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very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure...... very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

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Unread 09-16-2004, 03:14 PM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

Hi there, long time no chat with my sisters This is long and I apologize.......but I needed to talk to my sisters about this.....

I was off last week due to dental surgery (have to have general anesthetic due to my allergy to local and metabisulphites) anyways, I went for my dental surgery on Thurs and wasn't worried in the slightest because last year when I went for the same thing it pretty much went off without a hitch.planned on coming back to work on Mon which I did but shouldn't have.....this time they had moved the procedure to a different hospital and a different dentist (no option only one place will touch me my allergies are so high).

This is supposed to be the best hospital in my province and is connected to one of the best universities here and is a teaching hospital so I thought if anything my treatment would be better then last time.....this is also where I"m booked to go for my bladder hydrodistension and laser fulgaration......which I"m super nervous about to begin with because of the intense pain I sufferred for weeks after the last time and the lack of treatment I got for that pain.....anyways I digress sorry this is a long story!

after arriving to the daycare surgery area (at 6:00am yucko) I was taken to a holding area and put in my gown and hooked up to my IV (which she did in a very half arsed way that made the placement very painful and I told her that, she said it was "fine and not to worry").....then I was taken down to another holding area and my glasses were taken away (never again will I give my glasses away before the O.R. I swear after this) and the OR nurse started chatting with me about my allergies and suddenly said "oh you can't have this anesthetic it has soy in it"(one of my allergies) and I told her that I had had it twice already and it worked like a charm never felt better after having it (they call it "milk of amnesia") and she said "no you can't have it we'll have to give you a really old one" and I said "I"d prefer the other one I had no side effects whatsoever"......and by the way my iv is really hurting.........

my next concious thought is I realize I am vomiting and I"m so out of it I'm still lying flat.....I'm in recovery but really not concious yet so someone is sitting me up and I"m throwing up and and throwing up and asking for my glasses which I'm told I can't have and I just keep throwing up....I remember also asking to pee and them giving me a bedpan and someone taking off my underwear and saying "we'll just leave those off" and put them under my blanket and then more throwing up and me yelling and asking for Gravol and the nurse yelling back "oral or IV" and me yelling IV and please came sleep.......

the next thing I know I"m upstairs in the "nice" recovery area and sleeping and thanks to the gravol the throwing up has stopped but I am really really out of it and I realize I"m wet......and I'm confused by this until I find my underwear under my blankets and they are soaking wet too, I've been in a 3hr dental surgery , not been given a catheter and then been in recovery for about 2 1/2hrs at this point and no one had cleaned me up and the nurse had taken off those underwear so she had known they were wet and so was I and left me that way.......

I spent the next two days throwing up and being beet red......I was obviously reacting to the anesthetic.....should've been kept at the hospital but live alone and I just sorta wobbled from the bed to the bathroom for two days.....we're now at 6 days and I"m just starting to feel like myself.......

now to the point of the matter.....I'm on the waiting list to have this bladder procedure at this very same hospital....I am to stay overnight for pain management but I will tell you after this experience I am scared to death......I know from the last hydro that this will be very painful and if I can't even get someone to care for me after dental surgery and give me anti-nausea meds and keep me dry what will happen after this one? Not to mention letting me soil myself and leave me that way, I was nervous to begin with and now I"m plain terrified.....obviously I cannot have that particular general again and will get off the operating table if they try to give it to me but after my 13 some odd surgeries I have never had a bad experience like this one and am very scared.

I plan to talk to the dental office about this when I see them on Tues to have my crown put in (I had a root canal 3 fillings and a crown done in the OR) and I will talk to the urologist office about it as well but my initial feeling has been to cancel as bad as I need to get my IC under control I don't ever want to go through something like that again
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Unread 09-16-2004, 09:47 PM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

Oh (((((Gidge)))))), ((((sweetie)))), I'm so sorry you received such ill treatment This is totally unaceptable!!! Have you mentionned this to your doctor? There should be something that can be done anyone else getting such horrid treatment

I don't blaming you for being scared of having your bladder procedures in the same facility!!! This reminds me of the treatment my dad got at one the best facilities in this area: on one occasion, 2 nurses walked in why my mom, myself and my dad's 2 female cousins were visiting, flipped up his nightgown to inspect the site where the angiogram catheter was inserted (which is in the pelvic area), without even bothering to either ask us to leave the room or, at least, pulling the drapes around his bed; another time, they let a doctor other than his own discharge him, against his doctor's wishes and, finally, refused to admit him even though his doctor had ordered him admitted!!! Needless to say, we now refuse to deal with that hospital and will now only deal with another hospital which has always proven true to us, despite it's really awful reputation: just goes to show you!!!

Regarding your upcoming procedure, please, do call your doctor and bring up all these issues, before you show up at the hospital. Bring up your fears and bring up the way you were treated, including the use of a general anesthetic against your better judgment.

Good luck to you and hope you're recovering from your dental surgery
Unread 09-17-2004, 08:09 AM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......


Hey, sweetie.

I am horrified at the treatment you received. Throwing up can't be good after dental surgery, especially. What a nightmare.

I think the hospital administration would be horrified and thankful to you for communicating the treatment you experienced so that they can take measures to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. When you are up to it, contact the patient advocate (or the Canadian equivalent of that) and tell your story.

In addition, your urologist needs to hear your story so that he/she can be extra vigilant in communicating your orders. Also, request that you meet with the anesthetist or anesthesiologist before your hospitalization.

You have waited so long for these procedures. It seems a shame to cancel now. I hope you can find a workable solution that will still yield timely care.
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Unread 09-17-2004, 09:53 AM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

thanks for your replies girls

I'm trying really hard to fight the urge to cancel the procedure.....I think I'm just going to have to ask for sure to see the anesthetist for a preop there was some talk of skipping it since I had one for the dental surgery but even then the guy came and stood at the exam room door and said "well looks like what they used last time worked great so we'll just do the same again" and left....which is pretty bad considering all my allergies.......

I do have some time since they haven't called with a date and being that I"m in Canada I'm sure I will be given about a months notice to think just was a really scary experience...not mention humiliating (the peeing all over and not being cleaned up thing which I mean I was unconcious so it's not my fault but I"m still horrified)

I thought about contacting the hospital and complaining in Canada we don't exactly have patient advocates and anytime I"ve had to complain before really has gotten me nowhere and I'm also scared that if I do that when I do go back in I'll get worse treatment.......

my hand where they put the IV in is still bruised....and has a lump in the vein not sure what that means......and suffice it to say I'm more then a little gunshy.....and I've now developed a nice cold as well I guess just from being rundown from it all I'm not sure.

thanks so much for listening and giving me feedback I think we all forget how much it helps to come to the "road" and share our stories with our sisters and get support.....there is no place like it that's for sure thanks girls!!
Unread 09-17-2004, 08:50 PM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

((((Gidge)))) Whenever I've used the facilities of the hospitals in my area, it's always been followed-up with a survey, from the hospital administration, asking for feed-back on the services I received. This has been true in both Ontario and Quebec. Maybe the facility you used has the same policy? It can take up to a month before they send the survey form.

One thing you can surely do is mention your fears to your urologist: he/she might even decide to use another facility that he/she may be also affiliated with: that's what my dad's doctor did when he realized how unsatisfactory the service he was getting was.
Unread 09-19-2004, 09:52 PM

That really bites, gidge!

I agree with the other ladies, DO contact your urologist and relay your concerns. They need to understand that you have some very complicated allergies/pain maintenance needs. You're going through enough, no need to be completely stressed out over an upcoming procedure. I would most certainly call and try to get them to alleviate your well-founded fears.

When I read your post about how they let you lie there in your urine it reminded me of my tah and how the ice pack thingy broke that was on my abdomen and I was wet all over--for hours. The nurse came in and was totally disgusted with me because she had to change the sheets on my bed. I was like, "Umm, I paged you an hour ago to tell you my ice bag thingy somehow sprung a leak and I'm all wet!"And the hospital charged my insurance company an additional $35 to replace the cheapo ice pack!

These people can make you crazy. You hang in there, girl.
Unread 09-20-2004, 01:30 AM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

Dear Gidge,

I'm am so sorry for what you had to endure! I agree with the others about complaining, but also know of your personal fears in doing so. You have to do what is best for you, no matter what you decide. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for your next procedure, but at the same time, it will give you a chance to figure out how you choose to deal with it. I wish you all the best and am sending you a big ((((HUG))))! Keep us posted.
Unread 09-20-2004, 09:39 AM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

thanks so much for your replies girls it helps immensely to talk to you guys about this!

I looked up in my daytimer yesterday when it was I saw the uro and signed the consent and it was May that time they told me it would be "early fall" before I could get in....and that they would give me probably 4wks notice beforehand....I have called back twice now, the first time someone said that someone would call at the end of Aug and no one did so I called two weeks ago when I was off for the dental surgery and no one returned my call after leaving a voice mail.........

it would be nice to have a time frame in mind it's not like my bladder is getting any better and now that I have these added concerns I want to make sure all of my bases are covered before I head in for this.......I guess I will call later this week if I don't hear anything....gosh it must be 15wks or something like that now....on the other hand I don't want to make a pain in the butt outta myself either
Unread 09-20-2004, 10:00 AM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

I think you should talk to the anaesthetist . I did . IM glad I did . Im not sure what the procedure is where oyu are but In SG, for most part they visit you before and afterthe Op . I got to talk to him or her about my fears and what they cpuld do for me with regards to pain meds and nausea

I think its nuts they treated you like that . I would have raised a holy fuss by writing in to the CEO or the press .

Unread 09-21-2004, 07:58 PM
very scared and want to cancel bladder procedure......

(((Gidge)))) don't be afraid of making a nuisance of yourself: that's the way I was, where my DS's doctor is concerned. However, his nurse confirmed that, when I had a call in and he doesn't call back, I need to call back again: that way, she flags the call as both a repeat call and an urgent matter. So go ahead, and leave messages: that way, they might call you back, just to get you off their back

(((mei))))'s got a good point: considering all the issues you're dealing with, and the way you were treated, be sure to talk to the anesthesiologist before the surgery. And indicate it everywhere: when you go for your pre-op, when you register the day of the procedure, when they are prepping you, when you talk to your doctor... in other words, every opportunity you have, mention that it is imperative that you talk to the anesthesiologist.

How about writing the hospital administration a letter, where you both deplore the way you were treated, and line out the way you want to be treated for the next procedure? That would probably ensure that you get treated right.

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