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No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido? No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

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Unread 01-25-2005, 09:23 AM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

I am writing to ask all you post-ops who had the ovaries taken out how are you dealing with hormones so out of whack?..Are you really a mess until they find the right medicine to take?..Is your sex drive out ..Or shall I say NO sex drive...What about these BM horror stories I hear.. How do you cope and especially I will only have help the 1st week..

I know I keep asking questions just so nervous about the other side of surgery!!

Thank you
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Unread 01-25-2005, 10:00 AM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

Personally I had both ovaries removed because of endo stage 3. They took everything!!! I was fine as far as the hormones go until about 6 days post op. I was watching a movie, a comedy and started to cry. For no reason, just cried. That was weird, but I knew then I was not going to get away with not having any HRT's.
It didn't start to bother me too much after that, but when I went for my 2 week check up, the doc put me on a small dose of estrogen in pill form. It apparently wasn't working very well because I got the depression and felt like a failure for a few days, then it got better. But then at my 4 week checkup he asked if I had noticed any change and I thought about it, trying to weigh how I had felt for those few days, and everything that I had been through outside of the surgery and he said "If you have to think about it, then it's not working." So he changed me to the Clamara patch, and again it's a small dose of estrogen. I have been really good since then. So luckily I have found something, so far, that works well for me.
As far as the libido goes, I was afraid to have sex for the fear that it would hurt and possibly I could be doing some damage. But after we tried (at almost 7 weeks post op), I found it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Yes, I did have pain in my left side, and was pretty sore. But 2 Tylenol took care of that. The pain has decreased each time we have tried, and I haven't found that my libido has decreased hardly any at all. I still want the closeness with my dh and love the affection and attention he gives me. You may need to have a lot of lubercation to relieve some of the tightness, but I have used that for years, so I'm used to it.
I did have horrible constipation after I came home, so I my recommendation is to eat very light when you come home, (which I didn't) just until you can have BM's on your own without too much trouble.
I only had help for 2 days after I came home from the hospital. DH had to return to work, so I was on my own. If you set your room up to have all of your comforts right by your side, it shouldn't be bad at all. Check the website for the listing of things you may want to have by your bedside, on the table, or in a basket you can carry with you around the house. I found that to be a great help for me. Plus make sure you have fresh batteries in your remote control. I about wore ours out!
Fear of the unknown is always the worst, but I have every confidence that things will work out just fine for you. Good Luck, and take your time to heal afterwards!

TAH/BSO 11/30/04, stage 3 endo.
Unread 01-25-2005, 10:11 AM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

Hi Sher46.

I had all the same fears and questions. My DR did not want to put me on HRT until I went in for my post-op checkup so my body could adjust and we could decide what to use (if anything) and how much to start me on. After experiencing extreme hot flashes and moodiness I (and my DH) decided I needed to do something. I did not completely loose my sex drive (which the DR said was great) and my mood swings were not severe so he started me on Premarin .625 which is a low dose of estrogen. So far this has worked for me. I can now sleep at night, my hot flashes have decreased almost completely, I have not had a major blow out or a crying streak, and my sex drive is great. (In fact with all the problems that I was having before my surgery, my sex drive has actually improved.) This is not the HRT for everyone, I have friends that are on a patch and are doing awesome with that. Let your body help you make the right decision for you.
As for the BM horror stories, I did not have that problem and you may very well be fine also. Stool softners can be helpful, also eat light the first few days/week.
I came home on a Sunday evening, my DH stayed home on Monday then I was on my own to make sure my kids got out the door to school in the morning and the dog was let out to go during the day. I just took it slow and rested a lot during the day. I'm not by any means saying it was easy but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. My whole family helped around the house when they were home but I found myself doing more than I thought I would after the first week. You have to remember, everyone heals differently. Our mind has a tendency to think the worse when it comes to a fear, I know, I was scared to death.
I am 6 weeks post-op now, no I am not totally recovered, I have a few aches and pains now and then which I hear is normal but at this point I wouldn't do it any different. I don't miss the problems that lead me to the hyster in the first place.
Good luck, I hope this helps ease the fears and I wish you the best with your surgery!
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Unread 01-25-2005, 10:21 AM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

Sher46, I recommend this article as it highlights all the major issure regarding removal of the ovaries.
Rational for Ovarian Conservation by Donna Shoupe MD

My own personal experience. At age 52 and 8-9 months past my last period and tolerating menopausal symptoms without any HRT, I experienced: severe intense hot flashes (these new ones came with horns and a pitchfork), anxiety, depression, my heart pounding in my chest, increased blood pressure, and loss of my sense of wellness.

ERT was offered to me, I became nauseated after my surgery, thinking my doctor had put me on too much estrogen I cut the patch in half as she had recommended. My nausea could very well have been related to the complication or the pain meds, who knows? I ended up on a very low dose as a result.

It took a while, I felt ok at first and then the symptoms started. I ended up changing doctors as I lost all trust with the one who did my surgery. I was confused as to why I would have worse symptoms after my periods had stopped and being put on any additional supplemental estrogen. The second doctor explained that ovaries continue to cycle out estrogen for a length of time after our periods stop. She had realized how much when she started to test all women's hormone levels prior to surgery. When we go on an estrogen patch-we achieve almost steady state blood levels- the level may stop the hot flashes-but this new level may not be as high as the spikes in estrogen our own body provided, hence my more severe symptoms. My testosterone level was very low also. This was the suspected cause of my loss of my sense of wellbeing. She explained to me that some women's adrenal glands just don't produce much testosterone. Well after your ovaries are removed, you are depending on whatever it is that your adrenals produce.

It took a little trial and error with the estrogen. I am on a dose that works very well for me now. The little bit of testosterone changed my outlook from "black and white" to "color" again. I cannot tell you if my libido was affected because I started it prior to resuming my sex life. I am ok in this dept.

I was very active, healthy, and happy prior to my surgery. Thankfully I can say I am again. I was not at all prepared for what I went through and experienced after my surgery. I wish I had known more! I am committed to sharing my experience with others.
Unread 01-25-2005, 10:51 AM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

I had TAH/BSO 1/5/05, so I'm fairly early in my recovery stage. So far no HRT. The only thing I have noticed is that I wake up during the night hot. Not sweating, just really warm. I may throw back the comforter or I may not but I seem to be able to go back to sleep without any problems.

My DD's (2) stayed with me for the first 2 nights. I live by myself and was actually ready for them to go. My mom came in the afternoon of day 3 and was quite bored, so she left and said she'd be back on the Friday (day 7) to do laundry, change sheets etc. She's just coming on Friday's now to do the things I should not be doing and the rest of the week I'm by myself, except for visitors who don't stay long. At 2 wks post op I got my driving wings, so I am able to stop by the store for groceries (have them bag them lightly).

I can't respond to the sex issues as I haven't been cleared for that. Then I'll need to find a partner, so it may very well be awhile.

BM issues wasn't so bad but I was careful to watch what I ate and didn't rush back into the solid food format. For me the digestion of food was more painful than gas or BM. Certain foods do not digest as easily as others. So introduce solid foods slowing, then you can pinpoint what your body digests easier than others. (I was sent home with stool softners and gas relief pills).

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Unread 01-25-2005, 02:18 PM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

I had a TAH and BSO in October. My doctor gave me an estrogen with testosterone shot before I left the hospital so I never really had any hormone problems. When I went for my 7 wk check up I started on estrogen pills. After a month on just estrogen I added a low dose of testosterone every second day. I feel better then I did 10 years ago. Really! As for BM worries . . . I didn't need any meds to help after surgery. I drank 6 oz of cold prune juice every day with breakfast. It kept me regular and soft. I didn't need pain meds when I came home from the hospital either. I really rested after surgery. I had to get up for drinks and to make most of my meals but that was about it. The worst time was the first 3 - 4 days after surgery. Your incision is sore and it is hard to get in and out of bed. Laughing, coughing and sneezing were the worst. My cat stepped on my stomach and I literally saw stars. After that I kept a pillow on my tummy to protect myself. Just take it slow and stock up on books to read while you mend.
Unread 01-25-2005, 03:50 PM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

I was just like you about wanting to know what was on the other side of the surgery experience. I was so concerned about the HRT questions that I talked myself out of the surgery several times. All I can say now at only two weeks post op is...I WISH I HAD DONE THIS SOONER!!!!

I was most worried about the hormone replacement issue. How long would it take to find the right dose? etc. I can only speak for me and it's only been two weeks but my doctor put a Climara /1mg. patch on me in the hospital and I was fine for the first week home. No crying, mood swings or hot flashes. Then came time for me to change the patch. In the hospital they put the patch on the back of my left shoulder. The patch they sent me home with was different but I assumed I could put it on the other shoulder so I did. For the next three days I suffered from crying bouts that came on for no reason, anxiety attacks, and a full blown hot flash from hell. (I have never been glad that I lived in a cold climate until then). I called my doctor and he told me that the Climara patch should only be worn on the buttocks or abdomen. Wish they would have told me that earlier (or I could have read the directions too I guess). Anyway after I replaced the patch in the right place it's been smooth sailing ever since. In fact I feel better than I ever have except for the sugery discomfort.

As for the libido. Well, before surgery I didn't have one. So I figured that since I didn't have one the surgery couldn't make it any worse right? Talked with the doctor about adding testosterone to the HRT afterward. Maybe I won't need it! I don't know if the saying you always want what you can't have it true, but since I can't have sex right now I really want to. So my husband and I decided to have "outercourse" instead. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I even started crying (good crying, happy crying). It was one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. And didn't take much coaxing either. I only hope it continues to be this way from now on.

The BM's were hard (no pun intended). Today is probably the first day I haven't felt constipated and I'm two weeks today. I take a stool softner and drink lots of water and walk. It's not fun, but it's tolerable. A small price to pay for being free of all the other nasty stuff I was going through. I have read other posts and know that this is not the case for everyone. Some regret their decision and some don't have a great outcome. You never know for sure what it will be like for you. I can only say for me that I'm glad I did it and it's going great so far!! I told myself I would expect the best and prepare for the worst (just in case). So far my expectations have been exceeded!! Good luck.


LAVH/BSO 1/11/05 due to endo, PCS, and multiple ovarian cysts. Climara patch .1mg.
Unread 01-25-2005, 11:29 PM
No Ovaries?..hormones out of whack?..LIbido?

Hi Sher,
You have many of the same questions I had...I was fortunate to Have a co-worker who had a hysterectomy just a few months before me! I asked her lots of these questions, then I found this site!!! YIPEE!

You can ask ( and find the answer to) ANY question! It is fabulous!

So here's what my situation has been like: Dr. put me on orthoest .6 mg right from the start. It has been just fine. I am going to see a hormonal specialist in March who prescribes compounded bio-identical hormones for women. I'm hoping to get some testosterone as I don't have a sex drive. I never really have had one, but I'm beginning to think I can! Anyway, I think I'll be OK until I can see her and get myself fine-tuned.

My advice is to really educate yourself on your own health. I think as women, we need to do this for ourselves. Many of us have male Dr.s and while they may be great, just don't really have a clue! Find what works for you and don't give up or settle! Keep searching!

Good Luck,
Unread 01-26-2005, 01:35 AM

I have fibrocystic breasts so the doctor won't give me HRT. Although I wish he would. So, instead I take zoloft. It keeps the members of my family living, and the neighbors safe.
I had everything taken January of 2002. I too still have the night neat. It seems the minute I lay down I start to get over heated. Luckily though I don't get the sweats.
I have no sex drive at all, she the first doctor, took everything even though she didn't need to. I am going to ask the specialist that I am seeing for my thrid surgery, yup, third. Too many complications from the first surgery. If there is anything that can be done about that. I do take Black Cohosch. (spelling most likely wrong) It does help but you have to take it every day. I get the Natures Bounty 40mg and take one a day. I'm also on Neurontin due to having Fibromyalgia and some say that it helps with Menopausal symptoms too. I guess it does cause I notice a difference when I stop using it. I have to stop taking it before the surgeries. My last one was in June and I'm having another one on Feb 9th.

But I and those who have to live with me are big fans of Zoloft!!
Unread 01-26-2005, 01:40 AM

Okay, after posting I noticed a big error. Like a year's worth of an error. So I think I fixed it. Now it should read TAH 1/11/02 If not then it lies. It was in 2002 not 2001!

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