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Unread 01-30-2001, 02:37 AM

Hi Guys....!!
I just couldn't stand it any has just taken me over an hr to get to and read the last thread!!!
BTW guys...there are possums sooo tame here in Aussie...smack bang in the heart of the city too!...that you can sit next to them and pat them like dogs, while they are eating fresh fruit you bring for them! One little guy got sooo used to me coming every evening (I was in a city hospital for post-natal depression-really ex-husband natal depression!!) that he was WAITING for me even before dark!! on the path beside his tree!!
At the moment I have faaarr too many cats to name them here...but I have just had a litter of 4 born last night! I have my blue british s/hair girl kitten entered into a show in I'll keep you all posted!!
Got to go and feed the kids now!!! See ya on the flip side...!!
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Unread 01-31-2001, 08:16 AM

Hey Ter---sorry ddn't acknowledge your post yesterday, or answer your e'mail, but once again I am wallowing in self pity, whoa is me,pitiful pity party. H(no d today)is mad at me,he says its my fault about the truck wreck, cause I had the nerve to tell my 22 year old son he could go to a friends house to watch the game. I took him there, had no trouble cause I (like a dummy) went the regular way, not the "short cut". I stayed on the main roads. He's upset, cause I was against him turning it into the insurance. It cost less than our deductable to fix the darn thing, towing included. The guy at the garage was saying, turn it into the insurance, and I can fix anything that is wrong, and charge it to the accident. I can even total it if you want.
My "messed up thinking" was that will jack our rates sky high, I'd rather pay 200.00 total to fix it. I asked m-i-l to borrow money, she gave it to me instead of loaning it, because H is working on the house, on the side,plus I've been taking f-i-l to dr for shots in his back, to help with arthritis. If it wasn't for my kids and Pete, and the cats, I'd tell him to shove it and walk out. I don't know, maybe its just the doom and gloom of the weather here that has me down. My hormones, whick I thought I finally figured out, are going haywire again--hot flashes big breasts(don't mind that) and wanting to go postal on anyone in my way. Here is a joke I heard today What is the quickest way to a man's heart. A knife through the rib cage. Why do men like to be with virgins? Because they don't like to here complaints. Am going to go , maybe I'll be in a better mood when I come back. Thank you for being here
Unread 01-31-2001, 09:16 AM

Lots and lots of them cyber's for you!!!
What a pain in the rear H is being!!! Could it be that he's lashing-out at you 'cause he realised how close he came? Sometimes you blame the closest to you whe a shock like this happens!!! It STILL doesn't excuse it..does it??
I didn't think that youre way of thinking was messed up at all...I would have seen it the same way!!
BTW I loved the jokes!!!
Why do you think I have my saying 'God created Man...realized his mistake...and QUICKLY made woman!!
If you want...I'll come and kick H in the rear end for you!?!?!
Hope things settle for you,
Luv and Hugs,
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Unread 01-31-2001, 09:36 AM

Thank you for your response, got the tear ducts flowing again. Right now,I'm o d ing on Priscilla. Found the only copy here in Troy and rented it last night. Have it until Friday, and plan on watching it, until it desolves to nothingness. My children think drag queens are just wrong, but I'd really like to have one here, I think they'd be a wonderful friend, and I could borrow their clothes, as they have better taste then mine. We do have a transvestite here in Troy, I call "her" monkey man, cause the first time I seen "her" she had this little hat on her head, that looked like one that an organ grinders monkey wears. Looked really cute, perched upon her pageboy. Well I'm going to try to get on friends, have neglected my duties over there, cause I haven't been able to get on. And you can come here and kick butt anytime. We'd make a pair-you being 4ft.11 and me being 5ft12in.(more feminine that 6 ft.)
Unread 01-31-2001, 06:58 PM
A walk thru the

Hello Sweet Sisters!

I too, have been neglecting my sisters, I have had trouble getting here the past couple of days myself! My MOST humble apologies!

Denny - I LOVE the "5ft12in."...I too am a 6 ft. sister, and never thought to phrase it like that! I was just telling Kristi the other night, that although I was a competitive dancer for 13 yrs, I was never accused of being "petite."

I wonder if you all would "indulge" me for a few has been very emotional for me, and this is WAY off the "beaten path", but I'm having some overwhelming thoughts today, and I'd like to share them with friends whom I KNOW will understand...

"Ahem..." It's been quite strange the last week or so..I've been having a lot of dreams about the past. Good dreams, but nonetheless strange. People I haven't seen or talked to in YEARS...I'm not so sure that a couple haven't fallen off the face of the earth for that matter. Dreams about the part of my past I seem to miss the most. Completely care-free times in high school where my biggest concern was beating cerfew, or hiding the speeding ticket I got from my parents...where life was a gamble, but nothing could "hurt" me..remember those times girls?? I wake up feeling like my sub-consious is trying to tell me maybe I took those times for granted, & didn't "hold out" long enough to find out what God really had in store for me...I dunno. Then I was driving by my old high school today, and was stopped at the street light, and just staring at the building...almost like I was "willing" myself right back in through those brick walls...& if any of you had known me in high school, you would know how truly SCARY this whole line of thinking is. lol I HATED high school. My only friends in school were older kids that had already graduated. I don't know why, but everyone always said I was so much more "mature" than the other kids my I ended up with friends that were alot more reckless in so many ways. I mean reckless in relationships. Sure, there was other things going on, I think you all know what I mean...but thankfully, I never got caught up in all of that. A "for instance" of what I'm really talking about...I watched a movie tonight, "Vision Quest". It came out about 15 years ago, but I couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 at the time. I didn't really "get it" then, but it really moved me tonight. If you haven't seen it, Matthew Modine plays a high school wrestler (another strange parody for me, not like I went out for the boy's team or anything) lol. But the message is still there...He plays a very driven young man, who knows exactly what he wants, and knows exactly HOW he's going to achieve it. I don't know ANYBODY who at 17, felt things that intensly. I'm just know understanding it at 24. But I started thinking about when I was 17...or younger for that matter...and my parents told me they were the "best years of my life"...(sound familiar??) I thought they were CRAZY! I was up crying my eyes out every other week about some different boy "breaking my heart." Now I miss those times..when a boy broke your heart, the best way to get over it was to go find a NEW boy. Some new guy that made you feel all "fluttery" inside just seeing him at his locker... Now, as adult women, what are we supposed to do when the one we love breaks our heart? It's not so easy anymore, is it? I know, that's the difference between adolescent relationships and adult relationships, but do you ever miss the freedom? In all honesty, my DH is a WONDERFUL man. He tries the best that he can, I think. lol I wouldn't trade him for anybody in the world...he's my "center".. But times like this, when I'm so emotional with everything I've (we all)been through, and all the chemical changes going on in our bodies, I've begun to wonder "what if?" You know?? Like, where would I have ended up if I had done just ONE thing differently?? What kind of person would I be then? I think we could all probably drive ourselves crazy with that one!

Well that was incredibly draining!! lol As you can tell, I'm an emotional basket case today...seriously thinking of checking myself in at a nice little clinic with padded rooms...except they probably won't let me have my computer in there, so that cancells THAT!!!!

Thank you, again, my sweet friends for letting me dump all of that on you...I'm sorry it dragged on like that! I'll probably regret it by the time I wake up in the morning...I'm not even going to proof-read this one or I'll probably end up erasing please forgive any spelling errors!

Luv and ((hugs)) sweet sisters!
Heather R.
Unread 01-31-2001, 08:31 PM

You know I saw this show on tv It was all about menopause, It was talking about along with all the "symptoms" of it, There was a creative and pshyic surge .An emotional and spiritual awakening. I think that the same thing happens when you have a hyst. Almost like a heightened awareness. Something that Is part of you is taken away. But its like you are given something back to make up for its loss. Its an awareness of the preciousness of life.What a rare thing it is. How fragile it is. You now look back at your life and see it for what is was. A unique one of a kind experiance that is yours and your alone. And you mourn its passing . The good and the bad. The wonderful thing is you have this awareness young. You will now experiance life more fully. Appreciate it more.Love Life more. Cheer up little one. Every cloud....Love Lass
Unread 02-01-2001, 06:51 AM

I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason, and
dreams are no different, its just at the time we don't always see things that way. When I first started working in daycare 13 years ago, I had the cutest little boy in my class. For some reason I was really drawn to him, and didn't know why. Curley blond hair, and big blue eyes, and dimples to drown in. I didn't know who this child was, but just really liked being around him. We had open house one evening, and Josh's mom, who I talked to all the time, told Josh that his dad wanted to talk to me. I'm thinking why, who is this guy, and what did I do? Well, dad was the last guy I ever went"out" with before I met dh. Of all the people to move to this town, from my old home town. I was speechless. I'm thinking does his wife Know, surely not, cause she was to friendly. I don't see "dad" that much anymore, but every once in a while, when I'm having a bad time with dh, old Roger Dodger shows up, and it gives me a lift, even though we don't talk. People, things, dreams happen for a reason, we just don't always know it when it happens. Well so much for my psych 101 class this a.m. you all have a good day, and will check in later.
Unread 02-01-2001, 06:55 AM

Heeeyyyy Dennnyyyy!!!!
I'm still laughing at the thought of finding a trannie that will swap it's clothes...with me!!! It would have to be a very short, fat and probably ugly trannie to do that!!!
And WHAT'S this 4ft11?? I'm 4ft 10 AND 3/4inches...thankyou!! That 3/4's is VERY important!!
I would come up to around you're armpitts....just....You'd better have a good deoderant!!! otherwise it WONT be th D I'll be kicking!?!?!
My DH goes back to work on Monday...I'm going to actually miss him!!! I havent changed a nappy in the last 3wks!!! How lucky am I?
My 'baby' boy, Aaron, started school wed this wk...a bit hesitant to go...but was all smilies the last two pick-ups!!
I am now ..almost.. childfree week days!!! I can go and horse ride with my girlfriend soon!!!
Luv and Hugs,
Unread 02-01-2001, 11:02 PM

Ms Terri, excuse me on the height difference. Technically, I am only 5ft 11,and3/4 but it just easier to say 5ft12. I'm sure there would be many cross-dressers that would love to share their wardrobe with you. You'll just have to search them out, in the free time you will be having when you are almost childfree soon. I do wish your weather was here though, I could use some heat, the wind chill is 20 below zero,and that my little friend is enough to frost any ones b----even if they don't have them. Getting close to midnight. I suppose I need to go to bed. You all have a good day, or night, depending on your time zone, and frame of mind.
Unread 02-01-2001, 11:29 PM

Thanks for the advice on the trannies...I'm pretty sure that they're more comfortable in dresses and skirts then I am!
I am around 16hrs ahead of EST! So it was 4pm Fri when it was your thur midnight! Just joking about the height!!
What about you send some cooler weather down here, and I'll send some warmer weather up there...then we'll BOTH be comfortable!!
Luve and Kisses,

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