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Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007 Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

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Unread 08-17-2007, 07:21 AM

I wish they required uniforms for teens here in MN. My DD has enough clothing for half the kids in Mpls. And she wants to go school shopping for MORE. And the rules at the school: it's like a long list in a movie scene. I could not believe it and I quote:

all caps, hood do rags skull caps must be kept in locker. all jackets, coats for outwear to include starter jackets, satin jackets, letter jackets, down jackets windbreakers must be in locker. No slippers. Skirts, shorts and dresses just be mid-thigh. tank tops permitted as long as: no cleavage/chest no midriff no belly button or stomach and no backs showing. Straps must be 1 in. in length or wider. clothing must be CLEAN. Undergarments must be COVERED. Clothing that includes words or pictures that are obscene, vulgar, explicit, convey innuendo, abuse, discrimination, promote or advertise alcohol, chemical, tobacco or other illegal products for use by minors not allowed, no clothing or items or grooming that represents and/or promotes threat/hate groups/gangs not allowed, no metal chains, no spike jewelry or accessories considered a safety concern...not allowed....................

WOW! What a change from junior high. It's kind of creepy.

Plus, no radios, headphones, pagers or cells and in big bold letters the school is NOT responsible and will NOT investigate any lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices brought onto school grounds.

Double wow.

Yes, I've heard that boys are angels to have, esp. from single moms I've known. I got all girls. ALLLLL girls.

A good Friday to you all. E I am procrastinating doing my chores for the day! Off I go.
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Unread 08-17-2007, 07:58 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

I'm sorry you're having problems. I haven't experienced any forgetfulness. I wonder why some of you are. Other than a minor case of hot flashes, I'm doing really well. I had a tah also and found it not to be as bad as I thought. I agree with you about age not being a fsactor because I'm 52 and feel fine. I go to the doctor next Tue. then back to work the next day. Good luck and I hope you start feeling better.
Unread 08-17-2007, 08:05 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Hi, Debbie Mac - I think in my case the anesthesia literally did something to my brain cells. I totally do not feel that I am the same person I was prior to surgery. I have hope that w/time my cells will return to normal but I do have a fear some were altered. I've even tried doing research on the internet re: long term effects of anesthesia on the brain. I was asleep for 5.5 hours for a little one hour procedure and I mean TOTALLY so much that my left elbow still hurts from bruises/damage during the surgery.

I'm happy you are doing well. I also take comfort from posts knowing i'm not alone because it is so eerie not feeling the same, being forgetful, feeling 'altered'... it is just eerie.

A great Friday to you and yes, I must remember where I was five weeks and four days ago............fast sleep/dead asleep w/a half hour to go until surgery!!

Take care. E. P.S. let us know how your visit to the doctor goes next Tues. I also report back to work f.t. next Wed just like you.
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Unread 08-17-2007, 08:18 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

You all are funny ~ sounds like we're all in the same boat in all aspects of life huh!

Yeah about the teen girls shopping, just the underwear and bra shopping alone can send anyone to the poor house!

We used to spend TONS on school supplies/bookbags etc...seems that has eased...we got dd a good LLBean bookbag several years ago and said that is it forever on the bookbags...seems like they are happy to go with pencil and a notebook...bookbag shopping alone used involve an entire weekend of shopping

Yeah E hear ya on the DRAMA first few weeks into school...our high school has about the same dress code, rules but it is soooo very out of control they mildy stick to it...extreme cases get told only...dd wears flipflops up til first snow LOL...(flip flops are on the no no list) so her shoe situation ($$$again) doesn't become an issue for awhile...and that falls closer to her B'day (Oct.) so we usually roll that into b'day shopping...she is content to get enough new stuff to get started, another round of stuff in Oct, then another round at Xmas, after that she starts all over again about getting a new swim suit for summer WOW she makes my head spin LOL...

You home today E??????????
Unread 08-17-2007, 08:26 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Hi, Gemini. Yep, I'm home today though I'm about to go walk in the cooool air. It's supposed to pour rain all weekend. Glad the 3 day cancer walk my sister goes on is NEXT weekend and not this one. We sure need rain, though.

Oy if no flip flops are allowed...if they count as slippers....it'll be the end of the world.

Plus i just got an email saying there is zero balance in the school lunch account which i find HIGHLY improbable. How on earth could I have figured out exactly how much she'd spend thru last June? Impossible. Maybe i didn't know they keep the money and rip me off as she transitions from jr. hi to senior hi. That is totally not fair. I'm hoping that's it but just wrote out a check for a hundred bucks to send to the district to get the acct. started. I hope they don't change the keypad number on her or that's another hundred bucks into a black hole. I'll scream so loud you will hear me everywhere. My budget is limited bec. i couldn't teach this summer due to my amazing hysterectomy.

Yep. Home. I hope to hang around home thru Tuesday though I may sneak to campus M for 1/2 hour bec. i left all my paperwork from my windows training there day before yesterday and didn't want to bring it home. Now i wish i had. Sigh and DOUBLE sigh.

Off I go to the mailbox and I've GOT TO walk. I am soooooooooo lazy now. Yesterday I wore my tennies. They make me think i should walk faster. I'm still all bent over, though. You should see my posture while i type this. It's pathetic. My spine is all contorted and I'm leaning to one side. Oy oy as my students would say.

I'm procrastinating again.....................teen hasn't called yet for ride, either. She is a nomad sleeping at different girls' houses from one day to the next.

Hey, i took a personal leave day at work (I always save them and lose them and never use them) for next Thursday as it's a 'duty' day and not a teaching day and I am going to my beloved State Fair. I love it. I used to work at it. When I'm really shriveled up and old and retired i hope to work at it again. Anyway, I am going instead of work. I will see how much punishment my body can take .. it will be six weeks three days post op by then. Oh wow. I will try not to push hardly anything into my swelly belly and I will drink water a lot and I will rest when my body says to BUT I WILL HAVE FUN. I love the opening day at the fair.

Enough procrastination. E.
Unread 08-17-2007, 10:07 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Our school district sort of has the same clothing rules. Generally, they don't want anything that is distracting to the other students. Not to sound like a prude, but I understand why when I see what some of the girls are wearing. On the flip side, the guys with their pants barely hanging at their hip - what is that?

I feel sorry for teachers and have a deep appreciation for them, especially since I had considered taking up a profession in elem. ed. and took a good hard look. I was told I'd make a good educator but decided that it wasn't for me. I wanted to teach...not play policeman, psychologist, negotiator, politician, etc....
Unread 08-17-2007, 10:19 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

That's why I am totally in favor of uniforms. Research shows that students do better in schools where uniforms are required. It would save a bundle on clothing, too.............they'd still buy that 'other stuff' but they'd only get to wear it on school out days/evenings/weekends.

At my college it's amazing how people dress. And since I'm an ESL teacher, I see the clothing styles by 'culture'..........the Hispanic girls show a lot of skin (my two kids have Hispanic daddies, so they do that, too!...plus my granddaughter, too) and then on the other end we have the Somalis who are covered head to toe. Big extremes.

I went for a walk........I think I walked fast bec. it was less than an hour and I was 'frustrated' because it sure felt like 3 mi. I didn't take my untrusty pedometer. My favorite path is cut off by bridge construction (does that sound familiar here in MN? The bridge they are working on is about 25 feet, yes, feet in length and they started in May and won't finish until October.. so compare that to the 1,900 feet that fell into the Mississippi)......... anyway I came back all hot and sweaty and frustrated that the clock said only 55 minutes of walking or 52 or something like that. Rats. I should go do another lap or two but I'm glued to the computer. Plus haven't read the paper yet.............another sign I am totally NOT normal.

I admire ALL the teachers who do K-12. I'm in a college because that's the age I like to work with. I could never do what all of you troopers do in the K-12 settings. I always say that to teachers. I admire them all. Well....don't always 'like' them all, but some are amazing, just amazing, in how they can work w/these age groups and love what they do and reach/touch the kids.

I can't wait to hear back from the lunch lady. I'm still trying to figure out the zero account balance. It's too 'perfect' and impossible to have happened. I just throw checks in there and had a balance forward from 7th to 8th grade. I hope the PAMS company doesn't get to just keep the $$. As a single mom, that's a sad situation.

Take care Mimi........................

And oh, yeah, the pants on guys..........WAY down to the ground. I feel sad when I see the new immigrants picking up some of the behaviors I wish they wouldn't notice and then bringing them into the college. College is so different from public school.......there is a huge adjustment required. Adios for now.
Unread 08-17-2007, 11:18 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

I agree on the school uniforms. The girls show toooo much skin. And most of them don't have the figure for it. Flab hanging over under & out is just gross. And these guys that wear their pants hanging off their butts like they got something in front need to understand that you can hang a pair of pants on a teeny tiny nail in the wall so they ain't proving it's big if that is what they are after. They can't even walk right. I saw one kid have to walk straddle-legged to keep them from falling the rest of the way. I seen them have to hold them up with one hand while walking. It's already been proven they can't run from the cops that way.
Unread 08-17-2007, 11:30 AM

Hi All,
Yesterday was a day where I feel like I hit a wall. I did not even have that busy of a day but wow I was wiped out.
Today feeling much better but still am dealing with the heavy bottom feeling. i wiish that would go away!!!!

I still get twinges of pain on either side when bending or going too much. It is almost like a sideache.

It sounds like my sisters are all doing great! I know it takes time and we all heal differently and all have had different procedures done. Happy weekend everyone!!

Unread 08-17-2007, 11:30 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Yes, my teen daughter likes to wear clothes SO tight that her skin hangs over everything and she is not overweight and I don't understand why she does that. I love big, loose fitting clothes, even pre surgery. I like to be comfy. I don't know how some of those kids breathe. Yesterday i put on my favorite black jeans and I could not breathe in the swelly belly. And I have lost a couple of pounds (ooooh ahhhhh ) and so it is very frustrating. Every day I check out the belly. Still swelly.

Another lady in our public school system w/the same name as mine wrote me a detailed email re: anesthesia and what she learned from a local nurse about 'the good old days/monitoring a pt' v. anesthesia today 'knock 'em out good'.......... Ah, well.............

Take care. Sooner or later my phone is going to ring and the teens are going to have me off and running. Plus have to pick up granddaughter and trek across the river. I'm happy she only has one week left of summer day care (even though we have nothing to cover her the last week of Aug. between daycares closing and restocking for fall and school starting after Labor Day)................ the traffic in Mpls is SO messed up bec. of the bridge.

Two more victims found. Only two left. It's so sad to read how they died. Some drowned and some died of blunt force injuries. One man survived and drowned trying to help other people. That's heroism to the max. Just like the miners trying to help the other miners and perishing in the quest to find them. Between bridges, earthquakes and hurricanes............I almost feel guilty in my messy but 'safe' little townhouse here in MN. What a world. Okay, I must be getting more normal now,.....i'm turning into my old pessimistic self!

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