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Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

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Unread 05-20-2007, 12:00 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

I agree with you totally. I lost my butt last year in vegas.
I'm stuck out here in the land of insomnia again. Had got a little better but now its worse again. And last night I woke up I know 10 times with night sweats. That was horrible.
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Unread 05-20-2007, 09:30 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

ImIrish, that is nice you love your job. It makes a difference when we spend most of our time working. I love mine too (of course every job has its ups and downs) and I know I would miss it if I did something else. My DH has been spoiled with me home every night...I usually work 2 weeks on/10 days off...the days on are very long but knowing I get to go home for a long time makes it easier. I am nervous about when I first go back, I know I will be tired and probably sore and won't be able to go home. Does your job involve a little danger? I remember you said something about processing inmates or something and they could get physical....I will be praying for you to be safe.

Jenni, I have joined the insomnia club with you....been there for a few weeks. I finally fall asleep but its around 3 or 4 in the morning. I have been taking tylenol pm at around 8 pm hoping it will hit by midnight, I've tried melatonin and cough medicine. I really don't want to have to take a prescription. I think their must be some underlying issue and I am trying to figure it out. I think yours is worse than mine though. I can at least fall asleep finally. I know you have been thru so much since surgery and had it a lot tougher than me...I think the worst is over for you and you are on the path to complete recovery.

I like what TKls2myhrt said...you are not a mess, you are just changed a bit...I think that can apply to all of us!
Unread 05-20-2007, 09:22 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

"Every job has it's ups and downs." No pun intended Upon Wings??? LOL I understand the physical part of you job about having to be able to lift 50 lbs over your head (Some jerks just don't want to check their baggage. There was a guy who was wheeling his suitcase down the aisle and hitting each row as he went along. Some people think they are so much more important than the rest of us and have to be right off the plane!), but what do you have to lift off the floor that is 200 lbs?

I do sometimes have to pat down female prisoners if there is not a female officer working. No one has gotten physical with me so far. They are usually drunk and crying (when I worked midnights) because they got picked up for DUI. (Don't drink and drive if you don't want to get arrested for it! Ever heard of designated drivers???) I hate it when they bring in females who were arrested for drugs or shoplifting because I think I will miss something they have hidden on themselves.

I'm still having trouble sleeping at night although I do nap during the day. I don't nap for long periods of time, but I need to stop that or I will find myself falling asleep at my keyboard at work! I thought I wasn't sleeping because it was excitement before my trip, but I've been awake until 3 a.m. since being back also. I think I will get some kind of over the counter PM medicine because I don't want to use prescription medication.

I have so much to do around my house and have hardly done anything except laundry and cleaning the kitty litter box because I do need clothes to wear and one of my cats would poop in my bed if I didn't clean her litter box! When I couldn't do housework, I was upset that things weren't getting done because I could not do them. Now that I can do housework, I just don't have the energy or the attention span to get anything done. I am currently suffering from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I wish I could find a happy medium!

Well I guess I should try and get some sleep. I want to try and get into a normal pattern before I go back to work on Thurs. but like others have asked around here, "What's normal?" and "Will I ever be "normal" again?"
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Unread 05-20-2007, 10:12 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

[quote=I.M.Irish] what do you have to lift off the floor that is 200 lbs?

The beverage carts full of soda can weigh up to 300 lbs. Some aircraft have a metal threshold between the galley floor and the carpeted cabin and we have to lift the cart up and over...its a one person job as there is not enough room for 2 of us in the aisle side by side. The newer aircraft have a smoother transition and we don't have to lift the cart, it just rolls over nicely.

Anyway when I go back before I am released to fly I have to prove myself at the training center with a full cart being lifted off the floor on one end for 10 seconds, then push it up and down an incline, and show that I can lift out all the exit windows and open and close all the doors on several different types of aircraft (they are pretty heavy too). Then with the assistance of only one other person I have to lift a person from a wheelchair to a seat and sometimes it requires going over the armrest. Also have to get the life raft out the ceiling compartment with the assistance of only one other and drag it over to an emergency exit. The aircraft simulators we train in are on hydraulics so they can make the plane shake and tilt sideways and that makes it harder. Then I get to attend some training I missed while I have been out....terrorist training that includes a lot of shoving and pushing(with protective gear on even though in real life I would be armed with an apron and peanuts!).

Sorry this is so long, but I am just remembering everything I have to do! It has always been fun in the past and will be again I am sure but right now the thought of straining myself just makes me cringe. My Dr. wrote me out for 10 weeks total and I am really hoping that is all I need but that is only 2 1/2 weeks away and I don't feel ready yet.

Most of the time I am slinging pepsi and peanuts but we are not trained for that...we are trained for everything else that might go wrong.

Sorry my post was so long! I better stop before I stress myself out. Hope all goes well for you ImIrish going back this week. I am sure it will be an adjustment changing to a day shift. Hopefully the sleeping pattern gets better.

Have a good week everyone at work. I pray all is going well for you and you can take it easy if possible.
Unread 05-21-2007, 03:51 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Uponwings, Sounds like when you go back you have a full plate. I don't think I would like being away from home that much. I am a home body and my safe place is in my bedroom. I hate going anywhere. And since my surgery it has gotten much worse.

If I were you I would try to get as much rest as possible for the next 2 wks. Sounds like your gonna need it. I'm back to work in 1 hour. Yea....Hope it goes better this time.
Unread 05-21-2007, 05:12 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Originally Posted by UponWings
Sorry this is so long, but I am just remembering everything I have to do! It has always been fun in the past and will be again I am sure but right now the thought of straining myself just makes me cringe. My Dr. wrote me out for 10 weeks total and I am really hoping that is all I need but that is only 2 1/2 weeks away and I don't feel ready yet.
I didn't think your post was so long, I thought it was interesting. I know you do more than sling Pepsi and peanuts, but did not know all that was involved. I have a new appreciation for flight attendants although I probably won't see them too often as I don't like to fly. On our flight out, there was an elderly gentleman (with many medical problems) who was eating a sandwich with lettuce (bought elsewhere and brought on the plane) and did not chew the lettuce as he should have. He started to choke and the flight attendants were wonderful with him. It took a while and came out piece by piece (luckily they did not have to Heimlich him as he was frail and I would be afraid of broken bones) and he was okay. I was glad when I heard they would be returning on Fri. (We returned on Thurs.) Last year we had some of the same people coming back as going out. Then we get to our hotel and he and his wife and daughter who he was traveling with went by us. I saw them one other time at the hotel too. Small world!

As one of my sergeants would say to me about working in the stressful communications room day after day, "I don't know how you do it." Our return flight was bumpy and our landing was with such a jolt that my life vest came loose from underneath my chair!

I pray that you will be able to get up your strength and be able to return to work in the time given to you by the dr. It may seem like a short time compared to the almost 8 weeks we have been out already, but if you take it day by day, I think it will be okay. Best wishes for a successful return to work.
Unread 05-21-2007, 10:43 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Hi Sisters, tomorrow is 8 weeks for me and a lot of you. Hope everyone is feeling well.

I am doing pretty good, still sore and have weird stinging prickly feelings in my tummy. I go back for a 10 week ck up in 2 weeks and will probably be released to work then. I have to be able to lift a lot so I am easing back into lifting and my body lets me know when I have done too much. I get tired very easily...have to get used to working 12-14 hour days again and it will wipe me out at first I am sure.

I have really enjoyed this site and going thru all this with you my sisters. I hope you are all doing well and can ck back in and give an update now and then. I know most of you are back at work and busy...remember though we are still princesses! Get pampered when you can!
Unread 05-22-2007, 07:30 PM

Go Blake, Go Blake, Go Blake Simon hit the nail on the head during the Jay Leno Show last night... you have an entertainer vs. singer. Blake has been my fav, close behind was Melinda. I prefer the performer / entertainer over the singer. Melinda had both, but did not fit the Idol image. Jordin is a great singer and this is a singing competition but I don't enjoy watching her. If you noticed in the clips of each song, she has the same pose and doesn't move much. AND how about the last song they both sang, the one that won the song writing competition... awesome song! Even if Blake's not the next American Idol, I'm pretty sure we've not heard the end of him. A fine example was last season's #4 man, Chris Daughtry. He was my fav last season. I stopped watching when he left, except, of course, I watched the finale... there again, I was all about the entertainer Taylor over the singer Kat.

Enough about American Idol, let's talk about me and my Sisters. I'm fine. I actually feel pretty normal, and better than normal in other areas! Really, I have nothing to complain about.

DD and DS are last week of school. DD got good news today - she tried out for the premier show band at school and made it! She's so excited, she hurts my ears talking about it! I'm proud of her. They will be travelling to Los Angeles, Minnesota, and other exciting places. She's getting ready to go to Orlando for band competition the end of the month.

DS appears to have made the necessary grades to play football next year. I always hold my breath during fourth quarter. He only puts forth what is necessary - not what he is capable of.

I took a walk tonight with my friend and hystersister. My back is achey but I have no other complaints. I believe all of the infection "has left the building!"

Let me hear from you guys! I miss you and hope all is going well!
Unread 05-22-2007, 07:52 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Happy 8 week Hysterversary! Finally, at 8 weeks I can say if it wasn't for my incision/scar, I cannot tell I had surgery. I have no lingering symptoms - except for the absence of periods, cramps and back pain! I believe all of my infections have cleared, too. When I had to use the gel antibiotic, I had to wear a mini pad to protect my underwear - which seemed weird since I wasn't bleeding! I've never been more excited than to see a pure white pad everytime I went to the restroom! Sorry - I am very happy to be back to normal, and better than normal in some areas. No more fibroids, no more pain. Last week, I could still feel twinges and pain if I moved the wrong way or got up too fast. I haven't felt anything like that this week. I took a one mile walk today - my back is a little achey and that's it.
Things I do miss:
... my Castle... it was new and Awesome!
...pampering...the housework, laundry and dinner duty my full responsiblity, once again.
... rest... my morning naps!
... my soaps! due to technical difficulties, I've not been able to tape them.
...my REBA show! I only get to watch it from 5:30-6:00. When I was home for 6 weeks I watched it 2 hours a day!
...Most importantly... my constant communication with my Hystersisters. I love you guys.
Unread 05-22-2007, 08:08 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

I can't wait to watch AI. I had to tape it and I just got home - from a 13 hour day at work! Watching the DWTS finale right now and I'm probably going to go ahead and watch AI before I go to bed. I'll be worn out in the a.m., but I don't think I can wait until tomorrow! I, too, am a "Blaker Girl" and have voted for him week after week. He's been my AI since the early days. I'm pleasantly surprised he's gone this far. I really thought the divas had it in the bag! Now I think he could actually win this. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR BLAKE!

On to the 13 hour day... I actually feel pretty good, despite the long hours. My job is not physical, so I don't have the issues to deal with that others do. But by 2:00 this afternoon, I was so sweaty and gross, I had to go shopping to buy clean, dry clothes before my afternoon/evening meeting. (I was out of town all day.) Good thing I did, too, because at the evening banquet, I was caught by surprise with a special recognition. I'd have felt really self conscious being hurled into the spotlight in "sweaty, stinky mode."

Hope everybody else is doing well. Gonna go check the recovery progress thread (which I think gets closed out at 8 weeks, which was yesterday, so our days there are numbered).

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