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Monday Monday November 24th Monday Monday November 24th

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Unread 11-24-2003, 06:25 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

GOOD MORNING! Up & at 'em!!!!

Hi gang --

Cannot believe how much I got done yesterday!! I got the computer's problems fixed (WHOOO HOOOO it had some wierd things going on that were irritating you know but they are all taken care of and I did it MYSELF!!) printed envelopes to go w/Xmas cards. Did laundry, cooked soup (it was an instant package of Bear Mountain minestrone but I added a diced potato, can of tomatoes, and a pound of lean ground beef, browned, and it came out very good!!) wrapped all packages for mailing except one, finished the scarf I was knitting that goes in the one package I didn't wrap, cleaned the house AND got it all done in time to still spend 2 hours in the back yard reading!! A major feeling of accomplishment!!

DH said they only caught 1 fish each yesterday so I didn't miss much by not going with them. And I feel great having gotten so much done around here, he needs to go without me more often, I accomplish so many things on my "to do" list when he's not interrupting me!!

Anyway I just wanted to get our day started here!

Headed to and to pick up some sweet potatoes for Thurs (we're going to my brother's and sis-in-law's where I will see the nephew who has never ever thanked me for the t-shirt quilt I made for him over the summer.........anybody got any good ideas for something to say to him about that?? ) and I'm bringing potatoes..........mashed white potatoes and I think a sweet potato casserole. DH and I may go to Hickory Farms and get that taken care of if they ever got around to opening.

I hope to really focus on staying OP thru Wed so I can blow it a little bit on Thurs!! We're not eating til late Thurs and the gym is open that morning so I may go use the machines that morning........thinking about it anyway.

I need suggestions for a birthday present for a friend.........I just have no idea what to get her this year. Anybody got any ideas?

I find myself with lots of time this a.m. as today is my late class at the here's Powerbabe's random thoughts about yesterday's posts~~~~~~~~~:

Xena ~~ I've made pork chops with the cranberry sauce and onion soup and I loved it (unfortunately dh wasn't crazy about it so I haven't made it again). Somewhere I have a recipe with cranberry sauce, onion soup, and French dressing..........same idea. I thought of you this morning when I took Brandy for her walk and saw that some of my neighbors already have up Xmas trees and decorations. BTW on the Cooking Light website says if you have AOL, you have free access to the recipes, whether you're a magazine subscriber or not. If you're not, then the password is what you would get if you bought the magazine at a newsstand or wherever.

Emily ~~ I remember going to Peddlar's Village many many years ago and it was great then........I hope it still is and that you had a good time!!

Shirley ~~ ah, turducken is for real. Don't feel bad, my dh didn't know what it was either and he didn't believe me either when I told him about it.

BSQ -- bummer about the washer.......but go buy a mop, will ya??

Tammy Sue (otherwise known as Tamara) ~~ hope your dd enjoys her trip. Love the new name but I think since we have Bobby Sue, you should be Tammi Jo!!

Sandi -- thanks for the recipe links!! I'm a recipe nut and I love having new links to look at!

Melissa ~~ dh caught part of that show on CNN. In reading your list I realize I do pretty much all except #7........and it seems to work for me!! #7 was to eat 5 smaller meals.........I don't really do that, but my 3 main meals are smaller than they used to be, and I usually have a snack around 3:00 p.m. and another one sometime after dinner (oh those sweet cravings!!)

OK so WHERE is everybody this morning?!??!

Have a great day y'all!!

Have the BEST Thanksgiving ever!!

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Unread 11-24-2003, 07:06 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Good Morning BEST Sisters!

Today is dd's birthday & she has requested baked ham, potato gratin, and that delicious hazelnut cake I told you about. I'll add salad & veg of course. Sooooo, tonight will not be especially OP, but it will be special.

Ann, I must go back to bed after reading your post. I'm spent.
As for the nephew, if you said anything you could always just ask if the quilt fit with his decor or if it is holding up nicely...or if you gave it to him by way of his parents you could ask if he's had a chance to see it yet...he should know better though! Btw Ann, I saw the pics and it was an extraordinary piece. A beautiful treasure made with loving hands!

Glad we've all had a Turducken chuckle... It IS a crazy idea, isn't it??? I think it gained popularity when sportscaster John Madden started giving out turkey leg awards to players. He moved to Turducken (more legs?) & the rest is history. lol

I never did clean house yesterday and the living room is unusable. No joke, it's full of STUFF from all over the house. Will tackle that today & wrap b-day gifts & bake & cook. That sounds like a nice day. I'll get tons of water.

Hey, have any of you heard about the dangers of eating or drinking out of plastic that's been heated? I know you're not supposed to nuke food in plastics but now I've read that you shouldn't drink water from plastic bottles especially if you've left them in hte car & they've had a chance to heat up! I do that all the time! Anybody know anything about this?

Thanks for everything ladies. Have a great, OP Monday!

Unread 11-24-2003, 07:45 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Good morning, everyone!

Ann, congratulations on getting rid of those computer bugs - don't they just drive you nuts sometimes?

Xena, the only thing I heard about plastic water bottles - after I'd been using one for about a year! - is that the inside starts to deteriorate after a while and you drink the plastic with your water. I make a point of changing mine a lot now. Apparently it's the plastic they use for the water bottles cause the same article said the ones made to be reused - like Rubbermaid - were fine.

I saw the CNN show last night also. I agree with most of it - but I don't think high carbs would work for me. All things in moderation seems to be working just fine...

Well, we got about eight more inches of snow last night and another storm is due late today. Definitely looking like winter out there.

Stayed OP yesterday - lunch of fresh spinach, grape tomatoes, a little parmesan cheese with raspberry vinagerette dressing was yummy! And I even remembered to post on the goal page...

I hope you all are having a great OP day today. I'm gonna go get on the dreaded treadmill now...
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Unread 11-24-2003, 08:01 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Good morning sisters!

First of all, I want to apologize for not including more personal posts....

dh & I are still grumping

Boy Ann, I don't think anyone could keep up with you! I did get the deck cleanned, chairs covered for winter etc. I too took down the morning glory vines, cleaned up another flower bed, and stripped an antique mirror that was painted green.

It is actually supposed to get up to 60 <<WOW!>> today, so I will take advantage of this & put up my holiday lights.

Yesterday I did good with my water, took all my little vitamins, etc. I will do that again today, and add in a jaunt to curves. :-)

Have a successful day everyone!

Unread 11-24-2003, 08:18 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Hi everyone!!!!!!
Xena, I agree with you.............I am just tired reading what Ann does in one day! Whew!
Ann, Yes Peddler's Village is still great! I bought 2 presents so now except for stoccking stuffers, I only have my mom and hubby to finish. WooHoo! This is the best I have ever done this early. Maybe it's because I don't have that many to buy for any more.
Sandy, please keep the snow out where you live. This week we are supposed to finally get colder and more November-like.
bliss, I am going to Curves today as well. Have to get my 3 days in today, tomorrow and Wed. because they are closed arond here till next Monday. Then I am going out to an OP lunch with my Curves buddy. Hope we don't defeat the purpose of today's exercising.
Have a great day all!!!!!!

Unread 11-24-2003, 08:37 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Good Morning Everyone! I've been reading posts this morning trying to catch up. DH and I have been wallpapering all weekend together (and we're still happily married I might add ). We're not done yet and the carpet guys come tomorrow, so today isn't going to be much fun either. I've got paint to re-touch after the tape was pulled off. I hate when the tape pulls off the paint. We've got all the lower part of the walls (below the chair rails) to wallpaper. We've got to get everything out of the closet and bedroom tonight. Then we'll probably sleep on the living room floor so resting will be a premium.
I'm not even going to try to catch up with everyone's weekend. Just too much.
Hi to everyone. 's to those in need. Welcome new BEST sisters. And once we get past Thanksgiving weekend, I think my life will return to some sort of normal pattern.
We'll be leaving early on Thanksgiving Day and spending most of the weekend in Ohio with family. DD is going with us, so it should be a good time. I'm truely looking forward to Thursday morning.
to all

Oh, and DD just told me that there is heavy snow in Kalamazoo, and the wind is coming from that direction. I know it's lake effect snow, but I hope it doesn't get this far. Her Freshman year, they had 3 feet of snow on the ground my Thanksgiving break. Lake effect snow boggles my mind. They get 4-8 inches a day for weeks at a time. And it just dumps snow. Not quite ready for that yet.
Unread 11-24-2003, 09:23 AM
Monday Monday November 24th

Morning Ladies!!!

I am really over everything!!! Last week was major melt down. Our computer server in our corporate office got the Welch virus and it was inadvertantly spread around to the branches and my computer got it on Wed. It took until Friday pm to get my computer straight and I worked off my laptop here in the office and was on the phone for 3 hours total on project conference calls, so it was the most unproductive days in a long time.

Friday night I call my best friend to chat about something and she falls down her stairs trying to get to the phone. I wind up taking her and dd to Patient First as dd brought home a letter from school about whooping cough epidemic and sure enough the cough she has had for the past couple weeks is the culprit. Interesting evening to say the least and I feel so guilty about best friend and her stair fall as she wound up braking her hand and getting a contusion on the back of the head and is going to see ortho surgeon today.

Saturday was shopping day with the 2 of them and very tiring. had to tote my stuff and hers and unload my stuff and put away at home then take her and her stuff home.

Yesterday spent the day at home doing a lot of stuff in the house. Finally bought new curtains for my living room and got those hung, got the curtains hung in our home office and dd room and started on decorations for Christmas, got all the bows on the wreaths for the windows, did hang the garland in the doorways in the house and am finishing all the homemade bows to go on them this week. Cleaned and did laundry and last night made shrimp and vegetable alfredo which turned out very tasty.....yum.

With all that was going on last week I did not make it to curves but am planning on going today and Wednesday as I still don't know if I am off Friday or not. Feel very off program lately with all the stress of everything. I think though if I make it through this week I will be ok, except for not smoking. that of course is not going as planned but still am only smoking 2 - 3 cigarettes a day. My doctor that I found so close to my office is moving to the other side of town next week, I am so over that!!!! Now I have to switch again, as I will not drive all the way across town to go to the doc. Oh well!!!

I am sorry I have not been able to read all the post and all that is going on with everyone, I do think about you all though and hope that all is well and everyone is staying healthy happy and OP!!!!!

Will try to check back in later but can't promise!!!

Unread 11-24-2003, 12:09 PM
Monday Monday November 24th

Hello All

1/2 day of school for DD. They have parent/teacher conf's tonight and tomorrow. So she's home in time for us to go for her doc's appt at 1:30.

Busy day today so far. My DH's referals are not ready yet for our appt tomorrow, but they promise they will be. The girls in that office are so nice, but so very busy. They do a good job, so I don't mind. They didn't mean to forget it, just got overlooked when doing my referals I guess.

Leg is still great today. The weather is warm, so I think I'll be washing windows (yuck!!) on the front of house in prep for decorating. Think I'll also start on some of my out door stuff. Neighbors had some of their Xmas lights on last night. looked sorta funny mixed with their Thanksgiving theme. Think I'll join in!

Glad some of you saw the CNN program last night. I love carbs! That's my biggest problem. Just didn't think it was a popular concept any longer.

Ann - what can I say - wish I had 1/10th your energy. I have those days, but they are getting farthur and farthur between, lol.
I finally ordered my 1st Xmas gift today - extra set of headphones to wear in DH's plane. He's been wanting a pair for passangers, so today I got um. Hope I like them, lol, as I'm the one who will be wearing them the most - some gift right?

Actually got my dad's squared away - neighbors mom is comming for Xmas a bringing me a bushel of Oysters for dad. They are muc more reasonable this time of year - he's been dying for fresh oysters - and I had a brain storm - he should love this one - he loved the filet migons last year. He's crazy about gifts like this.

DD's are easy - they have their lists and we stick to them. It's a matter of just going out one day and picking them up. I usually don't have a hard time at all. Plus got plenty of stocking stuffers all yr long, so that's a snap also.

I love pollyanna with DH's family - sooooooo easy and affordiable. Everyone has such fun when we're drawing names. we do it at Easter every year for the past 3 yrs or so. Lots of laughter and kidding. And it turns out the gifts are actually choosen with more thought and care in mind. Works wonderful for us.

Jody - sorry your doc is moving. BUT if you like him/her, isn't it worth staying? Or if you don't have feeling either way, then I suppose you be looking for a new one. I love our docs - I'd follow them almost anywhere.

Nancy - you'll have to take pics of the room when it's done - we'd LOVE to see it. Sounds like it will be "paradise", lol. Enjoy!! Lake effect snow....interesting...would be cool to experience one winter (and only one, thank you, lol) with it.

Emily - when the cooler weather reaches you - please send some my way? I'm in tee shirt today here in south jersey!

Bliss - come on - you sound almost as busy as Ann, lol. Just go ahead and give DH an "attitude adjustment" and get it over with, lol. Then the grumping will stop. You win, bingo, faneeto, game over!!! ;-)

Sandy & Xena - can you believe DH came home a couple of weeks ago and said the guys at work hear a report that the waters bottles were not safe to use after being frozen? I have never heard that one. The only thing I heard about the water bottles you buy in like WaWa, is that you should wash them each day to get the germs out of the squirt mouth peice before you refill and re-freeze. Who knows, I wonder if 1/2 of it isn't scare tactics to get you to buy a new one each day?

Well, off to the doc's. Wish me luck with med increase for DD. She needs it. Hope the two "experts" agree with the mom!

Hugs to all -
Unread 11-24-2003, 12:39 PM
Hi all

A very busy day here at work. So I am going to jump in and I may be rude and just not post individually to you all so you dont have to post back to me today.

I went to the gym with my co-worker. My legs are burning. I cannot wait to see what I look like in 4 months or so. I am hoping to really tone up. I am getting there. We shall see.

We got our Christmas lights up yesterday. Yippeeeeeeeeeee. I was a little under the weather to many guess the stress did catch up to me. But it sure was fun.

I hope you are all well

Got to go the boss is here. And you know how much I like him ha ha haha

Unread 11-24-2003, 12:44 PM
Monday Monday November 24th

I absolutely do NOT know how you women get all that household stuff done. I don't shop and I don't clean (Shirley can attest to this) and I only sleep when I can, that's all I can say for now. You all wear me out!! We went out to lunch today and I had the best Caesar salad ever. Unfortunately it was served in a flour tortilla shell that I made the mistake of tasting, and then finishing. Sigh, and it's habit, habit, habit. They passed around a piece of chocolate cake and it was yummy, but I went back to my salad and finished on that flavor. Much better for me, and I was able to get the chocolate craving nipped in the (taste)bud as it were.

Headed to the gastroenterologist for a review of my meds from last year's colonoscopy. Tomorrow morning I go to have my bloodwork done, so I get to fast tonight. This is a good thing. I am now finally aware of how much I have been eating and this added to my year of not exercising, ta da, rapid weight gain. No news to any of you, though, as I yadayada this complaint every day!

Must go, lotsa love and s and and


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