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Unread 01-26-2001, 09:54 PM
TGIF - new thread

We got a live one here!

I know "us Kentucks" gots us a rep for neava unnerstanden nuthin, but I gotsta confess.......what in the world was ya talking about Aussiegal?? Thailand and pingpong balls??? Gotta be a sex thang! Interesting......

And don't go sulking - your kangaroo signature is great! We have problems in Kentucky with deer in the roads. Hit one myself a few years back. Who won? It was a tie. Anyway.....I've heard it's the kangaroos Down Under that get in the way.

BTW....My Scottish Terrier, Mo, didn't much care for kangaroo dog food! Seems I've got a pooch that is allergic to nearly everything in most regular dog foods. We've tried it all. He's not allergic to kang., but refused to partake of it! No offense. He is now on allergy shots. LOL. Can you believe how much attention, effort, and mullah we are willing to spend on these canine babies?

Glad to hear you're taking it easy this weekend Kristi. Get some rest! Hmmm...Sounds like Mollie's hubby is resting plenty for us all! Isn't it nice when the menfolk are so sympathetic!

Hey Heather - loved your new picture! Ain't it great to train the newby's at work. Have fun!

Gonna be gone most of this weekend. We're gonna down to Tenn on a little road trip. Gonna take in a comedy show, booze it up a bit, and then taxi cab it back to some sleazy motel and act like we're not married!!! The first week back to work was h*** so we're going for some R&R. Just thought I'd say hey to all my galfriends before we took off in the morning.

Love ya, mean it! Enjoy the weekend girls!

Have a great weekend all.
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Unread 01-26-2001, 11:17 PM
TGIF - new thread

Hi, ladies!

I just printed out some unread posts and caught up on everything, and now I just MUST make some comments! I think that I’ll go down through each sweet sister one by one, so that I don’t run everything together. My whole day has kind of run together, in kind of one big blur…so I don’t want that to rub off on my writing. I’ll tell you what – I sure am glad it’s Friday.

Aussie! I definitely love your signature! How do y’all get those graphics, anyway? Is it fairly easy to do? I’d like to add a little more personality to mine also, if it’s not too complicated! And I hope you had a nice Australia Day…you’re the only person I know in Australia, so when I saw it on the calendar I thought it only appropriate to send you Australia Day greetings.

Denny, I also have a pic of Mel (I’m not in it with him, tho, darn it!) It is a pic from his younger days, that my Dad must’ve found on the internet somewhere several years ago…he gave it to me all proud of himself, saying “Look what I’ve got for you!” haha It is pinned up on the wall in my office, and is such a great conversation piece – he is really something else. I agree with Shanna that he really is a good man off of the camera, very human and real – also very funny, and apparently quite the practical joker. I also agree with Lass about Mel in a kilt…he wore one on Jay Leno one night when Braveheart was first coming out, and the women in the audience went ballistic! He even stood up one time and flipped the kilt up, to sort of “flash” everyone…I about fell off the couch, gals! I think Russell Crowe is a honey, but somehow I don’t think he’ll ever be quite “Mel-caliber”…I have several favorites (like Sam Elliot, Kevin Costner, and Harrison Ford), but no one has come close to Mel.

I wanted to tell you also, Denny, that I don’t think it matters if your dog is in the pic you post on here or not…Horsewoman has a pic on her horse! He’s an important part of your life – if I had a good pic of me and Buck together, I might’ve sent it in!

Heather, your pic is adorable – you look a lot like I pictured, same as you said about me. Did you ever get your scanner to function properly? Gadgets like that are sure nice to have, but they’re a pain in the butt to get situated sometimes! I am somewhat technically inclined, but I don’t have a scanner – so don’t know if I can help much. Tell me exactly what the problem is, though, and I can always ask my Dad…he is a computer guru, and might be able to offer a solution for you. You asked about what the jewels in the crown represent also…I don’t know that, either, but let me know if you find out! That would be a good piece of information to have.

Lass, I think that Shanna could be right about Trev being bored ‘cuz he’s gifted. I hear about that happening a lot also, and have a friend who had the same sort of problems at times with her gifted children…maybe he just needs some sort of redirection or something. It’s real easy for me to speculate, since I don’t have any kids…but that does sound very logical, anyway. Hope things are going better with him and DH, and that you’re feeling better…and you should never apologize for leaning on us or venting to us, hon. Why, we wuv you!

I haven’t done a lot of reading recently, but I enjoy doing so also…and Michael Crichton has written some great books. I’ve been reading a mystery novel, but I’m doing so very slowly…I started it last summer, and haven’t picked it up in a long time. It’s a good book, too – but when I pick it up again, I may have to start from the beginning just to refresh my memory!

Mollie! Good to see you again, and hang in there! You’re still getting your energy back – and even though it’s been 6 weeks, it will take a while before you feel it completely return. It’s good that you have someone to relax with you, though, even if he does drive you crazy sometimes. I wanted to ask you something, too…I was talking with a coworker today who sells Girl Scout cookies, and she told me that they are made and shipped from Louisville by Little Brownie Bakers. Do you know anything about the bakery? We were just wondering if they make them seasonally (since they’re not sold year round), and whether or not they have tours of the facility. Just curious, is all…thought since that’s in your area, you might know something about it. Makes for good trivia, if nothing else!

Sweet sister Shanna, last but not least…you just crack me up, girlfriend. That Suthen drawl of your’n wuz just tew awthentik for this lil ole Alabamy gal. Hehe We ain’t as ignrt as we look tho, is we? I also cracked up at your advice to Lass about giving DH an oral exam – that is just classic! You know what I’ve found on that subject, though? Even though we might want to do something to satisfy their needs when we can’t actually have intercourse, sometimes it’s hard to go the oral route also…when our bodies aren’t in the mood, it’s not always easy to put our minds in the mood to relieve them orally. Does that makes sense to y’all, or am I just spouting nonsense here ‘cuz I’m exhausted? Anyway, Shanna, I’m glad you got a weekend away – I’m sure some R&R is just what you needed, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself.

This post is incredibly long already, so I’m going to go for now and spend some time with my pillow (and no alarm clock in the morning…Yea!!!). I haven’t forgotten to fill you in on Bill, Lass…promise I’ll do so sometime tomorrow, and I’m really anxious to tell you about what he said to me (and how I’ve been affected by it). You all take good care of yourselves, and have a wonderful weekend – wots of wuv, wadies!
Unread 01-27-2001, 12:38 AM
Sex Thing????

Shanna; sex thing?? Of course it's a sex thing? What else do guys go to Thailand for? You NEED to hire the movie to FULLY understand! "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!" Of course it's an Aussie movie!!
And yes Shanna, I AM a LIVE ONE!! Why else would I have been born with a maiden name of Riddle?!? I'm just a little joke...litterally...I'm only 4ft10 3/4inches!! And still almost as wide!!! (Kids fault...of course!)
Out in the bush you can DEFINATELY do ALOT of damage to both your car or a kangaroo, wombats also have the ordasity of going out into the road!!
I hope you find something out about your dogs allergies...have you tried mixing the roo with something he does eat?? Some dogs don't like the roo because of it's low fat content.
Make sure you have a GREAT w/end.....and don't get tooooo much sleep...(wink) will you??
Kristi; I found ALL the graphics, on the stuff connected in the web manual site! It was easier than I thought!!
I am a 'connosure' of
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Unread 01-27-2001, 07:57 PM
TGIF - new thread

Speaking of Mel,dd and I went to see what women want. Well I know what I want, apparently ddwho has teased me to no end about my Mel thing now understands,but of course he will never take her true loves place. She is a dyed in the wool, true wwf fanatic, wants to be a wrestler, and just adores the undertaker. He is everywhere in her room. But anywho, if you haven't seen the movie---its a good one.
Unread 01-27-2001, 09:21 PM
TGIF - new thread

Good evening, ladies!

I’ve been running around most of the day today, visiting parents and getting groceries…they are a necessity of life, although I absolutely DESPISE going to the grocery store! One of the advantages of being single is that you can postpone grocery runs as long as possible…but I got down to the point where I was eating crackers, so figured I’d better go stock up. Isn’t that terrible?

Denny, I want to see “What Women Want” so much…it looks hilarious, and I’ve heard that it is. Mel was on Jay Leno more recently when WWW first came out, and they showed the clip where he was trying out the leg wax…I cried with laughter! That’s why I like him so much…not only he is the hunk of all time, but he is great in the funny roles and in the serious ones. Tell me, ladies – where is his flaw? He must have one, but I’ll be darned if I can see it!

Aussie, I looked some of the graphics over this morning – they have a lot to choose from, don’t they? I’m going to review them in more detail soon and find the perfect one to add to my signature – I think it’s great that we can do that, as it gives everyone a way to really express their personalities. Since you mentioned sleep, I must confess that I have already slept a lot this weekend…10 hours last night after a busy week, so I must’ve needed it. I have a feeling I won’t be up very late tonight, either…and I just love it when I don’t have to set the freakin’ alarm clock!

Heather, I figured you’d be around some today…did you ever get that scanner working the way you want it to? Let me know if you still need some help, and I’ll be glad to see what I can do? Lass – where are ya, luv? Hope you and the guys are having a very peaceful, enjoyable weekend…and I’ll get on here tomorrow and give you a Bill update, now that I’ve had some time to absorb it all. I do feel much better, tho…a bit confused, but much more about peace about him than I have ever been.

You s take care, and I’ll be back soon – love and hugs!
Unread 01-27-2001, 09:42 PM
Where do you get these smilies from???

Kristi - your turn to help me now!!! How do you get these smilies?? I also would want to go see the new Mel movie!! But we will probably wait till it comes out onto cable...cheaper!!
Denny - Have you thought of sending dd to a shrink?? (hahaha!) To love wwf THAT MUCH?? I can't STAND it! It's ssooo fake!! Oh takes ALL kinds!!!
Luv and Hugs,
Unread 01-28-2001, 01:52 AM

Hi, Aussie -

It's almost 2AM, and I actually haven't been to bed to watching some tapes, and next thing I knew it was late! So much for going to bed early, huh? I still don't have to set the alarm clock, tho, so it'll work out OK just the same.

When you're reading the posts, there's a section at the bottom of the page that indicates settings for the posts. One of them is "smilies on or off", and you can click on the smilies link to go to a list of them. I wondered where everyone was getting them from for a while (kinda like the graphics!) , and I finally found them inadvertently. They are so cute - they really liven up our posts, don't they?

Well, time to get some sleep...nighty-night!
Unread 01-28-2001, 06:03 PM
Here I am!

Hello sweet sisters!

I must apologize, DH has been home most of the weekend, for a change (hehe) and I've been spending Q.T. with him...not to mention working alot, the "newbie" never showed I ended up working later both nights then I expected to! Good news tho! I finally got DH to agree to a "date night" like Lass suggested before...He suggested Wed. nights, because they are in the middle of the week, and we usually spend the weekends together (more or less) and that way we can kinda' have a "quick fix" in the middle of the week! Guess he was missing me more than I thought!!

I had an idea girls...I mentioned it to Kristi when I caught her online in an Instant Message earlier in the week, and she thought it would be fun to try. Let's try to set up a time when all of us could be online at the same time and have a live chat!???? We'd probably be on all night, since we all always have so much to say, but I think it'd be ALOT of fun! Let me know...I know there are some time zone differences we'd have to work out (especially with you AussieGal!) (hehe)

Kristi - I seem to have finally ironed out all the bugs with my scanner and digital camera...I just kept fidling with it untill it finally all worked! But thanks for the offer to help!....

Thank you all for the sweet comments about my pic.. it's a little fuzzier than I thought it'd be, but maybe my "photo editing" skills aren't so polished up yet!? (hehe)

Well, DH is hungry, he's watching the I'm going to go now, and get us some dinner, and I'll check back in later, okay??

Luv and ((hugs))
Heather R.
Unread 01-28-2001, 06:55 PM
TGIF - new thread

Ladies, I would be interseted in the live chat, add my aim name to your alls list, and if you can figure out a convenient time, I'll try to be on. If I can just remember to log on to my im thingy when I come on line, it would probably be easier for me. Feel free to im me anytime. Very boring around here. Dh is at a friends playing "cars" Ds is out watching the game,dd and I are watching the game, for the commercials and halftime show. Just not the same without the Rams in it this year. Oh well, not really a football fan, but dd is going to be next week when the xfl starts. Have a good evening, if I don't see any of you here later.
Unread 01-28-2001, 08:23 PM
It's Me!

hi ladies! Sorry to have not touched base with ya,ll lately.I have'nt been doing great. The past week has been pretty hard due to pain. I am in the middle of a change over with some meds. And its got me kinda out of sorts. I have been writting alot. Getting some files set up to sort out my poetry by catagory and started a book. actually two.I have always wanted to try my hand at horror fiction and the other of course is hyst related and auto biographical. It has been theraputic. It is suprisingly easy to keep it straight with the Word program. I am still such a rookie with PCs but am determined to use it. I have decided that if I don't try to write seriously and start submitting stuff I'll never know what could have been with it.I have only ever been published for newspaper articles,Small town bits,Rodeos,County fairs,Grannie's prize winning jam with photos for our little town newspaper when I was in college. Nothing spectacular or creative. Molly how is your's going? Heather, what a darlin' kidlet you are! exactly as I had pictured you! I am really in such a weird zone right now. It really makes me uneasy to deal with having to take these meds the hormones included. I wish I could flush it all and just be. I hate the thought of having to get on a pain management program. I am going back to work on thursday and I just don't know how its going to go. I love it and miss it so much, I have special patients that always come to the store just for me. I miss interacting with them. But I still feel so unwell. I just don't know. Kristi, have you heard from MR BILL? (ooooh noooooo) Do you remember the little dough character? you know the one that would always get smashed. SNL in the eighties I believe. It makes me smile as I sit here. The football game is on just behind me. I can just see you chewing on a pillow. Aussie, Survivor is on right after the superbowl. Do you get the survivor series? I did not watch the last one. But this one is based in Australia and I am Looking forward to it. the first one is tonight! Shanna, How are you doing? Is work going ok for you? Are you loving your night classes?? I am trying to talk DH into going back to get his masters specializing in criminal physc. He wants to get into forensics and be a crime scene tech. I told him to go for it. My baby is such a ghoul sometimes. I was all het up last week because I was planning on swicthing to a different store to work for my freind. but after going over the P&L statements in the store she took over. She can't afford me. I was afraid of that. So I am going back to my original store. My boss wants me to do vision screening for awhile as light duty.Which is kinda strange since you would typically but a rookie on that since its so easy. But if he wants to do it I"m game. Well I am going to write for awhile Love you ladies bunches and bunches I think of you all daily. I was even wondering how ole sweetie pete was doing!! My baby can't come in today cause he's wet and muddy I actually caught him rolling around in a mud wallow.big dummy. I catch ya'll a little later. love lass

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