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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 05-06-2009, 07:38 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi Ladies,

Things are going along here. I went and got my hair done last night. I am happy with the results. I did not go with the permanant dye. I went with the semi perm fade out kind. I am still scared of that committment after all that growing out time. I must admit I do like it alot. We will see how long it lasts and that may help me decide what I do next.

The weather is humid today. We are supposed to get alot of rain and I expect we will because of this humidity. It is about 60-63 but really humid. It feels weird.

The computer is in the shop but they said they most likely won't even look at it until the end of the week so it may be awhile. Tonight we are going to have baked chicken breasts. My daughter needs a little sewing on the back of the prom dress so i think I will do it and get it out of the way because Saturday is the big day.

Cindy I hope BDS is better. I am glad your throat is feeling better. Scrapper that is a shame about that family. It is sweet of you to keep their dog. Lisa that is good news about the cat! I feel for you with the cards. I have seen many a messy card aisle and I know that people really don't care much about making a mess when they are not responsible to clean it up. It is too bad.

Have a great day ladies!!
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Unread 05-06-2009, 12:10 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

Last night was pretty relaxing. After dinner I had to go out and get gas. Dd was working on homework.

She mentioned that her eye was watery and then she started sneezing and nose running. So I thought I wonder if she has allergies. This morning she sounded a bit congested. Earlier she sent me a text that her throat hurt. Let's see how she is doing after school.

Tonight I have to go to Target to pick up a few things we need. I also want to get some gift cards for my sisters for Mother's Day. We mayhave to take one of our dogs to the Vet. He is scratching like crazy...his tummy area is all broken out. Dd says he has allergies...LOL.

Hyper - hope BDS is feeling better. How did the delivery of the thank you cards go?

Mrswillie - glad you are happy with your hair color. The big day for dd is just days away now. Can't wait to see her pics.

WEll back to work. I"m alone this morning...my co worker had a doctor's appt.

Have a great day.
Unread 05-06-2009, 04:15 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

BDS is still sick. I took him in this morning and they said it is viral and didn't give him any antibiotics. They say no flu though, which is good. He is feeling better this afternoon. He wants to go back to school tomorrow. We'll see how he is in the morning. He is really behind on schoolwork. He hasn't felt up to doing anything. He said he thinks he feels like working on some of it tonight. LDS and I went and got groceries and then I got my mom a mother's day card and gift. I stopped at the post office and mailed it when I picked dd up from school. I'm going to make soup and sandwiches for supper. It's really warm here but windy. It's overcast and they are predicting thunderstorms for this evening.

Scrapper I'm glad that dd's choir festival went well. That's great news that she will be moving up to women's ensemble. That is a very sad situation for your dd's friend and her family. I'll keep them in my prayers and hope that everything will work out for them. I can just imagine it must be alot of work with a puppy. That was really nice of you to dog sit for them. I sure hope your dd isn't coming down with anything. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope your dog's rash will clear up and you won't have to take him in.

Jan I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your hair. I think you made a right choice in going semi permanent. That will give you some time to decide what you want to do. How exciting that YDD's prom night is just around the corner. They had prom here this past weekend. They always put pictures in the local paper. Everyone looked so nice. I'm also looking forward to seeing pictures of YDD.

I hope you all have a nice evening.
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Unread 05-07-2009, 07:43 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi Ladies,

It was nice to see some sun this morning even if it is only supposed to last a few hours. Last night was mostly low key. We ate the chicken and did some chores. We had a little bit of an issue when Dumb A brought GD home. He has been on edge lately, starting to complain alot again. Last night he was angry because GD supposedly said a swear word two times at his house. Now I agree that this is not a good thing. But how angry he gets about things is inappropriate. Also, not everything is under our control. He admitted that when he asked her where she heard this word she told him a boy at school. Well of course he hates that she goes to that daycare, as you know, so that did not help his anger any. This was a surprise to us as we have never heard her say this nasty word. I asked the director of the daycare about it this morning. She said they have been having a problem with some bad language in the classroom and they are working on ending it. She mentioned that children this age usually repeat that kind of language based on the reaction it provokes. IE: it is attention seeking behavior. She said do you think there is a possibility that she is looking for Dad's attention and that he might give her a big reaction if she does this? Well there you go! Certainly he overreacts every time it happens and bingo she is going to repeat it over there. Luckily, this is not his weekend. I am sure he will be on another rant next weekend. He is building up in one of his cycles I think. What a pain he is. At least it was quiet for awhile.

Cindy I hope BDS felt well enough to go back to school today. I am glad it was not the flu.

Scrapper I hope DD is not getting sick. It may be allergies. Are are bad here now. The pollen counts have been high. I hope the vet gives your dog something to relieve the itching. He sounds like he must be miserable.

Well I better get ready for the first period.
Have a great day!
Unread 05-07-2009, 12:13 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hello ladies,

It has been so BUSY this morning!!! Things seem to have settled down a bit for the moment.

Well dd is home from school today. Last night we went to Target for some things we needed. We also picked up some meds for her. She has a headache, congestion, and sore throat. This morning when she called me she said that she didn't feel well. So I told her to stay home and rest. Dh took her to CVS to pick up some cough drops and tylenol cold liquid before he left for work. I'll have to check in on her in a little while. I woke up with a headache...hope I'm not getting sick.

We did take our dog in to the vet yesterday. They gave him an allergy injection. It gave him the relief he needed...poor thing. also we need to continue spraying the area with a cortisone spray he prescribed.

Hyper - hope BDS is better and was able to go back to school today. Hope you had a good evening.

Mrswillie - too bad Dumb A was at it again. Hopefully the daycare can put a stop to the bad language some of the kids bring in.

Well have a great day...we are having very hot weather the next couple of days.
Unread 05-07-2009, 03:41 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

BDS is better today, but didn't go to school. His class was going to another school to have a softball tournament. Although he is feeling better he wasn't up to playing. I talked with his teacher and he said it was o.k. for him not to come. He worked on his late assignments most of the day and got a big portion done. I'm really happy about that. He's going to do a little more this evening. DD and I are going the girl pioneers end of year award ceremony tonight. I had to make brownies because we are having brownie sundaes afterwards. I made 48 brownies today. It was so tempting not to eat some of them. It's a short ceremony, so we should only be gone about 1 and 1/2 hours. DH is going to slots. LDS is staying home with BDS. It has been warm here this week. We didn't get the storms last night. DD and LDS have been out playing everyday this week. I'm not cooking tonight because dd and I have to be at school at 5:00 so I can help set up. I'll make everyone something before I leave, or it they're aren't hungry yet I'll feed everyone when I get home.

Jan I'm sorry about the incident with dumb A. I agree that he did overreact and that's exactly what fuels it. It's very normal for kid's her age to repeat words they hear. Usually they don't even know it's bad until they get a reaction. BDS came home when he was little and said a bad word. I just calmly told him it was a swear word and we don't use those words in our house. He never said it again, and I think he suspected it was bad but wasn't really sure. I sure hope dumba isn't building up one of his cycles, it seems like you've had a little peace lately.

Scrapper I'm sorry dd is sick, I hope she gets better soon. I'm glad your dog got the shot and it helped him. Hopefully you just have a headache and your not coming down with anything. I forgot to answer your question from a previous post. I got almost all of my thank you cards delivered. I only have a couple left.

I hope you all have a good weekend.
Unread 05-08-2009, 02:16 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Happy Friday!!!!

I've been alone this morning as my co-worker had another doctor appt. She's actually having fertility treatments to try and get pregnant. Phones haven't been too busy so I'm getting work done.

Dd went back to school today. She's feeling better. She said that the congestion is better but her body feels tired. On top of that she is waiting for her period to start really soon. Today they are meeting with their counselors to get their classes for 10th grade.

This evening we don't have much going on. We have to go by the library because dd's book is overdue. We got a notice in the mail yesterday...dd said she had noticed the due date but forgot to tell me. I renewed it over the phone and put the due date on the refrigerator.

Tomorrow morning I"m meeting one of my friends for coffee. I'll get the marketing done after that. Then late afternoon we are heading to my sister in law's to celebrate my brother in law's bday. It will be nice to see them as we haven't seen them since March.

For Mother's Day we are going to the cemetery to leave my mom flowers and then we will go back to our place for a bbq. Very casual and leisure.

i sent some pics out last night from dd's choir festival. I noticed that dh uploaded the Hawaii pics as well. I'll post some of those soon.

I was going to have lunch with a friend today, but she called to tell me that she has two deadlines to meet. So we rescheduled to next week. Now I have to go get lunch...let's see what I'm in the mood for.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day...enjoy your day!!!
Unread 05-08-2009, 04:11 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Last night's ceremony went well. I was home by 7:00. I got a little gift for being leader. It was a gift card to a coffee and sandwich shop here in town. That is perfect for me, I like to get a latte once in awhile. My friend who is my co-leader got one as well, so we decided one Saturdayw we'll go have a coffee and a sandwich. Today I had to run and get a birthday gift for dd's friend. She is going to her birthday party tomorrow. It's chilly here today. Quite a change from the rest of the week. Tomorrow BDS's class is meeting pastor at school at 9:00 a.m and they will be studying for their confirmation exam until noon. DD's party is from 11:00-2:00. Sunday dd and bds are singing in both church services. We will go to 8:00 service and then for 10:30 service they will sing at the beginning and then we will leave. We will go to coffee hour Sunday since we will be there. Since it's Mother's day all the men are hosting coffee hour. No sleeping in for me this weekend. I so look forward to sleeping in a little on the weekends, but that's o.k., I'll survive! I'm making chili for supper tonight.

Scrapper thanks for the pictures of dd. She really looked nice. Does the red scarf signify something, or is it part of their outfit? I'm excited to see some of your Hawaii pictures. You have a nice weekend planned. You always do. I hope you had something good for lunch. I wonder if it was subway? Not that you like subway or anything. I'm glad dd is feeling better and was able to go back to school. Wow, picking classes for 10th grade! The year sure goes by quickly.

Have a great evening ladies.
Unread 05-09-2009, 04:51 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi girls,

I've had such a busy week, I haven't even been online in a few days. Thought I better check in and see whats going on. I worked this morning and was off by noon. I ran by the vets and picked up dog food and am now catching up online. I still need to go to the grocery store later. I would really like to go and take a nap right now, but I have too much to do. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow

We are having the family over tomorrow for Mothers Day. I need to get my house in order, but I'll probably wait and do that in the morning. DH is working tomorrow and will get off by 3. I'll have the morning all to myself tomorrow, so I'll be able to get lots done.

The weather here has been really nice. It is in the mid 80's. Tomorrow will be a perfect day for being out back and relaxing. I'm going to get out back later and get the yard mowed. I did the weedeating last night.

Cindy I'm glad your bds is finally feeling better. I'm glad that ignoring your sore throat worked. That was nice that the girls gave you a nice little gift. I'm sure they all appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping them.

Scrapper I'm going to go check out your pictures later. I can't wait to see your Hawaii ones also. I'm glad your doggie is doing better after the vet visit.

Jan I'm sorry that dumb a is acting up again. Hopefully he'll just chill out. I'm glad that your happy with the way your hair turned out.

I need to go and get it in gear around here. This house isn't going to clean itself and that yard isn't going to mow itself.

Oh and the kitties are doing great. The baby is getting bigger every day. It's a little porker. It's eyes are starting to open up. The left one is more open than the right one. I'll be glad when they are all the way open. It just gives me the creeps when they're half way open. The Mama is doing a great job taking care of her baby.

I hope all you ladies have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow
Unread 05-10-2009, 01:53 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi Ladies,

My computer is still not fixed. They have identified that it was a hard rive problem and are attempting to fix it for $300. DH wanted to go ahead and do it because they think they can save the data. I am using a borrowed laptop to catch up with you all! YDD's prom was yeaterday. DS came home too. It was a beautiful day and she looked great. I took alot of photos. I can not load them onto DS' laptop so it may be a bit until I can get them on but I will send as soon as I can. Today I am doing some laundry but mainly relaxing. DH had to work and ODD has to work at 4 but until then I get to relax. I di get some very nice flowers for Mother's Day.

Cindy I hope everyone is healthy. Another successful pioneer year for you. I ca not believe it is over! I think you are 100% right about Dumb A. We still have not heard her say it. He is just a pill. I hope we keep the peace but I am skeptical.

Scrapper thank you for those great photos of DD! I am glad she is feeling better.

Lisa I am glad the kitties are doing well. Have they become permanant members of your family??

You all have nice weekends planned and I hope you are having a great time. Happy Mother's day to all of you!

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