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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 06-18-2009, 11:09 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi girls,

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I do have to work on Saturday morning though at Target. I am just ready for Fathers Day to be over with. Next week will be busy with taking it all down and setting up the summer cards, but then hopefully it will slow down. I am ready for some down time. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but a couple weeks ago we were informed that we have a new supervisor for work. They changed the territories, and the town I live in and have the 3 supermarket accounts changes to a new boss. My Target in the other town will keep my original supervisor. I now have 2 different bosses to answer to at different stores. It gets me confused sometimes. I have to remember which one I need to ask depending on which store I'm asking about. Doesn't take much to confuse me nowdays. The new supervisor lives 2 hours away, so I'm sure we won't see her much. We don't even know when we'll be meeting her. Right now everything is done through email.

We ended up not starting on the bathroom yet. We are having everyone over on Sunday and then dh and Andrews birthdays are next week with everyone coming back over. Matthews birthday is the following week, so we have decided to wait until after Matthews birthday. It's the main bathroom and with all the company we decided it's best to wait until all our celebrations are complete. We still need to pick out and buy the tile for the floor and the walls around the tub. We'll probably go next week and get that, so it will be all ready to go.

Today it really heated up here. Mid 90's and then triple digits tomorrow It is supposed to cool down on Sunday, so that will be a nice relief. Back in the high 80's for a couple days and then the heat will return. Jan I saw on the news tonight that Illinois is expecting bad weather tomorrow. I hope it won't hit your area. They were saying on the news that it could be the worst weather day all year there.

Layla is doing much better. Last night she finally came and snuggled up with me in the middle of the night and started purring. She hadn't purred in a few days. I knew she was on the road to recovery when she did that. When I was telling my sister about taking her temp she started saying "lalalalalalalala I don't want to hear this." She can't stand the thought of using a rectal thermometer and she can't understand how I can do it. I remember when my nephew was a baby, I was the one that had to take his temp. She couldn't even be in the room while I was doing it. It's not high on my list of fun things to do, but sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

Jan it's nice you got to enjoy the day with your ydd yesterday. It sounds like a nice dinner with your dh. Enjoy your sleeping in. I have been doing too much of that lately and getting to work later than I should be.

Cindy it sounds like you are having a nice start to summer vacation with the kids. I looked at your camping pictures and it looks like everyone had a great time. The cabins looked really cute. I hope you don't get bad weather tonight.

Scrapper good job on your exercising. Your dinner tonight sounds yummy. I'll be interested to hear how they work out your furlough days.

Grateful I hope you got some answers at the Dr. today. Maybe your thyroid is out of whack. I know with that your hair can fall out. I'm sorry the haircut didn't do the trick. That would have been an easy fix. Hopefully it will grow back quickly. Your story about finding the boy in the closet brought back memories of my next door neighbor. Her daughters snuck the guy across the street in the window one night and the mom went in before going to bed and opened the closet and there he was. He ran out the front door leaving one shoe behind. I woke up to her screaming "You SOB, I'm going to kick your *****" as she's chasing him down the sidewalk with her hose. It was summer and our bedroom window was opened and I just stood there laughing at the sight of her chasing him with the hose. Enjoy your paycheck tomorrow. That is great that you were able to get rid of your debt earlier in the year. I'll send some pictures your way tonight.

I need to go hit the bed. I have been up too late all week and it is catching up with me.

Sleep well, girls
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Unread 06-19-2009, 07:22 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Evening ladies! Well the doctor visit went good. He thinks it’s my hormones and stress so he gave me something to try for a while to see how it works. He thinks I may be going into early menopause due to the hysterectomy and says my ovaries are being bad little girls. He is so funny. His wife is having similar problems and he was talking to me like we were buddies saying ‘yeah, my wife is having a lack of sex drive and vaginal dryness’ I’m like ummmm…not sure I needed to know that but OK. LOL. Also, for about a year now when I get up in the mornings I can’t bend my fingers so he thinks that at the tender age of 39, I have a touch of arthritis. So, gave me a prescription cream for that as well. Also, been having this stabbing pain in my left breast (had 2 lumps removed one in 1993 and the other in 1994) so he’s referred me to a new gyno since I haven’t been back since post-op. I had a mammogram in January and all was well, so been taking the evening primrose oil and will see what she says.
I’m still am not happy about my hair and it typically doesn’t grow back fast but I’ll take Cindy’s advice and tell myself it will. Of course I’m taking enough vitamins and supplements that is should be down to my behind by now! Lisa and Cindy I got your pictures and loved them. Lisa I don’t remember your hair being that way but I really like it, the cut suits you. Cindy you and DD are so cute and BDS is quite handsome. I sent you both before/after pictures of my hair along with a couple of pictures we took at my dad’s during spring break. Oh and the dog is Bandit, queen of my dad’s house!

Cindy the pool sounds fun, especially in this weather. I told DS the other day that the next house we get will have a pool, never had one before and hear it’s a lot of work but that’s why God made people who specialize in pools!

Jan I hope you guys didn’t get caught up in those storms again. You haven’t had much of a summer so far I’m sending 80 degree weather thoughts your way! I hope GD had a good time with her mom and didn’t have to wait too long. I remember being little and waiting for my dad to come and pick me up and feeling like he was never coming! You’re doing good at 2 things I can’t get right: sleeping in and keeping an organized house. I haven’t slept well in months and since I let my cleaning lady go, I can’t get my house as clean as she did. And I think I forget she’s not coming and put off cleaning. I told DH yesterday to work some OT so she can come back. He just rolled his eyes at me!

Scrapper hope you had a great day and your nice weather is holding up.

Lisa hang in there, Fathers Day is just about gone! 2 bosses would confuse me but since I’m growing so bored at home, I’d be grateful for 3 versus zero! LOL!!! I think that’s a good call on waiting to start the bathroom, it would be too much chaos while you guys are partying! I’m glad layla is doing better. I feel your sister on the temp taking part and it doesn’t surprise me that you get right in there and do it. Once when he was little, my DS had pin worms and the doc suggested I get a flashlight at night and dig them out while he was asleep. Let’s just say, I’m STILL traumatized from that. I sure could have used you on that one but that’s probably stretching the friendship a bit huh? LOL. That’s funny about the boy in the neighbor’s closet! I didn’t mention that the boy was my pastor’s son, talk about a bad deal. His mom (my friend) died in 2005 and she was all I kept thinking about when that incident happened. Kids…!

Tomorrow our women’s ministry is having a prayer breakfast, so that will give me something to do. I feel so bored out of my mind. I guess I should clean huh? I do it in phases but the house has so many nooks and crannies it’s hard to get it all in one swoop. Plus did I mention I hate cleaning? . Well, have a great evening and sleep well ladies!
Unread 06-20-2009, 11:52 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

I am so glad that this work week is finally over for me. What a week!!! I'm not expecting next week to be any easier, and I think I just need a really long and relaxing vacation. Like that's going to happen. A girl can dream I worked this morning and then got my errands done. After I was done with those, I came home and got the yards mowed and weedeated. I'm really tired tonight and just wish I could relax tomorrow, but the family is coming over for Fathers Day, so I'll put on a smile and be a good hostess.

Tomorrow we are going to bbq hamburgers and tonight I fixed a pasta salad and I'll put a pot of beans on in the morning. It is going to be a super easy meal. The first thing on my list for tomorrow is to sleep in though. I don't think I'll have any problem accomplishing that.

Our weather really cooled off this evening. It is a little chilly in the house right now, but I'm not complaining. When I was out in the yards this afternoon it was very windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, also. It will be a good day for being out back.

Grateful, I enjoyed your pictures. It's so nice to have a face to put with a name. I see that your ds is taller than you. I hated when my boys passed me up. I like your haircut. Hopefully it will grow out fast for you. Mine is still a work in progress. Sooner or later all my layers will grow out and it will be all one length. I think I have the slowest growing hair in history. I hope the medication your Dr. gave you will work for you. That's funny about the Dr. telling you about his wife. TMI...I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate him telling his patients about her. I know I wouldn't. Good luck with your new gyno. I just got my reminder card to call and make an appt for my annual. Boy that year sure flies by. I hope you enjoyed the prayer breakfast.

Jan, Cindy and Scrapper I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.

I need to go and get in bed. I'm hoping for a restful night and a relaxing day tomorrow

Sleep well, girls
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Unread 06-21-2009, 08:51 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi Girls,

It was not too bad yesterday. Good thing because we had nasty storms on friday. More are on the way today. Yesterday I spent the day with GD and in the evening we went to wish my FIL a Happy Father's Day. My DH has to work today, so I have the day to myself. I am going to run to WalMart, but other than thatI will probably be watching movies most of the day.

Lisa BBQ burgers sounds good. We may have that this week. I am so glad this holiday is finally over for you. I would think that you would have a bit of a break for awhile. I can't hink of another big card holiday that comes in the summer. I hope Layla is better and you have a fun party today.

Grateful I hope those meds are just the ticket. I did not realize you were still in your 30's! You are the babe of this group. It must have been awkward when the dr was talking about his wife that way. I feel for her with his "openness." Well if his diagnosis and meds work it will be worth a bit of TMI.

Cindy I hope your storms have passed and you are enjoying a nice day with your family. Scrapper I know you will be doing something fun with your family today as well.

Happy Father's Day to all of your DH's. Have a great day!
Unread 06-21-2009, 10:59 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Yesterday we took the kids out for lunch and then went to walmart to get a few things. We all sat out in the yard last night for a while. It was a nice evening. Not too cool, not too hot. But then the mosquitos starting coming out so we had to come in. The kids made DH breakfast this morning and brought it to him in bed. They all made him a card. He was happy that they did that for him. They came up with the idea and did it on their own. Today we are going to bbq. I'm not sure what yet, DH gets to choose. I need to clean house, but I'll wait until tomorrow.

Lisa I'm glad that Layla is doing better. It sure has been busy for you at work, now Father's day is done so hopefully it will slow down. I hope you have a nice day today at your bbq.

Jan how nice to have a day to yourself. It sounds like a good day to watch movies.

Grateful I hope the meds work for you. I think you have a really cute summer cut. I bet by the time summer is over, it will be back to your normal length. I agree, a little TMI from the doc. I hope you had a nice time at the prayer breakfast.

Scrapper hope you are having a good weekend.

Have a nice day everyone.
Unread 06-21-2009, 08:12 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hello ladies! Hope everyone is having a happy Father's Day with their family! My DH had to work and won't be home until around 10. I cooked a lasagna from scratch and even put smoked gouda cheese in it, which i love. It really turned out great. I also sauteed some veggies in olive oil and italian seasoning and added them to it as well, DS didn't even notice! DH called a little while ago and asked what i cooked and I said nothing, we were having leftover pizza. He sounded SO disappointed about it. DS was sitting on the floor with me at the time and just shook his head. I told DH to text me when he was on his way and I'd warm up his pizza. He absolutely loves my lasagna, so it will be a nice surprise for him. I also made his favorite yeast rolls and banana pudding. DS and I are stuffed. DS and I played yahtzee and had a good time. The prayer breakfast was nice but it about did me in, my attention span is not very long! They started late and it was kind of dragging on unnecessairly but I still enjoyed it. Our church started a 9:30 service at another location and I have been attending that so it was nice to be in the same place again with everyone and see people I haven't seen in a long time. I got to talk to my dad today, he is one of my favorite people in the world, probably because he thinks I'm pretty special. LOL. For the last 2 nights I have been dreaming about sex over and over, like really over and over. I don't know if it's the hormones or just my imagination but it's been weird. I would ask the doc about it but he might tell me about how his wife likes to be on top or something and i'd rather not know that either .

Jan I hope you enjoy your day to yourself, maybe you'll get to stay in your jammies all day long! Yep, I'm still hanging on to the 30's but this October I hit the big 4-0 and I can't wait. I was planning on having a big party before the job situation so if God sees fit to bless me with another job then I will proceed with the party, if not, then I'll find something else to do!

Srapper I hope you're having a good weekend and enjoying your family.

Cindy that was a great idea your kids had, I have always cherished the cards my son has made me, oh with the exception of this past mother's day when the card he got me said 'to my beautiful wife...as we became parents...' I was like hmmm, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you didn't carefully read this card before you bought it? LOL. He also always signs his full name on cards which i think is cute, just in case i get him confused with any other son I don't have! I bet your DH loved the breakfast in bed. I hope you guys enjoyed your bbq and the weather holds up nicely.

Lisa I know you're tired but I am sure you pulled it all off. Yes, DS is passing me in height and he loves it. I get emotional watching him grow. I measure him on his wall at the end of every month but I decided to do it last week because he seemed taller and sure enough he has grown another 1/2 inch in 3 weeks. His bio dad (my 2nd Dumb A) is 6'6" so I'm sure he will be tall. He is already wearing a size 13 shoe. I loves him to pieces...

Well, DH should be closing down the store and headed home in a bit. I think I'll grab a quick shower. If I wasn't a fat cow, I'd put on something sexy but ick. Have a great evening!!!
Unread 06-22-2009, 10:30 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

I only got one store changed over today. I spent 8 hours at Target and then wasn't able to get to any others, since I put my time in for the day. Tomorrow is another day and another store. Hopefully I'll be able to get the other 3 done tomorrow. Probably only 2 will actually get changed over though. I better be done with them by Wednesday. Next week is looking much slower, so I'm really looking forward to that.

DH has to go to work at 2AM for inventory so he's sleeping right now. I know I probably won't sleep too well tonight with him gone. I'm really tired, so hopefully I'll just pass out.

We had something scary happen in the neighborhood last week. Our neighbors across the street (in their 80's) had someone climb in one of their back bedroom windows and went into their living room and walked out their front door with their new TV. This happened about 2:30AM last Wednesday morning. The man woke up around then and got up to get a drink and when he walked into the living room their front door and security door were both wide open. It's a good thing he didn't walk out while they were still in the house. Who knows what they would have done to him. He went out on the porch and saw someone walking about 3 houses down. At that point he didn't even realize that the TV was missing. He called the police and filed a report, but I'm sure he'll never see that TV again. I never leave the front windows open at night and I only leave the back ones open because of the dogs. I do leave our side bedroom window open, but there is an awning over the window with star jasmine growing all up on it, and I know I would hear then trying to get through that before they could get in the window.

Our bbq yesterday went great. My inlaws really enjoyed it. My niece and nephew came by, so my inlaws enjoyed being with all the grandkids and visiting. I got some good pictures of the inlaws with the kids. I need to put them on the computer and then send them on to my MIL.

Jan it sounds like you got to have a nice relaxing day yesterday. I hope your latest storm wasn't too bad.

Cindy it sounds like your kids did great with their Fathers Day plans for dh. What did you guys end up BBQing?

Grateful I'm sure your dh was very appreciative of his surprise last night. Your lasagna sounded wonderful. You are too hard on yourself. You are not on the large side at all. When I saw your pictures, I expected you to be bigger by your posts. You don't have anything to worry about. You're just right I think we need to have a big birthday bash in October. I will be turning the big 5-0. You're still a baby. That story about you ds and his Mothers Day card to you was too funny. Sounds like someone just bought the first card they picked up. I guess it's a good thing that he signs his whole name for you, so that you don't get him mixed up with that other son LOL. Boys...Maybe if you mention those dreams to dh, he might be able to help you out some. Better to mention it to him rather than the Dr. Lord only knows what info he would share this time.

I need to go get ready for bed. I'll turn the TV on and probably be out within a few minutes. I'm tired. Have a good sleep, girls.
Unread 06-23-2009, 09:10 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

Well the wekend was very nice. Friday evening I dropped dd off at her best friend's house for a sleepover. I then headed for some pampering...a manicure and pedicure. Felt so good. I picked her up Saturday around 11am...she said they had a good time...slept 3 hours. That afternoon we went to a baby shower and Sunday for Father's Day we went to brunch and to the movies. Dh and my dad enjoyed it. AFter that we went to the movies to see Imagine That with Eddie Murphy...very cute movie.

Work has been so busy!!!! It will continue for a couple more weeks. Wrapping up the end of this school year and the new school year starts July 1st. We have year round schools that start up next month.

My doctor appt with the surgeon went well yesterday. My x-ray shows that everything is aligned and healing well. I mentioned a couple of things that I'm experiencing....stairs are still hard for me especially going down, stepping down from curbs, if I sit too long I have to shift positions or sit on a pillow, and when I'm in bed and turning to the right it hurts. She said it is all baby steps...part of the healing process. I go back in 5 months with a new xray and that will be my last visit.

Grateful - hope the meds the doc gave you will help out. I already had my back surgery and it was successful. I'm no longer in pain. The xray & appt are follow up to see how I'm progressing.

Mrswillie - glad you enjoyed YDD's visit. You are right about being off from work - love the sleeping in part and things just seem to be not so rushed. Hope you enjoyed your day to yourself and relaxed.

Lisa - good idea waiting to start the remodeling of your bathroom until yourbday celebrations are over. That's scary about your neighbors house being broken into. I don't like to leave any of the windows open at night.

Well ladies I have to get back to work. have a great day.
Unread 06-23-2009, 09:20 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

It has been very hot and humid here. We didn't get to bbq Sunday because it rained. So we took DH out for dinner. He picked applebees. It was good, we had a nice time. Yesterday the kids and I went swimming. I made tacos for supper. Today we are going swimming again. It's so hot, that seems like a good plan and the kids never get tired of going to the pool. I'm not sure what I'm making for supper tonight. I guess I better get in the kitchen and decide.

Lisa how scary for your neighbors. I grew up in the city of St. Louis and my parents never left any windows open, so now I don't like having any windows open at night. But DH says, we'll suffocate all shut up. So I do leave the upstairs windows open, but never the downstairs. I'm glad you had a nice time at your bbq. I hope you get a slow week at work next week. You deserve it.

Grateful you cracked me up with your ds card story. So typical of a teenage boy. I think it's cute that he signs his whole name. Yeah, you don't want to get him mixed up with your other sons. LOL I'll bet DH loved your lasagna surprise. You are not a fat cow. I saw your picture and you are far from it. Same as Lisa said, I expected you to be much bigger from how you describe yourself. You are a very pretty lady. I wouldn't tell your doc about your dreams, goodness knows what would come from that.

Jan and Scrapper hope everything is going well on your end.

Have a nice day ladies.
Unread 06-23-2009, 09:24 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi scrapper,

We must have posted at the same time. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I'm glad to hear that everything is healing well. That's good news. My dd usually doesn't get much sleep when she goes on a sleepover either. A manicure and pedicure sounds wonderful.

Have a good day.

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