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Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007 Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

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Unread 04-03-2007, 12:10 PM
Talking - Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007 Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Poco - Absolutely, the only criteria here is that you are an interesting, caring woman. We welcome all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and surgery dates.
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Unread 04-03-2007, 12:23 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

I am back for good! I have really been having a difficult time lately, and my pc kapooied, have brand new one now...migraines, hormones, and anxiety....dr said hang in another few weeks and we'll re-evaluate then. Enough about me. I have missed all of you.

Guineapigs: how are you doing with that depression? It seems to be my biggest problem depression/anxiety, no one around me can tell but inside I am ready to jump out of my chest - theres a statement I can't explain! But thats how I feel! I don't seee why your pituitary problem wouldn't magnify the depression etc, Please keep us updated on your progress.

Pocono - how is the family? Are they they done passing their illnesses around to eachother? I remember when my children (22 - 23) were in school, it was never ending illness, I dreaded school. I know how when they are sick you just can't relax, its nice to lay your head down at night knowing "all are well"! I had to go out and buy new underwear too! Its funny how many little things we have all had and not discussed in addition to the big things! Glad your post-op was great! How are you doing with the constipation? 2-3 years of twinges or pains is what my dr said too - hey it beats a biopsy!

Happynow: I am so sorry about your prolapse, I have thought about you often - I completely know what you mean when you know something is wrong and the Drs are wrong - you hang up the phone, thinking ok but I know hes wrong and then try to proceed as if hes right! We will all be here for you if/when you need surgery, please add me to your e-mail list - I care and if you ever need to talk please don't hesitate.
Your description of prolapse helps clear up a few things in my mind, your description of "BIO FEEDBACK" conjures up visual thoughts of "middle age" torture chambers and scares the hell out of me! I am definitely doing my Keggles x10!

Catnapper: I'm glad work is going well for you and your post-op went great! I think its probably best for all of us to "mind the lifting" for awhile- its probably the single most important thing for us to remember. I'm glad work is going well for you - I gave away all my tampons and pads too!! Funny thing is I kept one of each - threw them in the drawer in the bathroom- I'm so sentimental lately!!

Jujubear: are you still foggy? I am definitely foggy. I think sometimes the mental jobs are just as hard as the physical, you always have to be thinking. I am the Chief Clerk of 10 and have 12 others that I have to keep tabs on and handle all the payroll, all the requisitions, and make sure the flow of work keeps going well...I have to make decisions all day long. It seems every 10 or 15 mins I hear "lynn?" this person....what should I do? My decision is final, so I have to make sure I make the right decision, it effects people lives.

Pia: I was like you I wondered what a prolapse is, I recently realized I know very little about the female body, especially my own. I don't understand the cuff thing, I mean I know its sewn shut like the toe of a sock, but I don't understand how I have normal discharge, how does it get there?! When I go back to the Dr we are sitting down and having the a Female body 101 discussion again! As for all the things you keep doing like mowing the lawn when you know you shouldn't have - I think you've developed a bit of a rebellious personality! Were you a difficult child?!!!
Thanks for reminding me about the dry cleaning!

alabamateacher: How are you doing? Is everything ok? Did you ever get your voice back?! Are you sleeping better?

Singingmad - I've heard of the Vicks cure before but I can't imagine it, have you tried it before? A friend of mine use to do that when he had a sore throat. I got a good laugh when you explained dp! In my area its a slang "word" ex: He's looks like a dp! If someone makes an irritating mistake etc : Oh hes such a dp etc... I can't explain its origin(it might be offensive to some), but its evolved to be used in place of ********, idiot, moron etc. no longer meant to refer to any particular group- just a euphemism (sp?) in my neck of the woods! (Buffalo NY) Alot of women around here refer to their husbands as a dp so thats I thought what you were doing! Thanks for the clarification, I felt sorry for the poor guy!! LOL

FF1962 - how is your incision healing now? I still have like fishing line poking out of mine, first they were all gone now they are poking back out. I have been doing what singingmad suggested and using the cocoa butter it really does seem to help.

daisydimple: I'm glad your post-op went well! I guess every dr is different with the internal (not to mention vaginal packing)!!! I don't know if you went to the chiropractor but why not call ahead and speak to him and ask him if its ok, and if you feel up to it why not? If you did go how did it go?

OH BAGPUSS, BAGPUSS, BAGPUSS! HOW ARE YOU? You have had too many things happen, you certainly don't deserve it, surgery is bad enough, but I admire your strength! How are your hotflashes. I have had the tender breasts, night sweats. How is the IBS is it still gone? I find it interesting how things all seem connected even though the drs will say NOT but we all know the truth!! How are you doing with the weight? I hope those stones (pounds) are starting to level out! I have no idea what my weight is now I am afraid to check! I hope your not at down as you have felt, if its any consulation I feel your pain. How is your first day back to work?

hundjm: How are you doing? Are your hormones in check now? Please let us know! I don't think "Kathy Keeper of the Key's minds" if we all fill eachother in on whats going on and ask for advice from eachother as long as we start a new thread also? We are all generally concerned about eachother! Right (((((Kathy?!)))) Thanks in advance for your reply!!

Flatfroggie: How are you? So glad the playground passed inspection! We tried but apparently one of the swings was broken and was to sharp to sit on?! So back to plan b and am waiting until Saturday..which will be exactly as I originally planned - 8 weeks!! Can hardly wait....

Princess48: I am still extremely tired, somewhat sore- left side, some vajaja twinges, and other misc., I find myself exhausted from mall walking too - any outing. I guess its from being down so long not to mention all the money we're spending because we know we deserve all these things! Are you still having trouble sleeping? I toss and turn and sometimes just have to get up for awhile. How are you doing with that pain in your belly and "down there"?

onthecouch: How are you feeling? Are you still like some of us being tired all the time. Are you fitting into your clothes yet? I find I can wear my jeans for awhile but after awhile I am still swelling and have to change. I like you have not wanted to spend much time out, its just to much trouble sometimes. You are almost at the 8 week mark has it improved like the dr said? Have you actually tried the sit-ups? How did that go? My Dr said no sit ups for 2 more months did you check with yours?

Tater tot: I wondered the same things about the drs who don't do an internal at 6 weeks, but I guess if there are no complaints from the patient he doesn't need to? Like I said I guess all drs are different, personally I would probably have left wondering what the heck? Well let us know how the 8 wk check goes! It sounds like your doing well!

Lainiek: How the heck are you? last you checked in you were having pain at night. How dare you expect your dr give you pain meds, what would your sister think?!! To bad if he was disappointed you got pain you need meds, tell him your not Anna Nicole! (may she rest in peace) Are you back to work? How did it go? (what is AC?)

jlawn: how are you progressing with your workouts? I am starting to walk when I get back to work on my lunch hour, I think exercising is something I will do next month May. I have to prepare physickally and mentally! (notice how i spelled phy sick ally - freudian slip?)!!! I am definitely getting a band, I remember after I had my appendix out how much it helped, I wish I had thought about it BEFORE all this, but I didn't have Hystersisters yet! How was your cruise? Do tell!

Bill's Wife: I'm glad your post-op went well, I'm glad your internal went well, I was pained AFTER the exam and had considerable spotting. Glad your back on the greens. I have a similar schedule of drs appt for the next few years with the dr. You really are blessed and I am so happy everything worked out for you, I can imagine just how happy you were when you walked out of the Cancer Center!!

anne100: How is work going, are you back into the swing of things now? I agree with you the exhaustion is debilitating, I don't look forward to going back to work April 10th. I can SQUEEZE into my jeans, but not for long! FF1962 is right our abdominal muscles have some recuperating of their own to do!

joyteam: Taking your advice concentrating on the healing - your right WE HAVE ALL come a longgg way regardless! Pants or sweats I am grateful and blessed - as we all are!

redlinerus: I hope your sil appreciated the gifts (tampons and pads)! Does she know how hard it was to finally part with those? Its the thought that counts!
Dont get discouraged about the weight, I think we all need to give it time, don't forget you've been SLOWED down alot! Once you get back into the swing of things I'm sure you will level out or atleast I would like to think so!

Megapixiel: Welcome! You may not fit into your pants, but i'm sure you can fit in here! I hope your still doing well!

babcocks: Bowling? Wow I have always looked up to you! You are getting braver every time I look! Amazing how far we've come isn't it? Congrats on going back to work but is it getting easier? 10 hrs? I'm so sorry, how are the spasms? You forgot to tell lou49 that the prerequisites for this site are hysterectomy, chatting and experience and/or knowledge of vaginal packing!

Rodswife: How is the housecleaning going! I too am thinking of the summer! looking into a bathing suit that has a "slimming panel"!!

myfatherschild: I have had major slow healing with internal stitches, my dr did tell me exactly what to expect with that, he told me that I can have a slight spot over the next few months as they heal. Anything more or prolonged to call him. I don't let dh think for a minute that i am totally recovered - some things need to be milked until they become commonplace, ya know standing at the sink doing dishes is one of those things! He no longer waits he just does them!! I have not seen any blue or purple stitches and am wondering and worrying about why not!

mshowdy: I think it would be difficult to work nights after being off for so long and being on a difficult schedule, glad the walks are going good are you still progressing well?

lou49: I had the same apprehensions as you about the post-op - I'm glad all went well - you did know all the answers you got them like me - once you hit the office door and the dr came in the room you didn't care about anything else, questions gone! And all of your emotions (after you rcd checkpoints) are validated by all of us. I have been wavering in and out of insanity the last couple weeks - with every emotion in between! Your

Angidawn: HOW ARE YOU? I think with all you've been through complete rest is what you need I hope you've been doing just that! You just tell hubby hang on! I am praying for you please let us know how you are! Remembeer as you read these posts that your not up to par yet because of the "minor" set backs, please don't get discouraged - hang on - your riding on some of the best coat tails in the world!!

Peachypie: I am very happy that all is well in your world! If you need help lifting the coin boxes I can assist!! (kidding, really just kidding!) It is so refreshing to see someone so positive (have tears in my eyes) I truly am happy for you! Keep going and make sure you check in wether your up or down - we'll be here!

Lucky2behealthy: Welcome! please see the post for pocono above for prerequisites for posting here!!
I am having all of the things you talk about, anxiety etc. short of breath etc., I didn't have this prior to surgery but it does make sense, our bodies and minds have been through so much...your post makes alot of sense to me - sometimes we just need to see it to be reminded! Thanks for shareing! Please continue to post and our post in the clubhouse.

cbrn: How did you make out at your post-op today? I hope it all goes well!

yomiss: Glad your doing well,

Bookah: Um where do you live? I'll get the Lunesta if you bring ALL your cleaning abilities with you!! But thanks for giving me another reason not to clean!! (thoroughly)

OK now where is: lotsofbears, tia3573, run262, las91, PrincessNeNe, redheadota, rgterp78, foxx66, rn55 and I know I forgot to mention some others - we miss you!

Well I will never get behind again and will go to the other post later - I promise to check in from now on no matter what!
Unread 04-03-2007, 12:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Also, I just want to thank you all for missing me, I really am grateful to all of you everything you have done for me over the last couple months.. I really couldn't have done it without all of you...I can't think of any better friends than all of you!
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Unread 04-03-2007, 12:37 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

OMG lmg you are hilarious!!!! Not only for making sure to include EVERYONE, but for filling me on on your understanding of DP. LOL I'm still recovering from my nasty cold and the aforementioned DP is now coming down with it. Gave away all my "female" products this past weekend to a good friend who was THRILLED and then kind of stunned at how much I'd squirreled away... she just doesn't understand how bad things had gotten! Work is boring these days and I am back full time now. I find I can drive without my pillow and most of my swelly belly times are gone. I've actually fit back into my regular dress pants with some room to spare which is AWESOME! I do have slight pains when lifting and am keeping my heavy lifting to 0 if I can... but picking up cats, books, and doing some sweeping has crept back into my schedule I find cleaning litter boxes is easier done sitting down (for more reasons than one!) And I'm not quite up to cleaning the bathroom floor yet. But I'm at 8 weeks Thursday and can honestly say that I'm recovering nicely in my book. I expect to be singing standing up on Thursday night for hopefully the whole evening. That's my goal anyway. My appetite has seemed to fade though. Anyone have a problem with that? Another friend of mine had a TVH in the Fall and noticed her appetite basically disappeared for about 3 months or so... weird.
Unread 04-03-2007, 12:39 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

I agree... all are welcome!
Unread 04-03-2007, 12:41 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

IMG420~I am totally impressed! I bow at your feet!
Unread 04-03-2007, 01:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

IMG420 - I too am totally impressed and also bow at your feet. That was an amazing post which also made me lol. The constipation seems to be gone (I still don't have as many bm as before TMI). The kids are doing good, my younger one is on his allergy/asthma medicine. He takes it till June and then won't need it again until next year. (usually it works that way). I am sorry to say my dh is still not feeling well, he has rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia which are really acting up right now. His dr reminded him that everytime he is sick his symptoms come out in full force. I guess I should be posting that on the other thread. Thank you for asking about the family. We have missed you and are very glad your back. It sounds like you have been having a tough time. Please know I am always here (as I know all of us are) and you could always e-mail me if needed. I am still hoping that in May or June whoever can will be up to getting together. I know I am pms the last couple of days so have been feeling very stressed and weepy. That is the one bad thing about keeping the ovaries. Again it is so great to hear from you. One more thing I am confused about the dp. Please explain.
Unread 04-03-2007, 01:01 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

Img - I don't know where you are but I'm on the West side of Michigan. For the right price I will be your housekeeper. I will have to delay my start date so I can heal though.

Nice job on addressing everyone.
Unread 04-03-2007, 01:09 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

On the couch - So sorry I forgot to say thank you for the info. I think Olive Garden may be a good choice. Again, thank you for the info and talk to you soon.
Unread 04-03-2007, 01:37 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 05-Feb 12,2007

IMG great job on asking about everyone. Must have taken you a looooong time to go through the posts and making sure you didn't miss anyone. I am eight weeks out today. Am pretty much feeling better than normal...after the doc has increased my HRT twice. The only thing I can complain about is being tired. Am sleeping pretty well but just don't have much energy. My doc has suggested some vitamins so we'll see if they help when I get them. I return to work next week, am planning to do 1/2 days for a couple of weeks as needed. Thankfully, my co-workers have been very understanding. Hope everyone gets better soon!

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