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Another New Thread............ Another New Thread............

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Unread 01-24-2001, 06:36 PM
Another New Thread............

My sweet sisters! ((Hugs)) to EVERYONE!! It sounds like we all could use a little "shoulder crying"...THANK GOD for hystersisters!!

Sorry I've been quiet today, I just woke up from last night! I guess I have been over-doing it lately, I slept 17 hrs straight! But I'm feeling very rested now, so I want to make sure I answer everybody. You all have been SOOOO helpful, I want to make sure I return the favor!

Lass - I have never heard of Silver Nitrate. Is it a hormone treatment? Pardon my ignorance...that's just a new one for me. Why does it make you ill? I'm worried about you!! How long do you have to do the treatments? What is the goal for taking them? Hang in there with the took me awhile to figure it out too! I'm still trying to get my scanner going...... I did send an e-mail, but it was nothing important. I just tried it to see if it would work. Don't worry about not contributing to the server fund. The only way I was able to was going and waitressing that one night. It's funny you mentioned the "joint bank account". I have been thinking alot about that lately. Just another reason I feel that DH and I are more like roomates than husband and wife. Even though both our names are on each-other's checking accounts, he and I keep seperate money on everything. When it comes time to pay the mortgage, I give him half the $$, and he pitches in the other. There is benifits to doing it both ways I think. With having seperate accounts, you don't have to justify every purchase with DH, but times like this, when us hystersisters are running short on funds, it would be nice to be able to have $$ without asking for it. ((hugs)) hang in there! What to do about the "men" in your house?? I'm still thinking about that...I'm honestly surprised that DH is being so insensitive about the whole thing! What is going on with your son?????!!!! Does he have after school activites or friends that he is trying to get to?? Is that why he is neglecting studies? I don't remember how old you said he is....could it be girls yet? It's hard to know what is going on inside a kid's never know what their logic is! BTW, don't you DARE apologize about venting out on us! You are always so upbeat and are intitled to let loose just like the rest of us!! Let it OUT girl!!!!! (((BIG HUGS)))

Shanna - you are too funny!! I see you had a stuttering finger submitting your last post...That's okay, anything worth saying is worth saying 3 times!!!! Samson seems to be doing alot better, even today. He got quite a nap from the pain-pills that the vet gave me to give to him. I seem to be doing better today too. I have been struggling with the withdrawls from my painkillers, I think that may be part of my pain. I have had an on-going struggle with narcotics. The doc's have given them to me for so long, I go through the "d.t.'s" whenever I run out. I have a few left...I'm trying to wean myself off them slowly...but it's hard when I know that some of my struggles are the physical withdrawls from the **** things. Wish me luck! I will never accept another prescription for them again! I don't care what's wrong, or how bad it hurts...I'm done with 'em!! :'(

Kristi - I'm glad to hear you talked with Bill. Sometimes it helps to hear they are struggling with the break-up too. At least this way, you know that it wasn't easy for him either. I hope that puts your heart a little more at ease...((hugs)) Don't worry about me over-doing it with Samson, he's a good dog. Even though he was hurting terribly...I think he senses that I'm hurting too. You all probably think I'm crazy...but he takes care of me. (as much as a dog CAN anyway) lol He jumped right up into my truck when it was time to go to the vet, & he won't pull away from me on his leash. He just limped along side of me, and gave me kisses after the vet gave him his pain-killer shot. ((sniffle)) God, I love that dog!! ((sniffle))I've been keeping him inside with me more now that he's got his "bum leg". I'll be watching T.V. and I'll feel him looking at me from across the room...when I look over and smile at him, he slithers over to me on his belly to give me kisses. (Awwwwww....right?) LOL!! He'll be back to running all over with his buddy Peanut in no time!

Denny - Sorry to hear about the phone co. They can be REAL stinkers. I wondered where you'd been hiding the last couple of days, and was hoping everything was okay...glad to see you're back! ((hugs)) I know the feeling with the bank/checkbook thing. I just found out when I got the mail tonight that a big deposit I made (My dear dad advanced me some $$ from my tax return I'll get back to help us out with some bills since I've been out from surgery) anyway, the deposit didn't clear before a couple of checks did. I have one of those banks that holds deposits, why I have no idea, for 3-4 business days. THEN they release the whole amount into your account. So...Now I have almost $100 in "bounced check" fees, even though the bank paid the checks to the people I wrote them to, and it was the BANK that charged me the fees for not having sufficient funds in my account. UGGGG!!!

AussieGal - HIYA!! Thanks for dropping in on us! I'd like to hear more about the Doggy "chiro's"....although I'll tell you, if it's anything Samson can "chew off", it'll be gone inside of 30 minutes!! We tried to tape his ears up awhile back, he doesn't "hold them up" like a regular german shep. does, and I put him in his crate for a nap, 1 hr later, the tape was gone! Don't ask me how, he can't exactly chew on his own ears, but nevertheless, he got it off! BTW, you may have a fight on your hands trying to hang on to Russell Crowe...he's our favorite "yummy" here!!

Well, I think that's everybody, has anyone heard from Mollie???? I'm not sure this whole thing will even make it when I try to post it...we will see! LOL Now you girls can see what I'm REALLY like, when I'm all rested, and can't seem to SHUT UP!!!! (hehehe)

I love you all, my sweet sisters!!!! (((hugs))) and smoochies!!

Heather R.
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Unread 01-24-2001, 07:41 PM
Another New Thread............

Are we having a big ole pity party here, or what. If we are, I'll bring the "whine" I'm like Lass, I feel really bad for not giving to the server fund, but I keep clicking on the sponsers, so I hope I'm doing my part that way. By the way, I was told, about a month ago, when I was feeling really down and depressed, over something stupid, that in the princess handbook, chapter 3 section 21, paragraph 25, bylaw 6, that every princess has a right to feel sorry for herself, and vent rant and rage all they want,at least once a week. I've never read that particular part, but am taking her word for it. I'm hoping everyone else is having a good day, and speaking of days, today is National Compliment Day, so to all you beautiful ladies, have a good evening, and sweet dreams to all.
Unread 01-24-2001, 08:52 PM
Another New Thread............

Hi, my sisters –

Bless your heart, Lass – I echo everyone’s comments about venting, as you can do so here anytime. Reading your comments about your hubby’s insensitivity and selfishness really made me - if you don’t feel up to kicking his arse, call me and I’ll come do it! Hang in there, hon! Seems like when it rains it pours, doesn’t it? Is is a full moon or something? I feel for you so much. {{hugs}}

Good to meet you, Aussie! I agree with everyone that Russell Crowe is definitely a honey – but I gotta tell ya, Mel is still #1 on my dream list. Of course, you had him first also, huh? No fair! Hehe Shanna’s right about how Gladiator ends…it’s sad, but seems very appropriate. That’s how I felt about Braveheart also, though I could have done without watching Mel be tortured to death! I have watched it a few times, and have gotten to the point where I have to turn the channel when it gets to that part – I just can’t handle it!

Heather, I don’t think you’re crazy at all for what you said about your dog…I believe they definitely know when we’re in pain, and when we need affection and attention. I stayed at Mom’s after my last laperoscopy and after the hyst, and our Lynx Point Siamese (Buck) stayed with me most of the time. He normally would have been outside more, but I think he stayed close to me to keep an eye on me. He also made a point to walk AROUND me instead of OVER me in the bed, so as not to walk on my tummy…isn’t that sweet? He talks to me alot, and it is so cute - I think he is definitely telling me something when he does. Animals are the best…I’d take one of them over 10 of most people any day! Except for my sisters, of course.

Denny, thanks for pointing out the sister bylaws, and also that it’s Compliment Day! Don’t be too hard on yourself about the checkbook, either – it happens, so tell you husband to take a chill pill! Haha

Well, I’m going to have to call it a night – more I’d like to say, but I am absolutely exhausted. The headache has eased off some, but I still didn’t sleep well…and I worked all day, too. :P I’m sure glad we have each other – you are all sweethearts, and having you in my life has made such a huge difference. I’ll be back soon – and Lass, I promise I’ll fill you in on Bill. I’m still absorbing it all, honestly – some things he said kind of blew my mind, though not necessarily in a bad way. That may be another reason why I’m so wiped out…it drained me emotionally, both with relief and sadness for him.

Take care, and all of you take it EASY…much love.
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Unread 01-25-2001, 12:27 AM
i'm over my snit......

I am kinda ashamed of myself,I should be pleased as punch he lusts for me,but I sure need a firehose sometimes to cool his bad self down. I think I kinda hurt his feelers today when I announced he was cut off for 10 days so I could heal.And if he said one word I'd put dog chow in his meat loaf for revenge. He's sorry, paticularly since I'm very swolllen and hurting.Its pretty obvious.yesterday I was flat as a fritter and today I look like I swallowed a bowling ball. Tomorrow I'm making an appointment with an internist recommended by my GYN to go on a pain management course of meds. We kinda thought this would happen, that the surgery might not give me relief due to an aggressive adhesive condition. I build up scar tissue inside very quickly and if it grabs in the wrong place I get horrible shooting pains with activity.They are going to test me for a weird condition of the myo fascia which is a membrane that is in your body sheeting your muscles.You see it on steaks and chicken. My GYN thinks that I get spasms in that membrane around my internal scars and that it thickens and tugs hence the pain. I will be pretty aggressive in pursuit of a solution as it appears the hyst did'nt do the trick. Don't worry though. I know there is a solution for me out there.I will find it.Heather, silver nitrate is what they use to burn off bumpy scar tissue at the vaginal cuff.Well I just ran out of steam.Thanks for being here for me I Love youse guys. Love Lass
Unread 01-25-2001, 02:20 AM
ANYONE in hollywood who comes from Aussie....

IS MINE !!!! hahaha! But maybe I'll let you guys dream a little...maybe!! *rolf*
Heather- how old is Samson? You know the ears taping is actually useless if it's done after 16wks or so...I used to show my border collie here in Aust, he had the same problem, and I had his ears taped up from 9wks till around 16/18wks...not that it did any good, since he now has had a haematoma on his ear..not once..but twice!!! (nothing goes as its supposed to in THIS h/hold!)
A doggy chiro is just like a chiropracter for 4 legged ones!!
Lass- maybe you should buy hubby a puncture repair kit and then tell him to buy the doll to go with it?!?!?! Only joking...try making HIM the centre of sex with EVERYTHING BUT!! Most guys get off on us watching maybe this might be an idea??? (sorry for being so open...but that's ME!!)
Thanks everyone for letting me 'gate-crash' into this 'whine 'n' dyne'!!
Unread 01-25-2001, 08:19 AM
Another New Thread............

Good morning to all, am having a little bit better day,but am afraid dh is gonna choke on all the chill pills I've given him. Gonna break down and ask my m-i-l- for a small loan. That is going to be hard for me, because in the 23 years I've been married, we have only in the last year gotten on good terms with each other. I could write a book, on mother in law horror stories. But I'm waking up to a new motto. "Today is a good day,A Miracle will happen"
Ms Aussie,I am a closet Mel freak. I even have my picture with him, although he doesn't know it. My friend computer
imaged us together, as a present for me, and so we are on my shelf along with all my beloved flamingos. Your country is also home to my all time favorite movie,Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert. Whenever I'm down and depressed, that movie always brings out the giggles.
Am going to have to search for a new pharmacy, I asked them about my hormones I'm taking, and they don't carry this brand,would have to order them,and am not sure if insurance will cover them, but they did say that they could substitute if insurance won't cover them, I don't want a substitute, these work for me, I finally feel normal(or as close to normal as I can be) Oh well, just another hurtle for my six ft body to jump across. I never was good at track, to clumsy. But I, like everyone else, will survive.
Unread 01-25-2001, 08:52 AM
Another New Thread............

Hey Denny....You and I HAVE got to get together at some stage for a 'Priscilla' fest!! Isn't Guy Pearce just to die for?? And to think he used to live here in Melbourne!
Guy used to be in Neighbours, a local soap, all the re-runs with him in it are on in the afternoon!! I'm in heaven!!
Seriously...when Priscilla came out on tape, I was in hospital pg with Aaron, and we made the poor video/tv lady replay it for 2 solid days!! We even had the nurses sneaking in to watch it!!
Unread 01-25-2001, 11:20 AM
Another New Thread............

The male members of my house only liked the ping pong balls. Go figure. I am so glad to meet another fan of the movie.Alas, I leant my copy of the movie, to a friend, and haven't seen it since---now that is on my to do list---find another copy, and in this small town, that will be heard, but I will do it.
[Edited by denny on 01-25-2001]
Unread 01-25-2001, 12:21 PM
my gosh!!! Aussies sure are greedy with their hunks !!!!

Hey ya'll, I was trying to wallow a little bit longer in my misery pit, but all one has to do is say MEL three times and click your heels together,and all I can think about is MR DELISCIOUS in a Kilt. I am going to try and find that movie, It must be cool. I've never heard of it though! AUSSIE, YOU GREEDY LITTLE WENCH!! I never gave you a proper hello!! I am actually a big fan of your locale and have always planned a visit to bike there.We even have A jar of vegamite my DH loves the stuff! He lived in Sydney for a while as a lad.They served it at his school.My current favorite hunk is not an actor but a writer and director.Micheal Critieon he wrote Jurrasic Park and created the TV show ER. I just finished his new book TIMELINE and there he was in all his glory on the last page! I was very impressed! very yummy in a bayberry trench coat looking very brit. I go for the poetic look. I've got tons to do today.just dropped in for a moment to say hi....HI DENNY!!! HI KRISTI!!!! HI HEATHER!!! HI SHANNA!!! HI MOLLY!!!HI LASS!!!! oh..thats me......Lass
Unread 01-25-2001, 03:05 PM

SWEET JESUS! I FINALLY MADE IT!!!! I have been having a horrifying experience trying to get to my sweet sisters today! I still couldn't get here the normal route, had to open the chat option, then "go" to Hormone Jungle board, then "go back" to message board to get here! WHEW! I'm plum wore out from the stress! LOL COME ON NEW SERVER!!! LOL

Enough of that! Let's move on! (hehe)

How are my sweet sisters today?????? I see most of you have been here...

Lass - glad to hear you are doing better! ((HUGS)) What a week you've been having! All this "taking care" of your men, you need some time for you too! (soft with a feather) I went back and read your profile after posting last've been through SO much! How on earth do you do it??? You are always so upbeat, and give to everyone so much! Bless your sweet heart!! ((HUGS)) I'm rooting for you, but I think the other girls will agree with me, it's time for you to "take care of YOU!" We are ALWAYS here for you.... BTW, I noticed you are a "reader"...ME TOO!! I have been neglecting my novels now that I found you all, but I ran across a FANTASTIC series of novels by an author by the name of Patricia Cornwell. I normally don't like "murdery" books, but this particular series is about a character that is the Chief Medical Examiner of Richmond,VA. Each book is about a different serial-killer, and she and her dective pal track and trace clues through the victims...very GRIPPING need to read them in order though to get the full effect. Each one refers back to previous ones...I think the first one is called "Post-Mordem". There are 6 or 7 total so far in the series, I enjoy them so much I signed up for a waiting list at the library, that when each new one is released, they reserve it and call me to come pick it up. Just a suggestion...

Aussie - Hi you! My sweet Samson will be 2 (in people years) March 31st. I figured the ear taping was useless, but the vet said his ear muscles are fully developed, he's just lazy about holding them up! I guess it didn't hurt anything to try...(for the whole 30 min. the tape was actually on!) LOL

Did you all notice I got my "crown jewels??" (hehe) I always click on the sponsors, but never realized I had to "respectfully request" my actual crown..... Does anybody know what the different jewels in there represent? I noticed different names have different biggie...I's jus curious. LOL

Between trying to get on here all day, I've been wrestling with this scanner I'm trying to get hooked up...installing it, un-installing it, RE-installing it. NOTHING works!! UGGGGGGG! "I'm fixin ta have my steer trample the gol darn thang!!" Any helpful hints from my computer wizzes out here? (besides you, Lass??)(ROFL in the face!)Did you ever get to your e-mail by the way? Just giving you a little "ribbing" Lass, trying to cheer up a tense (hehe) ((smacking myself now for teasing you)) LOL

Well, I'm going to do my "dutifull clicking of sponsors" now...I'll check back in with you all later (if I can get on...) Tonight is my other online support chat from 10-11pm (ET). If anyone wants to join's on ThriveOnline.Oxygen you don't have to have AIM, when you first go into the site, you just register with a username for the room, then click on "Medical Room", (or Women's Health, I can't remember for sure) then "Hysterectomy Chat". I'd love to talk with you "live..." It's a really good room...we get kinda raunchy sometimes, but it's a great time. (not as good as hystersisters, but it's fun to chat "live" with them..) So maybe I'll see you all there!?

Love and ((hugs)) and smoochies!!!!
Heather R.

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