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Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007 Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

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Unread 06-02-2007, 10:12 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

OI vay~ That pretty much sums up how I feel the last few days. I had to go back to the doctor on Thursday. Wednesday evening I noticed some redness on the right side of my incision. Looked closely and noticed an opening! It was oozing infection too. I bummed, slapped a bandaid on it, and called the office the next day. Has this happened to anyone else? At five weeks??? I haven't done anything that would have opened it up. Oh well, so now I am caring for it and waiting for it to close up and heal. *sigh*

I've also still as quite a bit of discomfort/pain, especially on the right side. My hip and lower back are killing me too! I can't sleep well. Last night was terrible. Up and down all night long. Broken sleep, calculated about 5 hours total, if I'm lucky. Could not get comfortable and just ached all over. I'm sooooooo looking forward to feeling better!!

I feel whiney, achey, swollen, and very weak. I can't seem to get a grip on my iron. Taking Spirulina. Eating iron rich foods. Trying to avoid iron pills because they cause the *constipation station* and I don't want to go there again!

Wishing to be my bubbly, happy self again. Each day is a bit better.........but I seem to get exhausted quickly. Ad some days it feels like two steps forward...one step back. Slow recovery. NOT what I had envisioned! I seriously thought I would bounce back in a few weeks. What was I thinking?

Oi Vay~ That's all I have to say............................
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Unread 06-02-2007, 10:26 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

Originally Posted by Sox726
Just a note to let all you girls out there know the reasons for not lifting. I lifted to much on Tuesday and was miserable yesterday all day with cramping,

How much were you lifting and how heavy was it???

I have started to lift more stuff and haven't had any problems. We are talking gallon size milkjugs and groceries etc. I hold it close to my body. I really, really don't want to monkey things so all ladies who lifted to much at 5-6 weeks tell me how much you lifted!
I also did push the shopping cart yesterday.
Didn' have a problem there either. There wasn't that much in the basket though.

Wednesday I had my first late night out. My Daughter had a softball game. It lasted for 2 hours and I sat in a lawn chair. We did not get home until after 10 PM and boy was I tired. I was still tired yesterday but today I am good again. So I guess like everyone else I still have the up and down days.


I was lifting like 40 lbs., so way too much. I am feeling better every day, though I wish I wouldn't have overextended myself. It has been three days and I still have some pain, even with Ibuprofen. I also have a little swelly belly at night. Hope this helps.
Unread 06-02-2007, 10:37 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

Hi kath,
,,,,,,,I guess next week will be better. Seems like we all want to get moving . I did alot yesterday and today, my feet just dont want to go forward, the treadmill,,,,wow,,,,now that is amazing to me,,,,,,,,,i am so glad to have this site to talk to others about this.
As far as the sex goes, Doc gave me the okay last week. He said that healed well, but the rest is still healing. I did have some bleeding right after, but it stopped so doc said it was okay. We were nervous about it,, but we figured a little is better than nothing, . Now he is afraid he is going to hurt me. well heck,,,,
Remember girls we are used to taking things slowwwwwwww for now.
Hugs to all
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Unread 06-02-2007, 10:45 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

I went to my son's high school graduation last night and sat on bleachers for three hours in sweltering heat. Having hot flashes in the middle of that was a major sweat party for me. Not so much fun. I'm so sore today that I could cry. It's making me feel really dicouraged. I have a big graduation party planned for next Saturday and I'm afraid I'm not going to be much of a hostess. I've had some really good days, but I also slip back and have some bad days like today. I see the doctor on Monday and will start HRT at that time. I'm hoping he'll give me some insight into what's normal for me right now. I'm still really paranoid since I had my infection, and every little twinge makes me nervous. Tomorrow's another day. I'm just going to write today off and keep my feet up with some ice packs. Glad to hear that so many of you ladies are feeling so much better.


TAH/BSO Adenomyosis, fibroids, heavy bleeding, family history of ovarian cancer
Unread 06-02-2007, 10:50 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

I just caught up on all the posts and I have to say I think we are all feeling a bit better and thus trying to get a little too much done, wherever we are. I go back to work next week and I am nervous about it because I have to put everything in my room away for the summer. I am not sure how I will get that done. I guess I will have students help me as much as I can. Then right after school is out I plan to take 5 students to Orlando for a national quiz bowl competition. I am really nervous about having enough energy to do that. When my body feels stress, I get cold sores. I have my second one since surgery. Yuk.

I don't have my check-up until Monday but DH and I did some fooling around the other day and I don't know if it was unused muscles or the late night but wowo did I feel bad the next day. No penetration of course but still some pleasure. It was nice to know things will work but I guess I will have to ease back intio that as well as it really made me stiff and sore. It could also be all the weeding I did, I have done almost my whole strawberry patch and since I am not supposed to bend much I squatted and my thighs are killing me, even 3 days later. Amazing how a few weeks on your butt will let the other muscles go. I can't wait until I can ride me bike again as well. That will help the legs get in shape again.

My worst complaint right now is that I feel blue many days. I am on Premarin HRT and wondering if I need something else. I also have no real appetite. I am diabetic so I have had toreally watch my food intake (I am diet controlled) so my blood sugar doesn't go too high but with the decreased activity, I decrease the caloric intake and am losing weight. Whe I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was overweight and losing weight helped me stay off insulin so I am already slim from that. Now I am beginning to look too thin and still have no appetite. It was fun buying new clothes the first time I lost weight but I don't want to have to do that again.

I stopped taking the stool softeners a while ago now and I have to say I ate something that didn't agree with me, I now have diahhrea, so no hard BM issues here.

I feel better today than yesterday and hopefully can get some things done around the house. It is so dirty it isn't even funny anymore. I try to get DH and DS to help but they have no clue what clean really is, so I have to settle for only a so-so job.

Unread 06-02-2007, 10:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

Hey Tracy,
Get some relatives and friends to help with the party. You shouldn't expect to do it all alone. We had a celebration for my sons confirmation on Mother's day (he was confirmed the week before but I did not feel well enough for company that week) and I set the menu, sent DH shopping and then the day before when son had friends over I had them set up the yard. The day of I did a little bit but since it was organized, DH did most of the food prep. The best part was that when I went in to clean up, the guests had done it for me! I hope you have someone who can help like that too.
Just be honest about needing help and don't try to be superwoman yet.
Unread 06-02-2007, 11:09 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

Thanks Jane!

That's great advice. I have a wonderfully supportive and very large extended family, and my neighbors are Godsends. I'm sure I'll have lots of help. Everyone's bringing a side dish, munchie, or dessert. We're supplying the chicken, burgers, dogs, and drinks. I guess I'm just having a down day, and the idea of having all those people at my house just feels a little overwhelming. Today, Superwoman I am NOT!! Blah
Unread 06-02-2007, 11:23 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

It's hard to believe that this coming Monday will be starting my 6 week post op. Boy does time fly once you are on the other side. I haven't really been feeling all that great lately. My back, on the right side, has been bothering me. I was doing some gardening but I don't know if that is it or not. And it's like what everyone else here is experiencing. I'll have a great day, do everything I want, then feel exhausted and the next day I'm wiped out. I'm able to sleep better, but still get nightmares. I'm still not on HRT and I do get a little sweaty at night, but it hasn't really been bad enough to go on HRT yet.

When I came home from the hospital I didn't exactly come home to a peaceful house. My 3 aunts live upstairs. I live downstairs. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that my niece had to temporarily move in with her boyfriend until they found an apartment. They are both 19 and need to grow up. Anyway, it was total kaos these past weeks. My niece's BF is very light fingered, if you know what I mean. I discovered he not only stole an older bottle of pain medication I was given at the hospital, but he stole my 2 rings as well. And my aunts money. The rings were more sentimental value than anything else. He must have taken them while I was in the hospital. So now I have my room locked. I got into a BIG fight with him and kicked him out. I told my niece she could stay, but she is going to stand by her man. I'm going to barf. Her BF told me he would never steal. Yeah, right. Blah blah blah. Like I really believed him. So they stayed in a shelter and recently they found an apt. and are moving in this weekend. My niece's boyfriend does nothing all day. He goes to B U M University. He lets her support him. That is how much of a man he is. I told him I didn't want to see him again. It's going to be difficult getting the rings back. Even with a report, unless you can absolutely prove someone took something, nothing gets done. My initials were in those rings. That's the only proof I have. So that made me very upset when I just got home from the hospital. Finding out my stuff had been rifled through.

It's all quiet now. Thank God. I just started taking Calium twice a day. These pills were made for horses. I couldn't believe how big they are. They have vitamin D in them. On Thursday I go back for my 2nd post op check. I get the pap test this time. Isn't that wonderful? Think I'll take some Tylenol before I go. I am going to play it by ear regarding the HRT.

Tomorrow I'm going to a party. I'd rather stay home, but I have another niece that is having a birthday. At least I won't have to drive. I'm going with my SIL and she's not one for parties so at least we won't be there too long. It's about a 45 minute drive. Think I'll bring a pillow for my stomach. The bumps in the car still hurt. Monday I go back to my primary dr. for blood work. See if I'm still anemic. Friday I go back the eye dr. I fell out of bed one night when I was having a Night Terror and hit the corner of my eye. Didn't need stitches but had to put antibiotic cream on it. Didn't heal well and now I have drops to put in. They are going to check it. Now it matches my right eye. I have retina problems in my right eye. So now I have a set of problems. It's one of those things where if I don't laugh I'll just end up crying. I suppose things could be worse. Add that to the miserable rainy weather we've been having. Weatherman said it was going to be in the 70's. What planet did he hear that on? It's raining outside.

Has anyone else been told to start taking Calcium plus vitamin D? I got the WalMart brand because the pharmacist said it was equal to the Citracal. And it was about $10 cheaper.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. It's kind of sad thinking that after 8 weeks these threads won't be here anymore. Where do we go after that? We all went in this together and came out the other side together. Do we make up our own forum after the time is up?


Unread 06-02-2007, 11:34 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007

Gee..........I am beginning to think I MIGHT be PSYCHO.....I did my post a few hours ago and seemed so up and I dont know what has come over me.......I got real hot and dont feel good. ALso the bladder pressure and heavy vaginal feeling is BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been reading everyones posts and have come to the conclusion that we have good days and bad days......
I am JUST REAL CONCERNED over this heavy vaginal feeling. I thought maybe the NSAIDS helped.......guess I was WRONG !!!!!!!!!! I think what helped was sitting on my RUMP doing NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!
Unread 06-02-2007, 11:35 AM
Hysterectomy dates Apr 23-Apr 30,2007


I must say you are amazing to be in one piece after all you have been through. I wanted to let you know, I started HRT right away and it took 2 weeks for the first dose to help and another 2 weeks for the boosted dose to help. So it is something you ahve to be patient with. I have been taking calcium for a long time now, always with D in it, since I don't drink much milk (it is a carb and on a restricted diet like I have you have to count your carbs...type 2 diabetes) but I plan to ask Dr if I should increase it. I take 600mg/day now because I will drink milk once a day and maybe eat a yogurt. They are big pills though. I am supposed to be adding fish oils to my pill regimen for my high cholesterol but you want to talk about big pills! I gag even thinking about taking them. I also take aspirin for the same reason and haven't taken any since before surgery, would like to get back into that routine as well. I will ask Dr if I am past the danger time and can start taking them.

Our weather has been spotty as well, lots of rain as I am trying to do some light yard work. Well, it will have to wait.

I can't believe your niece's BF is that much of an idiot. I sympathize with you on that situation.

I still use a pillow with the seatbelt too. I tried without and it was not good. I will be bringing it with me for the flight to Orlando, and if the airline doesn't like it too bad.

We are here for you anytime you need us, hopefully we will be able to navigate the other discussions and find each other when they close this thread. Until then, this is my main spot on the website.

Take it easy today and feel better!

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