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Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007 Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

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Unread 04-14-2007, 11:48 AM
2 days post op

Hello ladies,
I had a TAH on Thursday morning (April 12). The dr. left my ovaries and fallopians tubes.
I asked him if he found anything when he opened me up. He said he found some fibroids. I really don't think he thought I had them. They didn't show up when I had the ultrasound done before my ablation in 11/05.
Recovery wise, I'm doing pretty well. Yesterday my Percaset (sp) pill made me sick. Once I recovered from that I felt much better.
I wasn't thinking I'd be ready to come home today, but after a rough night sleep I decided to attempt to come home. It's so great being out of that hospital bed!
Last night about 1 the nurses rushed in telling my elderly roomate not to get out of bed. She had hip surgery about the same time as my surgery. I think that is why I couldn't sleep.
I'm so glad I had the surgery done. I'm glad the dr. found the fibroids. I had a feeling he might find something once he got in there. My lining was so thick.
Thank you for this site. It was a great help in getting ready for this surgery. I'll keep referring to it in my post op stage.
TAH 4/12/07
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Unread 04-14-2007, 12:47 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Hi Sisters --

April 10, 2007 was my laparoscopically-assisted vaginal hysterectomy and BSO. My surgery took longer than usual (about an hour and a half longer due to severe adhesions), but I came out of the hospital on April 11, 2007. Cannot believe how well I feel. No pain, no drainage, no nothing (except for three scars on my stomach). Feel almost like I never had surgery (except better).

For anyone who is told that they need to have a hysterectomy, if possible, ask for LAVH.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

Lorrie (LAVH-BSO - 4/10/2007)
Unread 04-14-2007, 06:08 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Hello fellow Princesses,
I went in on April 10th for a LAVH for abnormal uterine bleeding and adhesions. Pre-op went great, no problems with anything and all was on time. My surgery took about 1hr 45 min. There were a couple of surprises though- no adhsions, (big surprise as I have had to have them removed in the past) and she had to remove one of my ovaries. She said it was about the size of a golf ball, and that my uterus was huge as well.
My stay at the hospital was o.k. The nurses were great and the room very nice. But I had that roommate thing going on........so not much sleep! She kept her TV on all night and her light as well. Not to mentioned she moaned often (and she was pre-op at that).
I had a morphine drip that I could pump every 10 min. My pain was minimal. I was able to go home the next day at noon once my catheter was out and I peed (not a problem).
Once home, the percocet made me sick with a severe headace, dizziness and vomiting. Quickly stopped that! The pain is managable with motrin and ice packs. The worse pain is in my back, throat and gas pains. Not bad considering the surgery was in the abdomen
Today is day 4 post op and I'm able to get around slowly. I tire very easily and of course am not lifting anything. The discharge is almost nonexistant. Each day things get a little better. So for now we rest!

Oh yeah, presurgery back pain and sciatica will hopefully clear up now that we have found the oversized ovary. Time will tell
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Unread 04-14-2007, 08:19 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

LAVH; BSO Apr 11. I am so glad dr was able to do the lavh as wasn't sure due to being fluffy. I was taken into surgery even before the preop was finished so he had an early start. Took over 3hrs. Dr advised that he took extra time & just went slowly & carefully in order to avoid a TAH. I am so pleased . I didn't have a morphine pump had to ask for pain meds. When they gave me the morphine after I got to the room they didn't give me the full dose I could have had and sort of never got on top of the pain until early am on the 12th. The staff was great & my nurse that night was great spent the night running to get me ice water to drink. Didn't get much sleep that night due to not quite having the pain managed completely & the ward was very busy, an emer was brought into the room to wait for surgery & then again after surgery until released (all between 1-4am) & a couple of loud patients.
The dr came to see me Thurs morning & said I could go home late aft if doing ok. I elected to stay until Fri as I didn't feel comfortable coming home with just my DS to help without the pain managed, my blood sugar was high as no diabetic meds given & my blood count was extremely low, very lightheaded & exhausted just walking 5 feet to the bathroom.
In addition to morphine by IV I was being given antibiotics & steriods by IV - each time I got the steriods my hands & feet would swell up. Then we noticed that the left hand with the IV in it was not going down but kept going up slowly. So had the IV removed. My hand is still swollen but coming down now, not as painful to move my fingers. Was also having shots of heparan in my stomach twice a day.
Got transferred to another room in a quieter area as I wouldn't need as much care. Started to take T 3's for the pain & they finally started me back on my diabetic meds & I actually started to feel better by Thur evening.
Fri morn I had a shower, they took off the 4 dressings & called my DS to come pick me up.
I am glad to be home, very tired & intend to take it easy.
Go see my Dr on the 19th & the gyn in 6 wks. Hope to have the pathology reports when I see my dr, but am being positive that no problems will show up.
I am so glad to have found this site.
Unread 04-15-2007, 07:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Joy and Salutations Fellow Princesses!
Surgery was scheduled for April 12th and it went better than I could have ever expected. Dr did a TVH, left my ovaries and tubes, and did a "minor" bladder tack while he was in there and a "minor" misc repair. His words. I came home on the 13th and feel great! I did forget however that the hospital is not the place to rest as the nurses were in every hour on the hour to take vitals and every half hour through the night just to check on me and DH. I really think it was more to check on him than me though. LOL. They were a bit concerned since my BP never got above 95/55 even when I was experiencing pain. OH well. I got home in the afternoon, took a shower and then a 3 hour nap.
Yesterday was prettty uneventful napped, rested, napped, walked, napped etc. Puppy does not understand why I can't play but is being wonderfully cuddly and gentle. Parents are being wonderful and DH...OMG I could not ask for a better man..He even gave me a foot massage.

I just wish I had done this earlier but am now thankful the "pressure" is off and all I have to do now is recoup and rest.
Bless all of you for the support and words of wisdom and kindness. I will check in periodically and see how every one is doing.

Heal well Ladies and remember water, water, water. (No gas pains here)
Unread 04-16-2007, 09:48 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

I am new here. I had a TVH and Sparx bladder sling on 4/10/07. Today is postop day 6. I have had a pretty good week. I never knew that one person could produce so much gas. I am on Motrin 800 mg by mouth every six hours. I take one of the pain pills at night to help me rest. I did experience something yesterday that I have not encountered before - A HOT FLASH! My ovaries were left, but good Lord, I know that it was a hot flash. I was covered in sweat from head to toe. Then I nearly froze after the fact. What the hell? I keep updating as I go!

Unread 04-16-2007, 10:44 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Hi ladies,

After several really good days, I'm feeling sore today - maybe because I was up peeing every 20 minutes yesterday! Apparently lavh did not correct my bladder problems as hoped :-(. Today - new problem - diarrhea! OK - so I got up and shaved my legs yesterday - is this payback?? Ahh well. Better days ahead.
Unread 04-16-2007, 03:12 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

Well, I had my TLAVH on 4/13. This was a relief because the doc thought I would need a TAH since my only child was delivered by c-section. I went into surgery at noon. I was in for about an hour and a half. I do remember the recovery room. It was horrible! I was in so much pain. The nurses were arguing over which medication to give me, demerol or morphine. When I kept complaining about how much pain I was in they told me they had to make sure I was good and awake before they gave me anymore. It took several hours before my pain was at a tolerable level. My DH told me later that he was extremely upset when they brought me into my room because he could tell how much pain I was in.
I went to the bathroom on my second attempt and didn't have much trouble with it from that point on. I was so happy when I got to take my first shower the next morning. That was probably the last happy moment for awhile. They had taken me off of my demerol pump and I wasn't able to control my pain from that point on. They were giving me 2 darvocet at a time and it still wasn't covering it. They sent me home at 3:30 on 4/14. My visit with the doc right before I left resulted in him giving me a sinthetic narcotic called talacen which I was allergic to. I had to go to the er that night. I was in so much pain and the er beds are far from comfortable. After 2 1/2 hrs of extreme pain since my medication didn't really work and had worn off, they finally gave me a shot of demerol, fenegrin and a steroid to counteract the reaction. This doc gave me stadal, which is a god-send! This is the first time my pain has been under control since they removed me from the pump.
The nursing staff after the surgery was very attentive. They were all very sweet.
Now that everything has settled down, I feel much better. I'm pretty tired and having a lot of gas pains but I feel as though it's all down hill from here, I hope. I'm walking a little at a time. I have lots of support from my DH and friends.
I feel so sorry for him. They started me on premarin right away so I though maybe I wouldn't have the anger and crying spells, but I have. I jumped all over him because he had dumped the water from my flowers to get them home and forgot to add water, so they died. Like he didn't have enough on his mind when we first got home.
Thanks for listening and all the advice this site provides.
Unread 04-16-2007, 04:27 PM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 09-Apr 16,2007

I am attempting to post my progress, not good at this site yet. Anyway, I had a LAVH on 4/11 for excessively heavy periods. I am a baby at 37 years old so we chose to keep my ovaries, but when my doc got in he found lots of endometriosis, to his surprise. He had to take one of my ovaries. My pain was managed well with a demerol PCA pump and I went home the next morn. I have felt great, haven't had any pain meds except Iburprofen since 4/13. THEN.......I woke up 4/15 soooooooo depressed and crying, it won't lift. I called my doc's nurse today crying, she said my ovary is in shock and called in some estrogen patches and progesterone pills. It took all day long calling around to local pharmacies to get my patches...they were superstrength. Finally got one on. I hope this helps. I went to the grocery store with my teenage daughter today just to get out of the house. I teared up everytime I saw a woman my age. I kept thinking "I bet she has both ovaries, I bet she isn't on hormones, I bet she will still be feminine when I am looking like my husband before long!" Sorry, I am just having a pity party. Just waiting on the hormones to kick in. Think I'll go have another cry and take a nap.

Unread 04-16-2007, 05:51 PM
2nd post/3 days out!

Well, I am not sure why but, it seems like everything is going so great! It scares me! I had a TLAV both overies out and a rectum and blader repair. The pain has been quite managable. In Recovery room it was a little hairy, but they decided to give me shots of demoral rather than the moraphine pump. According to the nurses, the pump causes alot of nausa where as the demeral shots do not. Well, they did work well and after a day and night of that, I switched to Vicadan. I am taking them every 6 hours or so. I can probably quit soon as I don't think I really need them that much anymore. Tomarrow will be day 4 and I will see how I do with just motrin or something. I still need to self cath. but not much any more. Like I said, I am feeling quite great, mood and everything.......the only problem I am having is that I haven't had a BM yet. I pass gas a lot and haven't had any gas pains. Oh well, I quess it is a matter of time. I'm drinking prune juice, taking fiber pills and eating fruit juice. Any other ideas out there?

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