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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 09-15-2010, 11:04 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

It has been nice this morning pretty quiet...phone calls aren't very heavy. At least my boss will have a much calmer day than yesterday...not as many meetings as the last week or so.

Yesterday I got so much done at home before we headed to the gym. I did the aerobics class which my friend taught at 6:30. So I made the pork chops for today's dinner, mad the rice for our dinner last night, unloaded the dish washer and swapped the laundry loads. So when we got back from the gym I just steamed some veggies and we were ready to eat. We just relaxed after that. Dd studied for 2 quizzes she has today.

This evening should be another quiet one. We will head to the gym. We do have to make a stop at the market on the way home.

I'm going to send an email to my coworkers to see if they are interested in the fundraising dd is doing for choir. I think the deadline is next week.

Hyper - how was dd's volleyball game yesterday? It probably mde for a long day since you had to leave right after school. Have a good day.

Time to go pick up the mail.
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Unread 09-15-2010, 01:44 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

We went to dd's volleyball game right after school. It was nice to be able to watch her play. I didn't get to watch her last year since I was working evenings. They played 4 games. They only won 1 game. But the other three games they only lost by 2 points in each game. Afterwards we all went to mcdonalds for supper. I had lds with me. That worked out nice because three of dd's teammates have a sibling in lds's class and they were there too. BDS took the bus home because he didn't want to go, plus he gets out of school 15 minutes later than they do and I wouldn't have been able to wait. Scrapper, you're right, it was a long day. By the time I got home I was very tired and was glad I didn't have to cook supper. Her next game is Saturday, but I'm working so dh will take her. She has volleyball practice tonight. I'm making spaghetti for supper. I'm planning to just relax this evening, I have to be at work at 6am again tomorrow.

Scrapper I'm sure you're glad you weren't selected for jury duty. That would have been a long 3 weeks. Glad your morning at work was quiet. I'm also glad that you're having a couple of quiet evenings. It's nice to be able to catch up. I need to do alot of things around my house, I'm off Friday but then I work the weekend, so I'll try to get some things done on Friday. DD is 10 now. All of my kids have grown. Mostly taller. And those feet seem to never stop growing.

Have a nice evening.
Unread 09-16-2010, 02:50 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

It has been a pretty busy day. I've had several interruptions too. At least it has made my day go by quickly.

This evening we have Back to School Night at dd's school. It starts at 6:30 and is scheduled to end at 8:30. The principal starts off the meeting to introduce administration and then the rest of the time we go to each of dd's classes to meet her teachers.

We will have dinner before we go. I made the chicken breasts last night. Today I will make rice and veggies when I get home.

One we are back home hoping to relax for awhile.

Hyper - glad you enjoyde watching dd play. They did well. That was nice that lds had some friends there too. It worked out that you didn't have to cook after your long day. You have had a busy week with work and having to go in earlier. At least you have a day off tomorrow.

Have a good evening.
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Unread 09-17-2010, 10:27 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

TGIF!!! I'm glad its Friday...we've had a busy week and we are feeling it. It has been a bit hectic this morning...problems with the copiers and the staple function not working.

I have to leave half hour early today - 3pm. Dd and I have our annual eye check up. I'm excited because I get to pick new frames this year. Dd mentioned something about going to the football game at school this evening. Her 2 good friends are going. As of this morning she said she still had not decided.

Last night we went to Back to School Night. We met all of dd's teachers. We are very pleased with all of them. It was nice to meet them after what dd has told us about them. She has had quite a bit of homework this week but has been organized about it and getting ahead. Dd has a minimum day today - getting out at 12:30.

I'm hoping to relax this evening. I have a stack of mail to go through as well. Tomorrow going to my girlfriend's house for their anniversary celebration - 25 years. They are renewing their vows. On Sunday going to visit my dad.

One of my sisters took my dad to a cardiologist appt yesterday. They are requesting all of his records from the previous cardiologist that he saw. They are very concerned that his blood pressure has been very high - over 200. They gave him another blood pressure medication to take. He goes back next week to have it checked.

Hyper - hope you enjoy your day off today.
Unread 09-17-2010, 01:31 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

I'm glad to have a day off. LDS woke up sick this morning, so it was good that I had today off. I took him to the doctor. He had a red throat and swollen glands, so they gave him an antibiotic. I have been working on my laundry. LDS and I have just been relaxing and spending some time together. DD has a volleyball game tomorrow. Since lds is sick, she is going to sleep over at her friends house and ride to the game with her. This is my weekend to work, so dh is going to see how lds is feeling when he wakes up. If he is feeling better he may leave BDS in charge and run up to her game for a little while. I really don't want to work this weekend. But, I'll make it through. Nothing on the agenda tonight, just relaxing.

Scrapper I'm glad that everything went well at back to school night. It's good that you are happy with all of dd's teachers, that makes a big difference. How nice that she gets out early. I hope you find a pair of frames you like. I will be eligible for new frames in February. I hope the medication will work for you dad and bring his blood pressure down.

Have a great weekend. Talk with you next week.
Unread 09-20-2010, 10:16 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

I can't believe that fall begins this week. Time has sure gone by fast.

We had a good weekend. Friday evening dd did go to the football game. I dropped her off...she met 3 of her friends there. So I got some ME time as dh worked late. I relaxed and watched TV. I picked dd up at 10. Saturday we went to my girlfriend's house for their 25th wedding anniversary celebration. They renewed their vows. It was a lovely celebration. Dd and I left after 7pm. We relaxed the rest of the evening. Yesterday we went to church then I took dd to the library. She didn't find what she was looking for because the library didn't have the books she was looking for. We went home and had lunch and later in the afternoon went to the cemetery then to my dad's. We grilled burgers for dinner. Before dd and I headed home we had to stop off at the market

Dd started complaining about a sore throat yesterday...mainly it is scratchy right now. So she is taking some throat lozenges and cough drops. Hope it doesn't get worse. I told her to rest up after school.

Today during lunch I'm walking to the big library here in downtown to see if they have the book(s) dd wants. It is for leisure reading.

This week will be rather busy in the evenings as I am preparing for a family gathering for dh's birthday on Sunday. So I"ve got cleaning to do and some shopping.

Hyper - hope lds is feeling better. How did dd's volleyball game go? Hope you had a good weekend even though you had to work. Have a good day.
Unread 09-20-2010, 03:13 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007


Our weekend was good, even though I had to work. Saturday morning dh headed out to dd's game. lds was feeling better so dh felt comfortable leaving him with bds. DD's team won 4 out of 8 games. I think I forgot to mention it was actually a tournament. She was really tired when they got home. Saturday evening BDS went to a friends house, he called later and asked if he could sleep over. I said that was fine. The rest of us stayed home and relaxed. Sunday after bds came home dh took the kids out with him to run errands. lds was feeling back to normal. They didn't get home until 6:00 so I had some time to myself before they came home. I took a shower and took a short nap. Then I watch a little t.v. They brought me something home for supper as they ate out on the way home. Last night we relaxed. I had to be at work at 6 am this morning. When I got there I found out the 2 other girls called in sick. So I had to be alone for a short time until they got a hold of someone to come in and cover. It was a hard day working short. But, tomorrow is my day off, so I'm happy about that. I will take the kids to school. I'll come back and straighten the house. The I'll head out to get a haircut and do a little shopping.

Scrapper your weekend sounds nice. I'm glad you got to have a little me time. I hope dd's sore throat doesn't get worse. Don't wear yourself out getting ready for dh's celebration. Is it a surprise party, or does he know about it? I thinks that's so nice that your friends renewed their vows on their anniversary. It sounds like it was a nice celebration

Have a good evening.
Unread 09-21-2010, 03:10 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

It has been a really busy day at work today. My boss is presenting to the board of education today and I've been busy with making copies of her presentation among other things she has sent me to do.

Today I went to the library here in the downtown area. I did find one of the books on dd's list so she will be happy. It is very cool out today...which is perfect walking weather.

Last night I went to the gym. Dd stayed home to rest and finished up her homework. I stopped at Walmart to check their deli section. I want to get the big sandwiches for dh's bday. That particular store doesn't prepare them so she told me which one does. I need to call and place an order.

Hyper - that is nice that you had some me time too. Glad to hear that lds is feeling better. I bet dd was tired from the volleyball tournament. At least they won half of the games. Glad you had some help at work yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your day off today. Dh knows about his bday celebration. I will be straightening out the house during the week.

Have a nice, relaxing evening.
Unread 09-21-2010, 04:17 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

I had a very nice day off. I got up and took the kids to school. Then I headed out for some shopping. First I stopped and mcdonalds and got a breakfast sandwich. I headed to Kohls. I bought a new pair of shoes for work. I got the Skechers shape ups. It will probably take me a few days to get used to walking in them. They are supposed to be good for your back and toning muscles. I bought a belt and and two pair of winter pajamas. Those were all things I really needed. I got lds 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pair of Khaki type pants. A dark blue pair and a brown pair. Monday is lds and dd's picture day, so I got them each a new shirt to wear. Then I went over to target just to look around. I got 2 long sleeve cardigans and I found a pair of pants and a shirt for work on the clearance rack. I also found dd a really cute zip up cardigan on sale. I got bds a shirt. Then I stopped and picked up a few groceries and got my hair cut on the way home. It was very relaxing being able to shop alone. I don't normally buy much for myself. Last night dh said, "why don't you buy yourself some things when you go shopping tomorrow" So, I decided I would. DH took a pto day today. He mowed the lawn and did some things around the house while I was gone. We are going to all go out for dinner when I'm done posting.

Scrapper it's nice that you have places close enough to walk to. I'll bet dd will be happy that you found the book. Is she feeling better? That's a good idea to work on the house a little at a time.

Have a good evening.
Unread 09-22-2010, 10:34 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

I love that it has been quiet so far this morning. I've been able to get some things done without too many interruptions.

I'm leaving at 1:00pm today to take dd to the doctor. She said that her throat hurts especially when she drinks something and that it burns. She's also complaining about her chest...probably from the coughing. So I want to have her checked out.

I have a parent meeting this evening for parents of juniors and seniors. They will be talking about the college requirements, grade level requirements, etc. This just makes it all so real. I can't believe that dd is a junior...the time sure goes by fast. I told dd that she needed to get more involved with clubs at school. Next week during lunch all of the clubs will have booths during lunch time.

Hyper - hope you get used to your new skechers. I hear they are supposed to be good too. Sounds like you had a good shopping day with some good bargains as well. Sometimes we forget to shop for us because we are busy buying for the kids, the house, etc. I'm glad you were able to find some things. Did you just get a trim? That is nice that you were able to all go out for dinner. Hope your day at work goes well.

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