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6 weeks to go...questions questions questions 6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

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Unread 12-03-2003, 03:46 AM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

I know I am prolly jumping the gun here. I mean I still have 6 weeks to go. However, I am alone in this and will not have much help. Friends will be coming and going to check on me and my boyfriend will do what he can, but they all have to work, and there just isn't enough people to be around 24/7. So, as I am reading post after post after post I am compiling a list of things that will make life easy for me while I am alone. Things like making sure that others can pick up videos (I even compiled a list of movies I want to view) for me, and that my boyfriend can get my meds for me. I got a grabber pole for picking up things I drop and am borrowing a laptop puter so I can get advice/support from all you wonderful sisters. I have gotten a water cooler and put it next to my bed. got a hand-held shower thingy and a seat to go across the tub. I have arranged to rent a bed-wedge, and (blushes) a portable potty for the fisrt few days(the most comfortable room for me will be a "mile" from the nearest bathroom. There are so many things I have tried to cover. Does anyone else have any ideas of things, or from expirience any thoughts of things you wish you would have had?I know 6 weeks is a long time for most, but it is flying by at an alarming rate for me. Funny though that at the same time that it is flying by, every day seems to take an eternity to pass. Then all of a sudden it has been 1, no 2, ugh 3 weeks since diagnosis.

An interesting Question for all. My dr was saying something about ladies having vaginal hysterectomies and going back to work (light duty of course) in 2 weeks. I know that won't be happening for me, my job is way too strenuous, but that just sounds unreal to me, even for a "desk" job. Anyone else heard of this? or was he just pulling my leg?(he tries to be comical at the most inopportune times)
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Unread 12-03-2003, 06:18 AM

i think you got yourself pretty well covered at home there *S*
get alot of rest i am in my 5th week recovery and the rest does help out alot.
and i have heard about the vaginal and go back to work in 2 weeks...even the way mine was done i could of went back to work in 6 days(so the dr. says anyway) i was in no way shape or form ready to go back then,plus i have to be able to lift up to 75 pounds..yeah right lift that 6 days into surgery and see what falls out i thought....i had LSH and i know alot of women on here have had totals and alot more symptoms then i did or am having....which i hope they all recover weel and soon.
make sure you walk some too...and sitting up also helped me at times then others would hurt so bad i could scream.
and as for your house i will tell you what my dr. told me when he said i was over doing it...your house will be there after you recover if you don't take care of yourself anf health that wont be so let the house go...was good of him to say it but i thought then you come clean it..lol
anyway goodluck,rest rest rest helps alot
take care
Unread 12-03-2003, 07:50 AM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

You're right, these 6 weeks will fly by. I scheduled my surgery back in the middle of October for Dec 5th because there was so much I wanted to make sure I got done. Well, I 7 weeks and I still couldn't get everything done. But I've come to realize that most of it wasn't that important anyway.

I'm having an LAVH/BSO this Friday. My doctor also thinks that I'll be feeling fine and ready to go back to work in 2 weeks - I'm a secretary. My boss understands that I could be out 2 - 6 weeks and is completly supporting me. He says to do whatever it takes to get myself well.

From past experience when I had my 2 laps for endo I returned to work after 2 weeks. But for the first couple of weeks, it was like I was just barely making it through the day and would be so tired by the time I got home I'd go straight to bed. This time, I'm going to take the time I need. I'm not going back to work until I know that it's not going to completely drain me - if it means 2 weeks great, if it means 4, that's fine too.

One thing that I'm making sure I have close by is lotion. I just love the different lotions from Bath and Body Works. My hands and legs get so dried out during the winter. Last night I put a bottle on my night stand and a bottle on the table next to the recliner and told hubby to make sure he left it there (he's bad about picking up after me).
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Unread 12-03-2003, 08:16 AM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

Dear Precious Angel,
I am 16 DAYS out from a LAVH AND GOING great but I still need to rest alot. I could see going back to work if I had a deck job,but I am a Bartender and there is no way no how! ( 10-12hrs) on my feet, no breaks,lifting kegs o beer,running from the time I get there til the time I leave. Money is tight but I will dip into savings if I have to. Waiting 4 more weeks is easer that risking it and having complications and being out 6-12 more weeks. I had to leave work 2wks before surgery because of the bleeding.I am trying to relax and enjoy my time off. It's hard ,I have always had a job, before I was 15.(42yrs now)
If you like soup,the cups w/noodles,yogert drinks, cranberry juice, mashed potatoes,stuff like that are good,I didn't have much of an appitite for about a week after surgery.Cooking is not a good idea if you are takeing pain meds. Get a tea kettle that whistles to boil water.What ever you do DO NOT order a large deluxe supreme pizza, and eat every bit of it the week you get your appitite back. YOU will WISH you were dead.( It was a stupid thing to do) I don't know what I was thinking,it had to be the drugs! Just having someone to talk to was the best. Down comforters ,feather pillows,soft jamies,loose fitting pants,your favorite music,purfume, aroma therapy helped me.

BEST Wishes, Good Luck, you will do just fine. HUGS
Unread 12-03-2003, 08:35 AM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

just a few more suggestions:

1. get your house as ready as you can, so you can feel organized and in control. then the day before your surgery, do something fun: a good movie, a walk in the park, a day with your pet or loved ones, whatever. Try to start slowing down and relaxing, resting, and do eat so you won't be completely empty on surgery day (helps avoid anesthesia nausea).

2. compile a long phone list of friends and family not only to talk to, but to call if you need anything. they want to help. Let them.

3. Be cautious afterwards for a few weeks on what you eat....gas is not your friend....just eat small portions and think about it as you make choices. The more you walk, the better you'll be.

4. Do buy some larger, soft undies to wear for a while...it really does make a difference. have something comfortable and oversized for wearing at home and even in the hospital....like men's PJs.

5. Be good to yourself. Rest. Think about how great you'll feel in a few months with no more periods to worry about!

Finally, I live alone and had no one there 24/7 either/ the day I came home, a friend stayed a while, but then left. She came over a few more days for a few hours but I was okay without her. I think that's because I had make plans, and had a good surgery expereince, walked early in teh hospital, and didn't take too many pain meds.

You'll do great!
Unread 12-03-2003, 09:26 AM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

One thing I bought that I was glad I had was a bed tray. It was only $10 or so and it was great for when I wanted to eat in bed but didn't want to wear what I was eating. It's also coming in handy for sitting in bed and writing thank you notes or doing crosswords.

Good luck
Unread 12-03-2003, 02:32 PM

I have seen alot of posts on advoiding foods that cause gas. I am one of the very few lucky ones that rarely gets a bad bout of gas. I am usually able to eat anything. Will this continue? I am wondering, what are some "gassy" foods that I should advoid until I know if I will still have my natural gas resistency? I know the obvious (beans, spicy foods, pizza) But I never really had to think about it before.
Unread 12-03-2003, 03:12 PM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

If you don't get much gas now, you may do just fine. And if you're taking a gas pill, you'll also do better.

You might be careful about too much cheese or dairy. And I would avoid "binding" foods like chocolate for a while, until your bowels are working okay again.

I'm now about 14 days post op, still taking a gas pill every day, and I'm back to eating most things, in small portions...though still haven't had that grllled cheese I have on my mind!
Unread 12-03-2003, 04:25 PM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

Here are some more suggestions that may be helpful (sorry if some are duplicates!):

If you have someone who will be waiting in the hospital waiting room while you have your surgery, why not prepare a goodie bag for them? You could include a magazine or book, snacks, change for the vending machines, a card letting them know how much you appreciate them, etc. This could help make a long, and sometimes frightening, wait a little easier!

Once you're at home, you'll need to have some comfortable clothes to wear. I found men's pajamas very comfortable, because the large, drawstring waists came up well above my incision, and the button-up tops didn't have to go over my head (hard to get my arms up). You will probably want to have large, "granny-panties" in a size or two large than you normally wear (you will be swollen and sore!).

Have a tummy pillow handy at all times! This would be a small pillow that you hold against your abdomen when you have to sneeze or cough. Keep it where you can grab it with only a second’s notice! I had a sneeze sneak up on me once when I couldn’t grab my pillow – ouch! It felt like my insides exploded.

Have plenty of no-preparation foods on hand, like fruit, soup, cereal, snack bars, etc. I had absolutely no appetite for a couple of weeks, and my frantic husband finally convinced me to drink some Ensure, which went down ok. You may want to have some of that in the fridge for times you just don’t feel like eating, but need nourishment.

Also, buy PLENTY of juice! You will need to drink LOTS of liquids when you get home to help with the gas. I got bored with the same type of juice, so my husband bought lots of different types, and put them in small containers for me (I found it difficult to lift and pour large containers for awhile). Don't drink anything carbonated, and don't use a straw (makes the gas worse).

WALKING is very helpful with the gas! Walk as often as is comfortable (my walks were VERY short and slow, but I did several a day), and it should really help get your bowels working smoothly again.

VERY IMPORTANT: have anything you might need at waist-level. This includes toilet paper, pads, clothing, cups, food, plates, etc. Believe me, you will NOT want to bend or reach for anything! The house may look cluttered for awhile with everything sitting out on counter tops, but it's worth it!

If you’re going to be alone, make sure the phone is where you can reach it at ALL times! Several of us have gotten “stuck” (couldn’t get off the couch without help, problems in the bathroom, etc.), and have needed to call for assistance. I kept a tiny cell phone in my pocket all the time. That way, I could even call my home number from inside my house if I needed my husband and he couldn’t hear me!

It’s also a good idea to give a trusted neighbor or someone who lives very close to you a key to your house. If you’re stuck somewhere, and need to call for help, it won’t do much good if they can’t get in your front door!

Also, it may be helpful to have some cash on hand. If you have to ask a friend/neighbor to run to the store to buy some milk, for example, it’s easier if you have some cash to hand them!

Once you’re feeling a bit better, you might start getting a bit bored. Unfortunately, you will be very limited in what you will be able to do. These are some things I did to pass the time, along with some suggestions from other hystersisters:

Reading LOTS of books
Writing long letters to friends and family (real letters, not e-mail!)
Organizing photo albums
Drew out plans for the garden
Bought a tape to improve Spanish skills
Watching lots of movies
Crafts, quilting, etc.
Unread 12-03-2003, 05:15 PM
6 weeks to go...questions questions questions

I tried answering this but don't see the post....maybe I hit the wrong button. I would suggest you stay away from cheese and dairy products for the first several days, as well as binding foods like chocolate. Take pills for gas and that will help, and walk, walk, walk. Mainly just eat small portions. If you've never had bad gas, you may do just fine.

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