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Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007 Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007

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Unread 10-22-2007, 12:00 AM
Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007

If your hysterectomy was between Oct 22-Oct 29,2007 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns!

We hope you are recovering with plenty of rest and a bit of walking.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

Don't forget to pamper the princess, drink plenty of water and walk a bit!

How to use the Progress Report threads:
  • 1. This thread is for the purpose of your hysterectomy recovery progress report.
  • 2. Generally, ONE or TWO posts on this thread per member/per day is adequate to share your daily progress.
  • 3. Remember to start a new thread to ask your questions.
  • 4. The Progress Report threads will be moved at approximately 8 weeks post-op to the Date Club forum inside the HysterSisters clubhouse.
  • 5. Remember all the love & support you got here as a pre-op member? Now it's YOUR turn to give back to the women in Pre-Op Forum. Extend your hand and your hugs in replies to our pre-op ladies in waiting. This will complete our circle of Women Helping Women!

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Unread 10-25-2007, 02:32 PM
Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007

Hi All,

I think I posted in the 'general' post op section...

I had TVH (kept ovaries) on Tues 10/23 & home Wed 10/24. My surgery was the very first scheduled & instead of 90mins it took less than 1 hr! Dr. said everything went very very well. I was very uncomfortable right after surgery of course but have only been experiencing a constant achey throbbing in the tummy area.. had very sore, dry throat afterwards, was told that is to be expected.. I was walking from hospital bed to the restroom same day (mere minutes after catheter was taken out.. & nurse said it usually takes 2hrs to feel like you have to 'go'..) Since I was tolerating liquids too, Dr. said I was 'ahead of schedule' going home so soon was no problem.

I'm taking it reallllly slow.. LOTS of napping & drinking water..
OH, I had the Golytely bowel prep Mon. night & last ate any real food about 3-4 hrs before starting.. thought it might make things a little easier with that.. but that was definately the worst thing about the whole situation, other than the wating!

Good luck to those sisters still waiting.. my prayers are with you as you continue your journey to the castle! Feel free to email me anytime you need!
Unread 10-25-2007, 05:18 PM
I made it!!!

Okay, so I had my TVH (took cervix, kept both ovaries) on Monday bright and early 7:30am. Boy am I glad for that first appt! Waiting was torture. So right after they slipped me an intervenous "micky" I remember NOTHING!!! The Dr told me Monday afternoon that he had talked to me right after the surgery and I don't remember that either. I was in my recovery room by 11am. All day I spent drifting in and out of sleep and when I wasn't sleeping I was nautious (sp?) and dizzy. It was the pain drugs they were pumping threw my IV. WARNING!!!! If you have been out of surgery for 3-4 hours and constantly feel nautious and dizzy and drift in and out of sleep easily ask about different pain drugs!!!! I was miserable!!!! I felt like I'd been sleeping way too much and needed to eat to feel better. Well, I couldn't eat until I passed gas, which I wouldn't do until I got on my feet and walked, which I couldn't do cause I couldn't wake up enough to get on my feet and couldn't get rid of the nautious/dizzy feeling. It wasn't until TUESDAY afternoon that they took me off the IV pain med and on to a oral pain med. Within the hour I was on my feet and sitting in a recliner feeling 110% better! (still pain free by the way!) I feel my recovery would have been 1 day faster if they would have given me the oral med sooner.
By Tuesday night I was put on 600mg Ibuprofen or percoset. I've always been pain free except when I cough. My worst experience, besides the first 24 hours with the IV pain meds was the catheder (bladder bag). It was not draining my bladder, so every 1.5 to 2 hours I would have to stand up to drain my bladder. I knew it was full when it felt like someone laid a brick on my tummy...no pain, just pressure. The urologist came in and said he could take it out and put it back in...but I wasn't keen on that cause I heard it hurts to put them in. I should have had them do it anyway. I suffered all night with having to stand up every 2 hours to drain my bladder . Then Wed morning they took out it out at 6am and I couldn't dribble more than 100 cc's of pee every 1/2 hour and my bladder was still full! Did that for 2 hours when the urologist came in and said he is comfortable sending me home if we put the catheder back in. They did a bladder scan first, I had 800 cc's of pee in my bladder!!! Take a deep breath and let it out slow...and a new catheder is a piece of cake. So Wed afternoon I came home. I have an appt Fri to have the catheder removed. Other than that it's slow and easy!

Don't fret ladies...for me, after that first 24 hours, it's been all downhill! I think it's all about the right pain meds.

Good luck to all of you with surgeries coming up. My suggestion is to have someone at the hospital with you to help you talk to the nurses and doctors the first 24 hours. Then maybe I wouldn't have had to wait so long to get the right drugs to manage my pain without causing dizziness and neausea!

Feel free to email any questions. I'll do whatever I can to help! Take care!

TVH & Bladder sling 10/22/07 for prolapsed uterus
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Unread 10-26-2007, 12:55 PM
I'm home

Good Afternoon -

I had my surgery on Tuesday, Oct 23rd. Took uterus, both ovaries and tubes. Surgery took about 2 hours. I learned that I cannot handle morphine. It did nothing for the pain but my head limbs felt so heavy that when they tried to get me on Thursday to walk and go to the bathroom I almost passed out on them...the first time I don't remember much only know that a little nurse took me to the bathroom and when I came to myself there were 6-7 nurses in the bathroom with me. I was pale, and wringing wet by the time they got me back to the bed.

On the second attempt later in the day the head nurse immediately spoke up and said I was having a reation to the morphine, because she has the same issues...so they took me off the morphine pump and put me on pain pills pergoset and tylynol and what a difference! By Thursday I was up walking the halls going to the bathroom by myself, sitting in the chair, straigthening the room. I felt human.

I am glad to be home. I've sat in the chair when I first got here and watched my husband carry everything in...then we climbed the 5 steps to the upstairs where the bedroom and bathroom are..my DH had clean sheets on the bed the dresser cleaned off with my flowers from the hospital all lined up, a chair that I can sit in and get out of easy. An ice chest filled with ice and cold drinks. Books and remotes in hands reach. I felt like I had walked into a 5-star hotel.

I sat for about an hour calling folks to let them know I was home...then felt my pain meds taking over and laid down in my own bed and took a nap.

I do have a couple of questions, how much walking should I be doing daily? Also, I am a side sleeper...I like to take the extra pillow and cuddle it and throw one leg over it...wold that be a problem?

Thanks again for this wonderful site and everyone's concerns and well wishes.

Unread 10-26-2007, 07:58 PM
Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007

My surgery was Tuesday Oct 23rd arrive at hospital at 5:30am, papers signed by 5:50, in room by 6:00, in holding area by 6:15, talked to anesthesia people, there were (3) and surgeon by 6:30, last I remember until 11:45am in my private room, I remember looking over husbands head at the clock. No pain pump just demerol injections every few hours. I was real groggy most of the first day. My back hurt all of the first night, had muscle relaxer injection then slept. Wednesday am woke feeling better than I expected with hormone patch on hip. cath removed and up walking by 10am. uterus, tubes, ovaries removed vaginally 3 small incisions on lower belly. Home on thursday, other than being tired and sore there is not too much difference in the pain I felt before surgery. Started premarin this morning. I really didn't expect to feel this good.

enomet, adneo, adhesions,
Unread 10-27-2007, 09:54 AM
I'm home

I had my LAVH on the 25th. It was nice being the first surgery, except for having to be there at 0500 for check in. Everyone during my entire stay was fantastic. I remember being rolled into the OR and sliding onto the table. The last thing I remember was the anestsiologist (sp?) telling me he was going to give me some oxygen. Next thing I know I'm in recovery. The catheter was already removed by then. The recovery room nurse said I would be going to my room soon and when I opened my eyes again, I was in my bed. No idea how I got there. I didn't have a pain pump, so they brought me percoset when I needed it. My DH or MIL stayed with me the entire first day--that was really nice. They helped me get to the bathroom. The most difficult part was working around the IV pole. It also took forever to pee! I just work their gown while I was there. I also found it was easier to "go commando" instead of dealing with panties. I only had a little spotting so it wasn't difficult. I spent the rest of Thursday sleeping, walking, or watching tv.

Friday was good as well. Walked around more and felt better. The doctor released me in the afternoon and it was so nice to be home! DH and the kids are taking great care of me and making sure I take it easy. My SIL brought over some dinner which was really appreciated. The doctor said my ovaries looked "beautiful" so she left those in. So far, they seem to be working alright.
Unread 10-27-2007, 11:06 AM
Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007

I had my surgery on Thurs. the 25th. I got home late last night. They took my cervix, uterus and my right ovary. We weren't going to take the ovaries, but it had a HUGE HUGE cyst on it. So he took it. I feel pretty good. VERY SORE! But doing well.
I will post more on the whole thing later on. Going to rest for a while.
Unread 10-27-2007, 04:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Oct 22-Oct 29,2007


My surgery (oct 23rd) TAH went well I came home yesterday (friday). I got strep throat while in the hospital. Doing well with Motrin to control pain. So far so good. Hope everyone is doing well

Unread 10-27-2007, 04:07 PM
Happy to be home and post-surgery

Hi Everyone,

I had a TAH BSO (kept cervix) on Tuesday Oct 23rd, home on Friday Oct 26th. My surgery was scheduled for 9:15 a.m. After reading some comments on this site, I decided to talk to my doctor and the anesthesiologist about having an epidural. They both thought it was fine and had several advantages so we decided to go with it. You have to be awake in the OR and sitting up while they put the epidural needle in. I just remember sitting up in the table in the position they wanted me in, we chatted for a minute and then thats all I remember until recovery. They kept the epidural in until Thursday morning so my mid section and back were completely numb that whole time. I think it made me much more comfortable than I would have been in with just a morphine pump. I did have a pump though with the epidural and I pushed it a few times but really didn't need it much.

I had to keep the catheter in until they took the epidural out but had no trouble with it. It really was nice not to have to get up to make bathroom trips for those first two days. Once the catheter came out it took about 3-4 hours before I could pee. A nurse gave me a good tip that worked -- she said when you're first trying to get your bladder going, to blow through a straw like you're blowing bubbles and it tricks your abdomin into relaxing so you can pee. Of course I forgot to bring a straw into the bathroom but I just blew like when you whistle and it really worked.

Once the catheter and epidural were out I tried walking as frequently as possible. It was tiring and I couldn't go far but I think its essential to get everything moving. Once after walking I sat in a chair and it hurt so much I just started crying. I'm not sure if it was really the pain or if it was my first effect of having the ovaries out. I've cried a few other times out of the blue so far.

One side effect of the epidural was that I was really itchy. My face, torso, and arms especially itched. They said thats common. I had them cut back the meds 20% on the second day and that helped a bit. No one could see a rash but my skin on my face felt funny and today it started peeling a bit after my shower. I would still recommend the epidural, however.

I'm still waiting for the pathology report but my doctor thought everything looks good and doesn't expect any problems. She showed me a picture of my uterus and ovaries after the surgery. Yuk -- my uterus was quite a bit larger than normal, about 3-4 times larger. Also, she did internal sutures which desolve so the inscision doesn't look bad at all. Its under the hair line so I think it will barely show later.

Now that I'm home I'm sleeping on the couch on the first floor for a few days. Hopefully soon I'll feel like I can sleep flat in my own bed with my DH (I don't want him to get used to having the whole thing to himself ).

My DH and DD are being wonderfully supportive and caring. I'm so happy to have them and to have found this wonderful site. I really felt prepared when I went in for surgery and didn't have any surprises. I can't thank everyone on this site enough for all the info and support.

Best wishes to you all!
Unread 10-27-2007, 05:14 PM
so glad its over!

I had my LAVH with ovaries out on the 24th. I was able to come home on the 25th. The stress before the surgery was definitely the worst part, for me. I did pretty well with the anesthesia and my incisions are tiny and do not hurt. I have some pain in my back (gas???)and am trying to get the bowels moving...The bladder went right back to work immediately! I just ate some oatmeal and am hoping for some relief in that dept. Thank goodness for this site and all of the info and support! It made this whole experience much easier! Michelle
PS Good luck to all of you that are pre-op!

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