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adhesions and scar tissue adhesions and scar tissue

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Unread 02-22-2005, 10:35 AM
adhesions and scar tissue

Hey sisters, Got a question. What causes adhesions and scarring? Is there anything to do (or not do) to avoid them. They sound sooo scary to me! Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance.
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Unread 02-22-2005, 11:05 AM
adhesions and scar tissue

Hi News,

I don't know much about it except adhesions and scar tissue, I believe, is the same thing. We all have it with or with surgeries. After surgery, the raw tissue that has been cut, moved, scraped, etc. will cling to another raw site or another wet organ. This is a natural process. Sometimes, after the sticking the two parts will mend together so-to-speak and become one. Then, as in all scaring, the scar begins to shrink. It pulls the surrounding tissue with it. Check out any scar on the out side of your body...same thing on the inside. It's this pulling that causes discomfort. Some of us feel it more than others. Some pulling is alot worse depending what internal spots are involved...bladder, intestine, etc.

Moving around after surgery seems to be the best thing one can do to keep the areas more pliable. The only other thing is prevention. I could not talk my doctor into using it but, there are several preventative measures one can use during surgery.There is a cloth/fabric that is placed in the abdomin around the raw tissue so that it won't cling to another body part. There is liquid solution that is put into the abdomin cavity that does the same thing. These last about 10 days and are broken down and absorbed by the body. After 10 days or so, the raw tissue has skinned over and healed enough not to stick to another organ.
My doctor told me for a TAH the field was too wet (too bloody) and the products wouldn't do any good. My opinion is, "what's the harm if it could help just a little".

I'm sure someone else can explain this better. It's scary stuff because it seems to effect some so severly. To remove adhesions one must have another operation and guessed it, that causes more adhesions.

Unread 02-22-2005, 11:34 AM
adhesions and scar tissue

Hello news.

As Maralyn said, developing adhesions (basically the same as scar tissue) is a natural process -- something everyone does following surgery.

Some people develop adhesions more commonly than others, and unfortunately, I'm one of them. My doctor describes my adhesions as "concrete" and very difficult to handle. Adhesions "bind" with other tissues and organs to create a web-like structure. For example, I had adhesions binding my ovaries to my bowels, etc. (I also had transposed ovaries -- out towards my hips.) Some adhesions can cause significant pain, while others may never know they have adhesions.

There is absolutely nothing a patient can do to lessen adhesions. This is primarily due to the fact that adhesions are also based on one's ability to heal. I am a fast and very good healer, so after all of my surgeries, I developed adhesions very, very quickly. I was also up walking around within one or two days, so physical movement doesn't help either. One thing definite with some people is the removal of adhesions can be very painful. My doc described the pain I would feel -- a deep, brusing ache -- and he was right. It was rough.

When I learned about my adhesions several years ago, I checked out, a great Web site.
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Unread 02-22-2005, 12:52 PM
adhesions and scar tissue

I am another adhesion sufferer and it is luck of the draw as far as I am concerned. During my last surgery I even had the Seprafilm barrier placed and 4 weeks later, I was in worse pain than before surgery. The docs say no more surgery for me until I develop a bowel obstruction which is highly likely because before this last surgery the adhesions were twisting my colon and making the passageway even too small for a pediatric probe during a colonoscopy. There are a lot of us on the "road less traveled" forum too. I can no longer work because of the pain.
Unread 02-22-2005, 01:05 PM
adhesions and scar tissue


I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. From the looks of your signature, you've endured quite a lot! Hang in there!!!

I just found out after my surgery on 2/11 that future procedures to remove adhesions definintely is not out of the question for me. One of mine sounds similar to yours, but mine was wrapped around the bowel almost closing it off. Ugh!

Take it easy and be well.

Unread 02-22-2005, 04:05 PM
adhesions and scar tissue

I was just browsing the website and looking for possible reasons for me being so miserable. I thought a couple of times I prolapsed "something" a couple of times and begged for help. Not sure about anything at this point. Got a lot of advice and support, but Marianne says her pain now is worse than before her surgery....I feel the same way. I went for my four week checkup and thought I was doing better, but three days later I felt like I have a tampon stuck between my vagina and something pulling in MY left side buttock and lower pelvic floor. I feel like something is pulling and I am sitting on something I shouldn't be sitting on. Have felt like this for the past TWO weeks. Constipation makes it worse....I am trying to make sure I "go" every day because by the end of the day the weight of my full bowels aggravate the heaviness I already feel. I know about most of the constipation remedies since I had problems before surgery, but after surgery overall it has been to the point every three days or so feeling like I am near bowel obsruction. I went back to the doctor at 4 wks and said to come back in 3 wks...well, I had to go back ONE week instead. Checked me vaginally and rectally and felt "something" and for me go come back in two weeks....I am trying to make it until next Monday. Mariane, I realize you have had a lot of adhesions and surgeries, but why would any doctor say you had to wait until you had a bowel obstruction...that is so dangerous?

Please don't think I am a "wus"...I am trying. Example: family wanted to go to Red Lobster (my favorite place to eat!) last Sat night. I went, but had to lay down in car 40 miles to and from restaurant. Got there and had a 45 min. wait..I waited IN THE CAR laying down... By the time I got home was miserable. Felt better yesterday...decided to do the regular things I have been doing and also tidy up my clothes closet picking up only a few hangers of clothing at a time ...back on the couch with feet up for rest of the evening and night. Laying down with pillows under my knees and feet up with Hydrocodone and 600 Motrin helps, BUT IT IS NOT TAKING CARE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sORRY, guess I am on the verge of "losing it".

I don't know if I have developed adhesions after surgery or not, but I was one of the ONE IN 25 who had adhesions that were found my their doctor during surgery. I didn't know this adhesion problem existed...I just want to feel better!

I had TVH, tilted Uterus, Enterocele (Small Bowel Hernia), Cyctocele, Rectocele, Dropped Cervix, Adhesions, Endom, Adenmyosis, 2 fibroids, bleeding...My Doctor said he had to "work" for his money for my hysterectomy...meaning there was there more to than he expected. Plus had problems with anesthesiology..was on oxygen through first night after surgery, plus had an allergic reaction to either percocet or morphine. I am nearing my seventh week post op surgery 1/12/05 and the last two weeks have been worse than any time prior to or since surgery! Woe is Me. After reading this thread and posts, now I am wondering if adhesions post surgery are part of my problem or if I have simply prolapsed "something". You girls take care...I am trying to. BT
Unread 02-22-2005, 04:45 PM
adhesions and scar tissue

Hi ladies, sorry to hear you're not better. I was more inclined to agree with your prolaspe theory or possible failed repair, because of your description of pressure. The word "pulling" seems to be the key word to describe adhesions. Perhaps that's what you have. Had your doctor performed a TAH on you he might have seen alot more stuff and been able to remove some. I know when planning a surgery we take the least invasive...i would have, had I had the opportunity.

I agree with you BT, concerning Mariane waiting for an obstruction, they are so dangerous not to mention painful. And it's obvious the barrier placed during surgery didn't help as a preventative. Mariane, I'm sorry that this is so serious now that you had to quit your job. I hope you never have an obstruction.

I'm going into week 13 and have had a set back. I still do not describe anything as "pulling" though. I had plenty of adhesions in surgery, but I'm hoping that the regrowth of nerves is what has me stretched out now.

Of all the research that i did prior to surgery, adhesions was the one thing I feared the most as a side effect. Seems like one can recovery from infections, hematomas, abcesses, UTIs, but adhesions is a whole other thing.

Best wishes to all,
Unread 02-22-2005, 05:35 PM
adhesions and scar tissue


Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous scar tissue that form on abdominal organs, causing the organs to stick to one another or to the wall of the abdomen.

Unfortunately our bodies form adhesions after surgery. Adhesions form as a defense mechanism to the trauma and tissue/organ handling that takes place during surgery. The formation process begins before we leave the operating room.

The only way to positively diagnosis adhesions is by having lapraoscopic surgery.

I had my hysterectomy (LAVH) 3 years ago. Seven months ago I had more surgery to remove my right ovary and adhesions. Last week I had yet another surgery to remove a tumor in my right pelvic area, have more adhesions removed, and to have some mesh barriers put in. I have always followed all my post-op instructions - unfortunately even if we do everything right adhesions can form. {{{sigh}}}

Here are a few sites and information that better describe adhesions; why they develop, treatment options & possible prevention:

What Causes Adhesions?

How Are Adhesions Treated?

You might also want to check out the HysterSister Resources section on Adhesions

Unread 02-22-2005, 09:37 PM
adhesions and scar tissue

I had adhesions sticking my uterus and bladder together and to the abdominal wall.
Back in Sept. my gyn sent me to a adhesion specialist, believing I had adhesions holding my bowels down causing the thumping sensation after I eat or drink.He did a lapro. for adhesion lysis, but didn't find any holding anything down. I had tons of scar tissue on the abdominal walls, but wasn't sticking organs together.
I had my post op today from my posterior repairs and I told my dr. that I thought just maybe the thumping would be gone, now the enterocele( small intestines bulging down into vaginal wall)was repaired, but no such luck. I still thump!!! I asked him what his opinion as to why I continue to do this? He said he still believes I have adhesions in there causing this sensation.Either the surgeon missed something( he did say he had a hard time finding my colon) or the adhesions have continued to grow. I will live with the thumping since it doesn't hurt. If it starts to cause more problems I will have it checked out. I do wonder why he didn't notice my Hernia(ENTEROCELE) since he specializes in adhesions and hernia repair .you'de thought he would have noticed.

Unread 02-22-2005, 10:33 PM
adhesions and scar tissue

A large cyst blew and destroyed my left tube and ovary. Instead of removing them, I was only 20, they reconstructed them. They never worked again, and have cause severe pain and adhered to my bowels bladder and cavity lining, and over time the uterus and right side have also adhered to everything also. I too have a wonderful doctor, a family friend that no longer practices but we ran out of options, because I am only 30 no one wants to remove my reproductive organs, it did not matter that we have 4 children and hubby was fixed 2 years ago. Either way, our friend teaches at a medical school and sent me to see a wonderful doctor that he thought would be perfect for me, and she is. He, of course, is always there too and they both did the surgery. I think I make him nervous, he is my father in laws best friend and they went in side with a lap, to find reason for pain, try to do a bit of work and if worse came to worse, pull out what they had to in November and found that mess, He was scared to death he would nick my bowels and that could end up killing me and refused to finish the surgery because of all the lasering they had already done I had been under too long and couldn't finish the hysterectomy laporscopic and vaginally, so he pulled out and scheduled a later date, Jan 21st to finish the job abdominally. the adhesions, if like mine, are very hard to laser off and do it so that nothing gets nicked. The recovery from the surgery is bad enough, but so is the healing of the laser surgery, almost a burny pain and a lot of stitch work, they did end up nicking my bladder but I still feel very lucky that was all being the state of everything. Either way there was no way they would have been able to pull anything out thru the vagina. So now I have what looks to be a big smiley face on my tummy, from the eyes, laprascopy scars, nose, lapriscopy scar and the big smile, abdominal scar. So I guess I have been feeling like crap since just before thanksgiving, very burny, very sensitive due to all the laser work, so I do take that into consideration as do the doctors, He gave me 6 weeks on bed rest, or light ups and downs, nothing more, and I do appreciate that, but it is hard to explain to everyone that after a little more than 4 weeks I still feel like hell! No one that I know has ever gone thru this and no one understands the depth or severity of this surgery and it drives me nuts, no one but the doctors, I guess I should be thankful for that, they are wonderful and they dont want to screw me up, they know my family too well! Unfortunately they left one dormant overy, not knowing at the time, and I am now feeling sharp pulling, dull aching and swelling on my right side. I will bet my right overy that I have new adhesions that found a nice new playground! I too have been told that within the next ten years there is a 98% chance I will be back to have adhesions removed from bowels and bladder and cavity wall amoung other places, my guess is it will be alot sooner, I too have had the wonderful hematoma that moved BETWEEN MY LEGS, finally disapated! But Doctor believe I have some hernias, or a deeper hematoma below belly button, or yes, as you might have guessed, more adhesions!
Good luck to everyone facing these wonderful, thick, nasty, yucky crap. My prayers are with all of you!

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