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A New Thread....WHEW! A New Thread....WHEW!

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Unread 01-21-2001, 08:40 PM
A New Thread....WHEW!

Hello sweet sisters!

I thought I'd get a new one going here for us...I took my bath while the last thread was opening! Just make sure you all check out the end of the last thread...no word from LASS yet, but Denny checked in!!

Is everyone watching "yummy" Russel Crowe on the Golden Globe Awards tonight?? Haven't seen Mel yet...I'm doing this on a commercial break with the volume up HIGH in the other room! Gotta go!! hehehe

Love and ((hugs))

Heather R.
Bellevue, MI
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Unread 01-21-2001, 10:44 PM
A New Thread....WHEW!

Hey ya'll!

Woe is me. It's finally happened. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I am so depressed. I don't know how far back you've read Heather or denny, but I'm a middle school science teacher who is throwing in the towel after this year. I am returning to school to be a RN. I keep telling myself to chill out--I only have 4 more months to teach. But then I actually have to go and do it. It is so emotionally draining - the constant mind battles with the kids and the unrealistic expectations that have been set upon us. I'd better stop thinking about it.

So glad to read your latest posts. My plan is to get in a pleasant frame of mind so that I can - hopefully- go to sleep. It will be a long day - first teaching and then I have a 3 hr. night class.

We do sound similar Heather - after our 1st booney home on the dirt road, we moved to town....but then we moved back out in the boonies....and now we're back in town. The 2nd booney place was really nice. You could literally go outside with nothing on and nobody would see you! It was so quiet. But we spent so much time driving to town. I would love to have a lake nearby. That's why I like working at Mammoth Cave. I can still get to a bit of nature when I need.

Sorry to hear you're there alone so much. Do you and DH have really opposite jobs? I imagine that is tough.

So you fell asleep in the IMAX denny. Good golly, you must have been pooped! They are always so loud. (I find my tolerance for noise worsening with age.) We love to go to the science museums, but zoos are my fav. Have you been up in the Arch? Dh is a bit squemish about heights, but I think he'd go up with me. St. Louis is about 4 or 5 hours from me, I think??

Glad to hear the new pills are kicking in and working for you denny. It's horrid to still have such things to deal with. The hyster was supposed to fix all that, right? YEAH YEAH

The shameful secrets was definitely on the post-op board, but you have to click to page 3, I think. It had like 55 posts the last time I read it. I laughed myself silly. Seems like it was start by PamH.

I have a fish Heather. Some poor little goldfish in my classroom refuses to die. All his other buddies kicked the bucket within a week of purchase back in Sep. But this guy is a fighter! I also have a pet snake in my classroom! Snoopy is a baby ball python. He/she (who knows) is about 20 inches long?? (They aren't fond of being stretched out on a yard stick, so I'm guessing.) Seems to be taming up pretty nicely.

SEX TAlK: Gotta save the best for last. Can you get this nympo cream anywhere besides one of those sex parties? I'd be game to try some of that!! I get my plain jane motion lotion from the drugstore, but your stuff sounds more interesting. It's sounds like our alternative to viagra! In the past DH were weekend sexers only. I just informed him that in order to strengthen up my internal walls, I was now going to need sex during the week! You should have seen his face. He said he'd be happy to oblige!!

What was the phrase - "LASSy come home!" Kristi was quiet today too!! So was Mollie. Weekends are kind of catch as as catch can. Is that even the right phrase?

Well guess I'll try the sack. Send calm thoughts tomorrow to help me. Talk at ya late tomorrow night!!

Unread 01-22-2001, 01:05 AM
Hey Babies.,Lookin for me????

I have had my hands full this week-end! Two sick sweeties to take care of!! Both my fella's got the flu,and both high maitenance! But it looks like Trev is on the mend,Steven may well be down for another day,WHEW! I are tired. I have got an appointment for silver nitrate tomorrow and will probably be released to go back to work soon.HISSSS BOOOO!!!I was kinda diggin on this frail little waif gig I had going on I am still recouperating from my "love fest" the other night. I got a buddah belly and tenderness from it,but not so much with the shooting pains,which is an improvement. I am not looking forward to tomorrow,because I hurt after those treatments and I will have to drive myself this time and its straight through downtown which I hate because of the traffic,45 mi each way if I'm lucky and traffic is flowing. Enough of the belly-aching Kristi, MY MY you is a little cutie!! I have a freind here that could be your twin!!Heather slow down you little stinker!! I get tired just reading about your exploits! I am recently married too though,July 10th, ya'll would have loved it.We eloped and got married on a mountain top in Colorado. We had to four wheel then hike to the spot we wanted.I wore cowboy boots under my wedding dress!! It was the most incredibly romantic moment of my life! If we ever get a scanner I'll send pics.We were at an elevation of 9000 ft it was AWESOME!!! Shanna, I'll be boo-hooing for you tomorrow,I know you hate to go back honey but hang in there its just a few more months! Molly I am glad your writing! have you done more on that story? I love happy endings!( hint hint) Denny I'm glad you're hanging out with us, I am dying to get a scanner so I can show you my beautiful Max. Girl, he is getting sooo huge,but he thinks he's a lap baby! And the funniest thing is he's just discovered his bark!! before he just kinda talked like Scoobie Doo but now he's all that with the big WHOO WHOO WHOO!! I'M A BIG MEAN YARD DOG!!! ALL YOU ALLEY CATS,BACK OFF!!WHOO WHOO WHOO!! It cracks me up because he's really still just a baby and a big ole wussie to boot!Well dovies I gotta go put school clothes in the dryer, I missed ya,It was so much fun to read your posts! I did get a E Mail thingee set up! It should show up at the end of this post,unless I did something wrong in which case I'll fix it tomorrow! Love Lass
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Unread 01-22-2001, 06:05 AM
A New Thread....WHEW!

Good Morning one and all: Shanna you have my deepest sympathies on your return to work this morning. I used to teach at a daycare. The first six years, I taught pre-kindergarten. When I quit there, I went to another one,and took care of the infants and toddlers. Iworked there, for 5 years,until I was having major problems with my oldest son
(drugs, jail, you name it)I figured, how can I take care of other children when I can't take care of my own. Happy ending to that story, he has been clean from drugs now for almost ten months. I miss those babies,but not some of their parents. Yes Shanna, I,ve been to the arch. I chaperoned my son's fifth grade class one year, and we were riding the little bullet cart up the leg, and the car kinda rolls to balance itself up the leg of the arch,and I had this big ole bubba boy,almost wetting himself with fear. Once you get up there, it's beautiful,and I have a major fear of heights. Of the sites in St.Louis, I prefer the zoo. Oh Lass, I'm jealous, you got married in Colorado. We have a friend who lives in Steamboat, on top of a mountain.I want to live there. She has this giant 2 story barn, that is empty. I told her I wanted the upstairs for my house. The view is spectacular. Will write back later, when I am more awake. Shanna, we are always in your neck of the woods(kinda,sorta)in Aug. We take Priscilla, queen of the highway to Louisville every year, for the street rod nationals.She is a lavender, and grey '47 chevy.
[Edited by denny on 01-22-2001]
Unread 01-22-2001, 07:49 AM
A New Thread....WHEW!

Excuse me for intruding on your "group" but I was
reading this post, and had to ask,
what is the nympho cream?? It sounds very interesting!

p.s. Shanna, good luck back at work. I have two weeks
Unread 01-22-2001, 07:52 AM
My sweet sisters........


LASS - (((hugs))) TWO sickie's!!:'( DH got me a scanner for Christmas, but I haven't been able to figure out how to hook it up yet...I have a "computer-wiz" friend who is going to come over tonight and help me. I'll send some pic's of my pet "monsters" when I get it going! (I don't see your E-mail, BTW... ) LOL

Shanna - (((hugs))) to you too! I dread going back full time, but in a way I'm looking forward to it too. DH and I are really having some trouble right now... I didn't want to get started in on it with you guys, but I know this is probably the best place to do it...I sorta need to unload a little if ya'll will indulge me...

Basicly, we're in a big rut. It never really bothered me before, I just accepted that it was the way it had to be. I honestly don't know why DH is gone so much. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he is 1/2 Cherokee indian, with a bad temper when he feels he's being cornered. He's not abusive or anything like that, just very emotionally "un-available". That in itself is a big problem with me right now. I told him that all I want is his support...he says he's giving all he can. Which doesn't make ANY sense...when is he here to "give" it?? He is an auto-mechanic/service manager for a garage in town, but he's an "8-5'r", then he goes straight to his cousin's house (who lives 2 streets away from home) and is there till 11 or 12 at night. They do "body repair" work in his cousin's garage, but he comes home with beer on his breath more often than not. I don't know if he has 1 or 12...he "holds his liquer" well (as long as it's JUST beer)but with me, that's not the point. I told him that I no longer feel like I am his #1 choice of companions. The way I am...if he was sick, or lonely, I would do whatever was humanly possible to be with him...he acts like he'll be here for me when it is convenient for HIM. When we were going through our counciling to get married, we had to take those "compatibility" tests...his said he was "energized" emotionally by having "alone time", and of course, mine said my energy came from being with people. I don't understand how he's getting his "alone" time, when there is usually a half dozen guys around him all the time, but he claims his happy just the way things are. What about me then? You girls have been my sanity the past couple of weeks, I don't know what I would've done had I not found you.

I wonder sometimes if I'm comparing DH to my ex-husband (not sure if I ever told ya'll I was married before) Ex was unbelievably romantic, and we never had a single argument in the 4 years we spent together. We went everywhere together, and even had 1 day a week that we'd proclaim "Heather and Joe day". We'd take the phone off the hook and lock ourselves in our apartment, and just spend Q.T. together...problem was...I was too young when we got married to know that Joe was a better "best-buddy" than my husband. Sure, he was a GREAT husband, but there was no passion to our marriage. I LOVED him, but realized to late that I wasn't IN love with him. Then I met Doug, and he turned my world upside down. Sure, he was no "flaming romantic", but our relationship had a deeper meaning than I think my marriage to Joe EVER could have. I would never trade DH for anything...I just wish we could BOTH be satisfied emotionally...

I'll get off my pedistal now...I appreciate you all listening to my rambling...

Love and ((hugs)) to you all..

Heather R.
Unread 01-22-2001, 07:58 AM
The "blessed" cream...

Hi Pam!

The "nympo cream" is a cream that I found through a friends "sex-toy" party. It increases the female response, and intensifies the female orgasm. GREAT STUFF!! LOL

Feel free to jump in with us anytime! ((hugs))

Heather R.
Bellevue, MI
Unread 01-22-2001, 09:08 AM
Dear Heather

Hi Hon,Its really cool that you and your sweetie did pre marrige counsling! It sounds like your hub is one of those "Hanging out" dudes.My very first love was one of those garage people. Some of them are just that way.They need that Male bonding stuff just like you need us.He has probably been a little overwhelmed by all your female concerns,even the most intuitive sensitive man is unnerved by this stuff and that garage is a safe place he is faimilar with! Nothing scary under the hood so to speak.The trick is to find a solution both of you are happy with!And for you to not expect him to be like the ex because he is his own special unique soul.It is great to have special just you two times. Date Nights. Very cool.Sit down with him and work out a schedule for it! Tell him you Love,Love,Love for him to have time with those grease balls,That you like time with your freinds too, but that the most important and special times for you are moments together. Some men are not paticularly romantic, but that does not mean that they do not love deeply.They just don't know how to express themselves that way without feeling kinda silly and embarrassed.They honestly feel that rotating your tires and filling up your gas tank is a profound statement of love.For them it is!Be honest with him and tell him you get a little jealous but don't accuse,sit down like best freinds and work something out.Make it a loving exchange of ideas.He sounds very pretty,My sweetie looks Indian,though he's Korean. Incredible high cheek bones, flashing white smile, tall, slender, athletic. Definatley Mr OO-La-La.We contrast nicely I'm Blonde and Blue and 5'2 and a little on the thin side.We are best buds.We,ve been together six years in June.What keeps us together is being able to laugh at ourselves and the world in general.Good luck doll! You can always tell us about it! Love Lass
[Edited by LASS on 01-22-2001]
Unread 01-22-2001, 09:43 AM
Hey Pamela la la !!!!

Feel free to bust a move on the thread any ole time We are a happy crew and the more the merrier! Love Lass
Unread 01-22-2001, 04:54 PM
A New Thread....WHEW!

Just a quick hey!

Can't stay long, gotta go to night class - but couldn't resist a quick read!

Thanks for the condolences on my return to work. At least the 2 that I really dread were in ASP! Isn't that terrible to feel that way.

Sick men. Poor lass!

Hey PamH - you're my AMC soap buddy!!! The nympho sex cream stuff is a real attention getter. Ain't it!

Be back later. Love to all.

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