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Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

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Unread 04-02-2007, 05:23 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Oops, am I slipping?
A story you want?
How about my wacky cat?

Our cat is the last born by MY cat (the only cat I've ever loved).
She was hand raised at 3 days old because the mother died.
So she doesn't quite understand she is a cat.
She is in fact ruler of all.

She sits in a window (usually near my pc) and falls asleep.
She then falls.
Yes, falls out of the window and BAM right on my desk.
For some odd reason she hasn't quite sorted out that windows mean BAM so stay out of them.
She has trashed the curtains and the shades from trying to stop her fall but it never helps.

Well, I have a window open and she is loving sitting in it all day long. It has a screen on it and she doesn't seem to fall out of it when it is open, only when she tries to sleep on top of it.
Yesterday afternoon a neighbor cat jumped up on the ledge.
My cat was not amused.
She hissed at it but the other cat ignored her.
How dare he!

Between the hissing and mrrrrrrrrrr'ing she was doing the dog jumps up to see what is going on.
He runs to the window and sees the strange cat and GRRRRRRRR.
The strange cat runs off.

Of course my cat thinks she did all on her own.
She paces back and forth mrrrr'ing a few more times (You know it is cat for "Yeah you better leave") and finally settles down.

Today my daughter helped me do laundry. We managed to get most of it done (odd how no one could do it when the men were around....)
I got a drop of bleach on my hand and my cat adores the smell of bleach.
She will nuzzle your hand, headbutt it, and give you a love bite if you have bleach on you.

Did I fail to mention she is a little cracked?
She gets indignant when her litter box is cleaned and will pee on the plastic bags my daughter gathers to get the job done.

She will also sleep in her litter box when it is fresh!

She has never had any litters, but she seems to go into season around the time of the month my daughter and I have our periods.
Sleep or eat all day long and then when she is ready she does this funny little dance near any male (even the dog).
The dog usually runs away and the men in the house push her out of the way.
We call it the Hoochie Dance.

She snuck out of the house Saturday (extremely rare when this happens) when hubby was taking out the garbage (after I had a tirade over nothing getting done with so many at home!).
Our son picked our daughter up from work and as they drove up they saw the cat high jumping trying to grab the dead bolt lock to the back door.
I guess she was trying to knock the door open.
I heard a loud MROOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! and next thing I know our daughter comes in with the cat.
"Mommy it followed me home. Can I keep it?"

This cat is a lot of work but we love her *lol*
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Unread 04-02-2007, 05:53 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Rabbit - you've got me hysterical here about your 'poop-a-thon'...glad you're getting some relief in that area. My bladder must be sitting on my vagina too, because when I pee it's still tightens up and the pressure is uncomfortable. Will that become an issue when we can have sex? Geesh, like I need BF to be whacking that thing! Your dogs sound so sweet! And Hurricane Katrina rescue dogs, to boot?! That's really great. I'm envious of your wine bar...it's good that DH was able to do something to try and keep his mind off of your surgery. I'm sure after almost losing you once before, the poor man was terrified. Laughing about the cotton mice! We really need to each make something with the ones we have left and send pics to each other!

Hey Angie! My doctor said that she didn't want me to drive due to sudden stops and starts. Really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me since if I'm in the passenger's seat, what's the difference??? Ya know? Did your doctor tell you the same thing? Some of the girls have had to wait three weeks. By the way, is that your picture? You're very pretty. We have similar hair styles, but I have bangs. I wish I could get used to sweeping them to the side like you do, but I just despise my forehead!! !! My incision is getting itchy too. And when I itch around it then it sometimes feels like it's burning a bit.....but it's not red or swollen. Guess it is healing. I'd ask if you're feeling the itching inside. You may have a yeast infection. Eat yogurt or take acidophilous (sp). Both keep our 'gina's' healthy......

Mersey - you always have something funny to share. Sounds like your cat is a bit confused about the fact that she's a cat. I know most of them have really cocky personalities.......very independent little souls. It's funny that no matter where you work.....or if there are enough females present in one place, that sooner or later we all get our periods at the same time or very close to that. But no more for us! yea!!!

Tired today. Supposed to go shopping with a friend tomorrow. She's looking for a dress for her son's wedding. She had him at 17. We graduated high school together and reconnected about five years ago when we decided to have a 25 year HS reunion. It will be nice to get out. Going to head to the mall and then get some lunch.

Hope everyone has a great night sleep tonight. Last night wasn't too bad. But I don't sleep much past 8 most mornings.
Unread 04-02-2007, 06:48 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hi all. Well I made it to my two week post op today, and of course I heard, "You're doing great" which by most standards I am. Actually, I love my doctor and have been really blessed to have her as my physician. Got the go-ahead to drive although dh says not as long as I'm taking vicodin. But, gee, no pushing a vacuum just yet. The only complication has been the butt pain that I whine constantly about although I did find out it was from the hysterectomy itself and not the prolapse repair. Seems that the loose ligaments that hold the cervix and uteris are kind of left dangling when those parts are removed so they are gathered up (the vaginal cuff) and then she stitched mine to a ligament on the right side of my butt (don't know the name) so that it won't fall down at some later point to basically keep it from vaginal prolapse down the road. Ok, I know that sounded really "un-medical" but thats how I remember it.....I think....I do know that I really am dreading morning bms right now because that seems to be the absolute worst of it. I'm a little whipped after being out all day: lunch with dh, a few appts he had (I sat in the car), dr's office and Walgreens. I was down three pounds from pre-op, although I wanted it more like five.

I have three dogs. One is an ancient pitbull/chow chow cross and the other two are rescued mastiffs, ages one and two and we adore them to pieces. They are small for the breed and extremely ADHD which makes it tough at times to not get tromped when they have to go out. My little female just got snorfled and I think I mentioned this already that my dh is now calling us his hystersisters (he's not very original).

I have a few tampon stories:

#1 we had a really dorky little dog for awhile who was always getting into the garbage. Because our septic system is old, I had to wrap and discard tampons, not flush them. One day I asked my husband if he had wormed the dogs because she had a long white "worm" hanging out her butt. I grabbed a kleenex and pulled (which she hated) and she had eaten a used tampon - disgusting, but she also managed to pass it string first so it didn't end up plugging her up and killing her. She was just one of those gross little dogs that needed a family who could handle her better than me.

#2 when my middle son was about ten he came home from the Christian school he attended and said he had a question for me. Seems he and another friend were discussing pads and tampons. So he wanted to know if tampons went inside the woman or laid in her underwear. I think I was more embarrassed at that point and he was just very matter-of-fact.

Jen, hope things are getting a little easier for you. I can sincerely say, "I feel your pain ." Tomorrow morning when I'm deep-breathing and hanging onto the edge of the toilet seat for dear life, I'll be sending happy thoughts your way (smile smile).

Have a great evening (or morning, dear Miette.)
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Unread 04-02-2007, 07:04 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Becky! I'll tell ya, I'm reading some of your posts to my BF and I'm laughing out loud - especially about the tampon your dog ate. Those little guys LOVE smelly stuff! Friend of mine had a German Sheppard who ate a rubber glove and passed that in full, too! He watched it come out and was like 'what the !?

Glad your post op went well. Wow, interesting about the reason your tush is bothering you. I'm just hoping my bladder heals quickly since I don't want that to become uncomfortable when BF and I get the 'go ahead'. I agree with hubby, if you're taking vicodin, you'd be better staying away from getting behind the wheel. As Bill Engvall says (the comedian) "Vicodin land is very cool until you're no longer in it!!"

Hope you sleep well tonight! Paula
Unread 04-02-2007, 07:15 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Angie, I too have that weird itching feeling. There are so many things that we are all going through. I am so grateful to have someone to share with. My male Lab Norton is also daddy's doggie but lately he wont leave my side, the female Rosie just regulary checks up on me. It is so adoarable and comforting. I guess we are in the sequel to the Breakfast Club... we ate so now its the BM Club
Unread 04-02-2007, 08:05 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

i love reading all of your stories.

when will the tush pain end? the bleeding? i am soooo tired of wearing pads...sorry for the whining..

becky- it's nice to know someone else has bad tush pain.
Unread 04-02-2007, 08:37 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Jen, is it located on the right side specifically or all over? Mine is on the right side, like if I spread cheek (sorry) and poked the butt bone on the right side. Thats where that nerve runs. I'm sick of pads as well. Even though its getting spotty, I'm kind of tired of it all. Well, vicodin and I are headed to bed. Sleep well.

Unread 04-02-2007, 09:26 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Oh that poor dog and the tampon.
REALLY lucky it was string first.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better than yesterday and a prelude to a better day after it.
Unread 04-03-2007, 05:20 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Good afternoon, girls!

I'm having a pajama day. Can't seem to fully wake up and keep falling asleep. I've been up and down and in and out of bed about 9 times today. Finally, I've given up and surrendered to the Sleep Monster. I'm really sore today. We got the good news from the doc yesterday and I decided to do a little shopping for Easter Baskets. I did way too much and wound up on the sofa groaning the rest of the night. Feels better today but I am wiped out.
You girls are hysterical (no pun intended) with those stories you tell.

Mersey: I have three cats and I laughed a lot reading about yours falling out of the window. My DH has had to "help" one of our male cats scare off an intruding cat before and of course, afterwards, the cat looks at DH like, "what? I can handle it!"

Becky: glad to hear that you found out what exactly is causing all this pain. So sorry that your tush still hurts and you dread the BM so much. Hope that starts to heal up and go away immediately!

Jazzy: hey sis... be careful shopping today and don't overdo it...all I did was walk around and felt awful afterwards. Take it easy!

Congrats to all of you with your 2-Week Anniversary!! :

I'm going to go lay on the sofa for awhile. Hope you all have a great day.

Unread 04-03-2007, 06:12 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Originally Posted by Miette
I'm having a pajama day. Can't seem to fully wake up and keep falling asleep. I've been up and down and in and out of bed about 9 times today. Finally, I've given up and surrendered to the Sleep Monster. -Miette
I had a pajama day on Friday. I just couldn't seem to get motivated.

Saturday I felt much better, even got up at the crack of dawn to do a little grocery shopping with DH, and later attended a bday party for a close friend.

Sunday and Monday I was just totally and completely wiped out!!

I have never in my life experienced anything like this. How can I feel so good, do so little, and get so dang tired from it??

It's frustrating at best. How do I know what's to much?

I'm awake today.......but Lord knows, I'll probably sleep the next two days away if I do more than just sit here.


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