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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 10-02-2008, 11:03 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hello! Happy belated Hysterversary toscrapper. Happy one to Cindy, LCW and me today! It is hard to believe it's been a year. I remember them getting me all prepped and me saying I changed my mind! They were like okay but DH and my friend that was there were like, ummmm yeah let us have a few minutes with her alone! I thought they were going to beat me down but they didn't and things proceeded. I was supposed to be outpatient but to quote the doc, things were a 'mess' in there, so had to do vaginally and spend the night in the hospital. DS came to see me and looked SO paniced to see me in the hospital and got really upset. Bless him...But they kicked me out the next day and although it was uphill for a bit, it's smooth sailing now. Only thing is still never felt like I have slept well but small price to pay!! I'm going to send a message to suki, Joan, murph and Karen to let them know we miss them on the boards.

Lcw- so sorry to hear about your dad. You sound like you have a very good support system and your attitude is right on. We're here for you to vent if you need to!

Cindy- I'll be glad when you get your computer fixed, I miss you! Don't make Lisa and I have to come there and get the part ourselves and put it in! I don't like the cold, we're still hanging on to mid 70's lower 80's. My kinda weather!

Michelle- sorry to hear about your back but glad you checked in. Take care of yourself!

Jan- that was funny about dumb a and the pj's. I'd probably do it just to be obnoxious but he probably doesn't care. Glad you got yourself wrapped up nice and snug! glad you got it straight with the dentist. I'm on your side regardless! When you said that about the frames I was like Oh my I'm going to have to go with her when she goes bc if they mess it up again, it's on...So, I'll give you one chance to get it right, then I'm on my way. Well, after the cold is gone. LOL . I had my gyno appt in January. My doc was a strange bird and went ahead and did it. so, I don't go back until 2009. Yippie!

Lisa- hope you get to see your boyfriend today. Have fun. You're very reliable, good quality characteristic in a person! Be on call to go to Cindy's then Jan's. LOL

Sas- glad you heard from your DS and he's doing well. Florida will be nice!

Scrapper- I hope the shoes are an easy fix for you. Hope the dose adjustment gets the bp under control. Sorry you have to go to so many docs. At some point we all need to be done with it. I love the 90 degree weather!!!

Well, I may have a job opportunity in Arizona coming up, so keep me in your prayers. Just want what God says, so trying to be open to anything. I love Phoenix, beautiful place...gotta run, meeting some coworkers for breakfast at lunch. My favorite thing to do!!! TTYL
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Unread 10-02-2008, 02:53 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hello ladies,

Happy Hysterversary to us!! It is really amazing that 1 year has passed. It has been nice getting to know you all.

Dd's dress fitting went well. The only part on her dress that needs alteration is in the body/bustline. They are going to take it in a bit so it won't be loose. The length is perfect with a 1" heel. The seamstress said "you saved $150" because we don't have to hem it. Dd and I looked at each other and mouthed $150...it was funny. We go back on Oct. 29th for the 2nd fitting and then 3 weeks before the event we take it in to be steamed/pressed.

Last night I returned her shoes. I had ordered them through JC Penney catalog. So they re-ordered a size 8 for me while I was in the store. We will get them sometime next week. I'm glad that I have plenty of time to take care of this.

Lisa - your day off sounded nice - doing whatever you want. That is my kind of day.

Mrswillie - Wow your weather has certainly cooled off. Glad to hear the mix up with the dentist was straightened out. Funny story about not being able to put your pjs on when you wanted to....I know that feeling. Hope you enjoyed your cocoa. I'm due for my GYN appt. in February.

Hyper - that's too bad about the computer part. Yes, dd's party plans are moving right along. I'm glad I started planning early.

Idaho - I can relate to your busy life. Hang in there.

Well ladies...back to work. Our phones have been busy today. Have a great day.
Unread 10-02-2008, 03:35 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

I'm inbetween jobs right now. I just had lunch and thought I'd jump on to say hi.

Happy Hysterversary to Grateful and ICW

Jan I hope you were able to get cozy last night after gd was home. I won't put my pjs on if I know someone is coming by.

ICW I'm sorry to hear about you Dad and your Moms health problems.

Cindy hurry back. We miss you

Michelle it was good to hear from you. Sorry your having back problems. Check back in when you can. You're a busy girl.

Scrapper it sounds like the fitting went very well. $150 for a hemming job YIKES!! I hope the next pair of shoes fit perfectly.

Grateful good luck with the job opportunity in Arizona. That would put you all the closer to California. Then I wouldn't have that far to go to pick you up in case we have to head out East :bigwink:

Well I better run and head to the preschool. My boyfriend awaits
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Unread 10-02-2008, 08:48 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Well Happy hystreversary wishes to you Grateful!! I am sorry Scrapper I thought you were the 5th, Happy Belated Hysterversary to you as well!!

It was so nice to have so many people on the board today. It is wonderful to hear from you all.

I am happy tomorrow is Friday! Tomorrow DH has to work again, GD is going to her Dad's, and I will be going to work the booth at the HS football game. I will have to bundle up good because it is going to be cold. DH put the storm windows down today, but now we heard that next week it may be getting back into the 70's. I hope it does but surely all the kids will be getting sick again!

DH is flipping on the tv between the debate and some football game. I refuse to watch the debate. It seems stupid to me to watch the VP candidate. I think way too much focus is being put on them. I think folks should be alot more worried about the presidential candidates not the vp, but what do I know.

Michelle good to hear from you I hope your back feels better.

Cindy I hope that part gets here soon I miss your daily posts!

Grateful I love AZ. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Scrapper how wonderful that no hemming is needed. I have never had 1 dress in my life that did not need hemming. Sure must be a good feeling.

Lisa I hope you had fun with your bf.

Well ladies tonight has been relaxing. I baked tilapia for dinner and we had corn and applesauce. I gave gd a bath, talked to DS on the phone, and now I am snuggled in my pj's waiting for a load of laundry to finish drying so I can fold it and head off to bed. I hope you all are also enjoying relaxing evenings. I don't know about you all but last year at this time I was very nervous and not feeling very well. What a difference a year makes! Sleep well.
Unread 10-03-2008, 12:19 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Cindy I just realized that I had your date off by one day. I'm sorry. I thought you were on the 1st, but I see your surgery was on the 2nd. Happy Hysterversary today (it's still before midnight here so I'm covered) LOL...

I had fun today with the kids, but I realized I made the right decision on leaving last summer. When I was on my way back to the school with the kids they were being loud and a little disrespectful and I realized I enjoy my nice quiet Target doing my own thing so much more now. I hope that doesn't sound bad, but I would have been upset if my boys spoke to an adult the way some of the kids spoke to me today. Once we got back to the school the fire department was all set up for their annual visit to the preschool. They brought the big fire engine and then a trailer that simulates a fire in their house. The were taught how to get out of a burning room. Most of them enjoyed it, but it did scare some of the younger ones. I stayed out on the lawn with the ones that were too scared to go inside the trailer. I think at 2 and 3, I would have been a little scared of going inside a trailer that had smoke coming out of it also.

Jan if you need some thermals for tomorrow nights game, I have some I could overnight to you Have fun and stay warm.
Unread 10-03-2008, 06:23 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good morning ladies!

DH found a computer store that had the part we needed, so he ran out last night and got it! We'll just send the other one back when it comes. Yay! I'm back.
Happy anniversary to Grateful! I'm sorry I thought yours was the 3rd. Last night I had my Sunbeams meeting. It was really fun. We split the girls in two groups of 6. I baked halloween/fall cookies with my group and my co-leader did a fun project with pumpkins. Each group switched, so they got to do both things. I'm going to grocery shop and target. LDS is getting his picture taken today. He has his first loose tooth. He is so excited! I'm a little sad because it's just another milestone to growing up. I'm behind on what's going on with everyone.

Lisa I don't think it's bad of you to say. It's amazing how disrespectful some kids are and especially at such a young age.

Jan I'm glad you enjoyed a relaxing evening. Have fun at the football game.

Grateful good luck on your job potential. I have never been to AZ.

Scrapper I'm glad you were able to exchange the shoes. Saving a $150.00 is nice!

Well ladies I have to wake the kids up. I'm so happy to be back. Have a good day.
Unread 10-03-2008, 10:04 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Hi ladies,

I am home in my pj's drinking my cocoa. It was so cold at that game. Lisa I wore four layers. I figured you would be proud. The poms did great. The team got slaughtered, but there was still good spirits all around. I have a busy day tomorrow. I have to grocery shop. I have to make german potato salad for a bonfire potluck we are going to tomorrow night. I have to help YDD make a penne pasta meal for the group she is having over for dinner before the homecoming dance. I won't have a chance to do any laundry so that will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully Sunday can be somewhat relaxing.

Lisa I am glad you had fun and I bet it was nice to realize you made the right decision. That is a job I never could do. It takes a very special person. You are right on the money. It is not just us sounding like old coots. Kids are far more disrespectful today than we were. In fact they are worse than when I started in the schools In the early 90's. It is really a shame.

Cindy I am so glad you are back online!! That was nice of DH to get it fixed. Your meeting sounds like alot of fun. I miss those days when my girls were little and I did the girl scout troop. You will have such great memories. I bet LDS looked cute in his pictures!

Well I am going to let the dog out and get ready to head upstairs. Have a great evening!!
Unread 10-03-2008, 11:20 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007


My adrenalin got going really good this morning. I went out to feed the dogs and as I'm going around the patio table theres another dead opossum laying there. I did the same as last time and went screaming in the house. Luckily dh went in later today, so he was still at home. He just looks at me like I'm nuts and asks where it's at. I point out to the patio and he gets a bag and heads out back. I grabbed my camera so I could take a picture of it. Maybe if I look at the picture enough times I won't be so afraid of those suckers. They are sure ugly. It is now RIP in the garbage can. I'm sure by garbage day the whole neighborhood will know we have something dead over here. Last night the dogs were very noisy most of the night and now I know why. I guess I should have gotten up and looked out but then I probably wouldn't have slept after that.

I did 3 of my stores today and then went to the vets to pick up Belles food. I stopped and got gas after that and then hit the grocery store before heading home. I won't have to leave the house tomorrow

We are finally getting a break in the weather. Today was in the low 80's and they are saying rain tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow it is only going to be in the high 60's. I may have to bust out with the sweats. I think the thermals are safe for another month or so.

Jan I'm glad you had fun at the football game. Thats a girl for dressing warmly. I hope you had thermals on in one of those layers You have a very busy day ahead of you tomorrow. I hope you get a chance to rest on Sunday.

Cindy I'm so happy that you are back. Good job dh. Does he understand our connection we have here? I tell my dh I have to go check in with the hystersisters and he just kinda shakes his head. I don't think men get it. It sounds like your Sunbeam meeting was a success. I was in Blue Birds and the Camp Fire Girls when I was younger. I have many fond memories of those times.

It's been a long day, so I'm going to go lay in bed and watch TV. I'm sure I won't last very long.
Unread 10-04-2008, 07:18 AM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

Good morning ladies!

I got to sleep an hour later than usual this morning. That's better than nothing. We did our errands yesterday. LDS had fun having his picture taken. He did so well. They turned out so cute, I had a hard time choosing a pose. I had a coupon that allowed me to get smile station. In a while all of the pictures will be on their website for friends and family to look at. When that happens I'll let you know it you want to look at them. Today I have to take DD to volleyball. LDS was invited to a birthday party, so we'll go there at noon. It's the son of our Pastor and his wife, so families are invited to stay. Then I'm hoping to come home and get some laundry done. My house is out of control. I need to find some time this weekend to clean it.

Jan I'm glad the football game went well. I don't like being outdoors for any length of time in chilly or cold weather. I'm hoping they aren't planning on having this birthday party outside, but I'm going to dress warmly in case. You do have a busy day today. A bonfire potluck sounds really fun!

Lisa you just don't have any luck with creatures. I would have been screaming it that were me. I'm not afraid of bugs, but creatures are a different story. My DH does not understand how important it is for me to come here. He does eye rolling too. How nice to have your errands done and not have to go anywhere. Enjoy!

Have a great day ladies!
Unread 10-04-2008, 02:33 PM
2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

They weren't lying about our weather. We are getting some much needed rain. It rained during the night and then again this afternoon. It is so much cooler out right now. I have the windows opened up and it feels so good in here right now. My cats are sitting in the window right now enjoying a nice cool breeze.

I have zero motivation right now. I have so much that needs to get done inside and here I sit. I am going to go and make some cupcakes in a few minutes though. I feel like I'm having a PMS chocolate craving, so I'm going to make some white cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Cindy enjoy the birthday party. I can't wait to see your lds pictures. I'm glad you had some good shots to choose from.

I hope everyone enjoys their day today. I'm off to bake cupcakes

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