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Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007 Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

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Unread 08-25-2007, 06:34 AM
bacteria infection

What were your symptoms of your bacteria infection? I am thinking that may be what I have. You took anti-biotics.[/quote]

I had a pink- brown vag discharge and it had a foul odor to it. I had zero enery. Low grade temp.
For me...my bottom was swullen. It hurt to sit. I was just uncomfortable all over. I felt really good right after surgery other thatn the swelly belly but then took a nowe dive at 3 weeks. i also cried on and off like a light switch. but that probably was due to the fact that i did not feel good, the rush of hormones and I was very frustrated.

Hope yu feel better,hun!
I always called the nurse. If nothing else...they document the symptoms you are having and if something else pops up, they can refer back to it.
I laughed when I went in yesterday, and I promised them I would not cry the entire visit like last time, and I am so glad I went in again. They cannot help you if you don't tell them. I always tell my patients before having their babies.
"You are paying the Dr for a service. They would rather know your concerns than not know and it is better to error on the side of caution."
Keep us informed!!
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Unread 08-25-2007, 06:42 AM
Menopause the Musical

I haven't heard of it. I'll have to search the web and find out more info about it. I could use some laughs about my body right now.

I'm so tired. I realized being exhausted can make it hard to stabilize the body, too. Have three teens here who invited half the junior high to the State Fair today thru midnight when I yelled at them for not going to bed at 11 like I begged. Little granddaughter and I were lying there going crazy w/the noise. And then one's cell went off at 6:15 and I was still resting in bed. I myself went in DD's room to ask whose phone it was. We must be the only family without cells. I can't afford it. And at the Fair there are only about six pay phones left. I probably wrote that already. I hate repeating myself.

I am exhausted. I will wake up the little one soon. I will be sitting a lot today at the Fair. And nope, I don't go to eat. When I was little the $$ was scarce so I was trained to find other ways to occupy myself. I enjoy watching others pig out, though. I think my teen is going to be sick by the time we leave.

Well, ladies, have a wonderful Saturday. My plan is to be at the Fair until who knows when w/all these kids who are meeting up w/other kids (tho they'll be on their own and we'll check in every 3-4 hours or so at a familiar landmark) and then tomorrow my big plan is REST before college starts for me Monday and I want to buy 1,000 nametags so that I can slap them on each body I start meeting of my 94 new students so that I can begin to learn their names.

Okay............I said have a great Sat. a paragraph ago. Babbler that I am. A tired babbler. Oh, and my swelly belly is pretty swelly right now and it's because 1) I'm not resting enough and 2) I'm not even eating enough. The scale doesn't say so but I know so.

I wish I could bounce. E.
Unread 08-25-2007, 07:05 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

E- you are too funny! But I do know how the stress really causes pain on our bodies.
I am going to visit my friend today. they did find quite a bit of cancer on her ovaries(total Hysterectomy), appendix ,gall bladder and part of her colon were removed.
they do not know if it is appendix cancer or ovarian cancer. She has been in and out of the doctors office for 4 months trying to get an answer. She had all the symptoms.

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Unread 08-25-2007, 07:08 AM
Have a great Saturday

Have a great Saturday everyone!
I am going up to the cottage as soon as I get my things done here today and staying through tomorrow. We are supposed to see the sun more today.

's to all!
Unread 08-25-2007, 09:36 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Bright, Beautiful, Sunny, Hot Saturday to All!!! I am so ready to enjoy it all day/night with everyone home today! I missed everyone this week...way too much time on my hands with them going back to school and dh worked 10hr days all week! Will be sure to get some deck time in today, sunshine by day ~ party by night LOL!!!

Simply ~ Please give your friend a from all of us...hope she will join us when she gets out of the castle...!

E ~ you crack me up! Wish I could spend the day at the fair with you...we'd have a blast! I'm sure my dd would fit right in and bring half her jr. class with her too...Geeze just the thought makes me cringe LOL!

Everyone else feelin good??? I am so back to normal (no lingering issues whatsoever) that I am feeling really guilty not being back to work...although the heat this week would have killed me...our work was in the 100's and the 2 girls I work with had to do 10hr. days all week and I think they had to work half day today...On one hand I'd love to have the $$$ but on the other hand I know it would be disaster! At least by Sept 4th the weather is sure to break a little!

Well heading out to make sure dh is doing a good job weed-wacking LOL...I'm such a good supervisor these days

Have a good one all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unread 08-25-2007, 11:23 AM

I thought I would give you sisters an update, being that you were the first group I started with. I am 3 days earlier then the start of this thread.

I just had my appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. I have been fighting symptoms of low grade fever, and pain. The doctors kept thinking UTI as well as most of the sisters. I had 2 negative UTI's since my surgery and I have been living with this pain, fatigue and feeling like I hit a brick wall.

My surgeon sent me in yesterday for a C.T. Scan. I received the results 4 hours later. I have a diffuse colitis (bowel infection) they prescribed antibiotics and she wants me to see a G.I. specialist for another test.

Thursday I received my path report and my surgeon report and my bowel was nicked and repaired. Also, I had a endo mass on my bowel that had to be removed. I am sure that is how this infection started. Sometimes one surgery leads to more issues. I can't believe this is happening. I spent most of the day yesterday crying.

I need to set up an appt. Monday to meet with the GI specialist and I hope all goes well. I just want you all to know to listen to your body and if you feel there is something wrong "stick to your guns" because that's what I ended up doing. I had seen three doctors before someone finally "some what" believed me enough to send me in for another test. In the meantime you end up feeling worse and worse. When I received the phone call the doctor said THREE TIMES....YOUR NOT CRAZY....YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

I am so nervous about this whole thing, but I am really trying to be positive... like "just a bump in the road"... to all...
Unread 08-25-2007, 11:39 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

I am soo sorry for your drama and I will pray for you. That is good that you were persistent. I may need to do the same thing. I was thinking that I had a bowel infection, but my symptoms don't seem to be anything like the other sister's that had it. I am overly paranoid and a worrier anyway. But you are right, if you don't feel well, no one feels it but you. You should follow through until you find answers to your symptoms even if you irritate the nurses, receptionist or dr. with your phone calls. I just try to get treatment over the phone sometimes, because co-pays are not free. Hang in there, sister. You are always welcome in this progress. Stay in touch.

Never heard of that musical. But you had a ball. I will look it up online. Thanks for sharing.
Unread 08-25-2007, 11:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

I see that you had adhesions like me. I had them on my right ovary (removed). Also, before I had it on the bladder flap and ab wall too. How is your swelly belly? I am worried about adhesions too.
Unread 08-25-2007, 12:47 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Hello everyone, thought I would pop in with an update. My surgery was July10,07, came home on the 12th. Now that I am going into my 7th week post op I have learned the following lessons...
1. Morphene is your best friend the first couple of days post op..although keep in mind a) all the nurses become your best friend, you will tell them things you only tell your best friend ( you will only be embarrassed after you get home and the hubby tells you exactly what you said while your tongue was loose on both ends) The ensueing laughter will put you on your knees b) you lose all inhibitions and will show the doctors and nurses everything from the waist down whether they asked to see it or not. c) you will ring the call bell every 20 min asking for various asundry things and then wonder why they sound irritable. You are just keeping them on their toes afterall. d) You will call room service at all hours of the night, because you are starving and while the hubby runs down to retrieve the food ( to cut delivery costs) you will have called the kitchen again for something else as he walks back into the room..just smile, flash him and send him on his way back downstairs. e) since your memory is fuzzy from the morphene you cannot remember what the doc says 5 min later and tend to ask him the same questions each time he comes in the room.
2. While you may be starving from all the boullion soup and jello they send you, try to deter from the salad you are craving. Somehow this sends the nurses and doctors into a hissy. I personally tolerated the salad with very little gas, but the medical staff definitly weren't happy with me. Try to avoid walking to the nurses station, lean over the desk, start crying that you are starving and want to go home. You get sympathy but they won't let you leave nor will they you eat anything other than soup until you pass that gas.
3. Be prepared for your bladder not to work the same, possibly even be a bit sluggish when trying to even start urinating. Once home, keep a good book by the toilet, I sat there for 10 min waiting for a trickle, then 5 min to actually finish. ( this was later explained it was bladder trauma, all urinalysis came back neg except the last one which showed small amounts of blood)
4. Post surgical antibiotics may cause Thrush..your tongue will be smooth as glass and you can't taste a blooming thing for a couple of weeks, except the medicine they give you.
5. Always stand a good arms length away from any closets while hanging up someing. I was hanging up a dress in my daughters closet, the pole collapsed, I jumped back and twisted out of the way..hurt for 3 days.
6. Never sit straight up from lying position regardless if the nurse practitioner and the nurse have you by the hands pulling you in that direction. You will be sore for a few days. Always turn to the side and push yourself up.
7. Never under any circumstances decide 2 weeks post op to get a tooth pulled. The novacaine, gas and pain meds sent my already compromised body over the edge and I vomited for three days straight before seeing the doctor. If you do vomit, keep a low stool by the toilet so you can sit down and hang on to something. Forget bending over, you won't be able to get back up.
8. Have some Monistat on hand so if you are put on antibiotics ( for the blood in my urine) you will be able to tackle the horrible yeast infection that takes over without having to miserably walk around Walmart trying to figure out where they moved the stuff.
9. Laughter and positive thinking are the best medicine
10. You know you are better when you lose the Queen status and rather than jump at your bidding, the hubby says " boy are you getting demanding"

I found it hard to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time, so I was reading 3 different books, couple of different art projects going, and a knitting project all by my recliner and went from one thing to the other.
I had 3 hot flashes an hour..literally..I took clothes off, put clothes on, took clothes off, and had migraines. Finally called the doc and he put me on the estriodal patch..a gift from God..just don't forget to change it every 7 days..same bat time..same bat station..I didn't once, took it off thinking I would be fine till later on the next day. Wrong choice..immediate hot flashes and migraines. I learned the hard way.
I didn't have the swelly belly, I actually lost 6 lbs even though I was eating everything in site. ( That vomiting for 3 days contributed some I am sure)
I am now back in my size 8 jeans( comfortably) It was the 4th week before my energy level returned to "normal", I still get tired but not as bad.
I returned to work full time as a nurse in an assisted living facility this past week. My brain still doesn't work as I would like it to, my thoughts seem scattered and I have a harder time remembering more than a couple of things at a time but this will get better with time. I think the fact insomnia kicked in for the first 3 days..I could get to sleep but would only sleep 4-5 hours then be wide awake..but that eased up by the end of the week.
Looking back I would say a hys was a good thing for me. No more migraines on a daily basis..thus less medicine..no more periods lasting all month..it seems odd to know you will never need a pad again, although I hung on to those panty liners. Hubby is enjoying the benefits of a less *****y/hormonal wife and doesn't have to by pads for me ever again. ( At least until urinary incontinence kicks in) As for the sex, while we haven't completely consumated our relationship since the surgery, I was curious if all my mechanics still worked. Very gently, we tried external stimulation and yep, the orgasms are wonderful, I would even say more intense.
I am sorry others are having more difficult times post op. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Talk openly with your doctor about any problems, no matter how small, and laugh.
Best wishes,
Unread 08-25-2007, 02:19 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Rayne, Glad your update was good, & enjoyed the chuckle. I would also add:
1. Don't let the nurse or CNA out of the room until you have acertained the whereabouts of your cough pillow.
2 Get someone to lower your bed tray so you can see what you are reaching for.
3. If you are prohibited fom any food or liquids (even ice chips) & a friend talks them into giving you the foam toothbrushes to wet you mouth, make sure the toothPASTE gets discarded.

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