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Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007 Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

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Unread 12-24-2007, 08:45 PM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007


I'm also having swelling problems TAH w/BSO on 12/5. Mine is like a tire around my middle where my naval is and is making it hard to bend like trying to put on socks and shoes. Hopefully this will subside soon.

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Unread 12-25-2007, 03:36 AM

Hello Sisters!
I wrote so much the first time, then hit the wrong button and sent it before I was finished. Probably looked like a book when I sent it again an hour or so later, but felt good to get the experience written to that point and out of my head. Maybe you read it, maybe it was too much.
I got a "how are you doing?" message tonight so after reading all of yours, wanted to add my two cents. Probably gonna be extraneous again.
My recovery has varied. I had the wonderful and grateful pleasure of having an ex lover of long ago take care of me the first two weeks. Had my TAH surgery 12/4, ovaries still intact.
She had gone through a hysterectomy six years ago and fortunately her husband was there for her. I do not know how I would have coped without being able to call her cell, which she slept with at 2:30 or 4:30 a.m. when I needed to turn over or needed more water or anything. She had me set up outside in their RV with the heat cranked. During the day I would come inside and sit by the wood stove in a recliner all day and we would catch up on our lives.
Tried not to tell old stories that would make us laugh because of the pain. Lots of smiles. Tried not to cough, but it happened frequently 'cuz of the tube they stuck down my throat. Learned to keep throat lozenges under the pillow.
Each day was different. I would walk too much and be tired. I would sit and be tired. Didn't want to take the drugs. Half of my friends saying take them, half saying walk, walk. Watched a lot of DVDs.
My ex did bring up a good point about the meds though, which was that they assisted the healing process, especially in that they allowed sleep.
Sometimes initially I couldn't get comfortable on my side, couldn't sleep on my back at all, plus after the monster fibroid came out with my uterus, it seemed like every time I moved, my whole body shifted to compensate. Had a wedge pillow which I put behind so that I couldn't shift too far. Gradually it got easier to swing my legs around and get up, eventually without her help.
The swelling I had in my calves and ankles pre-surgery have disappeared. Obviously I no longer look eight months pregnant.
Then there was the gas, which some times felt like cramps. When the bowel movements finally came days later, Goddess was I glad that I had started with stool softeners three days prior to surgery. Still take them nightly and was very happy today to feel it come out actually kinda soft and hardly any discomfort.
No one told me when I went to see the doc a week after surgery that it was gonna hurt taking those staples out. It did.
But she said I was healing well and quickly. And I never took as many walks as they said I was supposed to.
I just did what I could.
Felt depressed about the meds 'cuz I was feeling better, then the day after seeing the doctor I woke with what I thought was a dislocated rib. Pulled something in my back it turns out. Plus got a UTI from the catheter.
Had to take more potent meds (Percocet and valium instead of Darvocet). Bummed 'cuz I don't like feeling loopy. Weird dreams several nights.
Slept more, could only take shallow breaths without pain.
Saw the doc again last week. Still coming along. She says I'm stoic. I just feel like me.
Had to change locations 'cuz my care provider's little boy was getting sick and couldn't take the chance. What an eye opener to come to my best friend since high school's place and get very little help, lots of extraneous noise outside, cold sleeping situation. Not enough rest. She was the one saying walk, walk, walk.
We all adjust. Made myself take little walks out in the freezing cold (in Davis now instead of the country). Got a little farther every day and/or more frequent. Found out this friend had her hys in June a couple of years back. Sure is a lot easier to walk in the summer than when it is in the high 30's, low 20s' outside.
And still I rise.
The incision feels okay if a little itchy sometimes. I reiki when it feels like this. The real issue was the back pain from whatever I did to it. Put microwave heating pads on my feet and back to stay warm at night.
Then yesterday and today were glorious and warm. Today walked for an hour for the first time!
Took a camera and photographed all the cool houses, decorations, yards that I had encountered on my previous walks. Because tomorrow morning I head back to the bay.
With my doctor's mixed blessing I am flying to Australia Christmas night, exactly three weeks post op. I did promise to do nothing but veg for those first nine days there before I have to work, but 14 1/2 hours in the air is still 14 1/2 hours. Hope I get to upgrade to business class. Also promised to walk on the plane a lot.
I feel a little stronger every day. I stopped taking narcotics about five days ago, but still take ibuprofen a couple of times a day for the soreness in my back, as well as my nightly stool softeners.
When turning on my side feels uncomfortable, I put my little stuffed puppy on my tummy to keep it tucked in and that seems to work.
I want to wish everyone a healing Christmas. And a doable recovery. Hang in there.

One last thing: Several women have written about the outrageous costs of their surgeries. I definitely lucked out 'cuz I don't have insurance and so this is coming out of pocket. But I found a very sympathetic doctor in Los Gatos, who evidently talked to the hospital before my surgery. I was all set to go to Mexico, when I called them for a price quote, and even though I had to pay the hospital before the surgery (on my credit card) and have yet to get the pathology bills because of the size and concerns of my doctor about the structure/content of my fibroid (turned out to be benign with the second opinion as well), at this point my surgery including two days in the hospital, was under $10,000. Now that is a lot of money for me. But when I consider that in Mexico it would have cost $6,800 for me and someone to accompany me, there would not have been the follow up care for removing the staples, the UTI, plus the back thing.
It pays to shop around. Previously I had quotes for just the fibroid issue up to $50,000. My own male ob-gyn wanted to charge me $20,000 five years ago just for his fee when my fibroid was less than half the size it became this year.
I feel blessed, and ultimately relieved that I found a sympathetic female surgeon.
Thank you for your stories.
Peace and health in the new year.
And be gentle with yourself.
Unread 12-25-2007, 03:50 AM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

Originally Posted by Mel1972
Hi Girls,
I had my complete hysterectomy on Dec 6th and I don't go back for my recheck until Jan 15th is this normal? I mean I am doing well with no problems (and not on HRT) but I was just curious if this is too long until my checkup.

Hi Mel1972
I just wrote this long missive a while ago, but I think you should trust your doctor. She wanted to see me a week later, when usually she sees women two weeks later. But I had a very large incision and she wanted to make sure it was progressing, no infections, etc.
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Unread 12-25-2007, 04:05 AM
3 weeks today(swelly belly)

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks already, the time is going by pretty quickly. For the most part, I am doing great. Just a few twinges of pain now and then. But, I am getting swelly belly tho. I did get one of the Swelly Belly bands, but it does not stay cold long enough. I switch to one of my fanny packs (turned around for a belly pack) with an ice pack in it. I use an ice pack like the kind you use in your lunch box(5x3x2) and it stays cold for hours. Other than that, I really don't have any complaints. I haven't been over doing it tho, just enjoying the season. Take care everyone.
Unread 12-25-2007, 04:47 PM

Update as I had a few complications. Had one hematoma that turned my whole belly purple. Bleeding had stopped after 2 days and then resumed on the 17 ( surgery was on the 5th) Became very heavy and I am thinking what the heck.. I have no uterus! Imense cramping pain lower left side that made me pant it hurt so bad at times. Finally went to the ER on my birthday no less.. They ordered a CT and found an internal hematoma that measured 5cm X8 Cm. So that was what was causing the cramping pain and the colon spasms and bleeding. Is still resolving although still bleeding. Still feel tired and kinda *blinky* is the best way to describe how I feel. Kinda like fainty at times. I hope that goes away. Lots of HOT flashes despite the Estridial 1mg which the Dr. increased to 1.5mg. Did have the night sweats before this but they seem to be worse at times and flashes are coming during the day. Anyone else have any of these things happen??

Thanks to all the wonderful sisters who post here!
Unread 12-26-2007, 06:28 AM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

Hello Everyone!!!... I hope you got treated like princesses and queens yesterday and enjoyed your love ones!!!! (it should be like that every day!!!) ... Happy belated xmas!!.. Hopefully your bodies feel much better...
So I found out what the dr. did to me. He used silver nitrate to cauterize my cervix. What I find strange is that the bleeding got even worse... and yesterday had an unbearable pain in my right ovary... Did not take pain killers to be able to enjoy my daughter open her gifts. Today is my 5th. day bleeding. Lots of pain in my lower back and in my legs. Actually.. I am starting to feel depressed since I feel I am going backwards after 3 weeks of surgery. Please girls.. is someone out there going through the same?? I am leaving a message at my dr.'s for some advice.
Love and be safe ....
Unread 12-26-2007, 06:34 AM
three weeks after

Hi Tumigal,
My doctor made it very, very clear to me that between weeks three and five it would feel like I'd backslid and I would become more painful, tired, swollen, and blechhhy again. Also might be a recurrence of bleeding, painful BMs again, etc. This is because the internal stitches are dissolving and so everything inside becomes re-inflamed. I don't know if all doctors stitch the same, but in the places I associate as being right and left ovary spots, he told me I'd feel pain because there is a big stitch knot on either side. Obviously, double checking with your doctor about your situation is best, but that is what I was told to expect during weeks three to five.

Good Luck!
Unread 12-26-2007, 07:10 AM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

Hi Dear!
Thanks for your reply... I does make sense what you are posting... If I could have pinpoint exactly where the pain is, that would be where the stitches are. Still I left a message for the doctor, but what it gets to me is the fact that you would think you are getting better and no having set backs... I have to remind myself to be positive and strong, because it will get better!!!
It's amazing how conforting is to be able to communicate to people who are going through the same...
Thanks and God Bless!!!
Unread 12-27-2007, 11:18 AM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

Here is my update:

Last Wednesday I started spotting a brownish color. Had my two week post op on Thursday, she said everything was going fine and to expect the spotting. She said it would turn from brown to yellow to clear.

Friday the spotting had a bit of red in it (thought that was all the running around I did Thursday), it has continued since with a bit of tissue looking stuff in it, plus I am getting pains in my lower abdomen and back pains (just like I did before my period)

Yesterday I stayed in bed all day. The red turned back brown, but I then noticed a slight odor attached (reminded me of vinegar or something).

Today, everything seemed about the same, so I did a bit of picking up here and there. It was after that I noticed the spotting was basically all blood now, no brown to be seen but no odor either. Ok, I thought just doing the lil picking up was more than my body appreciated...geez. My back and abdomen are bothering me, the spotting is still red, so I decided to put a call into my Dr (havent heard back yet)

I guess I thought things would be even better as time wore on (I was feeling really good 1 week post op). I haven't done any walking (in the way of exercise) since last Wednesday (which I thought perhaps started the spotting)

Wow, I didnt think I was gonna write a book here. Sorry, but at least I got this off my chest.

Unread 12-27-2007, 12:37 PM
Hysterectomy dates Dec 03-Dec 10,2007

I had my two week check up on Christmas Eve and, except for a slight infection in one incision, everything is looking good. The doctor said I am cleared to do pretty much whatever I want, but ease back into it or I'll be sore. She put me on antibiotic and said I could go back to work whenever I feel like it, but I have to go back to the doctor on 1/7 for a follow up on the infection. It already looks much better, so I'll go back to work once I see the doctor again and she says all is well. I feel really good and no Ibuprofin since Christmas.

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