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2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007 2007 - Hysterectomy Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007

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Unread 02-08-2013, 11:33 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

I stopped at the flower mart this morning on the way to work. I didn't want to have to go out in the rain during lunch. It actually just started raining awhile ago. So the farmers market is out during lunch. I will probably just walk in the parking lot.

Dd is going to school today to go pay her registration fees and get her books. The deadline t pay is next Thursday. A friend of hers is going to let her borrow the math books...that is awesome because it will save us about 2 to 3 hundred dollars.

Last night dd's friend met us at the zumba class. They went to do belly dancing and I did the zumba. they said it was good. We talked after class for awhile as we waited for her mom to pick her up. We picked up dinner and headed home. We watched TV and relaxed.

This evening we are going to Michaels and Target. Dd needs a couple of things from Michaels. I am going to look for little Valentine's things for some gifts. We will relax and watch Smash tonight.

Tomorrow I am headed to the gym, dd works and then doing a demo from 1 to 3pm on push pops. It is a new thing similar to the push up ice cream. In the evening going to the Food Truck Festival at the mall. Dd is volunteering.

Hyper - hope lds is feeling better. Have a good day and enjoy your weekend.
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Unread 02-08-2013, 05:18 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Yesterday lds and I watched the lorax. He hasn't had an appetite but he felt like he wanted some popcorn, so I made some for our movie. He was able to eat it. After the movie, we watched a little t.v. DD had practice at 5:30. I ordered pizza for supper. We watched t.v. in the evening.

Lds was still sick this morning. DH was able to stay home with him today. Work went at a pretty steady pace today. When I got home lds was feeling much better. I picked dd up from school and we finally went and got her glasses. They are really cute on her. She has a basketball game tonight. DH is taking her. Bds went to a friends. Lds and I are going to relax and watch some t.v.

Tomorrow dd has another basketball game in the morning. Bds is going to stay her with lds since I work and dh will take dd. Tomorrow evening bds is going to a dance at school. On Sunday dd has a volleyball game. It will be the same as Sat. DH will take her, lds will stay with bds.

We are bracing ourselves for some bad weather. We are supposed to get freezing rain Sat. night then it will turn into snow on Sunday. It's supposed to snow through Monday. The say we could end up with nearly a foot of snow.

Scrapper dd has a nice sized class. That's good. It's great that her friend let her borrow the math books. It sounds like you have a nice weekend planned.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll catch up with you on Monday.
Have a nice evening.
Unread 02-11-2013, 08:17 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

We had a good weekend.

Friday evening dd had a bb game in the evening. Lds was still not feeling well, so dh took her. Lds and I watched some t.v. while they were gone. Bds was at a friends house. DD and DH got home right when I was about to go to bed. So I talked with them for a few minutes. They lost their game. I headed off to bed.

On Saturday morning dd had another bb game. Her and dh went. Bds babysat lds while I was at work. DH and DD had just pulled in when I got home from work. Unfortunately they lost again. Lds was finally feeling better. He even asked to go out to play, but I decided he shouldn't since he was just starting to feel better. We all relaxed for awhile. I made Sandwiches for supper. After supper I took bds to the dance at school. He was going to get a ride home with a friend. We watched t.v. and relaxed in the evening.

On Sunday dd had her first volleyball tournament. Bds was babsitting lds again. It started snowing pretty heavily when I was at work. By the time I got out the roads were really bad. Luckily I don't have to go far. Lds and bds were playing the wii when I got home. I started my laundry. Bds said the dance wasn't very much fun. I watched some t.v. DH and DD got home about 7:00. They came in 2nd place which was pretty good. DD was tired from her busy weekend. I asked her if it was too much. She said no, she enjoyed it. DH said it was too much for him though It was alot for him with all the driving and time spent. I made some omelets for everyone. We all watched some t.v. in the evening.

Today I'm going to straighten the house. I finished my laundry yesterday so I don't have to worry about that. I'm going to watch a show I have taped. DD has bb practice after school. I'm making Chili and cornbread for supper.

Scrapper hope you had a good weekend. Have a good day.
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Unread 02-11-2013, 10:52 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

So far it has been fairly quiet this morning. I have quite a bit to get done. Lately I have been dealing with scheduling lots of meetings.

We had a nice weekend. Friday evening we went to Michaels and I found a few Valentine's gifts. Dd got some stuff for her room as she is re-organizing things. We stopped at the market on the way home and also picked up dinner. We relaxed and watched TV.

Saturday morning I went to the gym and then I met my best friend for coffee at Starbucks. It was good catching up with her. She is one of the aerobics instructors at the gym. I then went home showered and did the marketing. I had to pick dd up from work at 3pm. We went home for awhile and she rested and had a snack. then I dropped her off at the mall for the Food Truck Festival. I then went to do the shopping at Target. I went back to have dinner with dd. Dh didn't want to go. We had chicken sliders from a truck called Me So Hungry...cute name. The sliders were very good..they were very generous with the meat. Dd was done at 10pm but then they have to help take down the tables, etc. So we got home shortly after 10:30.

Yesterday we went to church. We had lunch and then baked some macadamia nut cookies to take to share with my sisters & nieces. They were really good. We went to Chipotle for dinner. It was good catching up with them.

Hyper - wow dd sure had a busy weekend with basketball & volleyball. She was having fun. That is good that lds is feeling better now. The Lorax is a cute movie. Oh that is too bad that the school dance wasn't very fun for bds. I remember dd would say some of them weren't worth going to. Poor dh - it took a toll on him all the driving back & forth, etc. Sounds like you got a jump start with getting your laundry done yesterday. Enjoy your day and have a good evening.
Unread 02-12-2013, 02:43 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Yesterday I got my house straightened. I vacuumed and mopped. Then I watched a show I had taped. DD had practice right after school. I picked up lds. His neighbor friend came over for awhile. I had to pick dd up at 5. I came home and made my chili and cornbread. After supper lds and dd did their homework then we all watched a little t.v.

Today work was good. It went at a steady pace. Lds had practice right after school. I will pick him up at 4:00. DD had bb practice at 5:30. I will take her and dh will pick her up when she is done at 7:00. We are having leftovers for supper. Lds will have homework. He is making up his assignments from when he was absent. That is the worst part of them missing school. We will watch some t.v. in the evening.

Scrapper your weekend sounds like it was nice. How nice that you met your friend for coffee. It's always nice to catch up. DD had a busy day on Sat. That is a cute name at the food truck.

Have a good day.
Unread 02-12-2013, 03:02 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

It has been a hectic day. I've been dealing with lots of meetings & my boss's calendar. Some are easier to schedule than others because of the size of the group.

During lunch I went over to one of the shopping centers. I found 2 tees for dd that were on clearance. I walked around for awhile and then headed back to work.

I am making hamburgers for dinner today. We will go work out then come back and relax and watch some TV.

Dd is baking 2 cakes today. My friend here at work ordered them for Valentine's Day for the staff. I told her I wouldn't be in the office on the 14th so she said tomorrow would be fine. They are carrot cakes.

I am taking 2 vacation days on Thursday & Friday. I wanted to take some time before dd heads back to school. It will be a nice extended weekend because of the holiday on Monday. Dd and I are still making plans to see what we do. She wants to go see Le Miserable so we will do that one day.

Hyper - that is good that your work days have gone pretty quickly. Yes, making up homework assignments is what takes up extra time due to absences. Did you watch the finale of the next great baker? I won't say anything in case you haven't seen it. It was really good...dd and I were happy with the winner. Have a good evening!
Unread 02-13-2013, 09:31 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

I'm waiting for the mediacom guy to come. Our internet keeps going out and someone was supposed to come between 8:30 and 9:30 this morning. Of course they aren't here yet. I need to run out and get valentine's for lds. They are having a party on Thurs at school. Then I need to stop at the grocer and pick up a few things. I'm hoping the cable guy will come in time for me to be able to do those things before the kids are out of school. If not, I'll just do it after I pick the kids up. No practices tonight! That will be a nice break. We will be going to the lenten supper and church service tonight. Lds will make out his valentine's when he gets home.

Scrapper hope your day today isn't quite as busy. That's nice that you found the tees for dd. We didn't get to watch the next great baker yet. We taped it, but somehow it got erased. It's airing again on Sat. so we have it set up to tape. I'm anxious to watch it. How nice that you'll have 5 days off. That' a nice break. The kids are off of school on Monday.

Have a good day.
Unread 02-13-2013, 10:20 AM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Good morning ladies,

I know I will be busy today. I have several things to wrap up before leaving today. I also want to leave my boss's calendar up to date.

We went to zumba class last night. Every Tuesday she does a Disco theme with lights and all. It is a very high energy class. We had hamburgers for dinner then watched TV and relaxed. Dd was frosting & decorating the cakes that my co-worker ordered.

This morning I went to a Lenten service before work. I went to the cathedral close to work. My time after work is busy so I had to fit it in first thing in the morning or during lunch. Dd is going to walk to the 12:15 service at our church which is across the street from her high school.

I will be leaving work at 3 because our dogs have a vet appt for their shots. Dd teaches tonight so I will drop her off by 5:30 and then head to zumba. Once we are home we will reland watch TV. We have several shows taped so trying to catch up. I am making burritos with a salad.

Hyper - Hope the mediacom guy comes soon so you can go run your errands. Yay...for no practices tonight!!! Yes, dd loved the tees...she wore one for zumba...it was a tank top with fringe on the sides. Glad you will be able to record the finale of next great baker...you will enjoy it. Have a great day!
Unread 02-14-2013, 01:42 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Well I waited and waited for the cable guy. He finally called about 12:30 and said he was tied up with a problem and couldn't make it out. So now we have to reschedule. I was mad that I spent all that time waiting. After he called I ran out and got the valentines and stopped at the grocer. I made steak, baked potato and a veggie for supper. It was nice not having to take anyone to practice. Lds made out his valentines after supper and dd baked some cupcakes to take to school. After that we watched some tv.

Today work was busy. Lds has his last bb game at 4:00 this afternoon and dd has a game right after his. Luckily its a home game. DH is going to meet me at school. I'm not sure what we'll do for supper yet. We may just stop and pick something up depending on what time the games are done.

Scrapper the disco theme at zumba sounds like alot of fun. Have a nice time off from work.

Have a good day.
Unread 02-15-2013, 12:22 PM
Re: Hysterectomy dates Oct 01-Oct 08,2007

Hi ladies,

Dd and I went to the movies yesterday. We saw Safe Haven and we both really enjoyed it. In the evening we went to dinner to a soup & salad bar. We came home and watched TV and relaxed.

This morning we went to dd's lab appt for bloodwork that the doctor requested from her physical. We ran a few errands and now we are going to go take the train to head up to Pasadena the city where they play the Rose Bowl football game. We will walk around, shop and have some lunch.

Tomorrow dd teaches and I have a haircut appt. Then we have a birthday party in the late afternoon. On sunday we are all going out to dinner for my youngest sister's birthday. She suggested we all go to the movies after.

I've enjoyed my time off so far. It is so nice not to have to get up so early.

Hyper - that is terrible that the cable guy couldn't call you sooner. It is a waste of time having to wait. YOur steak dinner sounds very yummy! Hope you have a good work day. Enjoy your evening and have a good weekend.

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