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Unread 02-12-2004, 09:24 AM

Hello, everyone. Just when I thought my journey on The Road was ending, this came along.. It feels like something is falling out! There is no pain or bleeding, just feels VERY strange. Mushy... Its worse when I stand up, but I feel it even sitting. I called my GYN and can't see him till 3/17. I am doing kegels and its not feeling any different. Is there anything I should/shoudn't do while I wait for the appt? Any help you can give would be great! Thanks!

BTW, I am going on 3 yrs post op. Time flies..
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Unread 02-12-2004, 10:15 AM

I'm sorry you may be facing yet another complication I know how frustrating & disheartening this can be:-(
I was DX'd with a Vaginal Vault Prolapse several months ago, like you my symptoms began with a bulging that grew progressively worse <sigh> I first noticed a feeling as if there was something in my Vagina.....I shrugged it off as I had experienced all sorts of vvarious twinges/pain/symptoms, not the smartest decision on my part! Then I started to get UTI after UTI....severe ones at that, I dont think any other condition comes as close to labor pains as this
I had been having problems with BM's...I'd had for awhile. My Drs. said it was from the amount of Adhesions I had on my Bowels, a few areas were constricting them...that too became worse. One day I noticed a large bulge, at that moment in time I thot my insides were coming out **YIKES**

I scheduled an appt with my GP who gaave me the DX & referred me to a Uro-Gyn. The recommendation was surgery but at this point in time I cant bring myself to undergo this procedure, a whole other story <sigh>
Here is some info I thot would interest you;-) It details how this can occur Post-Hyst along with some other factors/ There are some other links also that diccuss symptoms, treatment options & tips at avoiding a reoccurrence!

Pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urogynecology: Ob/Gyn

Aging and menopause can weaken the pelvic floor because of diminished estrogen levels. The tissues comprising the pelvic floor are weakened in the absence of sufficient estrogen levels. Increased intra-abdominal pressure on a long-term basis can contribute to genital prolapse, for example:
heavy manual labor, heavy lifting, use of a tight abdominal girdle.

Chronic coughing and straining during bowel movements because of chronic constipation are also important contributing factors in genital prolapse.

The pelvic floor is comprised of numerous muscles and connective tissue. Certain portions of the fascia are thickened and called ligaments. The most important of these ligaments are attached to the uterine cervix. Following hysterectomy, the strength of these ligaments is reduced and vaginal prolapse may result. These ligaments include two cardinal ligaments, two utero sacral ligaments, and pubo cervical fascia. The pubo cervical fascia extends laterally like a hammock that is attached to the pelvic sidewall along a horizontal line called the "white line". This fascia supports the bladder base and urethra from prolapsing. Damage to the pubo cervical fascia can be centrally located and result in bulging of the bladder and vagina into the anterior vagina, which is called central cystocele. Also, the hammock may be detached laterally from the white line, called para vaginal defect, which also results in dropped bladder (cystocele).
Treatment Options:
If prolapse is mild, performing Kegel exercises can help by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises target the muscles around the vagina, urethra, and rectum--the muscles used to stop a stream of urine. These muscles are tightly squeezed, held tight for about 10 seconds, then relaxed for about 10 seconds. The exercise is repeated 10 to 20 times in a row. Performing the exercises several times a day is recommended.

If prolapse is severe, a pessary may be used to support the pelvic organs. Pessaries are especially useful for women who are waiting for surgery or who cannot have surgery.
A pessary can be worn for many weeks before it needs to be removed and cleaned with soap and water.
Pessaries can irritate the vaginal tissues and cause a foul-smelling discharge. Women who have this problem can use a vaginal deodorizer to mask the odor. As long as no other problems occur, these women may continue to use the pessary, removing it for cleaning each month.

**Estrogen vaginal suppositories or cream may be used. These preparations can help keep vaginal tissues healthy and can prevent sores from forming.

**Surgery is often needed but is usually performed only after a woman has decided not to have any more children. Surgery usually involves inserting instruments into the vagina. The weakened area is located, and the tissues around it are built up to prevent the organ from dropping through the weakened area.

For severe prolapse of the uterus or vagina, the surgery may require an incision in the abdomen. The upper part of the vagina is attached with stitches to a nearby bone in the pelvis. Often, a catheter is inserted to drain the urine for 1 to 2 days. If urinary incontinence is a problem or would occur after prolapse of the uterus is repaired, surgery to correct incontinence can usually be performed at the same time. In such cases, the catheter may be left in place longer. Heavy lifting, straining, and standing for a long time should be avoided for at least 3 months after surgery.

If prolapse of the rectum makes having a bowel movement difficult, surgery may be necessary.
Good Luck with you Drs. appt ((Bethany)) BTW~Did you inquire about the possibility of being placed on their cancellation list? May be a way to get in sooner?!?
Unfortunately, there are several other gals here suffering similar
complications...I'm sure they will be along to share some further advice & experiences:-)
Hang in there.....hopefully, soon will come the
day that will see you off this Road for good

Unread 02-12-2004, 12:35 PM

Thanks, Sheri for all that info! I will try to get a cancellation appt, my doc is semi retired and will be going on vacation soon, I think I'm lucky to get in by 3/17... They wanted me to go in today but the office he's at is too far away, and I have no wheels. Figures this had to happen now, I have a new BF and we want to get cozy.... He's a sweetie though and that will help, now to try to explain THIS to him.... OHH Boy! It ought to be fun. Just in time for Valentine's day..
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Unread 02-12-2004, 12:58 PM

Hi Nee Nee

Sorry to hear about your problem

I too had a bad prolapse which I endured for many years
Eventually I had a hyst and bowel and bladder repair

I feel great now physically but as my Gyn said on my discharge if you dont want to be coming back here again in 10 yrs time take great care especially with lifting stretching etc

Hope all goes well Im sure this op will be less traumatic than before and you will recover successfully again take care

best wishes


Unread 02-12-2004, 02:59 PM

Hi, Venice! Thanks for your well wishes. I was hoping someone can answer this: I am noticing that I need to urinate more often, like every half hour or so and is this a part of this or can it be something else? I think it may be a cystocele but I'm not the doc. It does feel better and ease up when I lie down, and standing does make it worse. Walking doesn't seem to make a difference yet. I hope it won't in the future either, as walking is my main exercise.. Ohh, just give me the options and then make it go away. It feels like I am walking around with 10 lbs between my legs! It also feels heavier when I have to urinate..
Unread 02-13-2004, 08:40 AM

(((Bethany))) ,
Like you, I also have the need to Urinate much more often...I find myself being awakened 2-3 x's per night to go to the restroom <sigh> Pre-Hyst this was not a problem...even in the first 1.5 to 2 yrs Post-Op it wasnt but the need has definately doubled in frequency I saw several references to this at some of the sites is stated as a symptom of most all of the Prolapses :ugh:
Here were a few detailing this as a symptom:

When prolapse is moderate or severe, symptoms may include sensation of a lump inside the vagina or disturbance in the function of the affected organs, such as Bladder:
stress incontinence, urgency, frequency, incomplete emptying, dribbling, recurrent urinary infections Bowel: low back pain or discomfort, incomplete emptying, constipation, manual decompression.

A cystocele develops when the bladder drops down and protrudes into the front wall of the vagina.
A cystourethrocele is similar but develops when the upper part of the urethra (bladder neck) also drops down.

Either of these disorders may cause stress incontinence (passage of urine during coughing, laughing, or any other maneuver that suddenly increases pressure within the abdomen) or overflow incontinence (passage of urine when the bladder becomes too full). After urination, the bladder may not feel completely empty. Sometimes a urinary tract infection develops. Because the nerves to the bladder or urethra can be damaged, women who have these disorders may develop urge incontinence (an intense, irrepressible urge to urinate, resulting in passage of urine).

Prolapse of the vagina may cause a compelling or frequent need to urinate. Or it may cause a kink in the urethra. A kink may hide urinary incontinence if present or make urinating difficult.
Standing for lond periods of time increase my symptoms too...I find myself stopping to rest to alleviate them at times. Again, I'm sorry your going thru this. I'll continue to pray for some answers & relief to this soon

Unread 02-13-2004, 02:55 PM

Thanks, Sheri! I'm glad we can at least get a sense of what is going on down there. Today was ok, I tried hard to stay off my feet as much as possible and not lift anything too heavy. Don't want to make this worse... The stress incontinence is there, along with the feeling of not getting it all out the first time.. Thanks for your help, I'm going to be praying for you to get some relief, too.
Unread 02-13-2004, 08:42 PM

Thanks for the prayers ((Bethany))
I've been having trouble getting a steady stream my are muscles are weakened/lacking Not emptying completely is a big issue for me also <sigh>
Geesh, it seems neverending at times huh??

I hope you day wasnt to bad & hopefully your feeling a little better

Unread 02-14-2004, 08:54 AM

Hi, Sheri. I am not bad. Last night bf and I went for it. I wish I had better news. Even though we took it VERY slowly, the internal pressure caused me to have an accident, and a small puddle. It really feels never ending to me now. I only really noticed this two weeks ago but it is not getting better. Bf was ok about it though.

You can't seem to start going, and I can't seem to stop. Even right after I'm done, I stand up and there is more.. This is making things tough. I'm afraid to vacuum or get a bag of cat litter

I am tired and my back does hurt more. I just want to see the doc. Too bad he was in the office that's about 20 miles away from here the day I could've seen him. For now, I wait til 3/17. If I can.

Thanks for being here. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Unread 02-14-2004, 11:45 AM

I'm sorry that it didn't go better ((Bethany)) I'm glad your
((DBF)) is soo understanding, IMO, that really says a lot on the type of person that he is

After I think I'm finished, I experience the dribbling, well actually its more like *running* down my leg...ACK!! I cant control it either, mine, I think is from some type of retention because no matter how long I take to empty my bladder it never fails to happen. It feels empty tho <sigh>
I've had several accidents lately....mine comes out of nowhere. It hits like a ton of's not that I'm holding it but when it happens I need a restroom fast. More often than not I don't quite make it, I sure cant hold it like I used to

I'm going to look into trying a Pessary <not the greatest option but I figure it cant hurt> maybe its a possible option for you at least until you can come to a decision that's *right* for you
I have some info on them if you'd like to check it out, let me know & I'll post it for you!


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