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Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

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Unread 04-12-2007, 11:41 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hi Miette - s back at ya! You sound chipper today! So happy you're feeling so well.

I'm dying to get into a steady exercise plan. Losing the 5 lbs. has given me so hope that this summer I may finally want to wear a bathing suit!

Kim, wow, I'm so happy you're back to work and doing well. I'm just not there yet! When I stop needing naps in the afternoon will be a good gauge that I can finally return.

Mary, you crack me up because you remember each and every one of us! I'd have to go back and read over all the posts again, to make sure I was telling the right person the right thing!

JPgurl - congrats on the teaching job! That must have made your day! When do you start???

Becky - so sorry to hear about your poochie......it's so sad when they're sick. They're like babies and can't tell you.....they just react by either poopin or pukin'. Poor darlin'. Aw...I'll say a few prayers that she feels better soon. Rub her tummy for me, huh?

Hi Angie!!! Hope you're doing well, hon! Any plans for the day?

It's a really crappy, rainy, cold day in Jersey. Ew! Wanted to take a walk, but I guess not. Had DS to the doctor for a physical this morning. He had to get two shots......Tetanus and one for Chicken Pox since he hasn't had them yet and by this age they highly recommend the vaccination. He had one in each arm and did rather well. He's almost 5'6" and 108 lbs. Hard to believe my 'little man' is taller then me!

Nice to 'see' everyone. Hugs to all!!! Paula
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Unread 04-12-2007, 11:48 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

hi again jazzyfromnj and jpgurl...if you ever visit toronto, there is a family business that sells chutneys, etc., based in mississauga, ontario. they only sell their goods at trade fairs. i noticed on their website that they will be at the distillery farmers' market for several weeks this summer (in the historic distillery district, which has become the "trendy" area of the city). their chutneys are amazing...so good, that my son-in-law, who grew up in washington, d.c., the first son of indian immigrants, bought some to take to his mom and he wants to take some to india as well. ednaspickles...i won't display their web address since it probably isn't allowed here but suffice it to say it is very easy to find. i admire those of you that can make your own chutney!

speaking of india...my daughter married this wonderful young man who she met her first year in university (his family is christian, not that it matters, but religion not an issue). my daughter chose a day to formally ask her 3 cousins, along with 2 indian friends, to be her bridesmaids. she said, i'm wearing a sari, but none of you have to. anyways, it was the sweetest thing, but they all said they wanted to wear saris also! so the wedding was beautiful...people came from all over the u.s., the u.k, and india for the wedding (indian people love to invite every relative, close or not!) it was a mixture of a traditional southern indian wedding and traditional church ceremony. it was so funny at the reception when my son-in-law's dad was making a speech, he related the story of when he and his wife first met my daughter. five students were sharing living quarters in a house near the campus, incl. my daughter and son-in-law. he had kept the relationship quiet for several years (long story) so just introduced my daughter as a "house-mate". his parents liked my daughter right away and said at the time, "what a nice girl, too bad she isn't indian"! he went on to say that she was more "indian" now than most! a funny kind of a compliment, but a compliment none the less...lol!

a few wks. after the wedding, we all went to india to meet the extended family and i must agree with jazzy that the indian people are beautiful, friendly, welcoming and the country, although impoverished, beautiful. we visited from the north down to the southern tip of india and up into the mountains and the amazing tea plantations. we saw lots of beggars...they did approach us, but we were told never to give them anything, which we didn't. however, the beggars were gentle i found; it is absolutely sad to see, but that is part of life there. all the relatives wanted to take turns having us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sent us home with mementoes.

just thought i would tell you that little story since you mentioned india and since this is the "social" forum. jpgurl...hope your husband gets home safely from his trip...let us know if he has anything interesting to say about it.
Unread 04-12-2007, 11:54 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

nogreatmischief - wow, you've actually been to India? That's awesome! My BFF and I wanted to do that when we graduated high school, but her grandmother passed away suddenly and it just never worked out.

They are a very loving, caring people and unfortunately many are very poor. Alpa, my BFF, said when she's been there (her family was rather wealthy) she'd give her jeans to the girls who kept up the house because they loved the Western clothing.

Alpa had a traditional church wedding (the very first to marry outside her race). However her brother, who married an Indian girl had a traditional Indian ceremony which was very interesting. Sometimes I feel more Indian then American since I've been friends with Alpa for over 30 years. I've learned some of the language and love the food.

So happy you've had such a positive experience and that you were able to visit the country your son-in-law grew up in.

Thanks for sharing that! Now where are those samosas???????????
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Unread 04-12-2007, 12:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hi again, Paula! Hey there, Nogreat...glad to see you too!! Yes, Paula, I'm in a pretty good mood. I enjoyed being out today and I got to talk a lot which really helps. It's always nice to be heard

I'm sitting at the computer trying to keep myself busy because I have the munchies... ... scary. I hate the munchies. grr. Paula, how on earth did you lose 5 lbs? I'm very envious. I weighed myself today thinking I had probably gained ten lbs since the surgery, being sedentary and all, but nope.. I am the same weight. WHEW! I'm actually trying to lose weight, but considering everything we have all endured over the past three weeks, I can't complain. I really did think I'd go up 5-10 lbs just from all the meds and laying around on the sofa.

I love Indian food!! I think I know what chutney is..it's that jelly-fruity thing, right? I liked it quite a bit and I love curry. When DH and I have a special night out we always go to our local Indian place and have elaborate meals with veg and rice and lovely sauces... wonderful!

Hugs to all!
Unread 04-12-2007, 12:06 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Miette, well if you keep talking about all that Indian food, the 5 lbs I lost will be back soon!

Not sure how I lost, but I'd assume it was due to what was taken out of me and the fact that for a couple of weeks I didn't eat much. I started out at 5' 4 1/2" @ 154 lbs! That's the highest I've ever been in my life, so 149 isn't too terrific either. I have an underactive thyroid which started the gaining trend over 7 years ago, and it's been almost impossible to lose weight since. I'd like to be 130 lbs, but I doubt that will ever happen. I've tried WW, LA Weight Loss, to no avail. Hard to believe that in 1990 I was 120 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get on a steady exercise program and will as soon as I get clearance from my doctor. Being a single mom never afforded me time to go to the gym since I couldn't leave my DS alone. Now that's he's almost 14, that won't be an issue.

Chutney is like salsa to a degree, just normally made with some type of fruit or tomatos, onions, etc. I love it too!
Unread 04-12-2007, 12:10 PM

Originally Posted by Lenaise
If you guys have heard of a lady called Dr. Miriam Stoppard - she's written a book called 'Menopause' - my daughter bought it for me as a gift and it's such a 'bible' !

I really like Miriam Stoppard! I didn't know she wrote a book on menopause. My sister has gone through early menopause (she's only 33) and my mother, of course, and even though my ovaries are still there... they are sick with PCOS and I've always wanted to read more about menopause because I've been having hot flashes and other hormonal nightmares for a couple of years now. I haven't had a real hot flash now since the surgery, but I never did have them very often. Just every-once-in-awhile.

Good luck with your meeting tonight! I hope it all goes well and it doesn't make you too sore. I know for me, sitting is only comfortable for short periods of time.

Unread 04-12-2007, 12:15 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007


Well, I've tried the diets too *sigh*... I'm about 50 lbs overweight even though I recently lost over twenty lbs. It's so hard to get it off.. especially with diabetes and PCOS. It's kind of a two steps forward one step back type of process. I don't go to the gym either... it's a nice idea, but I know I'd just wind up making excuses and wasting the money. DH bought me an eliptical for my birthday and I like it, although I can't use it just now. I walk instead.. slowly...at the speed of continental drift.

For me, the only thing that really has any effect on my weight is to count calories.. tedious, boring, maddening... but for me it works. My goal is to eat around 1500 calories a day, but it's a goal often not met. I tend to average around 1800. ugh.

Unread 04-12-2007, 12:17 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Greetings Sisters! I hope this post finds you all well.

I've never been out of this great country, but someday I hope to find my way to some other lands. I've always dreamed of wading in the Mediterranean, standing at the Parthenon, and trying to spot Nessie in Loch Ness! I may have to get over my fear of flying over water tho.

I think our weather is finally turning around, as I can actually see some grass out of the window! YAH!!! Forecasts call for mid 50s by the weekend!

I've been doing a lot of lurking here, so I hope you don't think I've forgotten any of you. I am keeping up, somewhat!!!

Blessings to you all!
Unread 04-12-2007, 12:35 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Miette, congratulate yourself on losing 20 lbs! That's quite an accomplishment - I'm proud of you!!

I have diabetes in both sides of my family - most adult onset, so that's always a fear of mine. What is PCOS?

Being a former anorexic is tough since I am constantly consumed by my weight - though I don't go to the extremes I used to. I rarely eat 1000 calories a day - and consider myself a very healthy eater....so that's always been a mystery too. Like you, only when I count calories or points (WW) do I seem to see the scale go down. However, as much as I believe WW's to be the best 'diet' out there, when I did it, I felt there wasn't enough food and as soon as I deviated slightly the weight came back plus a few extra pounds.

Once you're better - get on that eliptical machine and I'll do my glider, plus whatever else I can get my hands on. Did "Walk Away the Pounds" tape, but that wasn't tough enough!
Unread 04-12-2007, 12:38 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Notgreatmishchief what a great story about India. Dh said that the people he's had contact with have been sooo wonderful. They even made him a special pasta dish because he's been having stomach issues over there, probably from the fact that we eat a lot of whole, fresh foods-something in short supply. I imagine he's been having the same bowel problems some of the gals here have had. Anyway he's taking tomorrow morning off to see the ruins at Hempi before he has to catch the train back to Bangalore. He's only had that one problem with people outside the hotel. He was an American in a hostile Muslim neighborhood. They probably wer staring at him wondering what dumb American would have the nerve to walk here. Like I've said he finds all the interesting neighborhoods. But ya know people are people and even though we've been to some rough places we've never been harmed. Although one time in Chicago we were at a McDonald's and a couple of police came up to us and said "Get your food and get out of here. You're in the wrong neighborhood." It was so quiet in that restaurant you coul've heard a pin drop. LOL.
I LOVE Toronto-but haven't been in 17 years. Made several trips there when we were first married. I think I know where the distillery district is and if it's where I think-I can't believe it's a trendy place.
I can't remember who asked but I'll start teaching after the audition. There a Tues. night class opened now in cycling-I could teach that now, I could cue it and walk the room and ride a bit. But I'll wait till after May-I have some travelling I have to do.
Well off to nap-I finally worked hard enough to be tired.
Take care

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