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Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007 Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

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Unread 07-10-2007, 02:40 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

I don't think anyone has the right to say anything to you for being "demanding", we all deserve to vent and <Please do not override the website censor.> when we need to. I for one am tired of negative comments towards us. I am sorry you feel crappy. I wish I could make you feel better. I too feel like I am am getting fatter, actually I am - 5 pounds more than when I had the surgery. Please try to relax and understand you need to let your body heal. I fully intend to try to start excercising right once I get the clear from the doc. I have found that the windsor pilates really takes off inches, I have hypothyroidism so it is almost impossible to lose weight easily. I once did the Denis Autin Ultimate Fat Burner, thought I would die. I did it 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day and didn't lose any weight after the first 6 weeks. One week with pilates, and much less demanding workout, I had lost an inch off my waste and an ich off my thighs!!! Who cares what other people think. If they don't want to read our posts about pain and so on, then they can very easily stop soing so. try to rest. Yet here I am up at this fine time too, actually I haven't been to bed yet! HAHA!
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Unread 07-10-2007, 02:49 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

sapphi - you are NOT being demanding - you are going through a lot. Take your time and try to not get frustrated. This is your time to heal. No one knows what you personally are going through so don't listen to anything but your own body and what it needs... you WILL get there if you continue to be patient and TAKE IT EASY!!!!!!!!
Unread 07-10-2007, 04:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

THanks for your replies, did not expect anything given time difference!!

I too have hypothyroidism and normally do pilates, it does tone me up even though my weight does not seem to change.........

Weather glorious again today but very hot, take care everyone.

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Unread 07-10-2007, 05:01 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

[Quote\] I really have trouble reading some of the posts and seeing how dependent and down right demanding some post hysters appear to be, not just on family and friends, but some still are on painkillers, prescription narcotics, etc. Working at a hospital, I have seen too much in the ER over the years. ALL medications have interactions and side effects- i.e. narcotics cause constipation, stool softeners cause gas, most cause irratibility, inability to drive, etc. You don't know how you REALLY feel until you move forward.
This is just my humble opinion, for what its worth.[/quote]

This is an upsetting passage for me. My mother had a hyster 3 years ago, and she was told at 5 weeks post-op that she could return to her "normal" lifting. The dr did not ask what her "normal" lifting was...my parents do deer processing, and she has a floral shop...her "normal" lifting is about 60 lbs at a time or more. Needless to say, her internal stitches (she had over 600) ripped, causing massive pain and bleeding. She almost hemmorraged to death overnight. She currently cannot lift more than 3 lbs, nor can she ever excercise again because of the internal damage she did to herself. My mom was an extremely active woman who now has to sit on her behiney and have other people do for her...for the REST OF HER LIFE!

I do not see an issue with those of us who choose to let others do more for us, or who take some meds for temporary relief from what may or may not be severe pains. I personally would like to be able to do for myself in the future, not care about if I am being "whiny" for a few months. I am too young to have permanent restrictions on what I can do. I WANT to be able to do for myself later on, so I am going to NOT do for myself what I know I shouldn't.

Ok, rant over. In other news, having just said that I wasn't going to do what I knew I wasn't supposed to...I did have a momentary case of Cerebral Flatulance...I got my 6 year old nephew up to potty while we were on vacation this last weekend. Normally, I can softly talk him into sleepwalking to the potty...this time, nothing was working, so long story short I am feeling the pain from half-lifting him.

I am also experiencing something weird. Prior to the hyster, I was having excruciating pain on my left side where my cysted ovary and largest fluid filled tube were, as well as the majority of the adhesions from miscarriages. Now I seem to be having milder "phantom pains". They are in the same location exactly, but they don't hurt that bad, kinda feel like a bee sting. Also, I had "menstral" cramps yesterday...anyone know *** was cramping...it's all empty in there!

The same day as my last post, I discovered that the jerky ex-boyfriend was still a jerk in Prince clothing. He apparently had been trying to get into my pants, and when I had to turn almost violent to get him to understand "NO", I found him an hour later wrapped around little miss bimbo...there are really no princes out there. Not princy enough to understand my Princess-ness. Oh well, that's why God led man to invent a B-O-B! Thank God for Duracell!

My wishes and for everyone, and hope that those having more difficulties than others soon get around that corner! Love and Kisses and LOTS of s!
Unread 07-10-2007, 06:21 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

Good morning ladies: CB Browning: I agree with you--the more we let people do for us the better we'll heal (& correctly too) and that is what is important, right?? I was so glad to see that Froggie shared her moms story with us. While i am so sorry for her mom, it is stories like that that helps one to realize WHY we need to "pamper the princess" and let people "do" for us. We need to keep in mind this was MAJOR surgery, and even if you THINK yo are better, you are not--not yet---

about the jabbing pains. I went for my 5 week check yeterday--(and while I have NO idea if I am released or not ?) she explaind that we have nerves going down our abdomens vertically.--they were cut horizontally during the surgery. The "stinging" pain we are feeling is those healing.--I am thinking alot of the pains we are feeling is various things healing.

about pain meds: my MD also said "I could start cutting back on my pain meds now" soooo apparently SHE WHO WENT TO MEDICAL SCHOOL has not a problem with me taking them if/when I need them--and you know, she is right--i told her I was trying NOT to take them & I now realized how silly that was & if she had prescribed them to me, it was ok to take them--she agreed. I say we listen to the dr. not someone who tells us we are being "dependant or demanding" There is a VAST difference between post surgery taking of pain meds and the people who take them to get "high"!!!!!

about the weight gain, ladies. It is my notion that right now & for at the very least 3 more weeks, we need to eat when we are hungry. and we need NOT to worryabout weight gain. when we are all healed (& this may be well after we are released from teh drs care) we can go back to being concerned about our weight.--& we will be back to being more active then too. Right now the name of the game in my opinion is recovery. One thing at a time.

Sapphi: about the driving--MY dr said I could drive at 6 days (yea right) I drove last week for the first time. I do not see how anyone is driving unless they have no choice. That day I had no choice. I spoke to the MD about that, & she said I should listen to MY body--and do what it needs--and THAT my friends is the bottom line. WE need to do what WE each need to do to get completely & properly healed. Each one of us, in our own time.(not a shorter time, but possibly a LONGER time) And in our own way--be it pain meds, sitting & letting people "do" for us or what ever else it takes, for how ever long it takes.

Everyone have a great day and a greater week.
Unread 07-10-2007, 08:40 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

Good morning ladies! I searched on the "how dependent and down right demanding" quote and only found all of our comments about and disdain for that whole oration from the ER nurse. I'm glad the web monitor removed that section. When I read it yesterday, I was so mad , I chose not to respond because I was afraid what I might say. HA! I'm glad ya'll did it for me.

RE: "feeling very tired suddenly, and back pain's increasing. anyone else?" YES! I am. I started getting short bursts of energy then finding myself needing to rest inbetween doing ANYTHING. As days go, these energy bursts seem to be getting longer, but not by much. However, I look at that as IMPROVEMENT. And, YES to back pain to. That's because we're on our butts or hips in positions our bodies are not use to when we've got our feet up. The only cure (besides, dare I say, pain pills?) is to reposition frequently and try to walk occasionally as you can handle it. I've found my back pain decreasing a bit just in the past week or so. (BTW, this same type of back pain is associated with poor posture. Those of us with kids or when we were kids that heard the sayings "stand up straight" or "sit up in your chair" probably have experienced such back pain.)

Wish me luck. My 5-week post-op is tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find out what caused my sudden, onset joint pain. If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it. See posting https://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/sho...d.php?t=304279 entitled "Help! Joint pain (and insomnia) at 5 wks, no HRT."
Unread 07-10-2007, 09:47 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

N_denial please post what your doctor sas. I am curious. I am not having joint pain but you never know if it comes up later. Hope they figure it out for you!
Unread 07-10-2007, 09:51 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

All I can say is AMEN!!!
Unread 07-10-2007, 10:11 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

Originally Posted by ForeverSore
about the jabbing pains. I went for my 5 week check yeterday--(and while I have NO idea if I am released or not ?) she explaind that we have nerves going down our abdomens vertically.--they were cut horizontally during the surgery. The "stinging" pain we are feeling is those healing.--I am thinking alot of the pains we are feeling is various things healing.
I WISH I had been cut horizontally. I have this hideous scar running up and down my belly from my belly button to my...well, anyway, I was <Please do not override the website censor> about it to one of my friends, and she said "Honey, if you don't like it...get a zipper tattoo on it"

Well, at first I didn't take her seriously, but now lately, as it is bothering me more than the pain (how stupid does THAT sound) I am taking her idea to heart. I already have 4 tattoos and was planning on getting at least one more. If I have to have this scar straight up and down, why not get silly and get a tattoo over the scar!

I'm afraid earlier this morning was more of a rant than I prefer, so I hope I didn't offend anyone. On the positive side for me, at least, with acception of the "phantom cramps", I really feel fine most of the time. I have mild hot flashes occasionally, and the insomnia is driving me insane, but from reading everyone else's posts, I am a lucky one.

My Dr is shocked. He saw me at 1 week, 3 weeks, and on the 16th I will see him again. He has said that my hyster was the most complicated and difficult he has ever done and that I look amazing...but I think he is a fisherman...as time goes on, my cysted ovaries went from being "slightly each larger than your uterus" to the last time I saw him "the biggest things he had ever seen...they at least had to be the size of cantalopes each!" Glad I asked him for a photo of what he removed. That way, it's not the fisher-king's word, but the photo I have.

I think that for people like me who stopped having "major" pain early on (I was about 3 1/2 weeks when they lessened, but it was because my parents, who I live with, made me at least get up and walk to their business next door, and the bathroom in their business doesn't work, so I kept having to walk back everytime I had to potty) it could be easy to forget just how painful this surgery is. And although I am in no way sticking up for the ER nurse, I have noticed that, because of a nurse friend of mine, they become anesthetized to the suffering of others because they have just seen so many more "worse" things. My nurse friend was amazed that I was up and acting just like normal. He didn't know, however that I still (most of the time) refuse to lift more than 10 lbs, even though my lifting restriction is 15 lbs! I really learned from my mom's booboos.

Speaking of booboos, I don't remember who said it about their child being fascinated with mommy's booboos, but I know that my nephews, in order to believe that I can't pick them up and piggy back them, HAD to see my staples the day I got home from the hospital. Then on the day that I got them removed, they HAD to see my belly staple free. Now, every now and then, when I am relaxing, they walk up to me and ask to see my "cool" line (my scar, they are ages 6 and 7). It makes me realize just how lucky I am to be alive to show it to them (18 months ago, they had found cervical cancer cells...that discovery is what led me to complain about the chronic pain that just kept getting worse)

Well, I am looking forward to the appt. on the 16th, cause he might "release" me from being unable to...hmm how to put it delicately....become more active again. Not that there is anyone I want to share the joy with...I just want to be able to ONLY have the lifting restriction...class this fall should be fun without being able to lift my books, some of which weigh around 16-20 lbs. I'll chat with the professors and see how I can be accommodated.

Well, love and continued support to everyone, may we all, in our own time, get back to "normal"--whatever the heck that is...!
Unread 07-10-2007, 10:17 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jun 04-Jun 11,2007

Originally Posted by cbrowning1
All I can say is AMEN!!!
bless you cbrowning!!

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