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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 01-04-2008, 08:07 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good morning,

I'm feeling much better. The pain I was having is gone. Today I'm going to finally get back upstairs and do a little organizing. We'll have pizza for supper. I have to tell you about my morning. I was getting ready to take kids to school and DH was in the shower. 4yr old ds was sleeping. When dh is here I leave ds with him while I take the other two. It takes me about 20 minutes. So I get back and DS runs to the door and says "mommy why did you leave me alone"? To make a long story short, DH thought DS was with me and left for work. I felt so horrible. He looked like he had just woke up when I walked in, so he probably wasn't aware he was alone for very long. But I kept thinking about all the things that could have happened in that short time. I'll will be making sure DH knows what's going on from now on.

Thanks Jan, I think it was just from getting back to the routine and doing more than I have been. I'm glad your car is fixed. Your GD sounds like a cutie!! How old is she, if you don't mind me asking?

I hope everyone is having a good morning.
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Unread 01-04-2008, 11:30 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

hey all! Thanks for your support! You are all the greatest.

Hyper.. your poor DS! and his mom!! I just did that last month with 10 year old. Much scarier with a little guy.. but the same.. we sometimes are moving faster than we should! Umm maybe the pain was another sign of that! Slow down!

Suki.. Have you ever tried Papaya? It is supposed to be good for digestion. i used to take papaya pills (enzymes i think) for nausea. Anyway wanted to suggest it in case it might help ease any tummy "yucks"

Joan.. That is so sweet DS and DIL bought you a car! I love to hear when boys take care of their mama's and their wives let them! How about using pork roast in tacos or green enchiladas. BBQ sauce on a roll.. or freeze the rest!

Murph thanks for the support and I try to think of you in the snow...

Jan I am so glad your car is fixed has to be scary with snow and all!!

Lisa.. I am curled up waiting for the rain here in CA too! I know we need it I just hate when it is so cold.. I feel it coming but so far I do not see it... I bought a new umbrella with adorable polka dots...

Quickscrapper.. I have achy hips and legs... But I have arthritis in 1 hip and knees. Was thinking it was pretty extreme than found out rain was coming. I may just be whiney but it does seem worse than last year. Would be interesting to know if it was due to lower hormone levels.. but I do still have one ovary. Anyway keep me posted on anything you find out. Hope your aches go away.. try to stay dry in the next few days!

Good day to all... I still have not made the bread Suki.. hopefully this week-end.
Unread 01-04-2008, 02:31 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi ladies,

I hope you don't get too much rain and strong winds, Sas and Lisa. I know about the cold for you guys, they are getting it in Florida also; my sister called me from there the yesterday. Lisa, hope you got to take your tree down with dh help.

Hey Sas, I have also been having pain in my hip when walking since my hyster. I guess thats arthritis . Never had this before.

Jan, I'm glad that your car is fixed. I hope your day wasn't too stressful.
Good for you in your eating well. I have reading glasses but what I do is have a pair of store bought glass on when reading the if something looks good on TV, I take them off.

Cindy, I'm glad you are ffeeling better. what a scary thing to happen when you returned home and ds was alone but thank God he was ok. I never gad ti drive my ds's to school because we liived almost right across the street from both schools they attended.

Quickscrapper, thats great that you are going to the gym and working also. I would love to do the gym also. That is the only way I can get to give my upper body a workout.

Looks like we are going to get a bread for the cold and snow. Expecting 40 deg weather and some rain so maybe we will get rid of a little snow.

Have a great evening everyone. and sleep well.
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Unread 01-04-2008, 03:53 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good evening ladies,

Quickscrapper, Sas and LisaBird: hope you and your family stay safe in the incoming storm, I read there is a severe weather alert for both hacienda heights and Merced!

Jan, glasses are such an pain in the butt necessity. I got a new prescription not long after my surgery (can’t see far) and I notice they give me a headache after wearing them for a while, like watching TV. I’ve decided to get contact lenses again. Glad to hear your car problems have resolved. Husbands are good for some things! LOL

Suki, I don’t envy you with those performance evaluation reports. For a while, we had to write our own performance evaluation, but the practice ended, TG.

Hyper, such a busy life, don’t know how you do it, I’m tired just reading about it! Pizza sounds good. Poor you, I can just imagine your dreadful feelings after finding out you left your son on his own.

I think we are all tired, from the holidays and also from our recovery, I guess. Tonight I’m having spaghetti with meat sauce and a nice glass of wine. Taking it easy, playing with a gift from my husband, an Ipod. Went for a walk today with some music in my ears, it was so nice. I’m enjoying the same weather as Joan, very pleasant for a change!

Sleep deep and well
Unread 01-04-2008, 04:56 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi All, Once I finally got started the day was really busy, but good. I am glad to be home relaxing now! My kids revolted. They said Mom it is Friday what is this leftover business we need pizza! We usually have pizza on Friday so of course I gave in.

Cindy I am sorry about your scare this morning. I am glad it was only a short while and everything turned out ok. My GD is 21 months old and she is adorable, but I am a bit biased. I wish there was some way for me to show you a photo. She has the prettiest red hair and big blue eyes. I could go on and on about her she is just my sweetie.

Joan I am glad for your break in the weather. I bet you will be walking up a storm!

Sas, Lisa, and Scrapper I am still thinking of you and hoping the storms are a lot milder than expected!

Linda why do you think the glasses give headaches and the contacts do not? I don't blame you if that works I would get the contacts, headaches are awful! I have had eye surgery at one time and am not a good candidate for them after the surgery so it is glasses for me. You are right about husbands! I have an ipod that is about 1-2 years old. It is really nice for walking with. I have music and books on mine. I hope you get alot of enjoyment with it.

Off to pizza, TTYL.
Unread 01-04-2008, 05:46 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi Ladies,

TGIF.... Wow this week knocked the heck out of me, I am so tired and I realy did not do much today, I guess the radiaiton is giving me a run for my energy. My cleaning crew was supposed to come today but I got a call at 1pm asking if they could come on Monday the staff has come down with some sort of bug they are giving each other and a few workers are out ill.
Oh well they will just need to clean a little longer because we already skipped one week because my mom went to the hospital last week.

Seems like Friday night is pizza night for a lot of you, I made chicken cutlets and escarole soup, it was mighty tasty. I was just playing around with the GPS system I bought DH for Christmas, its pretty cool, I think I will use it more then he will.

Jan your GD sounds adorable, we need a water cooler site so we can post photos of ourselves and family members, I work for a tech company let me ask one of my techies if we can do something like that, after 27+ years in the computer business you would think I should know this stuff, I guess that is why I am the manager, lol.

Speaking of contact lenses, I wear mine on and off, yesterday I opened a new pair and the doctor gave me some meds to help with the bladder pressure, I get it filled and the bottle says DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICINE, so no lenses for me for the next 3 weeks, it figures. It can also make your skin and eyes orange but it is relieving the pressure already so I will grin and bear it.

I hope you ladies on the west coast are spared with the storm they are talking about, yesterday was 16 degrees here and tomorrow it is supposed to be near 50, what the heck is going on?

I just heard a commercial for TBS and this weekend is definetly chick flick weekend, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wedding Planner and Wedding Date no testosterone on TBS this weekend.

Linda, we have our folks write up their own accomplishments and then as managers we need to do an appraisal of our own, its funny the really good folks write almost nothing for their accomplishments and the do nothings say the company would be out of business if it wasn't for them. We used to do peer reviews, I hated those, glad we stopped them, I used to call it my friends and family list, now really am I going to ask someone that I don't get along with to give me a peer evaluation. How many different ways can you say Joe is a great worker I would love to have him on my team or project.

Sas thanks for the papaya tip, I seem to remember my mom was told to eat that after her colon cancer surgery to soothe her tummy, I will go get some of that over the weekend. I never knew coconut macroons helped with the runs, the doctor told me apples can go either way help or hurt. I know when I was sea sick granny smith apples helped, a cabin steward on a cruise gave me that tip, but when you are that sick the last thing you want to do is eat.

OK so what is on the agenda for the weekend ladies, so far I have no plans and I am loving it!
Unread 01-04-2008, 08:45 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi all,

I'm just winding down after a long day. I did some organizing and what not upstairs today and I'm happy to say it is finally done. Went to pick kids up from school, and DS wanted to sleep over at a friends, so we came home so he could pack a bag, then I took him to his friends. Came home and had pizza, then took DD to dance. Tomorrow is her first dance recital of the year and I just remembered this evening that her dance pants need hemmed. And guess what, I can't sew anything more than a button. So, this ought to be interesting. If any of you ladies can sew, is it very hard to do a hem?

Suki sorry your cleaning crew couldn't make it today, but it's probably for the best, you sure don't want anyone bringing any nasty bugs in the house.

Jan Yay for pizza night. I wish I could see a picture of your granddaughter. She sounds adorable. My grandson had red hair until he turned two and then it kept getting lighter, now he is blond. I saw a place on this site when I first starting coming here, where you could upload pics on your profile, but I can't remember where.

Murph the spaghetti and meat sauce with a glass of wine sounds wonderful. We got my DS an ipod for Christmas. He loves it. I bet it was nice taking a walk with yours.

Joan we are supposed to have 40's this weekend too. But the way it feels out there now, I'll believe it when I see it.

Sas, Lisa and quickscrapper I hope you are all safe and warm tonight.

Sleep well ladies.
Unread 01-04-2008, 09:11 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi All,

Suki I know you said you are tired, but you would not know it reading your post. Your tone sounded, happy and energized and I really enjoyed reading it! I like your idea for the water cooler site, that would be fun. Sorry about your contacts, but I agree with you i would rather put on some glasses than have that pressure. I hope you get some good rest tonight.

Cindy rest up girl you have been so busy! Sewing a hem is not hard. Myself and my dd's are very short and we have to hem everything! I do most on the sewing machine, but have done by hand also. When doing by hand just measure how much you need to take up. Turn pants inside out, turn up the fabric, measure, pin in place, and sew. While sewing catch the fabric carefully with the needle so you just catch enought to hold the stitch. Don't go through the fabric all the way and then it won't show on the outside. If you have access to a sewing machine once you measure and pin just straight stitch around the cuff.

Well I am off to bed. I hope all you ladies stay safe from storms and have a good nights sleep!
Unread 01-05-2008, 09:52 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi everybody,

Jan: Glasses vs Contacts, I don’t know, but good observation, I guess I’m fed up with glasses and figure, if I have to be miserable, might as well wear contacts, so I don’t have that inconvenience. My previous glasses did not give me headaches, I figure it was the model I choose, largish rectangular shape.

Jan, you can post photos on this site. Look at the top right, at the support tab, you can pull down and see “photos”. Let us know if you post anything!

No plans either suki, except to go visit my mother for a short while this afternoon. I also love it that way.

Hyper, sorry, I get my sewing done. In a jam, I use fusing tape they sell at the fabric store. I just fuse my hems this way. It stays for quite a while, even after laundry. I don’t think it would be very good on a heavy fabric. I mainly use it when I make curtains, strait things.

Have a nice day everyone!
Unread 01-05-2008, 11:02 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good morning ladies!

Jan and murph thanks so much for your help. I don't have time to go to a fabric store since there aren't any close, so I will try doing it myself. Jan I'll follow your directions. I would never have known to turn them inside out. I just have never been one to sew.

I have just been taking it easy today so far. I'll start hemming pretty soon. DD doesn't have to be at her performance until 5:45.

Murph thanks for telling us where to post pics. I might post a Christmas pic of the kids if I can figure out how to upload.

I hope everyone has a good day.

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