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Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

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Unread 02-27-2007, 12:20 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Hi, I had my surgery on the 20th, I am one week out now and feel great. The first few days were horrible, I felt like I had been "gutted" I think the breathing tube and gas that they pumped in were the major post op discomforts leaving me feeling achy and pained. However, I was up and walking right away. I feel tired and excerted however, the worst is over. I am looking to feeling good again. I HATE staying down. I have never posted on a message board so this is new too. ^_^
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Unread 02-27-2007, 01:21 PM
I Did It!

Well, after 7 days of crying before surgery, case of loosing it the day of surgery, with the support of my Husband, Dr, Nurses and Anesthesiologist, once he gave my the meds to calm my nerves, I was holding onto hubby hand, and that was it. Next thing I remember is asking for water in the recovery room. Had alot done in surgery, TVH, with right ovary, and both top and bottom of vagina reinforced as well. Mesh applied to bladder in a couple of places to reinforce the bladder. I stayed 2 nights in castle and then home. Can't walk as much as I would like, it is really painful at times to move legs, because of mesh applied to certain muscles for the bladder. May have an infection in bladder or urinary tract, experiencing trouble emptying bladder and leakage. Having no incisions in my abdomen is a real plus, no pain in abdomen at all. Only real problems is with bowels. So having UA done today. Only pain I really have is bladder.
This site really did me some good, a co-worker of mine gave me this site, and after I checked it out, I asked a lot of questions at pre-op. Questions I would never have thought of. Things to bring, most helpful was the pads, I could not get the hospital to give me a supply of them, only 1-2 at a time, but with their modona panties they gave me to use, their pads often fell in the toilet when I sat down, very glad I had my own. Some nurses very attentive and others well, glad my life did not depend on them. Asked for pain killer, 30 min later, asked again finaly got them 1/12 hours later. Made me go 6 1/2 hrs between pain killers. Dr. laughlingly said, they don't want you to have pain during shift change. So she sent me home. I had passed some gas. Trouble began on 2 day home, when bowels kicked in. But they say it is normal, and gave me several ideas, how to make it easier. I have to give credit to my husband, he has been with me, catering to my crying spells, and my needs, sitting with me, walking with me and just laying there beside me. No complaints at all from him, my oldest son is cooking dinner, husband is washing clothes and helping with showers, dressing me and even feeding me when I cannot feed my self. Made me a step to get into bed, and helps me up when I get stuck down. Calls me from work to make sure I am OK. Should all women be as lucky as me, bless them all. We will have been married for 25 years in April. I am most looking forward to the weekend when we can escape from home to a motel, and I can finally know what love making is like with out pain. And not having to schedule my life around that time of month. I have had a right ovary that has plagued me since I was 13. 5 years ago, was finally diagnosed with hundreds of tiny cysts that popped and burst open when hormones hit a certain level, the pain was like a jabbing knife in my side 24-7 only relief i got was aprx. 7-9 days a month. When my Dr. took it out she said I had one really large cyst on it. My left one looked pink and healthy. My hormones are still with me. So I know I am lucky that my ovary did not die.
Hope and pray others are doing as good.
Unread 02-27-2007, 01:42 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

TO MOCHAMAVEN: I wonder why did they not just leave one in you, and when you have to go just take the tube out of your panties and drain your bladder, My Dr. said that she may have to do this with me, if I could not empty my bladder, but when they first removed mine, I went to the bathroom, they had a hat in the toilet which measured how much I passed, then 20 min later did a ultra sound that showed I had 40 cc in bladder. If I had 100 or more 3 times, they would have put one in me and she said it was no big deal, just tuck the tube in my panties, and when I need to go, just take the cap off and practice standing and being a man. I have to agree with your mom, my Dr. says bladder and urinay tract infections are very common with Catheters. My Doc said that swelling during surgery for a cystocele is very common and may cause problems with not being able to empty the bladder. I had a TVH with right ovary, upper and lower vaginal repair and repair of the bladder for a cystocele and leakage. I do not yet have a catheter but have developed some leakage and not being able to emply bladder, which may be an infection, will find out tomorrow. If not may have to have one put in until swelling is down enough. My first BM was horrible. If you have diarrhea now lucky you, wish I did and wish I still do. I drink prune juice, tastes horrible but it is helping me. My muscles are so swollen, cannot strain. Let us know what happens.
Good luck!
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Unread 02-27-2007, 03:18 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Wallchild: it was actually at my request. They gave me both options. I asked for the intermittent cath instead of the indwelling cath for a few reasons. First, the indwelling one HURT any time it moved or I moved or whatever. My bladder was so sensitive that the indwelling cath at the hospital was beyond uncomfortable. Two, I wanted to "practice" peeing normally so my bladder would get some exercise. Don't know if that makes sense. Doing the in and out cath was not hard at all. I only had to do it for three days. Initially I was voiding HUGE amounts (between 300 and 500cc) and still retaining 200cc. Eventually after the three days I was able to empty all on my own (residual was less than 50cc). I am now peeing on my own with no issues. So that much is done and over with. Phew.
For poop-the colace helped me immensely.
HOWEVER, since I am having a BM three times a day they told me to come off the colace. But the one BM I had that was hard hurt to high hell. So I'm in a quandry. I think I 'll just stick to the colace. I have discovered that my "signal" that I need to poop is now like a million tiny shards of glass in my anus. NOT GOOD. anyone else have this???? I'm assuming that will get better as the posterior repair heals.
I'm having a hard day. A woe-is-me kind of day. Sorry if this post is too much of a downer.
Unread 02-27-2007, 08:57 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Yeah, i hear you about the shards of glass, I walked around for 6 hours feeling like I had poop stuck in my anus, it was swollen and I could not sit, tears all day long. Then next day, hurt as well, same feeling, just not for so long, today gave up and used 1 oz or so of enema, 5 minutes later relief at last. So went bought some milk of maganesia, see if that wont help tomorrow, and until the swelling decreases and I can once again, do it normally. Glad to know you had a choice in the cath situation. Keep in touch. Tommorow will be better!
Unread 02-27-2007, 09:15 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

I have the sharp pains in the bowels as well. It is really horrible. I am finally softening on my own, I hate the over the counter tricks to get the BM so just giving it time. I have had lots of water. I even get the sharp pain in lower back. If it wasn't for the nagging pressure with bowels, I would say hey this was easy ^_^ I am really a wimp about the pain. I can't stand staying down however. I took my son out this morning for round up at school and that really made me sooo tired. I was down the rest of the day. I still have insomnia. Eventually, I'll fall off to sleep it just takes me forever. Healing on the inside is so hard because you can't see the progress...we only get once chance to heal properly however, and I really want relief from the ongoing pressure I have been having from fibroids. So this is it! Any ideas on how NOT to become a couch potato? I hate TV and currently I am trying a puzzle, but can't stay focused. Any ideas may peek my interest?
Unread 02-28-2007, 12:39 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Hello everyone. I am six days post-op as of today and surprisingly feel pretty good. Moving around well and although tired, not in too much pain.
Have to say that is has been an adventure tho. Through visiting this site I met a woman who was having the exact same procedure as me, with the same doctor, on the same day in the same hospital. Ironically her surgery was the one before mine. We managed to meet ahead of time and were great support for each other in the hospital. I am very greatful for Hystersisters!!
Had my surgery on Feb. 21st..and have to say that although things went really well I am feeling a little traumatized by it all. I am sure that will fade with time but for now I don't much like to think about it all. The first few days were torture. I vaguely remember conversations, but not much. I do remember a whole lot of pain and a whole lot of stuff the nurses wanted from me. I had to wear these 'boots' on my legs for the first three days..they pumped on my legs constantly, it is supposed to help prevent blood clots from happening, but try sleeping with that going on! By day 2 was bloated out to about 9 months pregnant with gas...I have never wanted to 'toot' so bad in my life...lol. I had a roommate who constantly had visitors..so to my embarrassment the first time I did finally pass some gas, it was a whopper...and then there was dead silence on the other side of the curtain. All I could think of was to say that I was sorry about that..lol. How humiliating! So I was in the hospital for 5 days and spent the next 5 days passing gas in front of total strangers. It gets to a point tho where it feels so good to get it out that you just don't even care any more.
By day three, well let's just say that on one of my attempts at passing gas I got more than I bargained for. That was nice..as if I hadn't suffered through enough humiliation yet..now this! But let me tell you that was the best bm I have ever had in my life!!! LOL
So now I am home, and feeling really good to finally be able to get some rest (they never leave you alone in the hospital!). My scar isn't so pretty but what the heck...if it works I'll take it. The doctor managed to get everything out and left me my left ovary which I am thankful for..and I am glad that I can look back on it all and find some humor in this. I wish you all a speedy recovery!
Unread 02-28-2007, 04:44 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Hiya sisters! I am so excited to be posting in the post-op section!
I came home from hospital yesterday morning. Had to go in last Tuesday for bowel prep and pre-op, all fine (had Picolax) but had very long wait to get done on Wednesday and didn't go down to theatre till 515pm. What a long hellish day that was. The surgeon and anaesthetist were fab, the surgeon said that everything was stuck together so it was a bit tricky (if I understood correctly only bladder left as other gynae bits taken out) and no path reports back yet, he said 'no cancer he could see'. The hospital discharge information for my GP said 'radical hyster and lymphadenectomy'.
Feel quite good really but had trouble sleeping last night and woke up often with arms and legs hurting like I had been doing loads of exercise. I think I overdid it yesterday and am finding it hard not to do too much.
Does sitting at a computer like this count as rest? (lol!) Will sit down and watch TV later/read a magazine but I am used to being active and keep thinking that if noone sees me doing something it'll be OK. Yes, I know...
Worst parts definitely 1. The waiting 2. The boots I had to wear for a couple of nights to stimulate action in feet electrically or something till I said that I would sit up all night in a chair rather than wear them again as it was torture!3. The gas!
Sooo glad this part's over!
Hugs to all!
Unread 02-28-2007, 06:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

I've been home for five days now after a TAH on 2/19. My DD stayed with me up until yesterday, and was a great help. Now I'm alone all day until my DH comes home from work. It's frustrating to not be able to get my normal tasks done around here. When I try to do little things like put dishes away, I pay for it later with belly pain. Still have a lot of that, mostly due to gas and constipation. One day it's okay, the next it's not. Also, I haven't smoked since the night before surgery, and am still not, but only because I'm afraid to cough! I miss it terribly. I've been crocheting to help with keeping my hands busy while watching TV. Thank goodness for the sci-fi channel.
Unread 02-28-2007, 07:20 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

tj4life- I remember way back (like maybe training to volunteer at a hospital as a teenager??) learning that sick recovering people can't concentrate for long. So if you like to read, read magazines instead of books. Books require too much of you right now. Do you have anyone who can bring you magazines? Since you hate TV that might be a good option for you....

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