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functional ovarian cyst functional ovarian cyst

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Unread 01-26-2005, 04:43 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Has anyone one had a functional ovarian cyst that they had to have removed? I had my hyst 9/04 and at the time the doc thought I had a complex cyst, which was the main reason for the hyst (had fibroids, too). Turned out is was a functional cyst and ruptured before the surgery.

I now have another cyst--clearly functional and 5 cm in size. We are doing the watch and wait thing for now. I'll go for another U/S the beginning of March. If it is still there we will remove it. I understand that these often resolve on their own.

Have any of you had one that did not resolve and had to have taken out? How big did it get? How was the decision made to have it taken out? Were you able to keep the ovary?


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Unread 01-26-2005, 06:53 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Hi Margot,

I have had cysts removed twice, both done laparoscopically. Both times it they were on the right ovary and were removed keeping the ovary intact. My doctor recommended a recovery time of one week. The decision to remove them came about because when I get them they are painful. We always do the wait and see thing too, but it seems that only the left side will desolve on its own, never the right. I think that the largest one that I had was a little over 5 cm. We tried Birth Control but that only led to continual bleeding so we stopped.

I had a SAH (kept ovaries and cervix) on 1/7 for hyperplasia and asked the surgeon (not my regular DR) to remove any cysts while he was there. After the surgery he told me that there was cyst, which I knew because of the pain, but he thought it was functional and left it. I guess I wasn't clear on how painful they can be to him.

I'll see what my own DR says when I see her in March we will probably try the birth control pills again since I won't have any problems with the bleeding since I've had the hysterectomy.

I can tell you that having the cyst removed was less painful than having the cyst. I was back to feeling normal within a day or two but followed DR orders and layed low for the 5 days and let everything heal.

Good luck with your appt in March
Unread 01-26-2005, 07:43 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Thanks, gr1017...

You must have lots of various scars on your tummy by now How are you healing after your hyst? Too bad your surgeon didn't listen to you more carefully.

I may be having my cervix removed as well, because my first doc left so much endometrial tissue that the next doc who I saw said that it was actually prolapsing throught my cervix. Grrrr...

This new doc said she would remove both the cervix and the cyst via laparotomy, if it comes to that. No way!!!!

I'm going back to the doc who treated me during my pregnancies, who I swore I'd always go back to if anything serious ever happened to me (I moved about 90 minutes away after I had my last child). I got lazy and went to a doc in town and it's been a bit of a fiasco. Anyway, I'm sure my old doc could do every thing laparoscopically, which, of course I would prefer!

I hope those BC pills work for you! Thank you for responding and take good care of yourself.

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Unread 01-27-2005, 06:44 AM
functional ovarian cyst

Hi Margot,

Actually the scars from the Lap. are so small you really can't tell. One at the belly button and two just above the bikini line. All three less than 1/4 in long. Pretty amazing considering what they do while they are in there.

I am doing really well so far after hyst. My doctor & surgeon recommended keeping ovaries & removing the cervix so no chance of cervical cancer or mini periods. I did a lot of research and have always had good paps and no family history of problems so wanted to keep it. Surgeon agreed and promised to remove as much endo tissue as possible and cauterize the rest. He thinkgs he pretty much got it all, so hopefully it works.

Its good you are going back to the doctor who treated you before and who you are comfotable with.

I think that whether or not they do the surgery laparosacopically depends on their skills. Can they remove the cervix laparosacopically? Or is is done laparosacopically assisted?

You would think that after the hyst, these problems would be over!

Let me know how you make out with your old doc.
Unread 01-28-2005, 09:01 AM
functional ovarian cyst


I had my hysterectomy 3 year ago - I kept both ovaries at that time. I had lapraoscopic surgery to have my right ovary removed 7 months ago. I started having problems with cysts about two years after my hysterectomy - my doctor had been watching the cysts for any changes. They had gotten larger and turned from simple, fluid-filled cysts to complex, solid-mass cysts. The right ovary was adhered to the top of the vaginal cuff and covered with adhesions and cysts - it was removed. The mass on my ovary was benign. My left ovary had some fluid filled cysts that were drained and then the ovary was wrapped in mesh to protect it. I also had numerous adhesions removed.

Some cysts go away on their own - some need to be removed. When I began to have problems last year my doctor and I decided to take the "watch and wait" approach for a few months. I had vaginal ultrasounds every 2 months to check the status of the ovary and cysts. The reason we decided to go ahead and remove the ovary was because the cysts changed from simple, fluid-filled cysts to complex, solid-mass and my pain was greatly increased. My doctor said when a cyst begins to change in size and appearance (complex & solid) it needs to be evaluated surgically.

Whether or not your cyst needs to be removed depends on the size of the cyst, its appearance, any symptoms you may be having related to the cyst. Sometimes just the cyst can be removed and the ovary can be saved. Sit down and discuss your options with your doctor.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.
Unread 01-31-2005, 02:26 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Thank you, Geri and LynnMary!

Did your cysts hurt all the time? What kind of pain is it? I have cramping around ovulation on the right side. But, it's usually higher up than I would think--sometimes up to my belly button. The cramping lasts through my mini period and then for a while after that (about 2 weeks). The pain in not severe--it doesn't stop me from doing anything--but it is unpleasant and ibuprofin doesn't seem to help.

This is *so* confusing for me . I originally went to the doc to have a follow-up pap after having carcinoma in situ and a LEEP. I mentioned that my periods were getting to be really long, but mostly spotting of old blood. He did an ultrasound and immediately found what he said was either an endometrioma or a cystadenoma on my right ovary, and said that we'd have to remove my ovary. Then he scanned my uterus and said that the fibroids were distorting and distending my uterus towards my back. He suggested that we remove that, too. I was really mixed about having the hyst. I'd had fibroids for years and they'd never bothered me.

After the LSH, in recovery, the doc said that the cyst was actually on my left ovary, but that it was functional and had ruptured, so they didn't have do an oophorectomy after all. He said that it looked like it was on my right ovary because my ovaries were stuck together on the right side. And he also said that they found some "old endo" that they didn't remove.

At my 2 week post op, the doc didn't recall saying anything about endo or ovaries being stuck together.

I got the surgery report and in the diagnosis post op it says that there were 2 cysts--a functional one on my left ovary (which had resolved, so no oophorectomy) and a right complex adnexal mass. The complex cyst was not addressed at all! When I confronted the doc and asked for an explanation he scratched his head and said "Uhh...I guess you had a functional cyst on each ovary and they both resolved."

So, when I went to see a new doc she had to order an U/S to find out what happened to that right adnexal mass! And this is when we found the functional cyst on the right ovary. The tech could not locate my left ovary at all. I *know* I didn't have an oophorectomy! I'm wondering if the ovaries are stuck together again--possibly by endo?

The cervix, which had had carcinoma in situ on it just 14 months before the hyst, should have been removed. I think most docs would agree that I was not a candidate for an LSH. The second doc I saw said that if a few silver nitrate treatments don't stop the mini-periods, she would remove the cervix vaginally. But, then, when we found out about the cyst, she said that if it didn't resolve she would remove it along with my cervix by laparotomy. Yikes!

My old doc (the one who treated me during my pregnancies) does do laparoscopic surgery. So, if anything needs to come out, I'll have him do it.

BTW, Geri, my lap scars are now 4 1/2 months old and they are *very* visible. I had 4 incisions and 3 of them opened. The largest one is raised and is about half an inch long and a quarter inch wide.

Sorry, I didn't think this would be such a whiney post! Guess I needed to vent.

Thanks again,

Unread 01-31-2005, 03:20 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Hi Margot,

No need to apologize for venting---you deserve to! You have been down a pretty rough road.

I can feel my cysts almost all the time. It's one of those things that if I don't feel them its a surprise. Most of the time it like a stich in my side annoying, but not really painful, then sometimes they really hurt. I have found that usually its my position. The way I sit when I drive, or sit at my desk in one position too long, that type of thing. If I move a bit it usually works. A heating pad will work too. My pain is almost in the same place as yours, which I thought was strange too, but when you consider the size of them it makes sense.

I have had them burst twice which was really unpleasant. One time I was in a meeting and the pain literally made me jump out of my chair. Everyone was looking at me, I was mortified. It's kinda funny now though, when I picture all their faces.

I am so glad that you no longer see the doctor that performed your surgery. He sounds a bit confused.

Have you made an appointment with your old Doc yet? You will probably feel better once he has had a chance to look everything over and gives you his opinion.

I'm sorry about your scars. Have you tried vitamin E on them? Mine are about 9 months old so maybe they will be better with time. But let me tell you the one that I have now from the hyst. put them all to shame. It is long and ugly!!

Unread 01-31-2005, 04:39 PM
functional ovarian cyst

Hi Margot
During my ultrasound before my hyst I had functionable cysts on both ovaries. they were both large. Since my dr. was doing the hyst because of adenomyosis he said he would remove the cysts while in there. During the surgery he removed a 5cm one off of my right ovary. The one on my left ovary had already pretty much popped, so he left it alone.
My sister had functionable cysts on her ovaries, so her gyn put her on BC. It worked. She has had no more problems with them.

We get functionable cysts every month on our ovaries. They usually pop sometime during the cycle, but may hang on longer and become quite large.
They are not dangerous, but I guess they can cause pain.
I hope you have luck with them popping soon.

Unread 01-31-2005, 05:15 PM
functional ovarian cyst


Is your current cyst on your right or left side? I read somewhere that functional cysts that are on the left ovary are more likely to rupture than those on the right. Which has been the case for you, right? The cyst I had that ruptured was a corpus luteal one. I felt some cramping for 2 days on the right side (which is when I'm assuming it ruptured), but it wasn't too bad. I hope you get to your doc before anything happens to this one. Sounds like something you've been dealing with for a while.

To say that the doc who performed my surgery is "confused" is an understatement! I have lots of words I use for him, but I can't tell you or I'd get censored ! I had a very high tech surgery--robotically assisted. It was the best he'd ever done and he had a video of it that he ran off with right away to show his colleagues. I guess the surgery was great for him...but I feel like I have more problems now then I did before the surgery. BTW, I was also cauterized...I think I'm in the small minority of women who are cauterized and get the mini period anyway. Most likely this won't happen to you.

What kind of incision did you have for your hyst? I had a bikini cut for a C-section 4 years ago and you can barely see it now. But, I remember at first feeling like it would open back up while I was in the shower washing my tummy. It's still numb on either side.

Peggy, I hope you get to stay out of the OR! Your signature is getting longer and longer!

Unread 01-31-2005, 06:45 PM
functional ovarian cyst


Both of the cysts that burst were on the left. Thanks for the info, I had never heard that before but wondered why the ones on the right never did. The only good thing was the pain didn't last long. Two days for your's ouch!

I can't believe that the doctor filmed your surgery and off he went. Sounds like he was pretty proud of himself--you might have better off with just the robot doing the surgery!

My surgeon cauterized too, so hopefully no mini peroids. My doc recommened removing the cervix so there would be no chance, but to be honest a mini period wouldn't bother me after the kind of periods I have had for the last couple of years.

I have a bikini cut for the hyst. Your right about feeling like it will open up, that's what it feels like sometimes. Especially in the car.
It must be strange to still have numbness around your scar after 4 years.

Did you have any problem with swelly belly? I have read on some posts that is lasts for months----I hope not.

I have my post op with surgeon tomorrow, not looking forward to the exam, but will see if I get the ok to go back to work. I think that I will do part time for two weeks and ease back into things. I thought that I would go crazy being home from work, but I got used to it really quickly.


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