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First Pain Management Appt... Scared! First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

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Unread 09-09-2005, 12:47 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

Holy moley, Margot... you SLAY ME!
Yup... call me envy girl... your doc sounds like a gem (sigh).
I would lose it completely if I had to do the morphine thing again... I can't stand the stuff.
LOL @ your DH calling bad gynie the Duragesic ***** - that is comedic GOLD!!
I haven't tried norco... the acetamenophen in hydrocodone always gets me bad, though, so I might want to ask about that. I hope the block will have some success, but I'm not putting all my poker chips in the pot... I have had several rounds of trigger point injections with the ex-gyn (slap! slap! slap!), and if a block works in the same way, I'm probably in trouble there... but I will try ANYTHING (I'm sure that's a familiar sentiment around here).
At present, I only have to go a little over half an hour out of town - but we've been to a lot of docs - up to 4 hours away on a weekly basis... we do whatever is necessary (and the fabulous DH motivates me when I DO feel like giving up... sometimes I feel guilty for all of our time and money going into my health and he reminds me he wouldn't have it any other way)

Hey! You gave me the greatest idea for a new HysterSisters group event!!
Here's what we do:
Everyone who has had a gynie or doc that has frustrated them beyond belief invites them to a "party" in their "honor"... Each of us Sisters buys a wand from the HS store... We rent a convention center hall... When the docs roll in, WE HANG THEM FROM THE RAFTERS BY THEIR UNDERWEAR... FULL-WEDGIE-STYLE AND BEAT THEM LIKE PINATAS!!! I don't think anything good will fall out (except maybe some of the money we wasted on their "services"), but we'll have some fun, get to meet & greet each other, have some snacks, et cetera... what do you think? Who's with me?
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Unread 09-09-2005, 09:21 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

Wow, (((Slap)), hope I stay on your good side I'm curious, did your gyn resign from your case? Are you not supposed to see your gyn at all going forward? I see you are from Texas. I wonder what part of Texas. I'm in south Texas, near the coast. We can't give out physician names here, but if you'll PM me, I could send you some info if you are in this part of Texas or willing to travel.

For all of you with less than great docs, just wanted to say what comes around goes around ... My very first gyn was real nice the first appointment and then starting the 2nd year, was just plain rude and after exams had his hand on the knob as he says "anything else?" and then would blow off any concerns I had. Laughed at me when I asked if I might have endo. [Not only did I, but one of the worst cases they had ever found in some one my age] Well turns out he is an alcoholic and cocaine addict. Many years later, after several rounds of drug treatment, he failed mandatory random drug testing and lost his medical license. He's now in training to be a chef. I kid you not! My point is some of these doctors have REAL issues ... they are only human. If you have an alarm going off that says "something just isn't right here" then you need to listen to it and try to find a new doctor. We need someone who is "all there" to help us with our issues.

s for all!
Unread 09-09-2005, 05:38 PM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

Slap...Count me in!! And when they start complaining about the pain....We'll tell them "it's all in their heads'!!! Netty
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Unread 09-13-2005, 05:04 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

((Michelle)) Thanks for the PM info! And HOLY SMOKES, Dr. Chef, MD (that you spoke of above) sounds like a real hoot... sheesh. I think you are right about the inner indicator telling you to hit the road and when to heed the warning.

((Netty)) Lol, let's do it! And keep me posted about Friday, okay? s!
Unread 09-13-2005, 11:00 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

You are so right, Michelle...

One slap for my gynie, and two for me for not running away as fast as I could! I'd already fired him and went to see someone else in the same office (small town, really only one group). I really liked the other doc. He ordered an ultrasound because of my excessive bleeding, but when the day of the appt came, he was called away on an emergency and Dr. Dimwit was there. I seriously considered rescheduling--after all, I'd made a complaint about him!--and then decided to suck it up and be a big girl. I'd had carcinoma in situ the year before and had only been back once for the followup Paps I was supposed to have every 3 months for a year .

He came in and introduced himself! Not a good sign! He was the one who did my LEEP the year before. He did the ultrasound and immediately found a large complex cyst on my rt ovary. He said I needed an oophorectomy, and since my uterus was all "distorted" with fibroids, suggested a hyst as well. He really encouraged me to keep my cervix, since I'd "never had any problems with it." I reminded him that he was the one who did the LEEP. He said, "oh, but that was years ago!" Nope, it was one year ago. We have a robot at the hospital here for robotically assisted surgeries. If he'd done an LAVH, he wouldn't have been able to use it. So he really wanted to do an LSH. I asked several times if the hyst was really necessary and I got the old "hand on the doorknob" replies. I really should have gotten a second opinion, but he had me really scared that I may have ovarian cancer, so I wanted the surgery done as quickly as possible.

Turns out he misdiagnosed the cyst. It was a functional cyst that "ruptured and resolved" on its own, so an oophorectomy was not needed. But he took my uterus anyway! I never would have had the hyst if I weren't already having surgery. Grrr...!

I once told him that both my husband and I had anxiety disorders, and that both of our kids had inherited them. He said that his wife also had an anxiety disorder, but that their kids only seemed to have inherited *his* ADHD.

So, don't let your fear overrule trusting your gut!

That said, Slap and Netty, you can count me in on the pinata party. That way, I wouldn't have to wait for our encounter in a dark alley! And, if any credit cards fall out of his pockets, I'll be using them to pay for all my medical bills! And, I'd be protecting the other women in town from him. Sounds like a win/win.

Unread 09-13-2005, 05:54 PM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

Hey Margot and Slap,
I think I need to invite the Anestheisologist to the party that I talked to yesterday for my pre-op!! I just hope he's NOT the one doing the anesthesia!!
This party idea is sounding better everyday!! If I make it out alive and in one piece Friday!! The surgery itself is no big deal its makeing it through that darn anesthesia! As you can tell I'm starting to FREAK a little bit! This Doc says we'll use the minimal of anesthesia....WELL NOW I'LL PROBABLY FEEL EVERYTHING!!! GREEEAAAATTT! I'll let you know how it all goes. Take Care...Netty
Unread 09-13-2005, 11:25 PM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

((Margot)) G-Zeus! Here's my new theory... All of our gyns went to the same school - and a prerequisite for acceptance to this school is mandatory mental instability of some sort.
Now don't get me wrong... I, along with many here, I'm sure, have my share of probs in this area (mild OCD and Manic Depression - which are now, thank God, under control)... BUT, shouldn't docs have their minds ironed out as rigidly as possible with mandatory bi-annual psych screening to make sure their practices are up to par? I know there are mandatory drug tests, but this should really be part of bringing standards up as well. A doc with a chemical imbalance can be just as irresponsible and problematic to his/her patients as one with a drug problem.
Keep on slappin', hee hee!

((Netty)) Sure, bring the fog boy too... we've got plenty of room! Sheesh, honey - if I were you, I really wouldn't do it until I were absolutely comfortable with the situation (just IMHO). Can you talk to the doc about combinations and alternatives as far as anesthesia? You are such a sweetheart, Netty... I really hate to see you worried like this - and going into a procedure in a panic isn't the best way to go. If they are going to use minimal anesthesia, can you ask the doc about locals? That way, you won't run the risk of coming "half out" and feeling anything unpleasant. Please get in touch with the doc and see if he can ease your worries about this... and let us know? I don't want you to go through any more anguish, honey. PLEASE keep me posted!

Okey doke... here's my little progress sidenote... and I feel cruddy saying it after all everyone's going through, but:

I got my Lortab replacement filled this morning and am finally getting a little bit of relief!
Unread 09-14-2005, 03:12 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

Hey Slap,
That is such awesome news in reguards to your pain!! I'm hopeing this gets a handle on it all for you!!After all I want you at your best for this party!!
As far as the Anesthesia, he said he will use a local also...however the reason were doing it in the O.R. is because he said the locals wouldnt cover the pain in the office!! My feet are killing me, and I will be glad to get them taken care of the most!!
I am going to dig up my old O.R reports from when I had spinals in the past, so they'll at least know how much it take to make me comfortable...yet, unaware! Of course even if I do feel it they probably will give me versad anyway so I won't "remember" I felt it!!!
I did tell them I didnt antisipate anything happening like that with just putting me in a twilight however I also let the know that I could feel and hear everything so in otherwards DONT BEAT ON ME, trying to stimulate me!! I also told them if anythis does happen to call "MY" Neurologist, that I didnt want anyone else!!
So I think I covered all the bases and I can only hope and put my trust in them!( NOW THERES A SCARIE THOUGHT!!) I'm sure everything will be fine! My sister hasent asked me if I filled out my living will yet, so thats a good sign!!LOL! For real...she did get me one after the last episoid...and no I didnt fill it out, probably should have but didnt!
Anyway I'll write you and let you know how things went, you take care and keep headed in that same direction on your pain!! ....Netty
Unread 09-14-2005, 03:57 AM

Hey everyone! I just signed up yeaterday made a few posts but I wanted to comment here on PM docs etc.. first I wanted to say I too have 3 tattoos they r girly lol I'm a very girly type girl lol but thats not what i wanted to write about lol what i wanted to say say is that i have never in my life took drugs etc, as well but have ben liing with seriuos low back / pelvic pain to the point where it has incompasisitated me i mean i try very hard to live (Normaly) but it makes things depressing to no avail they have finally figured out whats going on with my pelvic pain i have endo in my uterus and befor that i had a ruptured cyst that had to be removed via emergency surgery now i am supposed to go talk to my doc on oct 7 to set up a hysterectomy but i will be ably to keep my left ovary thank god but as far as my lower back honestly ladies it kills me to the poing where i litteraly have to pass out to be able to sleep i never sleep i havnt had more then 4 hrs sleep in a 3 day time period for years i have had every test imaginable to try to figure out whats going there but to this day no one knows i started to see a PM doc about 3 mths ago who tried me on anti inflamitor drugs only to find out i was allergic tried pphysical therapy and they just discharged me because of my abnormal bleeding makes me to anemic to do any therapy well i was hospitalized one day for my anemia and there the docs gave me pain meds only to find out i went to my pm doc the next month for him to discharge me he told me for receiving pain meds while i was hospitalized so yeah my point is i know what it feels like to be at your wits end but i have to think of it like this there is no way i will ever be able to give back to my family and be the person i was before this all started by giving up because honestly i have had days where i just wanted to die! so i keep on trying but also i wanted to ask have any of you had lower back pain as well with you i'm asking because i'm starting to believe that somehow both of my problems may be linked .. anyway my prayers r with you all and i hope things get better for each and every one one of you asap .. sometimes its rough to be a woman lol but sometimes i think its even harder to love us and watch us go through what we do .. so i have alot of sympathy for you loved ones as well and wil keep them in my thoughts and prayers as well .. ok sorry for the long post as i said i am sorta new here ...
Unread 09-14-2005, 04:35 AM
First Pain Management Appt... Scared!

((heatherly)) Hey there, and !
Yep, the back pain link runs absolutely rampant here... tons of us have it... Mine shoots straight through the lower right pelvic area to my lower back-to tailbone area. I'm so sorry about the situation with your PM doc. I'm having some issues with mine (see a few posts back if you wanna), as well... hoping to resolve some (should I take a magazine rack as a hint? lol) by the next appointment.
I've also been through the ringer with anti-inflammatories... my body doesn't like 'em either.
I hope your hyst will clear up some issues for you and give you some relief.
I also went through zillions of tests to find the root of my pain, and really, the docs are still guessing, but I've finally been diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain (I'm pretty convinced that adhesions and new endo are aggravating the problem, but my ex-gyn refused to check me out and passed me off to PM).
I wish you the BEST of luck with getting your pain under control, heatherly... you will be in my thoughts, for sure! If I can be a shoulder or anything, feel free to drop me a PM anytime, okay?
Lots of s to ya!

((Netty)) Thank you, sweetie!!
Great idea to bring the OR reports... it really sounds like you've got a great handle on the situation. Do you have someone to go with you and take care of you??
Versad... is that the FBI-X-Files-brainwash "no, that was NOT an alien... that was the president of the United States of America" drug?? lol
Sorry I mommied ya, Netty... hee hee - can't help but care about you already

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