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Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

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Unread 04-12-2007, 02:23 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Hubby and I also find ourselves in the most unlikely places when we travel. Sometimes we both wonder what were we thinking,but in the moment have found some of the most wonderful places. We like to do what the locals do when we are visiting other towns, and countries.

Hubby travels alot for his job and it is reassuring to see so many others whose DH travel and out of the country no less also!
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Unread 04-12-2007, 02:24 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Originally Posted by Mz.V
I do so love other cultures. My town, while very small, has such a diverse ethnicity......folks from Mexico, Somalia, Bosnia, Vietnam, Russia.....and more I'm sure that I'm not thinking of.

It's a great thing, getting to know them and sharing our cultures with each other. I really have learned so much!!

Several years ago, a Bosnian couple that DH and I are very close to, tried and tried to convince me to go back "home" with them. It just wasn't possible, due to work circumstances.........but I have to be honest, I was a little thankful that it didn't work out. The thought of 24 hours over the ocean scared the bejebus out of me!!!
Vikki, I forget not everyone lives in podunk wyoming population 650 . How fun to live someplace with such diversity of people and cultures. I think the longest flights we ever took were when we went to asia and Egypt. I thought we'd never get off the plane.
Unread 04-12-2007, 03:25 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Kim- Yes I stayed seated during class. I just did seated hill climbs. I'm more of an outdoor cyclist and we don't spend tons of time outof the saddle-it expends to much energy. There are only 2 reasons to get out of the saddle outside-1) You're about ready to tank on a hill and need that extra push or 2) You're in a sprint and need that extra push. I did come out of the saddle 4 times for about 10-20 seconds each. Just trying to push a little more each day without overdoing. I may go tomorrow and try for 40-45 minutes. We'll see. I know you'll have so much fun going back, just stop before you get really tired. I really could've done the whole class but for me I don't know I've overdone till it's too late. That's so cool that you certified too. I've been on a 5 year haitus-guess it really is time to get back into it.

Notgreat I'm hoping that dh will find me a sari (is that the scarf/shawl??) . It was an adventure for him ,but he's hoping to not have to go back anytime soon. Europe is more his pace, but he goes all over. I think his favorite so far has been Alaska because he's never seen anything like it.
Well off to do some cleaning-Have a good evening all
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Unread 04-12-2007, 03:36 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

DS's 7th birthday is today, and i haven't done anything for him for it! OH NO! So, it looks like other than my church outing, taking him to dinner tonight will be my first big outing in public! Wish me luck..
Unread 04-12-2007, 03:41 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Originally Posted by distracted1
DS's 7th birthday is today, and i haven't done anything for him for it! OH NO! So, it looks like other than my church outing, taking him to dinner tonight will be my first big outing in public! Wish me luck..
You'll do great. Go somewhere fun where they sing happy birthday and he'll feel like a prince.
Unread 04-12-2007, 04:32 PM
Day 17 for me!

Hello sisters!

suzieq - I'm with you on the mood swings and insomnia. I realize that my hormones are going through the mother of all changes, but it's annoying to be crying one minute then ranting the next. :wowee: I go through enough of that when my psych meds need changing! DH doesn't know whether to "scratch his watch or wind his butt." (Dolly Parton - "Steel Magnolias") Glad to hear you got your sexy back. Mine comes and goes (no pun intended - really)

Thanks for all of the BM "woo hoo's"!

Mersy - my urination "weirds" had me on the phone with two different triage nurses yesterday. Basically they came down to bladder spasms. Some people have them every fifteen minutes or so, and I was told that a "B & O" suppository could help (Bella Donna and Opium - how weird is that?) but mine are only when I need to pee and while I'm urinating and for about 15 seconds after I finish. It could be a UTI sign, but I really don't have any others. Since I've been drinking about a lakes worth of water every day, I'm peeing every two hours or so. I was told to go every hour or so, even if I don't have to, and maybe that would help.

I developed a rash around my incision from the tape I was using for my gauze. I switched to Band-Aids and the rash went away. I was worried because it was an open rash, but "poof - gone" once the tape was ninety-sixed!

As far as the epsom salt bath - I'm no doctor (just an EMT and paramedic student and my husband is a chemmist), but we discussed this and since epsom is a neutral salt (pH of 7 which is neither acid nor alkili) and your body's natural pH is 7.35 - 7.45, that should not have caused a problem.

Jane - My regular doctor took me off Black Cohosh as soon as she found out I was taking it. This was a couple years ago and I was using it as a mental health supplement. I don't remember why (sorry) but she almost blew an eyeball out when I told her.

Day 77 without a cigarette today! Woot Woot for me! I want one just about everyday, but I KNOW that I would be healing much more slowly if I hadn't quit.

DH came home from work five minutes after I peed yesterday, walked through the house into our bathroom, and made sure that the toilet was flushed (like I would forget that!) He said that he could smell it when he walked in the house. How gross it that? Of course I started bawling because I'm a smelly peer all of a sudden and my spasms have been bad and because I have dark brown discharge and some red bleeding when I wipe and because it's cold out and because I'm scared and angry and frustrated and because I have physical limitations... You know how it goes. He kind of tilted his head to the side and looked at me with the "cocker spaniel" expression.

Today is better - I had been getting about five hours of sleep per night, and got TEN WHOLE HOURS last night. Couldn't believe it when I woke up (for good, not just the "got to pee now" waking up.)

I know that many comments have been made on recovery rates, but I need to add my opinion (when I was a teenager I had a poster in my room that said "everybody is entitled to my opinion" and I guess I still feel that way.) I did my 2 1/2 days of overdoing it (second 1/2 of days 9, all of day 10, first half of day 11 - and then Easter of course,) and have been paying for it since. The triage nurse said that if we over-do and cause even the slightest tear or strain, that we go back to day one in that particular area. How old we are, how physically active we are on a regular basis, what type of surgery we have had, our mental attitude, our support network, how healthy we are overall...all of these will factor in while we are healing. They make a huge difference. Just because somebody had the same surgery we did later than we did and is doing more physical activity, that doesn't mean that we need to or even should.

Eat well - protein with every meal, three meals and three snacks a day, drink water to cleanse (fresh lemon juice in hot water is a great cleansing tool,) fruits and veggies (stay away from the ABC's if you're consitipated: Apples, Bananas, and Cheese,) stay away from fried, fatty, or refined foods, try and avoid caffeine (even I can't do that)...create a healthy environment inside your body so that healing can occur. But still, like my father has told me since I was a child, "moderation in everything, including moderation!"

Take care of yourselves - remember, if you were only given one car and had to drive it your entire life, how would you take care of it?


Unread 04-12-2007, 04:59 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

hi j9mattfield...have you ever thought about becoming a stand-up comedienne or writing for one? you really make me chuckle, even your little graphic faces (sorry i don't know what they're called and i don't know how to use them...how pathetic am I?)are hilarious and inserted so appropriately. your posting would make a funny stand-up routine, in the vein of "wingfield's trilogy" (that's a one-man act where he writes letters (reads to the audience) and becomes many different characters, even his dog!).

thru all the comedy i can hear your frustrations...i was really embarrassed when i was trying to have my first b.m.'s and my husband opened the door and turned on the fan...he could smell me from the hallway! they still smell worse than usual. i thought if you cut out meat, you didn't smell as bad...lol...well you know the old saying about liking the smell of your own poo (i can't remember the saying exactly, but you get the picture!)

my dr. took me off a black cohosh formula also as it builds up estrogen in your uterus (something like that). sounds like you have an amazing husband who supports you thru all this, mood swings and all. and i'm sure you must be an amazing wife!

thanks for the good tips about food, abc i hadn't heard of that. i can't cut out bananas, though, i love them and i don't think they have ever constipated me, although they do my best friend. my potassium also has been low, so they help me out there.

continue to recover at your own pace...your humour will get you thru anything. thanks for that.
Unread 04-12-2007, 05:01 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Janine, Your post really put a smile on my face! You deserve so much respect for quitting smoking and sticking to it. My dear friend has been a smoker almost her entire life. She desperately needs to quit, but just can't. Recently she tried the patch, but even smoked with the high dose patch on and it did faise her a bit. It is super hard. Congrats on 77 days!
Unread 04-12-2007, 05:35 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

3 week check up today. No pelvic. I was surprised as many of you have said that was the norm for you. Basically DR looked at the insision and then we discussed my hot flashes, moodiness and insomnia. He put me on Paxil as I can not have HRT for various reasons. We talked about the black cohosh and he wasn't reallly against that. (Since I do have a family history of uterin cancer I decided against that) So the Paxil is to help with those symptoms, I hope. Would love to hear from sisters who are using this drug therapy. I can take a bath and drive now but go back in three weeks for the 'all clear'. Got ok to return to work on the 23rd of this month. I still have MAJOR swelly belly....DR gave me a technical name for it....does anyone remember what that is?

I am hoping for sleep tonight. I stayed out of bed ALL day and rested in the living room instead. Maybe the combination of Paxil, Sleepytime Tea and my swelly belly band (which came in the amil today) will do the trick. Will let you all know tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up about Black Cohosh. I was leery for some reason and thanks to you all I know why.

Bless my Hystersisters!

Unread 04-12-2007, 05:42 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 19-Mar 26,2007

Originally Posted by clinpic
Vikki, I forget not everyone lives in podunk wyoming population 650 . How fun to live someplace with such diversity of people and cultures.
Believe it or not, clinpic, we are only population 2,200! The food processing plant where I work brings in a lot of people to this area!

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