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Is this a rectocele??? Is this a rectocele???

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Unread 04-25-2005, 07:05 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Ok, so here's my story -

I first started having pain in my bum about 7 or 8 years ago. The pain felt like extreme pressure, and it was super painful. I actually remember the very first time I had this pain.

Over the years, I have had the same pain off and on. It feels like really bad pressure in my rectum, so bad I actually do cry sometimes. The pain is a really bad ache. I've decided it actually feels like a cramp in my rectum that kinks to the left side. It is deep inside, and hurts deep into my left butt cheek. All I can do is curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass. Sometimes I have to take Lortab for it.

A few times recently I have felt something sticking into my vagina, a really big bulge. I even made my husband come and feel it. I didn't know what to do, so I pushed on it, and the bulge went back into my vaginal wall. Almost immediately I had a BM.

My husband was really freaked out. He made me go to the doctor the next day, but when I got there, they couldn't see or feel anything. Since then, I haven't felt the big bulge in my vagina, but I get this butt pain fairly often. I was having it every day for awhile. Other times I may go a week or so without having it.

Anyway, I was reading about rectoceles, and I wondered if this is what I'm experiencing. For those who have had them, I would really appreciate hearing what you think.

Thanks a million -

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Unread 04-25-2005, 07:21 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Hi Ruthie
What you are describing with pushing the bulge then having a bm sounds like a rectocele to me. I had one repaired Jan. 25th. Next time you feel the need to go use a hand mirror and look at the bottom of your vagina. I saw a bulge when I looked. I went to my gyn the next day. He examined me with my legs in the stirrups and didn't have me push. He said I had a very little rectocele(barely a one). I had butt pain also, so he sent me to be checked out by a rectal dr. They ordered me a defecogram, which showed I had a large rectocele and enterocele. I had no butt problem. The defecogram tapes you as you relax, squeeze and trying to push out barium paste like if you are having a bm. After that my gyn scheduled my posterior repair. He did a pre op exam and had me push when I was in the stirrups. He then saw a large rectocele.
Did your dr. have you bare down? If not he probably wouldn't have seen a rectocele. Is the bulge hard when you felt it? The hardness would be the bm. Even though I had the repair at times I still need to push inside to empty out. That doesn't bother me. I am just so glad to get rid of the bulge. Make sure you add enough fiber to your diet and try using stool softeners. If it keeps happening I would go back to your dr. or get a second opinion. You know when something doesn't feel right and deserve appropriate treatment.
Good luck
Unread 04-25-2005, 07:43 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Thanks, Peggy -

I really appreciate your advice.

A couple of questions - Did you have this all the time, or did it only happen some of the time? For me, its just some of the time. And as far as the bulge, I've only actually felt that a few times. Is it possible that it is bulging somewhere I can't reach up and feel?

I get so tired of going to the doctor. I'm at the point where I only go if I can figure out what the problem is first, then I go and suggest to them what's up, and leave it to them to tell me what they can do for me, even though I already know. That way, they get to satisfy their God-complex, and I get the results I need. LOL

You're the best. Thanks so much.

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Unread 04-25-2005, 08:43 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Hi (((Ruth)))) I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of this so long after your hyst

I had a Stage III rectocele repaired at the same as my hyst. In my case, I don't remember rectal pain, but I do remember that the bulge was not always there: If I layed down and rested more than usual, I tended not to notice the bulge as much. Other times, it felt like I was permanently sitting on a fence

As far as diagnosing these prolapses is concerned, it is sometimes impossible to diagnose the smaller prolapses in a laying down position. Some of those are diagnosed with the patient standing up.

One thing to keep in mind: straining and lifting will worsen the prolapses, so it's really important to avoid these as much as possible. This includes straining for BMs.
Unread 04-26-2005, 07:08 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Hi again Ruth
I had rectal and vaginal pain off and on. I still have the pain off and on, but my gyn believes that is from scar tissue from my other surgeries rubbing on nerves. I am not sure if that is all it is from. I felt the bulge when sitting down and also when standing up or walking for a while. I felt it everyday. I could really feel it when trying to have a bm. The only time I didn't notice it was when I was lying down.
My enterocele could have been contributing to my constipation too. It is a prolapse also. It is the small intestines pushing down into the back of your vagina. When I was splinting to go I could feel it bulging in the back of my vagina.
I think you should go be checked out. You don't want it to get bad where you need surgery. Kegels are supposed to help keep it from getting worst. Mine was already past that stage when diagnosed. The enterocele d*****ately had to be fixed.
P.M. me anytime you need to.

Unread 04-29-2005, 10:51 AM
Is this a rectocele???

Hi Ladies, I have been posting on the "Bladder Matters" pages, but after my appt yesterday I tried here. Well here is what happened on Friday's and Yesterday's Urologists appointments. And first off thanks for replying!

Ok I go in she immediatly is concerned bc of blood in my urine sample. She says 2 to 3 scale cytocele dropping agin. She says come back for ct and cystoscope. Yesterday I do. They ct and shoot dye in my vein. I have cystoscope done. She says ct finds "a Lot" of bowel in my colon. (I am having reg bm though). She says, nothing found. no IC, I knew this. And bladder holds urine good, etc. Basically NOTHING HELPFUL!! She tells me to buy the drugstore Citrate Magnesium. I do and today, I am "purging" all on the toilet. I am not having pain like H pain, just. No Blood. This pain is deep in my tailbone, not on my tailbone, to the left (as in my left side of my body) when pushed in or around it, not skeletal though I am so very very confused now.

So here I am, Go see ob/gyn? Colon doc? Sports Med Doc? Bc if I see skeletal type doc, that does not explain blood, and the "something" not right down there. Where to go from here is just so upsetting and confusing!!

Can H", tears, etc, cause "tailbone area" to hurt phys when sat on? Can internal H, cause this much pain? I feel like I "bruised myself, but I have not fallen, or injured myself, and no itching either...argh this just stinks!!

Finally Roothie, the explanation of left butt check pain, is me, but it is closer to my tailbone. Please describe more of you symptoms for me,and what kind of dr you see.
Unread 04-29-2005, 02:22 PM
Is this a rectocele???

Hi Dawn -

Yeah, the bum pain I have is not in the center. Its to the left of center, and feels like it is under my bum cheek, deep though. It definitely hurts worse to sit right on my behind, so I usually curl up in a ball on my side. It just aches so bad, and makes me cry sometimes. I have a really high pain tolerance, so that is saying alot. I don't have it all the time, but when I do, it stays for an hour or more, and sometimes I just can't take it so I have to take a Lortab.

I'm still trying to figure it all out, and haven't gone to the dr. yet. Peggy has given me some really good advice, though. From what I've read, your GYN is a good place to start. If you explain what you're feeling, and tell your GYN you're concerned it might be an enterocele or rectocele, they'll send you in the right direction for testing.

Also, for more info on this, you can just do a search for rectocele or enterocele with any search engine, and it will pull up some good sites for learning more about these lovely things.

Try this, too. When you're having the pain really bad, try reaching up inside your vagina and pushing on the place you feel the pain. I would bet you'll find a really sore place in the back of your vagina, and it will correlate to the pain in your bum. I'm pretty sure that's an enterocele. That's what I'm finding with myself. My next step is to go see my doctor.

As far as the blood in your urine, I don't know what to think. There are lots of things that could cause that. Are you having any vaginal bleeding? That blood can contaminate your urine stream and make it look like there's blood in your urine. Has your doctor done blood tests? What about your kidneys and liver? If there are problems there, you can have blood in your urine. Really, there are just so many things that can cause blood in your urine, its just guesswork. You need to follow that with your doctor, and not give up. Don't let them brush you off because they can't figure it out. It isn't normal, and they need to figure it out. But don't worry too much in the process. That is very bad for you!

I hope you can figure your stuff out. That's what I'm working on too. We just have to keep trying!

Hang in there - we'll do that together!

Unread 04-29-2005, 05:05 PM
Is this a rectocele???


Hi! Thanks for all you just wrote, it is much appreciated!

Question for you: When the pain hits you, is it worse when you sit down??

If so, this may help you...or any of you - Listen to this. After posting here, and uterally being so upset, frustrated and in tears. After prayer I ran into this website. I read this part that described that women can have coccyx problems after having pelvicfloor surgery! I read on. I found out that this pain of feeling like a prolapse can be present can also present itself as coccygodynia. So I made an appointment with, get this, a chiropractor of mine. He knew EXACTLY what and where I was hurting. That is more than I can say for my urologist. He said it can make intercourse hurt inside, it can make it feel "full", it can hurt standing as well as sitting, come on "out of the blue", and does not have to be due to an injury, hurt in a bm, feel like your sitting on something, and feel pain in front of pelvic too.

Now I would love to say that he just was able to do the adjustment, tens unit, and heat and viola I am all better. I am not. But what I do feel good about is at least I didn't see a dr. have a blank I don't know stare, or blow me off, or push me off to another type of doc.

SO for now, I go back in Mon. I am still in HUGE pain, even more after he manipulated the ligament next to it. BUT, time will see. And it does not explain the blood, which I still felt was Hemerroids, but maybe this helps you I don't know maybe it is just rerocele, but I wanted to share my exp here.
Hugs to all
Unread 04-29-2005, 05:20 PM
Is this a rectocele???

For me, the pain feels like pressure, so it seems more likely to be rectocele or enterocele than coccydynia. It does hurt more when I sit, but only if it is hurting already.

Hopefully you've found the answer to your pain, and the right person to help you.

Hang in there -

Unread 05-04-2005, 04:08 PM
Is this a rectocele???

No I have not, it is even more confusing now. It would just seem that my urol said I have cystocele then I don't and wants to referr me to a gastro. And it is getting more painful, and more like I am sitting on "something" and can bare down and it hurts.

How about you?

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