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Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

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Unread 04-25-2007, 06:49 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

I want to be cleared for excercise! You all are making me jealous! I am still not cleared for housework, or excercise I still haven't started driving.........let's not even go there with the whole sex thing. At least the desire is there...

I hope everyone has a good day. My friend is coming over to clean the house for me today ! WOOOOHOOOO!

I might even go to my favorite store and unfortunately return a sweater... I am not buying a thing until I feel better!
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Unread 04-25-2007, 07:37 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Well today its doctors appointments: Dh gets to go in for an endoscopy and a baseline colonoscopy (so he's been cleaning the system since last night and isn't in a very good mood, heehee). I'll go talk to the doc about my gallbladder, although I haven't really had any issues this week, and my female mastiff has been draining in her incision site again and has a plugged anal gland. Plus my youngest ds was helping his dad move a giant rock the other day and ended up with two smashed fingers. Ah, life .

Miette, glad to see you back. Sorry the kids have been ill. Never any fun. I just walked into my kitchen and the dishes from yesterday are still all over the counter. Of course, ds's won't put a thing away unless you threaten to take away their social life. Really, I'm glad for you that things are starting to get back to normal.

Distracted, it's great that you have such a wonderful friend to come help you. I have this bad pride issue so I don't want any friends to come over and help. I think I'd be too embarrassed at how messy things are. Of course thats why they are friends, cuz they don't care.

Lennaise, everytime I read your posts I hear our friends from the UK saying, "It's simply lovely." So has the gas issue settled a bit? I still think that side effect from surgery caught me the most off guard.

Jpgurl, I still can't believe you and one of the kims are kicking hiney on the exercising. That is very impressive. I'm doing lots of things but never liked to exercise to begin with and know its one of the only ways I'm gonna lose the cellulite on the legs.

Jazzy, how goes it with ds? I was talking with my 16 yr old last night about him being the only one home next year as middle ds goes off to college. I think he'll enjoy it because right now at 7:19 a.m. I can hear the two of them bickering about something.

Nogreat: hope you are feeling better today. I seem to wake up thinking about you alot so extra prayers and hugs your way. For those of you who have fought / are fighting the cancer issues (I know someone else mentioned it as well), thats a very tender issue for me because of family situations so know how much I really do pray for you to get through this time.

Angie, how well I remember the potty training days. Before you know it you will blink and little ds will be graduating from school and dating. Eek!

Hi Jane, Janine, all the rest of you I can't remember right off until I read your posts . Hope you all have a great day. Love and hugs.
Unread 04-25-2007, 07:45 AM

Hey there, Becky... so sorry to hear that your whole family is having medical adventures. Thanks for encouraging me about the housework. I'm glad I'm not the only one with dirty dishes in the sink. DH cancelled his afternoon meeting to come home and help out. I'm so grateful to him for all he's done to support me and the kids throughout all this. I don't know what I would have done without him. I sure hope your appointments go well today and that your pup is soon well.

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Unread 04-25-2007, 08:07 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

I know chemo is never easy but I do hope they can find something to help you.

Stay positive
stay positive
stay positive!

I get a little uncomfy when gassy and lack of food might be the problem as mentioned.
I haven't been going as much as I do, and things could be a touch softer (I've been taking a multivitimin that has iron in it so that may be the problem), but I have not had a steady appetite since surgery.

5 weeks!
One more week and we hit the 6 week mark.
The "all better" mark the docs set.
Remember, ease into routines.

I've had energy, no energy the past week
Appetite, none at all
The only thing that appeals to me is cereal or salads.

Bladder spasms seem to be easing

A few aches this morning but I am sure it was the way I slept
Incision site has a scab and looks good, still gonna baby it. The hard edge around it has shrunk.
When I use my ointment for the rash I've been massaging around that muscle and the tightness has eased some.

Still spotting , just a little here and there, not enough for even a liner.
No smell, no odd color, just annoying.
Bothers hubby because I spot after sex or the next day and he thinks he hurt me.
Speaking of - no aches or pains since the 2nd time.

Had one hot flash in 5 days.
Face getting back to normal oil level (thank goodness)

Doing my Kegel and going to start the little exercises mentioned on the 5-6 week check point on the site.

Pollen count is high down here so I have been living on the allergy meds the doc prescribed to avoid any congestion from sneezing fits.

And an odd bonus???

I noticed last week I have a waist!
Hubby noticed as well
I know I measured my wasit at least a year or two ago (got depressed and avoided the tape measure since) and was very disappointed that there wasn't much difference in inches from it and my hips.
I've always been overweight but did have some curves.
I measured the other day and was shocked.
I've lost 6" in my waist since surgery.
Swelling, fibroids, enlarged uterus, etc.. must have been affecting me far more than I thought.
Since surgery I lost approx. 10lbs so it can't be that little making such a huge difference.

I need to lose weight so I am going to encourage this since I have no real appetite. I don't care to be a size 2 but would love to be a normal (for me) size again.

Now if I could only cut back on smoking or quit... still working to improve me

Here's hoping!
Unread 04-25-2007, 08:33 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

I think my body has gone haywire . . . . The tooth that was sensitive to cold last week has now morphed into full-blown jaw pain. It started last night, throbbing and aching. Will be seeing the dentist as soon as possible . . . . ick . . . . . I'm not the world's greatest dental patient . . .

And this "discharge" that got heavier last week and I'm having to take antibiotics for? Well, now it's a lot heavier and more of a reddish color. *sigh* At least the odor is gone . . . (sorry, tmi, right?)

Insomnia is worse than ever . . . .

Lenaise, nogreat - I've also developed some problems with gas, but mine are SBD's (silent but deadly!). I'll have to try the yogurt trick - see if that'll help. Oh, and Lenaise, that expression of "popping off" was just too funny ! I actually thought you meant by "popping off" that you were losing your temper and yelling at folks!

To the rest, I'll be "talking" to y'all on the other board since this one is for recovery issues only . . . . .
Unread 04-25-2007, 08:56 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

hi everyone...here's my update...day 5 post chemo and once again i'm having a good day. dh made my oatmeal, tea, applejuice and mixed my mouthwash before going to work and i ate at the table last night and this morning. i know i am going to have another better day. dh bought lots of snacking foods, like nuts, breadsticks, etc. to keep handy so my stomach doesn't get emply and prone to those awful gas pains. took me for a walk last night...i was weak after so will work on that. as for the hysterectomy, it seems to be healing just fine...i still have this feeling of a pit in my stomach but otherwise, it's okay.

i feel the cold now, whereas for the last 5 or 6 yrs. i have been hot with the hot flashes. i guess i need some fat back on my body...NOT! all in all, i'm looking forward to a couple of good wks before next treatment which i will be seeing the surgeon first and hopefully iron out these major life inconveniences. the sisters on the cancer concerns forum have been an invaluable source of information for me and you all have been absolutely of great support to me. thank you sisters. thank you hystersisters website!
Unread 04-25-2007, 09:07 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

HI Ladies...

Is been a few days sine I posted, but I have been trying to catch up on the posts when I can. Since going back to work, I have been getting pretty exhausted and my mind is jell at the end of the day.

Yesterday, I had to go into the office. By the end of the end of the day, I could feel a lot of cramps in the vag cuff region (still). I left at 2:00 ( normal is 3:30), but we had severe weather here yesterday afternoon between 2:00 and 10:00pm, and I wanted to make it home before all heck broke loose. I got caught in a terrible rain storm while driving and it caused my body to tense, which I am sure didn't help. The weather worsened into the evening and my neighbors house was struck pretty badly by lightning. So, we were out helping her until 1:00..then back up at 6 for work.

SO, with trying to to round up two dogs, a cat, a safe box, etc to get into the torndado shelter, helping our neighbors, and a full day at work, I am hurting today. I just find it uncomfortable to stand and sit. No pain laying down.

However, all discharge has disappeared, which is fabulous. I never thought it would go away.

It is so good tohear from you all. Sorry I can't reply to each, but I am thinking about you all during the day.

My Best, Rabbit
Unread 04-25-2007, 09:13 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hi sisters! Verizon DSL is still hiccuping and it's making me really angry. It's on, then it's off, then it's on....guess I'll need to call and find out what's going on. If I were working from home I'd be .

Nogreat.....keep up the good work. *hands tissue* My heart goes out to you as I'm sure this situation is very trying. It's all we have to do to keep positive about our recovery let alone deal with the ill effects of chemo. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Jane - no sense beating yourself up about not being able to work full time. The year is almost over and your body obviously is not ready to go the distance. Keep the faith, it will be soon.

Distracted - darlin your a week behind most of us, so relax about the exercising. Trust me, me thighs are screaming for exercise and until I have my internal on 5/3, I can't do any more then walk. We'll get there!!

Miette - sorry about the kiddies and your throat.....pamper the rincess:, sister's orders!

Angie....ah yes, potty training. My son didn't completely train until almost 4. He finally started to pee in the potty but would demand his diaper when he had to go poo. Spoke as clear as day, too. You're son will go when he's good and ready.......*fingers crossed*.

I let the HR rep know at my company that "at the recommendation of my doctor, my 'return date' will be 5/14/07". I'm sure they were expecting that since that's the day my doctor said I could return on the disability papers. They can't fight it because it's in writing. I have an appt. to see my attorney on 5/3 and will let you know what transpires at that meeting. I also have the new agreement in hand with "termination due to restructure of department". I'm keeping the other one just to show my attorney what disarray that place must be in. They even sent me another self addressed FedEx envelope.

Didn't have a great day yesterday. Went shopping for a dress for the wedding I have this weekend. I tired on a dozen and finally decided on the one that made me look the least like a cow. Depressing really.

Hope all of your are well. Have a great day. As of tomorrow I won't be able to access a computer until Sunday. Lord, I cannot imagine how much I'll have to read upon my return.

Love ya's, Paula
Unread 04-25-2007, 09:22 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hey everybody,

Good to see you! Having a few issues here so I may not be on much. That tooth sensitivity from last week developed into some major pain last night in my jaw. Tooth doesn't hurt, but my jaw does - never had anything like this before. Will be going to the dentist as soon as I can get in.

Trying to catch up with everybody from both boards - don't want to get reprimanded for saying the wrong thing on the Recovery Board!

nogreatmischief - I'm so glad to hear that yesterday was a good day! How's it going today?

horizon - just in case I forget, Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

Jazzy, glad to hear that the wording in your package is being changed, but it's still not great that you're facing all this, though. How did it go at the employment agency? Keeping my fingers crossed that the job at the attorney's works out for you! Oh, BTW, you mentioned your upcoming dr. appointment on the other board. I had a pelvic last Friday. My doctor was very gentle, and it didn't hurt at all. In fact, it wasn't as bad as my annual exam.

georgiascuba23 - really am impressed that you're lasting the whole day at work! You go, Girl!

distracted1 - sure hope your "little dude" is better today! Amazing how fast they bounce back, isn't it? Once a month cooking, huh? Now that's what I call organized!!

Lenaise - glad to hear you figured out your twitching problem. Weird how our bodies are reacting to everything! How did it go with the granddaughter? BTW - I'm also concerned about sitting when I go back to work (I work 9-hour days). My doc advised buying a gel cushion to sit on since I'm have "butt burn" when I sit too long. I also get stiff and sore, but I don't think the cushion will help with that!

mersey - congrats on the new waistline!! Awesome!! Unfortunately for me, my appetite has come back with a vengeance . . . .

superwife - hope grandpa is better. Hope you're better as well. Take it easy, GF!

Bionic - bless your heart, you sure are dealing with a lot, aren't you? Hugs to you, my friend . . . .

teacherjpm - glad you're listening to your body and made the decision to work half-days! It's better to work half-days than be out the rest of the year from overdoing it!

KimberJ - your body's has been through a LOT in a short time. I know it's hard to sit and do nothing, but enjoy it while you can!

TC231 - wow, a blood clot and now a "questionable" nodule?? I've got you in my thoughts, my friend - hugs to you!

kim123 - glad to hear that you're doing so well!

bjenkins - congrats on going back to work!! Sounds like you're doing good!

Jpgurl - I've done some light housework, but nothing major. Cleaned the commodes, ran the vacuum, that kind of stuff. No major deep cleaning. Speaking of which, I just hired someone to clean my house every two weeks!! I'm really pumped about that although I need to get my house in order before she comes for the first time . . . it's a mess!!. (Gosh - I can't believe I said that! Spoken like a true Southerner . . . .)

angelic - taking care of a 3-year old is a tough job even when you haven't had surgery!! Don't worry about the house and don't worry about dinner - the house will survive and soup & sandwiches are fine for dinner. What's important is that you take care of YOU right now so that you'll be able to run and play with that precious little one sooner rather than later!

clinpic - I totally understand about halfway doing stuff - had a sink full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher full of clean ones until just a few minutes ago. Don't worry, GF, things will come together for you soon! How'd it go at the doctor's today?

Miette - so sorry that you and your little ones have been sick. Just be glad it wasn't five weeks ago - can you imagine coughing/sneezing after having this surgery? Ack! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Sorry for the book - just wanted to touch base with everyone. Need to go take some more Advil for this aching jaw . . . . Have a great day!
Unread 04-25-2007, 09:33 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Suzie....you're a riot.....you've got everyone! I'm impressed! I've had to start writing down names and issues so I make sure what I write makes sense!

Thanks for your good wishes and thanks for letting me know how easy your internal went. I'm still feeling discomfort below my incision and I'm thinking it's the vaginal cuff....hoping BF and I get the 'go ahead' since he'll be away for 2 weeks starting 5/7. If not, no biggie, we've had no problems having fun this far...sans the actual 'deed'.

Sorry to hear about your jaw. Could you be clenching it while you sleep? My sister used to have that problem. I'd get it checked out...or you may have an infection in a tooth and that's where the pain is radiating too. Feel better!

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