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Would you do it again?? Would you do it again??

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Unread 11-29-2003, 08:20 AM
Would you do it again??

I have to reply to this post in support of all ladies with prolapses - especially those who are pre-op and are experiencing the usual trepidations we all know so well! My only complaint was horrible prolapses - no pain or heavy bleeding - rather an embarrassing, diminishing life style. I suffered in silence when I could no longer take walks, hike, bike, long shopping sprees, carry my grandchildren, etc. The surgery has made my life "active" once again!!! AND I have no "potty issues" like many of our fellow Sisters!

So to answer your question of whether I would do it again: YES, YES, YES !!!

Wishing you good health,
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Unread 11-29-2003, 07:06 PM
Yes, no question

Dear Linda,

I am so sorry for your pain and struggle. I have been following your posts and truly can empathize with some of problems you are facing. My road to the hysterectomy began with a doctor's mistake, and took 2+ years, 4 surgeries, and the loss of pretty much everything I called my life while I struggled with unbearable pain. And it was the second time a physician's error has really negatively impacted me. Always, when in doubt, find second and third opinions.

I consider the loss of my ability to bear more children one of the greatest sorrows of my life and still feel so sad coming up on my one year hysterversary. But the unbearable pelvic pain is gone, and for that I am very thankful, and would do the surgery over again. The struggle with the anger and the pain, and the trauma of the last several years is still with me, and healing is slow. You are not alone in your walk.

With love and light,
Unread 11-29-2003, 07:23 PM
Would you do it again??

I'm so sorry. (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) I know the constant pain will wear you out!! I can't remember what it's
like to live a painfree day. I never was in pain before the
hyst, now its a everyday thing. I hope 'someday' my life
will get back to normal. I know your pain, I understand
true suffering, my thoughts, and prayers are with you..
I know I have to have the tummy tuck to get back somewhere
near normal again, and I am terrified!! I have gotten '3' opinions
so far. The hole has to come out!! Linda
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Unread 12-13-2003, 07:32 PM
Second Opinions important - LONG

My parents were faced with a situation when I was a year old. The doctor who delivered me told them that I would be mentally retarded. My father said to this doctor, "Is there anywhere -- anywhere in the world we can take her?" He then suggested the Babies & Chidren's Hospital at the local unversity. I went to the Pediatric Endocrinologist there, was put in the hospital for a few days for tests and later discharged. Since that time, I have been on a pill which I must take the rest of my life. I have HYPOTHYROIDISM, NOT MENTAL RETARDATION. Needless to say, my parents made the right decision. I am a strong advocate for a second opinion.

My surgery -- Yes, I would do it again.
I didn't have much of a choice. Doc #1 sent me for Ultrasound, then D&C and Hysteroscopy. After that, she said I needed a hyst and was ready to schedule it. I told her that I needed more time to think about it. She told me to take a few weeks or a month, but not longer, because of my situation. I had a pre-cancerous condition called "Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia." I went to see Doc #2 for another opinion. He reviewed my test results and agreed that I needed a hysterectomy because of the key word "atypical." He said they don't know how long it takes for it to turn cancerous. I was so impressed from Doc #2 that I asked him to do my surgery. He made arrangements for a Gyn-Oncologist to be available the day of my surgery in case he needed him to step in. I already had uterine cancer, but it was caught early at Stage Ib. I also was told I had Stage Ic ovarian cancer, but my slides were later re-evaluated and the diagnosis changed to borderline ovarian cancer. I didn't need chemo, but did need to see my doc every three months the first two years and am now on a 6-month visitation schedule with my doc. I also have been getting Pap tests every six months since surgery.
I want to impress on everyone that a second opinion is your choice and most insurance companies will pay for that second opinion. You should choose someone who does not work out of the same medical building or hospital as the doctor who recommended the surgery. I believe there is a book at the library that deals with how to get a second opinion. MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure the doctor is Board-Certified in GYN or, if cancer is suspected, GYN-ONCOLOGY.
Unread 12-14-2003, 07:28 AM
Would you do it again??

I so agree, I was rushed thru with my Dr, I didn't even think about
a second opinion. This nearly cost me my life! This Dr I don't think
had a clue what she was doing. I have to go in for my 4th surgury
on 1/9/04 to take off the hole and all the excess skin from the
ruptures. This surgury I will be at the hosp with bells on!!
My thought on this is, I think some Drs have a factory line going
with hysts, they are making a lot of money off woman. I think when woman double check on Drs before they go under the knife,
they need to find out how many hyst their Dr is doing a WEEK!!!
If they are doing alot of them, woman might out to find another
Dr!! I saw a tv show where they were talking about little moneymaker surgurys that Drs do, and how they get careless.
I believe this is what happened to me, my Drs plate was to full!!
My Dr should of relized I had a problem, but she didn't, I went
every week post op, I was getting bigger and bigger, you could touch my stomach, and stuff squirted out!! She told me to use a blow dryer on it to get it to dry out!! She ignored the facts staring
her in the face, and it nearly killed me!! I believe some woman
need a hyst, but, I feel a lot of Drs are doing hysts needlessly!!
I think some Drs are filling their retirements quotas off needless
hyst! My hyst is now at the tune of $150.000 sick isn't it??
I found out later of course, that on thursdays is my Drs day to do
nothing but hysts, we woman are just lined up, she does one,
leaves for someone else to close us, and goes on to the next one!
Mistakes are made at this point!! Linda
Unread 12-14-2003, 09:35 AM
Would you do it again??

I am not sure if i would do it again or not. I should have gotten a second opinion, the ob siad i have an appendix , but 10 years ago they looked and said i dont have one. Found out i had an interuppeted fallopian tube(whatever that means) when i had the tah w/ovaries left. Have cysts still on ovaries that pop and come back. But from what my friend(cardio nurse) told my husband about his problems from open heart, that if the doctors told you all the complications from this surgery, you would be in the office every week with something new. Thats probaly why they dont tell you about all the complications that come with each surgery. And he is having a few of them. anyway we just have to live with these other problems and try to get over the little bumps. angie and i got a few to get over yet.
Unread 12-14-2003, 10:05 AM
Would you do it again??

Hi, I think if we women were aware of what can happen, some of us would not go thru it! I never heard anything about hernias, and hysts before. Now from woman I have spoke to, its seams
it is like a side effect of a hyst!! I have sister- in-laws (5)and girlfriends that had hysts, and never one had a problem, NOTHING!! I am saying that this webb site is informative that woman know hysts can have teriable outcomes. Hopefully woman
will see what complications others have had, and be aware what to be looking for after! Woman should 'not' listen to just their Dr's
when they are ignoring you when your in trouble. My Dr 'never' said a word about complications, nothing!! Linda
Unread 12-16-2003, 10:59 AM
Would you do it again??

My heart goes out to you for all you've endured I truly pray that your upcoming surgery will bring you some much needed resolve to all this :::crossing fingers:::

As for complications that can occur Post-Hyst they are out there everywhere! Unfortunately ((Linda)) there are some women that refuse to *see* those, will only see what they want to no matter what the risks. I see this wasnt the case for you, as I can feel you pain & anguish in the words you post (((hugs))).
When I was 1st told I should consider a Hyst I went on a search of the net. Well, that search didn't last long as I landed upon a site filled w/ Anti-Hyst stuff...women posting of the dangers of this surgery & how your life would be forever ruined should you undergo this surgery **yikes**! By the time I was finished reading, I was literally shaking in fear. When I signed off, I had sworn off even the thot of this surgery...no way was I going to be left like those women!!
My quality of life only decreased tho...I agreed to any treatment (except the Hyst of course) that my Dr tossed my way! The bleeding had gotten to the point where it NEVER stopped, the pain lengthened over time, the clotting left me drained...I had 2
D & C's that usually stop all bleeding but not for me, it only continued. I had a Cervical Biopsy, Hysterscopy, the D&C'S, Depo shots, Provera & about 6 other Hormone therapies all to no avail. I finally decided I needed to do some further researching about a Hysterectomy when another Gyn suggested it. I told myself that I had only went to that one website & who could say they were right...so I signed on determined to get the whole picture. Of course, I came across another Anti-Hyst site...this one scarier that the previous one but I had also came across a small message board where the women were actually *feeling better* since their surgery. They didn't mention the dreadful side effects those other women from those sites swore you would suffer?!?

That is when it hit me....to fully understand this surgery, its outcomes, effects & possible risks...you have to see both sides of the story! There will always be good & bad w/ anything but the *bad* did not have to be presented in such an anti-militant way that it actually went into being *scare tactics* Advocacy for your own health is a very important part of deciding what medical treatment you'll opt for when dealing w/ certain female disorders or any dx that requires medical treatment.

After a little more clicking I landed upon HysterSisters Ohh was I ever touched...there were women expressing the same fears, concerns & questions I had been carrying around! The support & compassion here was awesome...they weren't praising this surgery but suggesting 2nd & 3rd opinions, to do your homework, learn the possible risks then decide they were right only *you* can decide what the best treatment for your situation will be! For you are the only one who has to deal w/the aftermath of the surgery be it good or be it bad...but knowing you went into the surgery fully armed w/knowledge about the possible outcomes, that you have no question as if this is the appropriate treatment, that all other less invasive options have been exhausted ect..
If not, the *what-ifs* can become quite troubling :-( Life has no guarantees, nothing is 100% & if someone were to tell me otherwise I would question their intent.
Unfortunately, Drs. are not God, nor are they perfect. I agree they should relate all possible complications & outcomes of any surgical procedure or treatment suggested as an option for relief.
The thing is that the actual Surgeon's are usually not the ones to deal with several of the possible complications that may arise...exp. the ones further out in the recovery process. Patients are usually referred to Specialist depending on the cause.
For me, when I was referred to a Pain Specialist as my surgery bought about the need for 2 additional surgeries & long lasting pain that is termed intractable & Chronic. I was in great dismay upon the referral b/c at the time, I felt he was belittling my pain & pushing me off on someone else to *deal* with it. I am now grateful for what he did...I realize now that he was admitting his loss as to how to proceed & that this was beyond his own realm of expertise as many of the complications suffered Post-Op are. So when I say that they don't see firsthand many of the things that can occur maybe they don't realize the full extent just some of these can bring about <sigh>
Not that they shouldn't research them b/c they should but so should we...this is our body, no one else's & like when shopping to buy a car exp. a used car we don't take the word of that one Salesman who we know is going to make a commission so we search out an outside party to advise us. IMO, the same should hold true for our body & anything that will possibly affect it.

My own surgery has bought about a great deal of Physical & emotional trauma. It has been 4 yrs & I still suffer severe pain & complications as a result of Adhesions & Nerve Damage. The one thing that I cant do is carry around the *what-ifs*, second guess my decision...I cant change it but I can change how I do things for my future health concerns. I can also try & help others to become their own best Advocate when it comes to their health, which I try to do by suggesting research & education of any & all symptoms & possible DX's. Thru research comes knowledge, thru knowledge comes power..that power enables us to be aware of any & all possible risks of treatment options, other less invasive treatment options, the feeling of knowing we are in control of our future health by decisions we make today based upon what we know to be true of certain surgery or diagnostic procedures!

What I'm getting at here in my long-winded sort of way lol <sorry> is that yes, any & all possible risks/outcomes need to be known but also does the fact that this surgery can bring about a healthier, happier you.
The key is balance....both sides of the coin, both possible outcomes in a supporting yet educational way. Definitely not in a way to scare women, what if I had suffered Cancer or some other possible, life-threatening condition & I happened upon one of those sites that left me shaking in my shoes:-( It scared me into the point of refusal of treatment & if it happened to me it can happen to others!
Sharing all this in a way that helps women to empower themselves to make the right decision for them & their personal situation, to me, will result in better results & an acceptance of certain situations should they result in further complications.....

Just my 2 cents here from my travels of this Road over the last 4+ years...things I have seen & heard from personal experience & those of some very Dear Friends I've made along the way

I would never wish any of the things soo many of us have suffered upon another nor would I ever express that I could even begin to understand. For each of us the pain & complications have changed the way we veiw things, our future decisions & soo many more ways! Hopefully, tho as I always have thot to beleive is that things happen for a reason & while that reason may not always be clear it is usually of a way that strengthens us or enables us to make changes that will benefit us somewhere on down The Road....

Big ((((hugs))))) & much love to each of you...with the support & understanding that each of you have always so easily given & expressed, I personally have found that I can make it thru just about any complication thrown my way...with my (((Sisters))) by my side, aint nothing stoppin me now

(((((((((((( (((((((hugs to each of my Dear Sisters)))))))))) ))))))))))))
Unread 12-26-2003, 12:25 PM
Would you do it again??

The jury is still out for me as far as would I do it again. I don't miss the bleeding & feeling awful but now that I have a painful cystocele (My uterus was holding my bladder up) I wish I had a surgeon who would have spent more time evaluating me either pre-op or intra-op to prevent another surgery in just 6 months time. He's suppose to be a uro-gyn, pelvic floor reconstruction expert but I personally think he's just a jerk. I had 3 vaginal deliveries, 2 of my babies were over 10 lbs, & he even made a remark about how much "room" he was going to have to do my TVH. I miss my pain free days.
Unread 12-28-2003, 03:35 PM

This has been a very interesting thread for me to read. My journey to here began with a stage 3 rectocele. It was rubbing against my undies and causing a constant itching. My family doc sent me to a urogyn. I loved him immediatly. After examining me his first question was am I planning to have any more children? After I said no, he used a model to show me my problems and said they could not be fixed without a hysterectomy. I did tons of reasearch on cystoceles, enteroceles, rectocels and pelvic reconstruction. I had no supporting tissue left at all and needed lots of skin graphs. It never occured to me to do any reasurch on hysterectomys at that time. I had normal periods and knew I would feel greeved at the thought of not being able to have more children even if I did not want any more (to come out of me). I read the consent to surgery and understood the complications that could occur but of course I never dreamed that they would happen to me. My surgery lasted over 5 hours. My bladder was nicked but repeared at that same time. I had a foley for 10 days, it was heavenly. Now I am facing a third surgery for urinary retention. The surgeon wants to cut the TVT. He said that was the last thing he could do for me. I have learned that certian things cause urinary retention in me and urinary retention causes UTI's.


It is so nice for me to not have parts hanging out. Everything that could fall had fallen and they were fighting amongst themselves to see which could stick out the furthest. I must self cath several times a day and I deal with it. I agree with whoever said its all in your attitude. Yesterday I spent most of the day having a pitty party. Today I got up the nerve to tell dh about the 3rd surgery. I found out last Tuesday.


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