton of stuff on the internet. It could very well be the cause of people's chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia symtons and on and on. The stuff is in EVERYTHING. Not just the little packets on the table... read the information. It's really alarming.

find a good doc for your back. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes many tries... good luck.
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Unread 07-22-2003, 08:52 AM


Thanks for the advice- I will bite the bullet I guess, but not this week as DH is going into hospital on Thurs.. the only thing about ibuprofen is that I was told not to take it as it causes more harm than good from my 2nd surgery ...sometimes I just want to give up- but I am trying the stretching and am trying to walk alot more- we will see..

Again thanks for the quick reply

Unread 07-22-2003, 10:22 AM
Q's about siatic nerve

for my back pain...i get comfort from a massaging back roll.
when I walk I have to take breaks to bend forward for relief. I found the meds wound up killing my stomach which is now added to these other probs.
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Unread 07-22-2003, 09:07 PM
Q's about siatic nerve

LaurLaur - I was diagnoised in 1994 by a physiatrist - this is a physical medicine/rehab doctor. They treat chronic pain and muscle/skeleton disorders plus many other things. I have had 2 that not only were keys to my recovery but they believed my problems were real and treated me with respect and as a partner in my care. The majority of people seem to see rheumatologists.

I just lucked out in getting this diagnosis in 1994 as it was really not considered a valid condition back then. I had been seeing an orthopedic for years as I was very athletic and then I started having a lot of injuries (ankle fracture, broken thumb, pulled muscles, the fall down the stairs, and repetitive motion problems (capral tunnel, plantar fasicitis, tendenitis, etc.) that I did not seem to be able to recover from despite therapy and rest. I gave up one activity after another (softball league I had played in for 12 years, tennis, raquetball, jazzercise, and heavy yard/garden/home work) until all I had left was a little yard and garden work that still caused me pain. No more cleaning out the gutters on a 2 story house, no more power yard tools, no more of the things I really loved and miss to this day. I deteriorated down to a point where all I did was work and I was not doing that well at all. I could not do shopping, housework, or laundry without pain and fatigue. My husband had to do it all. I still tried to do it and could if I took long enough and enough rest breaks but it was not worth it as I could sit on a stool and fold 2 towels and I would be so fatigued, I had to rest for 15 minutes. Unloading the dishwasher was an hour effort. A shower left me so tired and in pain, I had to rest for at least 30 minutes. I would have to drag myself up by the hand rails to make it up the 6 steps to the upper level and then sit on a stool for awhile to recover. I thought I was just going to have to go home and be a vegetable.

I took the ortho an article on Fibrocytis as it was called then and he tossed it aside and said I was out of shape. Well, I was NOW after going to him all these years and getting no resolutions. I just thank God that he went out of practice, I got another bad case of tennis elbow,and had to see a doctor. The doctors that took over his patients included a woman physiatrist that really understood FMS and by luck again, I got assigned to her. She diagnoised me on my first visit. She gave me the trigger point test and I could not believe this small woman could elicit such a pain reaction that I was cussing her by her just pressing on parts on my body ! It felt like she was jamming a steel rod in me.

I was relieved to have a name for my problem but I cried all the way to my car. Fibromyalgia is NOT a diagnois you really want. It is chronic, there is no cure, research is learning more about it but many still believe it is all in your head. For me, it required years of reading and research, going through a lot of drugs and dealing with side effects worse than my problems, and lots of physical theraphy but I had to finally accept I had it, do all the things they tell you to do (that I resisted doing), and change my lifestyle in order to get better. My good FMS doctor worked for years to beat this into my head but she also worked very hard in trying to help me get better. She is a major reason I got better.

I am not cured by any means as I still must manage it everyday to keep the pain and fatigue down. I must eat right (no artifical sweetners, no sodas, low salt, low fat, limited caffine, no prepared or processed foods, low carb, high protein, lots of water, fruits, and vegetables, and a hand full of vitamins and supplements everyday), exercise consistantly, get good sleep, take rest breaks when I don't want to, not over do when I am feeling good, and keep stress down or more my reaction to stress down. If I don't do these things, I pay for it. I try to relate it to how someone with diabeties has to manage their condition everyday except you don't have hard core numbers like your blood sugar readings to determine how you are doing. And, with FMS the reaction can be delayed by weeks or months rather than hours.

Just from my observation over the years, it seems the majority of people with FMS, also have some other pain conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disk, spinal stenosis, etc.
FMS seems to be a commonly developed condition in this area.

The diagnostic criteria is to first rule out conditions that have similar symptoms - hypothyroid, Lyme, Lupus, MS, iron overload, and all arthritic conditions.
A hallmark of FMS is that all tests come back negative yet you still have all these problems. This is several years old but I am going off of literature from the Arthritis Society. Please call your local chapter as they are a wealth of info on the subject and use to teach FMS self help courses - not sure if they still do but the class helped me. Here is what they list as diagnostic criteria for FMS. There is some debate on these.

1. A history of widespread pain in all 4 body quadrants for at least 3 months.This means pain in boths sides of the body, above and below the waist. The pain I had was lower body but I eventually had upper body pain.

2. Pain in 11 of 18 triggers points on digital palpatation of pressure of 4kg.
There is disagreement on whether you need all 11 or less. I use to react on just about all them but the only ones that bother me now are my elbows and upper chest. When my doctor does this test twice a year, he can tell by my dagger eyes to NOT press on my chest.
I have to take muscle relaxers before a mammogram and work on my anxiety.

Any of the following

* Fatigue - can be mild or severe -
I had full blown chronic fatigue for about 2 years and I will take the pain anyday over that mind numbing, totally energy draining, knock you on your butt fatigue. It's not just being tired, it is totally disabling.

* Sleep Disorder - either you can't go to sleep, can't stay asleep, or wake up all night. Many doctors and researchers think this is the key to most of the problems and in my case, it was. Long term sleep deprivation leads to many physical problems. Of everything I did to get better, I think getting my sleep fixed was the best thing to making me feel so much better. If you wake up feeling like a truck ran over you, you did not get the right sleep called stage 4 sleep where the cellular repair of your body occurs. I wondered where that truck came from for many years and sometimes, it felt like a convoy - LOL !

* Other symtoms - IBS (I had bad bouts of the runs), chronic headaches (thank GOD I didn't have headaches), TMJ, PMS (with a vengenace), painful periods (don't we know that one well in fact dysfunctional menustration is a marker for FMS and I had that all my life until my hyster), chest pain ( yes, I have that), morning stiffness (not so bad now but use to feel stiff as a board in the morning), cognitive and memory impairment (i.e. brain fog - another thank you God I did not have this except for drug side effects), muscle cramps and spasms (spasms from hell for me esp. in the rib cage - the only drug I take now is the muscle relaxer Flexeril as I still need one of those somethimes), numbness and tingling sensations (still have those but have learned to live with them), irritable bladder (to some degree for me), skin sensitivity (oh yes ! lots of it - can't handle the sun anymore, lots of reactions and rashes prompting at least 6 tests for Lupus - all negative), dry eyes and mouth (much less without the drugs), changing eye prescriptions (yes for me), dizziness (FMS people seem to have a problem with something called neurally mediated hypotension - when you stand up, your blood pressure does not go up like it is suppose to and either stays the same or goes down so you feel dizzy and lightheaded. I had this but a low dose of thyroid corrected it although I still tend to hold on to the walls right after getting up - habit - a tilt table test confirms it) and imparied coordination. I think that is from the muscle stiffness.

I would add chemical sensitivty for me. I cannot tolerate chemical smells like bug spray, gas fumes, or perfume. I immediately feel fatigued, irritated, light headed, nose burning, and sinus congestion. I would rather deal with the bugs than the reaction I have with bug spray. This may sound strange but if my husband does not gas-up my car, I check the wind direction before I put gas in my car and make sure I park down wind. I keep my face away and my hand over my nose as if I don't, I will suffer from it. I will take the stairs if the elevator opens and I can smell strong perfume. I am NOT getting on that elevator as if I do, I will have to hold my breath and even doing that, I will feel bad afterwards.

I know this has been long but I have so much history and experince on this subject and I really wanted to do my best to try and help you and give you as much information as I could. Please e-mail me if you want to talk about it further. If you don't know how, click on email next to my name in the profile that is displayed on this post.

I sincerely hope you do not have Fibromyalgia as I would not wish it on anyone. Lots of love you today... Janie
Unread 07-23-2003, 03:10 PM
Feel Better!!!!

Hi Guys

Hope everyone feels a little better today!!! I do!!! Thank goodness!!! I bought some Alleve per my pediatrician(the kids were in for checkups) until I can get to the DR and I feel sooo much better!!! I can actually get up out of a chair w/out almost falling over in pain...

I will get to the DR soon- but just wanted to let you all know!!!
Thanks again for the help
Unread 07-24-2003, 07:11 AM
My app't today

I will be going to my today for a follow up on my problem. I had an xray last Friday. He should have the results. I may need to go for further testing. I will keep you guys posted on what I have learned today. I am awake very early this morning. I went to bed at 11 pm and am awake at 4 am. I tried to sleep more but my hip sure was hurting.

Thank you for the tips and I will definitely be on the look out for those things and inquire my good old about them as it arises.


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