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Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007 Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

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Unread 04-10-2007, 11:50 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007


I cannot believe you were able to go into the office and stayed that long (a 3 hr meeting?). OMG.

I went in to pickup my check last Thurs. There was a new woman who started in my office the day of my surgery. I was supposed to be the one to train her, but my timing kind of put wrench in that. The woman who works days was not in because of the holiday and such so the new woman was on her own. I answered a few questions that she had. (I actually wanted to stay because I felt so bad that she was there on her own less than a week into the job, but my ride was in the parking lot and I knew I really couldn't stay.) I'm sure there will be more questions when I get back and I will probably have to re-train her, but I'm taking the full 6 weeks off.

My DD sees me in the recliner and says "it must be nice to just lie around". Like this is what I want to be doing! (She wants to quit her job, but I won't let her until she has another one all l ined up. So I'm sure it's not fun to see me and my mom (she has hardly left my side) staying home and she has to go to work. She doesn't remember all the summers she had off and I had to work my 40 hrs every week, does she?) I told her that I hope she doesn't have to go through this one day because I would rather be at work then reclining on the love seat. She really ticked me off when I found out that I had a mass in my right ovary. I was telling my best friend about it and my DD said something about her ovaries are going to fall out early. I said, "Yeah, cuz it's just all about you." Could she have been anymore selfish or insensitive?

To those of you with new drivers in the house, how do you do it? I can't imagine having a hyst and riding around with a new driver. My DD has had her license for 3 yrs and the other day when we went grocery shopping (maybe one of my overdoing it days), I think she hit every bump in the road (on purpose? possibly). I can't wait until I can drive because right now I am at the mercy of my DD and my mom who is 73 with a bit of eyesight loss in her right eye. Needless to say, I go out in a car as little as possible. My walks are my only times out to relieve me from "cabin fever".

Sorry about the venting, but I guess we all need to do it sometime and why not with my sisters who probably understand the most?

Hope you all have a good day with little to "vent" about.
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Unread 04-10-2007, 11:56 AM
This looks like a mess! I didn't use the Quote correctly.


BIG AI fan here (Go Blake)! Have been faithful all 6 seasons. Do you vote? I do. My kids think I'm nuts, but it, along with my soaps (CBS), Survivor, the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars (I don't vote) are my most guilty pleasures.
Blake is my favorite guy and Melinda is my favorite girl. I only vote when I'm on pain meds! I also watch CBS soaps, that's what I'm doing now - commercial during Bold & Beautiful! Got hooked on it during maternity leave 17+ years ago with DD.
I wonder how Jenn is doing. I hope we hear from her soon and it wasn't anything serious enough to require hospitalization. You feeling better, TK?
Can't wait to hear from Jen, too, after her dr. appt.
Lower back and hip pain and a "tugging" feeling in the vaginal area are back - maybe from sitting too much. I have a really tight tugging feeling when I lay on my side. There's more room in there! Don't know why it feels full - still have swelly belly!
I cancelled a trip to the office today b/c I had visions of how it would go and almost had a panic attack. I took care of what needed to be done over the phone and email instead. I'm just not ready to face the office again. Not after last time. Being the director of this agency, staff look to me for strength and leadership - not pain and weakness. When I went last Friday, I was in a constant hot-flash, my mood was fragile and my back-side sore from sitting through a 30 minute party and 3 hour meeting. I wore a brave face and joked about the trials of recovery, but by the time I got home, they had taxed me such that I thought I'd pass out! I have another meeting Friday, so I'm just gonna rest up for that and try to be ready for their barrage of questions, signatures needed, etc. I LOVE my job and those who work for me, but right now, I need to keep my distance.
Good idea not to go in! Like I told TK the other day, I read on here somewhere that if you go in and you don't feel 100% your co-workers will expect more from you than what you can produce. Sounds like you have a high pressure job. Stay home until you are stronger!
Unread 04-10-2007, 12:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Atypical - Glad to hear you had good appt. today! I am having steri strips removed today. I don't expect any pain to be involved. I remember having stapels removed after c-section - there was stinging sensation.

Again, good to hear your recovering well! Keep it up and don't over-do.
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Unread 04-10-2007, 12:11 PM
Time flies

My goodness, an hour and a half has just flown by while I was on this site. Yes I do have a myspace (too old to have one I know, but my DD's friend suggested it and it was fun for a bit) but this is MYSPACE to be these days. Gotta get off to watch my one CBS soap, "As The World Turns". I just love that show.

See you later this evening. Maybe I will try to do some of my crocheting since some of you are doing cross stitching. I have to do something else besides sleep and computer!
Unread 04-10-2007, 12:13 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Kelly - Vent away! I loooovvvve my DD as I'm sure everyone loves their kids but sometimes we just need to vent! My DD has this way of making me feel I'm a bother. The other day I was waiting to hear if I needed to go into the dr. office and her boyfriend was going to come visit her but not knowing if she was going to have to take me to the dr., she had to put boyfriend on hold. Everytime I talked to the dr. office, she was texting her boyfriend! I lost it! He doesn't need to know every conversation that goes on in our house! One comment to him would have sufficed - "I'll let you know when we get back from dr. office." I wanted to throw her cell phone against the wall! Sorry I'm inconveniencing you! Also, I had conversation with her that she was going to have to do more while I'm down. So, when I mention doing something in addition to her usual chores, I get attitude. Oh boy! And this is the person that drives me to my dr. appt. !! Blood pressure reading will be high I'm sure!
Unread 04-10-2007, 12:17 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Originally Posted by jayhawk83
Blake is my favorite guy and Melinda is my favorite girl. I only vote when I'm on pain meds! I also watch CBS soaps, that's what I'm doing now - commercial during Bold & Beautiful! Got hooked on it during maternity leave 17+ years ago with DD.
Melinda is my fav gal, too, but there have been many like her to come before her (Gladys, Aretha, Natalie, etc.). Blake is FRESH. There's nobody else out there quite like him - then or now. HE'S MY AMERICAN IDOL! (OK, that was cheesy). As for soaps, does anyone watch ATWT? Are you watching it now? IS THAT THE OLD CRAIG? Thank goodness. I did NOT like yhat last actor.

Back to recovery talk.... I don't know what I pulled when I had tha upper abdominal cramp, but I am really aching now. If it's not better soon, I may resort to the percocet. UGH!

Unread 04-10-2007, 12:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Yep - I watch ATWT. I didn't like the "new" Craig. Glad he's gone. OMG - that is "an" old Craig. There have been a few. I love Henry - he cracks me up - nice shirt & tie combo today! Maybe we should private message soap talk? I, too, consider this my Myspace!
I'm going to find out how to send private messages, we'll continue soap chat there...

Hey - maybe you pulled and adhesion? Something that was healing and you tore it?
Unread 04-10-2007, 12:37 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Colls - I sent you a private message about soaps/shows. Click on Private Messages bar above search bar, upper right had corner. Any other Sisters that want to join in soap/show chat, message me!
Unread 04-10-2007, 12:53 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Originally Posted by I.M.Irish
I called the Dr. today and spoke to the PA. She said it may just be a couple stitches disolving and to keep an eye on it, ie. monitor pain, temp, clots (luckily I haven't had any), etc. Just passing this along to all, but if anyone has bleeding of their own, please call your own doctor and don't go by mine. I love mine and trust him 100%, but I think we should check with our own when we have problems, because some of my symptons may be different from yours and will yield a different response.

Jayhawk - If at all possible, I would recommend getting TiVo.
I was told disolving sutures too. Whew.

Oh Tivo...can I sing the praises of Tivo. I got mine with my income tax return and started loading it up in preparation of post-op. I can watch Heroes, Dirty Jobs, Dancing With the Stars, Lost, CSI's (Thursday's is my favorite) whenever I want. Plus I have gotten into Charmed. I know it's in syndication, but it's something fun and goofy to watch. Plus now that Baseball is here and NHL playoffs have started I can follow the D-backs, Tigers and Red Wings without missing anything due to whatever and watch whenever I want. It was the best purchase ever.

Sorry to ramble!
Unread 04-10-2007, 01:08 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 26-Apr 02,2007

Doing well, thankfully, thanks for noticing me and asking JH.

Please forgive me if I am repeating myself, brain fog issues, as always.

My recovery is going very well, maybe too well??

It seems that everybody expects me to be back to myself…..grrrrr I did take the advice of another sister and take a few opportunities to hold my belly and wince a little just to remind the few that are around.

Anyway, my recovery story is pretty simple. Went to the castle two weeks ago today (LSH). I was up and peeing on my own first thing that Wednesday morning, and walking as I knew how important that was for my recovery. Came home the next day, a little later than anticipated because of nausea but not a big deal. Did have to take more than just the stool softeners and mild laxatives. I was a little worried that taking anything else would cause the not-so-light “Go Lytely” toilet seat butt ring, butt burn, going WHILE still drinking it, explosion that I did not want but decided that I had to after two days home. I was able to stop taking anything stronger than OTC Tylenol just 4 days after surgery. Prune juice, Gas X strips, heating pad, walking, extra fluids, and this site have been vital to me the past few weeks! I don’t go for my post-op check until the 19th, seems like forever.

With all that many of you have going on, I really can’t complain. I have had zero spotting (which surprised me on my first visit to the throne at the castle) until today with a tiny amount of old/brown blood, no fever (my temp is actually low????), and no major pain (more like strong discomfort than pain). I have had some bladder discomfort but, again, not major at all. From the first night home, I have been able to sleep on my belly, which is the only way I get good sleep, as long as I am careful when I move. I am single (w/ bf but…story for another time), no real family (older brother actually moved in with me yesterday while he is looking for a house to buy) and can’t really count too much on others (or is it that I won’t let myself??? I have never been in a position to count on others so it is really hard for me to give others a chance but that is really another story) but have had some help, thankfully. I have been somewhat hormonal, my sincere apologies for being such a grumpisaurous in some of my replies to posts, but I am not too worried about that yet. I do still have my ovaries. I have had some insomnia – which is interesting for a narcoleptic with sleep apnea but go figure.

When the discussion of a hyst first came up, my dr indicated that he would take my uterus and cervix via an abdominal. By the time the surgery was scheduled, he indicated that he thought it was more likely (not as likely as the 95% of his patients) that he could do the laparoscopic procedure and only take my uterus. This unknown, combined with my dr’s indication a week before that I could “run a marathon” just two days after my surgery, complicated things when trying to ask the right questions and prepare for post op. I knew that if the surgery was abdominal that I would not be allowed to drive or do much of anything for several weeks but was confused what the rule is for people that have laparoscopic procedures. I ended up calling and talking to my dr’s nurse (who I think the world of) to see about driving. Besides two eat-dinner-out excuses to get out of the house, I have not been out. I did not drive. The pollen and cooler weather has added to the challenge of just getting out in the yard. She was not fired up about me driving but said that short distances should be fine. Wellllllll………yesterday I had to see my chiropractor (he’s about 40 min away) because my neck has been so stiff and the back of my head really hurting (all from a fall down stairs late 2003) so I drove myself. I was going right past the bank, so I went ahead and stopped. I had an almost past due bill and was passing it, so I stopped there too. I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home. Of course that is when my brother got here and wanted to do nervous/stress babbling……yes, I let him…..ugh.

I guess that catches everybody up with me and my world.

Big, safe, gentle hugs all around,

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