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Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007 Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007

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Unread 09-09-2007, 07:33 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007

I have to say that other than my sinus/fever incident, this whole recovery is so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I hope that more sisters feel that way than not. I'm 11 days post op and feel like I can pretty much do anything. I am trying very hard not to overdo it though. I did a little house cleaning yesterday. Bathroom, dusted and vacumed the hard floors. I could not vacuum the carpet though. Got to there and tried one pass. My body said "Oh no you don't". So I called my neighbor over. She's been asking me since I came home from the hospital if there's anything she could do for me. My DH was home and said he'd do it, but I wanted to let my neighbor feel useful. She was so excited when I called her.

I'm able to sleep on my side with my knees drawn up, I just put a pillow between my legs so my middle isn't too compressed. I have finally had two nights of sleep where I haven't had to wake up to pee! Feel like a new person!

Still have the gas pains and wow, does sneezing hurt. It doesn't hurt as much to laugh anymore. My first day home my 11 month old niece had me laughing..I thought I was going to pop right open! Incision area get painful during the day along with that swelly belly. Love the HysterSisters Swelly Belly Band. I keep it in the freezer and wrap it on a couple of times a day for a while.

I've been out of the house a few times on short errands. Can't wait to be able to drive. Days are really long here at home by myself. It will be nice when I can break up my day with a little trip somewhere.

Thank God for this is such a blessing to be able to communicate with women all over who are going trough the same things as me at the same time. I read the posts every morning. Almost like an to see how my Sisters are doing!!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Unread 09-09-2007, 08:58 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007

Sunday, I'm up but so tired already. Had shower, went out to check for paper, watered my outside plants. Thank goodness I got the spring looking hose, no trouble at all. SOMEONE hadn't watered them for me.
Not wearing "real" clothes yet, uncomfortable to sit up long anyway so just staying in nightclothes. Did sit at table for dinner last night though I felt all squished up & laying down felt wonderful.
After I posted yesterday about BM stuff I then had a huge one, for some reason it left me nauseous for hours. I finally drank some sprite (gotta get ginger ale) & it eased up.
Dr said I could drive at 2 weeks, feeling the way I do now I just don't know. I will need to get some prescriptions refilled & more cat food & that may just be my 1st trip out. Think I will wait as long as I can though. I KNOW it will wear me out. I'll have him pick up more cat food tomorrow but my cat is so picky (old) she probably won't eat but half anyway & I want to get some myself. I could go with him but he has a van & of course I can't climb up AND it's parked behind my car anyway so I'll wait - don't feel like musical cars right now.
gotta go, this is getting uncomfortable, I'm sitting on a pillow but.....
Unread 09-09-2007, 11:28 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007

Yesterday I had to go to DD's game (she cheers). It was the 'big' game and she is the flyer in several stunts so I couldn't miss it. As soon as I got there I felt the mistake like a ton of bricks. It was over 90 degrees and packed! Luckily, my sister and parents where there to escort me to my reserved seat on the sidelines. I stayed until half-time was over then came home to bed. I managed a shower yesterday but was worn out, although unable to take a nap.
Last night DH picked up some Activia yogurt. I am going to eat it at least daily in hopes of getting things moving w/o more intensive methods.
I did go to Wal-Mart with him this morning; I was really wanting to get out of the house. He drove the cart and picked up everything so I just walked. I was hoping the walking would help with my insane cramps that I woke up with but it didn't. It didn't make them worse, though, and now I feel like I actually did something productive. I am now relaxing on the couch, on the laptop, and watching football games with DH.
Wonder why the cramps are so bad today? And, I have started spotting pretty heavily. Whats up with that?? Oh, bladder still no improvment.
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Unread 09-09-2007, 02:27 PM
I think a may have popped a vag. cuff stitch...

Friday I felt pretty darned good... even put on real clothes. Pretty stupid for just 8 days post-op... and I just got "dumb and dumber" as the day went on.

Besides taking a shower and doing my hair, I did a couple of loads of laundry, went for a few walks then Hubby and I went for dinner at a little restaurant here in town. It felt so good to get out of the CAVE for an evening. It was only an hour and a half but HOLY COW, am I paying for it.

We were home by 8PM but then I couldn't relax. Couldn't sleep and saw 2AM before I finally must have dozed off. Yesterday morning I got up with horrible cramping and my plumbing was once again goofed up. I stayed in most of the day in great "discomfort".

Today, when I took a shower I noticed some vaginal bleeding.... not a lot... spotting maybe? Do ya think I might have popped a stitch at the cuff site? I have pain on the right side of the vertical line of staples. Also, started to "weep" again at the lowest staple by the pubic bone.

My appointment is tomorrow afternoon to get the staples out, FINALLY!!! They are extremely uncomfortable and some of them feel like they're stabbing me. Ugh!!!

Gas? Ooooooohhhhh ya!

I'm just laying around today.... walking a bit and enjoying FOOTBALL!!! Weather is low 70's, light breeze and ! If nothing else, I sure am enjoying the day.

My best to our sisters.... prayers for all of us, for a speedy recovery!
Unread 09-09-2007, 02:54 PM
Gas Pain

Diamondlover & ribyra732 & all hystersisters, I don't know if I made progress today or not. I got up this morning and was dreading the day because DH is out of the country for two weeks and those bad gas pains! I was standing in the kitchen when I remember that I had bought a bottle of Acidophilus 100 mg per capsule and thought what the heck, I'll try this before food! I waited 30 minutes and then I ate. I didn't take any gasx and I waited for that horrible eye twisting pain to start. Nothing. I ate lunch. Nothing. I went for a two block walk with DD and DS and had some minor gas pain but hardly anything to write home about. So, on the bottle it says 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals. So, I just took my 2nd one before dinner. This may be the magic bullet for my very sore digestive system. I'll let you know how tomorrow works out. My swelly belly has really come down but I still hate wearing pants. I sure hope I am ready to wear pants by the 19th for work. My weight is coming back down again. 135 this am. So, I guess I lost 7 lbs. since pre-op. I am happy to stay right at this weight! I'll be glad when my belly looks normal again. I still have some swelling around two of my incisions. The doc said this is where he pulled out the ovary with the 4 inch diameter cyst and my uterus. It was something else, the cyst. Anyway, lab results came back and all was benign!!!!!!!! The greatest thing is that I can look forward to pain free living! I used to have two weeks a months free of pain and two weeks of pain. Now, nothing---zip! I look forward to being back to normal again. Working, taking care of the kids and house, exercising and feeling really, really good about life.
Unread 09-09-2007, 03:59 PM

went to church and was miserable. Wonder what's up with that. I think it was sitting upright for so long. At work I am standing and leaning and sitting back. I guess just the stationary position was what hurt. No spotting here. Still have that weird discharge but have determined that it's the vaginal antibiotic creme that I have to use. No BM for two days. that's what I get for saying everything was moving along wonderfully. Still mad today at everyone but no hot flashes during the day. Just at night. Wonder why that is????? Tommorow is my "day off" from work as we are closed on mondays so will go and catch a movie with the youngest. (I homeschool my kids) I have been tired but not exhausted. I have been pleased with how well things have gone as I have had minimal pain. Compared to the before, this is a piece of cake. Hugs to all, hope your teams won and you had a wonderful, michelle
Unread 09-09-2007, 04:59 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007

Hi Wigmaof3,
My hysterectomy was Aug. 29. Today was the first time I've had a big pink discharge (I could feel it come out) otherwise mostly tiny little pink or brownish spots barely noticeable. I think I may have stressed myself yesterday. My dad went to emergency and I tried to sit in the chair but I must have been up and down 15 times the first hour trying to keep him from getting out of the bed. Too much movement!

I too get my staples out tomorrow- oops not tomorrow, Tuesday. I guess I'm getting anxious! I know one of them pulled out from one side, cause it is only attached on one side. I did ask one of the nurses attending my father to look at them and though they are a little pink, she thought they were okay - just as long as I wasn't running any fever or getting any discharge when I press around them.

I'm wearing my belly band today. I do most days but I didn't yesterday and that may have been more stress. I can't say I'm feeling any better than I felt a week ago. I feel fine, I felt fine then. Just can't walk fast or sneeze!! I guess I'm probably moving with a little less soreness.

Hang in there girls- we're getting there!
Karen Hope 707 TAH/BOS Aug. 29, uterine cancer stage 1c grade 3 will have 4 1/2 weeks of radiation
Unread 09-09-2007, 05:39 PM
just an update

Had my surgery 8/28...was supposed to last about 2 hours and went poor hubby was worried in the waiting room. Had LAVH (kept ovaries) with extensive repairs (rectocele, cystocele, enterocele) and TOT bladder sling. Overall doing pretty well, taking percocet 1 every 4-6 hours down from 2 every 3-4 hours. Still bleeding a bit, will post a question to see if that is normal. Went home 8/30. Normal pathology for most part (as expected) did have fibroids which made getting the uterus out a bit tricky. Very happy with my first follow-up is 9/21 and I am hoping to get the approval to go on my vacation (via car) to North Carolina. Overall I am quite pleased, but frankly, can't imagine "using" the involved area for 6 months!! (I am sure I will change my mind, but since I can feel all the sutures, I am a bit scared!!)
Unread 09-10-2007, 08:23 AM
where's the balance?

I did practically nothing yesterday after hosting that birthday party for DD on Saturday. I didn't have pain--just was very fatigued. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. today and couldn't get back to sleep.

I still feel wiped out today, but I really want to start some purposeful walking, so I had DH pull the treadmill out of the corner and set it up in front of the TV. I walked only a half mile at 2.5 mph. I will try to do another half mile later in the day.

I feel as though my recovery is going great, but I hate this really tired feeling. I'm hoping that pushing myself to walk a certain distance each day may help, but I just don't know how hard to push myself. I'm going slowly, but I didn't think I'd ever get to a half mile. I'm accustomed to about 3 miles a day at 4 mph, but I must admit I hadn't been doing any walking since about June 1, so I'm not in shape.

What are the rest of you doing to begin to build stamina? I had TVH, so I'm sure our recovery is faster than for those of you who had abdominal surgery.

s to all of you,
Unread 09-10-2007, 09:10 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Aug 27-Sep 03,2007


My second mom is an RN & she's here helping me. She says a treadmill is much harder for us recovering sisters than normal walking. She says that the tired feeling is God's way of telling us when to stop. I can't even go to the end of the block yet because I lost so much blood and my blood pressure is so low. I usually run 4 to 5 miles a day but she keeps telling me a month or two off is not going to hurt, and that recovery takes time. I know this is a wise woman so I am not pushing it.

Think of it this way- you had major surgery two weeks ago, and they usually say to take 6-8 weeks off work. It isn't such a bad idea to listen to your body & wait for the overwhelming fatigue to wear off before pushing it.

Maybe I'm being a wimp but as much as I'm dying to be back to normal, I have to admit I'm not yet. It's going to take time and until the exhaustion abates a bit, I'm going to hold off on pushing my body when it hollers "I want a nap!" It's okay for us to rest and recuperate a few more weeks before we dust off the Superwoman cape!

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