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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 01-14-2008, 03:02 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Karen ice cream is my favorite food... I don't even buy it anymore. If I brought some home I would end up with the whole container and a spoon. I ate so much of it when I was preg. with my sons that my h said he was supprised that they weren't born with Seal Test written on their backs.

Jan I'm glad that your slept better last nite and hope that your nite is even better tonight I love chicken soup. I plan of cooking a whole chicken tomorrow nite and eating the breast meat then using the rest for chicken soup. Having brown rice and pork tonight.

Lucille that sounds like you were ok traveling all that distance without getting sick. That was good. Glad you had a nice afternoon with your 3 other grandkids. Boy, your ship may be just come sailing back LOL I have never heard about the XXX thing. What is chicken gyros?

Cindy sorry your DD is home sick. I hope she is better. That is an awful bug to get. I got it last year with vomiting and ended up passing out on my bathroom floor. I was able to walk today but we had about 2 inches of snow and the snow plows were out earlier and created the roads with a packed layer of snow which was very slippery. Where I could walk of the sidewalks the had plowed that also which was slippery as well Almost fell on my *** at least 4 time.

Sas I like your idea of making the ice cream a healthy treat. I'm for that. Sorry that you children were home with a sore throat. I hope they had a good time skiing. Did you enjoy your time alone?

Hope everyone enjoys their evening.
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Unread 01-14-2008, 05:22 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

My doctor and every book I have read on internal radiaiton all say an active sex life is the best way to keep the vagina from atrophy during the treatments. The first meeting with the radiology oncologist my husband was with me and I asked him about atrophy he said are you active sexually, I looked at him and said not 3-4 times a week that's for sure, I thought my DH was going to die. We all laughed and then the dr said he would give me a dilator. My husband asked me later if I was serious and when I showed him the books that recommended 3-4 times a week he said Oh My God, I thought you were kidding. I bet it would be great for the first week but then it would be like a job and DH woudl say oh no not again. LOL

Joan chicken gyros are grilled chicken with lettuce tomatoes onions and a yogurt suace on pita bread. I ended up making chicken and mushroom risotto instead and it was very good. I will make the gyros another night.

Ice Cream Yummm, I can go for some right now, but I probably only have the crummy low fat ice cream bars in the freezer.

Sorry about the sick kids at home, I remember when I was a kid I would lie about being sick so I could go to school and then my parents had to come and get me because I was so sick the school would call them...ahh the good old days. Now I work from home and really never get a sick day, you feel guilty when you don't sign on and work from home. It has been difficult for me since October, I have signed on to work almost every day since I came home from the hospital, my doctor and my DH yell at me. I am not supposed to be working until my treatments are finished but there is so much to do I feel bad I have been out so long. My boss is really good he tells me not to worry but I do. I miss my team and I actually miss working.
Right now I have it made I work when I feel like it not a bad deal.

I had to renew all my meds again today as the infections are still not gone, I think the radiation is making it worse, its kinda like putting a band aid on your finger and then hitting it with a hammer, you cover it up but hurt it over an over again. Three more external treatments to go. WOO HOO
Unread 01-14-2008, 05:40 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi all. SO glad Monday is behind me. I told DH everyone got a kick out of his missing his fibroid friends and you really have to know him. He's so serious all the time and so introspective, where I'm playful and never take anything serious. So, he just reflects very thoughtful and say no honey, I'm serious, I really do miss the little fellas. We used to refer to them as the septuplets. He and I are polar opposites and he's a keeper for sure! He has a job interview on Wed for a better opportunity. Think good thoughts for him. We got married 2 years ago and he relocated and couldn't find a job in his field, so took a job doing cell phone sales and personal training. It's been tough for him so hopefully this is an open door.

Joan and Karen- Love ice cream. My new favorite is caramel cone from Haagen Das (sp??). Also love their sticky toffe pudding. Have to limit myself otherwise I'll be mistaken for a mack truck from behind.

Jan- a good night sleep YESSSS! Never knew how much to cherish those. Sending sweet dreams your way.

Suki- Isn't HR life nuts? I often wonder how I managed to choose this on purpose. I don't remember the last time I had sex 4x in a week, much less doctor-ordered sex. DH would definitely play that one up! Hope you had a good day and you're feeling better.

Cindy & Sas- so sorry your DK's are not feeling well. Hopefully the extra love and attention will spark them right back up! I love making soup and grilled cheese for DH when he's sick.

Well gotta run and finish checking DS's homework. I always order the teacher's edition of his mathbook so I can check his homework and type up tests for him. He's done so much better and I think I can explain it better. He's in the 8th but taking high school algebra, so I was hand working all the problems and then realized how dumb that was. I tell you it was the best $87 I've ever spent!!! oh, speaking of $, got a $349 refund check from the doctor's office for overpayment on the hysto. Yippee!!! Especially since they made me pay upfront!!!

DH is making burritos with homemade potatoes inside, yummmm. Made a 7-up pound cake on Sunday and can't wait to have a piece.

Sweet dreams to all, thanks for being such great people!!!
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Unread 01-14-2008, 07:19 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi All!

Well today has been a good day. My youngest DD was off school today. I go to a building in another town on Monday mornings. She asked if she could go along, so I had a counselor in training today. I knew I was only seeing kids K-5 that did not know her and would not mind. We played therapeutic games so as not to have any confidentiality issues. It seems a great time was had by all. The kids were thrilled to be showing off and playing games. I took her for lunch and she went home while I completed my paperwork in the afternoon.

When I got home from work I heard Elmo on the tv and knew that meant GD was home. If she was home at that time I knew she must have been sent home from daycare. She has a fever, upper respitory symptoms, and diarrhea. She has been a handful all evening. DH and I are both exhausted! She just went to bed. I hope she sleeps at least until her Mom gets home. I don't think either one of us is going to be alert enough for a "retry" so that wine will wait until tomorrow.

Cindy and Sas I am sorry your DKs are sick. I hope for a quick recovery. Thanks for the smiles and hugs~~right back at ya!

Joan pork tenderloin sounds good to me. My mom used to really make that so good, it was on of my DH's favorite dishes that she would cook. Be careful on those walks! I don't like the idea that you almost fell. Do you have those grippers that you put on your shoes that Murph mentioned a while back? Those might be good for you walking in the wintery weather.

Suki my DH and I could not live up to that schedule either. It is never as good when it is not spontaneous anyhow. Your risotto sounded like a good choice to me! I am so glad your treatments are getting closer to the end. You have done so well staying positive. I hope your "band aid" meds start to kick in.

Gratefulme That was a good idea buying the teacher's text. Your Ds sounds like he has great study habits. That check sure was a pleasant surprise for you. That pound cake sounds great. If you don't mind sharing I would love to have the recipe. I will keep my fingers crossed for your DH Wednesday. He sounds like a sweetie. Thank you for the sweet dream wishes, every hour of sleep has become like a gift that I never knew I was given before the hyster.

Have a wonderful evening ladies, peaceful sleep to all!
Unread 01-15-2008, 07:37 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

good morning ladies!

My DD is home sick again. She seems to have a stomach bug. She is still sleeping which is good since she was up again last night. I will be housebound today and think I will just focus on giving DD some TLC.

Sas I'm sorry your kids were sick too yesterday. I hope they're feeling better today.

Joan be careful on those walks. I'd hate to see you fall.

Suki it's nice that you can work from home. You sound like you have a great boss.

gratefulme I'll keep my fingers crossed for your DH. I like the idea of ordering the teacher's text. What a nice surprise to get a hyster refund.

Jan I'm sorry your GD is sick. It's especially hard for babies. Sorry your "evening" got postponed. That's nice that you and your DD got to spend some time together yesterday.

I hope you all have a good day.
Unread 01-15-2008, 03:36 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good evening ladies,

Jan, glad to see your feeling better – stay away from those horrific posts. Hope DGD get’s better soon, it’s so awful to see the little ones be sick.

Suki, good news with only 3 treatments left. Whats the frequency of the internal treatments? How are you celebrating the final?

Gratefulme, I too will be crossing my fingers for your DH. Good for you on getting the teacher’s text book, I didn’t know you could do that, that is so neat.

I’m off to make dinner, just some chicken and rice with grilled veggies for tonite.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing evening and a good night sleep.
Unread 01-15-2008, 04:40 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Happy Belated New Year to everyone!

I really need to check in more often. I have been reading for an hour and still have not caught up with all the posts. I figured I would check in quick and then come back later after supper.

Oncologist visit went very well. I do not need treatment right now. I do have a very small (1mm) spot of very early stage cancer, so I have to go in for a pap every 3 mos for the next two years and every six after that, YUCK!

Medicine seems to be working better now, unless I miss a dose then I get very irritable. Hope everyone is doing well. I have to go cook supper now. Check in later and finish reading posts!
Unread 01-15-2008, 05:54 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hey ladies,

We had sweet and sour chicken stir fry for dinner. DD is feeling better. Hopefully she will be able to get back to school tomorrow.

Nikkic glad your oncologist visit went well.

Jan hope your GD is feeling better.

Have a good evening everyone.
Unread 01-15-2008, 06:39 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good evening to all. Another day behind us this week, YIPPIE!!! Spent 3 hours at the hairdresser for what was supposed to be going at 'lunch'. Bless her, she just had a baby and already had 3 kids, so she has her hands full trying to get to work each day. I held the baby while she washed my hair, that was a hoot. I LOVE babies and once I retire, I plan to rock them full time at the hospital. Kids, not so much but babies I love. LOL

Jan- recipe for 7up pound cake:

1lb butter
3 c sugar
5 large eggs
3 cups cake flour (I think I used 2 1/2 Swan's Down is the best)
1/2 c 7up
2 tsp butter nut flavoring

Preheat oven 350 (I do 325 b/c my new oven cooks at a high temp)Cream butter. Gradually add sugar to butter and beat until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time and beat thoroughly (I spend a lot of mixing both of those). Alternately add cake flour and 7up beginning and ending with the flour. Don't overmix. Last, add extract. Bake in a greased and floured bunt pan (I just use cooking spray) for 1 hour to 1 hour 20 min. Cake is done when toothpick inserted comes out clean (I use a knife b/c toothpick doesn't go down all the way).

I've had to experiment but it is pretty good. ENJOY!!!

Suki- your boss does sound nice as well as your coworkers. You are very fortunate! my boss is the worst I've had in my career BUT I shall not be moved!!! LOL I love gyros but never ventured out to make them on my own. I think I will ask DH to do the honors. He loves to cook.

murph- the teachers textbook is really easy. DH makes fun of me for googling everything but all I did was type in 'mcdougal littell algebra 1 teacher's edition' and after barely searching , there it was for sale at a sight called abebooks. My pastor's wife (and good friend) passed away 2 years ago (she and I would joke about hand working problems every night) and now he's a single father with 2 boys 15 & 12. I ordered him the teachers text as well. Funny, after I gave it to him, I could swear I heard her voice tell me thank you. He said it's been a life-saver.

nikkic- great news on your oncologist visit! Be diligent about getting checked even though it's a pain.

hyper- glad your DD is feeling better, the TLC must have worked.

Well got to run and call my mom so we can have our Tuesday night gossip session!

Thanks for the thoughts for DH, he needs a break and a boost in his confidence! I will keep you posted.

Best rest tonight to all!!!
Unread 01-15-2008, 06:39 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi Everyone!

My little GD is still not feeling too well. She was home again today. We'll have to see how she is in the morning. She is really congested. It is hard to see them when they are sick!

I had a routine day at work. One of my friends birthdays was today and a few of us went out after work to celebrate. When I got home we had chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. It must have been chicken night for hyster sisters!

Murph I have been avoiding those posts, as my DH gave the same advice.

Nikkic I am glad your oncologist visit went well and that your meds are working better.

Cindy I am glad your DD is feeling better and I do hope she is able to get back to school. All that makeup work is so hard when they are still recovering.

Well we are having a luncheon at school tomorrow so I am off to make Hawaiin salad and then tv and bed for me.

I hope you all have a relaxing evening and a restful nights sleep!

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