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Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee! Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

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Unread 10-13-2003, 01:47 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

O.K. I waited and waited for my Dr. visit after putting it off for so long and I feel like I want to cry my eyeballs out. The problem is I'm to mad to. So for a brief background. After I had my hysterectomy, my docter told my husband and I in the hospital that she saved my ovaries. Well, on my last visit she said she took out one. I went home and talked to my husband and he agreed that we thought I had them both. I called my Dr. back and she said yes I did have both. Well, today I go in with a long list of symtoms like losing more hair than normal, gaining 12 lb.s in 2 weeks, sharps pains if I stand, turn over or bend to fast, left ovary pain that radiates into the hip and back, sometimes thinking I'm done peeing and peeing when I stand up, painful & dry sex, extreme fatigue these past weeks, headaches, sometimes pain in lower back, some burning when I pee, nausea and always bloated feeling. Well first off, they make me pee to make sure I don't have anything going on there. Well there was a small trace of blood in the urine. Then the nurse says that she has been reading my chart and I had both ovaries out. Well, I start to argue so much that she starts reading stuff aloud. On one spot it is written that I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. Then she reads on and it just says part of a tubal stem was taken out with a cyst. And that my right ovary was slightly cystic. Then she says, well, I guess you do have both ovaries. She said she wondered how I could hurt in the ovaries if I didn't have any. Well, then the Dr. arives and is insisting she took out the left ovary and seems to dismiss my pain where my left ovary is or isn't. I just don't know at this point. And nothing was done for the blood in my urine. She kept insisting it was probably back or kidney pain which is possible if there is blood in the urine but I told her this was the same exact pelvic pain that was so severe before the hysterectomy and has been coming back cyclic, except now it isn't cylic. She wanted to just put me on tranquilizers. Well, I was so frustrated I said no, it wouldn't solve the pain only mask the symtoms. She then said well if some of this was cylcic then my ovaries were working. She offered me vagifem which I took for the dryness and wanted to put me on hormones except she forgot that I was even allergic to some and I had to explain that all over again and we have already been down that road. I told her I wanted to get to the problem and not do all these things that don't work. She at one point looked at me and said what do you want me to do? Well, she is the Dr. not me and at this point I did not trust her. She wants to put dye in my arm and check x-ray my back and my kidneys. Well, it's more than that. I've had this type of pain to deal with to long to know that. I've also had back pain from my back being out of wack and I do know the difference. She mentioned this x-ray thing several times and I told her I was talking to my husband first. She said she could take my one ovary out but it wouldn't solve the pain. However, do I have one or two is the question, or any at all? What do I do? Am I wrong or shouldn't they have determined what the trace of blood in the urine was about? Perhaps that was the purpose of the x-ray. But she just said the x-ray was to see if the kidney was the source of pain. No mention of the blood in the urine. Perhaps that's a normal thing. I don't think so... Help me..... I don't know what questions to ask or what Dr. to go to now. I told my husband I wanted a new Dr. and I wanted to have him do whatever he must, but to look and tell me what I do and don't have. It's crazy. I'm not going to keep going to the same Dr. and arguing about what I do and don't have inside of me. What a frustrating and bummer day. I tried to explain that I have a high pain tolerance and if I come in, it's probably serious. They think I'm crazy... She even pointed to the big fat zit on my chin which I don't normally get and asked if that was normal. I said no. She just said I was getting younger and older at the same time. The whole day is bizarre. I know one thing nobody who can't remember what is inside of me or who writes conflicting stuff that even the nurse can't figure it out is putting dye in me.. Well that's all for now. I need some support. Even when I told her I gained 12 pounds she said well you weighed 160 last year also. I said yes I know, but I started losing it and it came back on. This happened some last year also and even my husband knows I don't eat as much as my family. No one is taking me seriously...... Just bummer bummer day. How's that for sad? Please, what would you do? At this point I don't care if they cut me open again, just tell me what is and isn't there for starts. My Dr. said I could have adhesions but didn't want to go in. She just left it at that..... Well, I have to go for now. My family gets home shortly.
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Unread 10-13-2003, 02:24 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

Hi, it sounds like you're having a really bad day. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea or whatever your "poision" is and write down all your questions and concerns. I would request another doctor to get a second opinion and I would get my records from the hospital pertaining to surgery to see if they agree with what your doctor is telling you. Only you know how you're feeling. It sounds like they were being rude but maybe they were feeling helpless as to your wants and needs. Maybe make an appointment to see Doctor again and take your husband or a trusted friend with you. I have a feeling you might be treated with a little more respect then. They don't usually want a witness if they are not doing their job. Take care and let us know what you find out. And vent, vent, vent when you need to. Brenda
Unread 10-13-2003, 02:26 PM
Take over the steerin wheel and make GYN#1 ride *****!!

First.....let me interject one thing........years ago I had a kidney infection and my symptoms were just like yours. I had the low back pain and shooting pains down my leg. I also had the unusual urination. So that may have some validity to it.

BUT....Hmm...if I had a GYN that acted that flakey and couldnt get her facts straight on just what exactly she did to me Id have to take over the driving and make someone move over and ride *****. They dont call me Feisty for nothing. I had 3 GYN's over the last 5 or so years that tossed me around without a care to my complaints and therefore I never took my pains seriously until I bled for 7 months straight. So knowing how it feels to be jerked around this would be easy for me since I just did it myself. I finally got fed up and woke up.

First, Id print this message that you just wrote to save yourself from having to repeat it all again...HAH. Then Id go to another GYN for a second opinion. I would NOT show or tell the new GYN anything other than to explain your current pains. Ask for a vaginal sonogram.....that oughta tell if or which ovaries you still have. Then go from there with a FRESH start. Only after I get the initial diagnosis from GYN #2 would I share my previous records and a copy of this post.

When Im put in such a contradictory or unbelievable situation with no way out.....I GET SNEAKY. Since it gets to a point where everything you say or feel is ignored......I zip my mouth and I get a second NEUTRAL opinion. Then I put all my facts together to make sense out of it for myself. I wouldnt tell the GYN#2 anything about the fiasco up front because some doctors seem to have the fraternal bond of some sort that if you doubt one...they think youre nutso.

Just go to a new GYN...tell them your pains....tell them you need a second opinion and that youd like to keep your current diagnosis to yourself until youve heard what they have to say.

GOOD LUCK and I hope you feel better real soon!!!! I'll cheer ya on!!!!!!!!
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Unread 10-13-2003, 02:51 PM

I'm sorry that you are going through this dear. 's to you.

I agree with what Fiesty is saying, you should definitely get a second opinion and give this Dr the dump!

Another thing for you to look into is.......ASK FOR YOUR PATHOLOGY REPORT. This should give you a complete list of what was taken out of you because all tissues removed during surgery are sent to pathology and the report will have a detailed list of each thing sent and what the diagnosis on it was. I don't understand why your Dr is not clear on this becuase she should have received a copy of the findings on your pathology report and it should be stated very clearly. You can request this from your Dr but from the sounds of it this Dr and her staff really don't "have it together" so I think I would be inclined to request it directly from the hospital where you had your surgery at.
Good luck to you and I hope you are able to get this figured out very soon, I can't imagine my DR. not knowing the specifics of what she did to me. Lots more 's

Unread 10-13-2003, 03:30 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

I am sorry that you had such a disappointing doctor visit. I have had many of those since my hyst and it is very upsetting. I do think having the tests would be worthwhile, better to rule things out and be on the safe side. I've had MANY tests since my hyst and while most were inconclusive, at least I know that I don't have any masses or tumors causing my problems.

I would suggest that you seek a second opinion. I think it is ludicrous that your doctor doesn't have a clue if you have ovaries or not. That is just crazy. If she doesn't know for sure she should've ordered a vaginal scan. Also blood in the urine is not normal and that should've required more follow up.

I would request a copy of your records AND make an appt with another doctor. I have tried doing it both ways; going in with a copy of my records and going in without and just starting from scratch. Sometimes it has helped to have a copy of those records in hand, sometimes I don't think it really mattered. Some doctors have actually read them and asked me questions and others just sort of flipped thru them and handed them back to me. Some were grateful for the information and were impressed that I took the time and effort to put together my history. It showed them I was serious about my pain. Either way please do seek out another opinion.

Sending s and ers for some much needed relief.
Unread 10-13-2003, 03:32 PM

Hi ladies! Well, I've calmed down and I'm thinking clearer. I also called another friend. One thing that everyone agrees on is that I need to find out how many ovaries, if any are in me. I am going to find another Dr. I should not have to go through the process of trying to figure out every time I go to the Dr. what the ovary situation is. My friend said that she thought that having a trace of blood in the urine was a sign of infection. I am going to try to get in to another Dr. tomorrow or sometime this week. My former Dr. also forgets everytime that I'm allergic to some hormones. Maybe she's just not a good note taker. It sure felt good to vent. I am going to try and get my pathology report. I have an uncle who is a Dr. and I'm going to ask what I should do also. I just remembered a few seconds ago that my grandmother died when they put dye in her this year. It was for a totally different thing but it did add to the fear factor of having dye put in me. I don't feel good and I hope to find out soon what is going on.
Unread 10-13-2003, 03:35 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

Sorry to see that your hurting .

I have not experienced kidney pain BUT I do know the frustration your dealing with in regards to your Doctor. If your questioning what was done on the day of your surgery call the hospital and request the surgeons report. I did and what I found was shocking and it made my Urologist very angry. He knew what procedure he did and I never questioned his work, but I argued that the report that I had stated differently, he checked his records and we compared the report from the hospital and sure enough it was wrong! His was right...the hospital's was wrong!

In this case it was the hospital who didn't have it toghther! Please insist on a Ultrasound, you have me curious.

I hope you find answers soon and pray that your pain is only a UTI.

Take care 's
Unread 10-13-2003, 04:18 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

Let me >>>EMPHASISE<<< what I said in my post above.

I had a kidney infection and had the same symptoms you describe. It starts as a Urinary Tract Infection with blood in the urine ......I had NO IDEA...felt NOTHING. And if not treated QUICKLY .....becomes TOXIC and backs up in your kidneys to cause an infection. Low back pain sets in....hurts with each step...shooting down the leg.

PLEASE....PLEASE.....have this treated or ruled out QUICKLY!!!! I ignored my pain until it got so painful that I could barely walk and was in tremendous pain on the ride to the hospital each time we hit a bump in the road. They told me if I had waited any longer Id have been admitted in the hospital with severe kidney problems. safe.........get it checked NOW.....PLEASE!!!!
Its better to be treated than to delay it......TRUST ME.

Better to be SAFE than SORRY......after its treated or ruled out...then proceed with other GYN issues.
Unread 10-14-2003, 08:43 AM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

Oh Cathleen

It is often so hard to wait to see the doctor... and then to have such a bad visit is so disappointing too.

I agree with everyone else. You need to find a new doctor. Also obtain the hospital records from your surgery and the pathology.

I have a suggestion for you visit to the NEW doctor...

1. Make sure you have copies of the surgical reports and any tests done to give to the doctor... I would put them in chronological order.

2. Make a very brief, chronological list of when you had the surgery, the result, how you felt after wards at what month post-op etc. Be really brief and just put in the facts (it is always tempting to me to want to include my emotions too but just make it as brief and concise as possible). THen summarize with how you feel currently.

3. Make a very brief list of all the medicines and treatments you have tried to relieve the problems you have... ie. one liners.

I just went ot the Mayo clinic and took the above information.. a copy for me and a copy for the doctor. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this was to the doctors... in fact one of them complimented me on the excellent summary and how it was really helping him understand the sequence on events.

I hope that helps you too. It not only helped the doctor but it helped my confidence tremendously.

Many s and keep us posted.

Unread 10-14-2003, 02:40 PM
Nightmare Dr. Visit:Pleeese Help Meee!

I"m so sorry for everything this doc is saying and putting you through, I agree with everyone else, a 2nd opinion is definitely needed and maybe an ultrasound to see whether you have ovaries or not is in order.....can't imagine why she didn't just do one?

sending big 's your way!!!

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