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Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008 Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

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Unread 01-31-2008, 01:21 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Hello Ladies,

Today is one of my step backwards days. I felt pretty good yesterday and today all i want to do is sleep. I woke up wanting to back to bed. I did not think taking all day to change the sheets would do this. The worse part I just woke up from a nap, and I am thinking I may need another before the DD's get home from school.

I did have a weird dream last night about peddling a car for what seemed like hours and woke up a bit sore. IS that nuts or what. Could it be me ovaries kicking back into gear? But I have been noticing mild night sweats.
I think i have confused my body.

KJ (kay)
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Unread 01-31-2008, 02:17 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Bon, Vetnurse, Loriannemalone:

I also had loose bowels for several weeks. I thought it might be from the antibiotic the Dr perscribed. It seemed to improve around week 3. I just took it as a blessing, since I didn't have to strain.
Unread 01-31-2008, 02:31 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

I'm finally having BMs that I consider normal - no long sits, waiting for a little push and gravity to kick in... I've resumed taking a fiber supplement (Fiber Choice - Sugar Free Orange) since before the operation - had to drop it for a few days after I got home, but it seems to help.

Drove for the first time yesterday - to the bank and grocery store... word to those ladies making the first trip for groceries - get the buggy with wheels! I picked up a hand basket and quickly filled it... you never realize how heavy stuff is until you have a lifting limit!! DH banned me from grocery shopping alone for a while!

Only starting to have sleep problems now... sleep well thru most of the night and then wake up in the early AM... can't get back to sleep... but this too shall pass... still ain't nothing on TV that time of the morning.

Big wave to all the sisters who've passed the three week mark - today marked that for me. What a life experience - y'all take care and hang in there!!
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Unread 01-31-2008, 03:09 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Hello to all of you. I don't post much, but I read our Jan7-14 thread everyday! It is my fix!
I have had MEGA hot flashes for about 10 days. They hit 2 wks post-op. Also the HF keep me from sleeping. My gyn-onc won't prescribe anything more than ambien, and ambien doesn't work for me.
Thanks for letting me vent! It is great to read about all of your recoveries. If you have any suggestions, I'm open. I presently take vit e, and I have a catapres patch. No hormones for me since my diagnosis was cancer.
Unread 01-31-2008, 10:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

To Lenore:

Sympathies to you about the not sleeping. I've never been a great sleeper and it just got worse in my 40's.

I haven't had the hot flashes (yet) so I don't know what to suggest for that, but I have two things that help me with sleeping sometimes that might help you.

By accident I discovered that Dramamine (for car sickness) is the best sleeping pill. I had given my husband sailing lessons for his 30th birthday and I get terribly seasick so I took 2 dramamines before the boatride. I don't remember the boatride at all as I went to sleep immediately and slept through the whole thing. Since then I've taken it on occasion when I really can't sleep. It's a relatively benign drug, over-the-counter, I think, even OK to give to kids. You may want to check with your Dr., but it has been a godsend for me. No hangover in the morning and you can get a good 6 hours with it.

I never have any problem falling asleep, my problem is that I wake up way too early (sometimes as early as 2AM) and can't go back to sleep. What I've learned to do with this is not fight it. If, after a really good try at going back to sleep, I just can't, I get up and enjoy the quiet time. (The house is never quieter than from 2-6am!) I read, work at the computer, cook, go to the gym (open 24 hours), etc. My office is in my house, so sometimes I even do half a day's work by the time everyone else is awake. Then, if I'm tired during the day, I lay down (but you have to be careful not to nap for too long, or this could become a viscious cycle, with the naps preventing you from being tired enough to sleep at night.) I don't feel guilty lying down during the afternoon since I've had my 'workday' during the night. I also try to be in bed and asleep by 10PM, that way even if I wake up at 2, I've had some sleep; enough to survive on. It's not great, and sometimes I feel like I live on a different time zone than everyone else around me, but it seems to be the way I'm wired and I just got tired of letting it drive me crazy.(If you can't beat it, join it.) Hope this is a little helpful.

To all my hystersisters:

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this: Work anxiety?

Angry PMS-like symptoms have turned into moodiness and sadness. Woke up today so depressed. This is clearly a hormonal storm, as I know this kind of sadness, but I think all of this lying around the house, worrying about work and life and how backed up I am getting, isn't helping. I wish I could say that I am enjoying the recovery period, relaxing, watching movies, doing all those things I said I'd do if I ever had down time like this. That was ok for about a week.

Now, entering week 3, I am getting anxious about work in a big way. I have my own business, an professional practice, and though my clients have been warned and are patient, I know that there's a limit to their patience. They have time schedules, too. I have good employees, but there's a limit to what they can do without me.

I also didn't tell everyone enough time. Presurgery I told everyone that I'd need about 2 weeks off. I admit that that was a mistake, but I honestly thought that since my work is deskwork and my office is in the house that I'd be able to start up again, at least PT. I did work this past week, days 14, 15 and 16 post-op, and ended up swollen and sore, maybe from all the sitting, and exhausted to the point of feeling faint. Day 17 and 18 were spent in bed and now I can't see my way clear to feeling better any time soon. If anything, I feel worse now than I did in the second week. More achey and tired. More moody. Less able to concentrate. And kind of depressed and nervous. I am the primary breadwinner and we need my income. I don't have anyone taking care of business for me or holding my job, or giving me disability pay (poor planning on my part.) Though I usually love my independence having my own business, now I can see the benefits of being employed. I guess it'll be whatever it'll be as I have made the decision to put my healing above everything, however, this is exactly what I was afraid of pre-surgery. In truth, I put off this surgery for years, until my symptoms became acute and I had no choice, because I couldn't figure out how to close down for this kind of time period. So I may lose some clients, but in the big picture, I know that health comes first. Faith in G-d who has a way of taking care of us, is also helpful. (Two big jobs that I had tried out for, came in this past week. Ironic and great as they can wait a bit to start.) The future is bright, but I need to figure my way around the next few weeks. I plan to continue to stay in bed today through the weekend, and we'll see what next week brings.

Sorry I've gone on so long. Thanks for letting me vent, too.
Be well everyone, Sarah
Unread 02-01-2008, 08:14 AM
24 days post-op

Hi there Sisters!

I feel like such a fair weather friend, only posting when I feel "sunny"... Yesterday I had a "truck day". One of those days that you are sure a truck ran over you during the night. Felt like I was going into week 2 post-op again instead of week 4. I only had enough strength to get DD to/from school and to get something out of the freezer for dinner. (I didn't even cook it!) I went back to bed after taking DD to school and then slept for 4 hours! got up read a few of yesterday's posts, got DD from school and laid on the couch and watched a movie with her. I'd been feeling not too well stomach wise and a little GERD returning that I had gotten rid of 2 years ago. A few new pains in the surgery area and every thing felt squished up! So it was horizontal-ville yesterday. By last night I felt better and today was much better.

OK so I had to take notes while catching up on the thread so I wouldn't miss anything.

Becky - I hope you are able to "participate" by cell phone for your DS BT graduation today. He knows you want to be there with all your heart. As for that co-worker you saw at the mall, what was SHE doing at the mall? I explained to my DH that we are all having good days and "truck" days.

Engineerb - thank you for that bucket of water and hand analogy. That will be a "keeper" for me. As I told one of my close friends at work, I know it will be the same crap different day when I go back. This time away has taught me to take more time off!

Renee' - glad you made your sale, even if you had to pay the next day for it. Those little victories boost your spirit!

Kay - No extra stitches for me. But I likely have plenty inside and different ones are pulling at me this week than in the weeks previously.

Kathryn - Glad you were ordered for 3 more weeks of rest. I told my work 6 weeks, but actual return date will depend on Dr's release. (btw I remember fondly my visit to your lovely city of Vancouver BC, during the World's Fair in 1986.)

Sarah - I laughed about the M&Ms you scrouged up in your desparation. When I was out at the fabric store Wednesday, I bought dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and began eating them in the car as I drove out of the parking lot. The bag fell from my lap between my legs and you would have thought I was an addict as quickly I was scrambling to rescue my precious M&Ms! As for work woes, I understand as I am primary breadwinner in my family, but without the added pressure of owning my own company. All I can suggest is delegate and ease back in gradually. This is a time to let your employees grow and rise to the occasion. Be honest with them about how you had NO idea the physical toll this would take. (You don't need to let on about the mental anxiety) Its OK to be a boss that is human. Be involved in your firm's projects, but as a only as a mentor/guide/coach until you feel strong enough to be the primary person on them. Your clients will know you are still "touching" their projects, but they don't need to know to what degree. I hope this bit of advice helps.

Dee37 - Oh dear - I wish I had some wise words for dealing with that DH of yours. Healing is hard enough, but so much more so without a supportive environment. Counseling (even for you if he won't go) is supposed to be a good option, but I have not nor do I have anyone close to me that has tried it. Still it can't hurt to have someone listen to you...communication is key. Hope your DS feels better soon. No matter what the age, they still like to be pampered like when they were small.

Sunnyca - ah - is it sunny today? (I'm originally from San Jose, born in Richmond!) Hope DD is feeling better too.

Welcome to Sweetpea2005, WJC, Vetnurse - we all are pleased you have jumped in with us. It can be daunting to jump right in with folks chatting like old friends already. Please don't feel timid and POST away. There is ALWAYS room for more!

Sisters with BM issues....Boy that does seem like we were given the opposite of what we've been used to! I was always pretty loose pre-op. I know where EVERY bathroom in town is and wich stores won't let you use theirs! Gotta go within 5 minutes of the first hint, usually before or during breakfast, sometimes after dinner. BUT now I am much more firmer, but not constipated. Hmmm I guess we just need something we can depend on! (no pun intended)
BRATY diet helps with loose stools or recovering from a digestive bug. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Yogurt. The yogurt does best for replacing the good bacteria in your digestive tract as Sarah mentioned. Look for live cultures on the label.

On to #1, any of you having issues with re-learning your signal to "go" since you don't have that pressure on your bladder anymore? I will feel full, but not painfully so, but the signal is so subtle, not like the definite signal I had before. Its nice, but something to have to re-learn. My DH calls my granny panties my "big girl" panties, so yes its sort of re-learning potty training! LOL.

Well I can't think of anything more to say thank goodness. I am thankful that I have all of you to "talk" to. This time of recovery would have been so lonely without you. The physical part would have been ok, its the emotional part that has benefitted the most.

Take care everyone.
Unread 02-01-2008, 08:29 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Wow, so many posts!

Dee, I'm especially keeping you in my prayers, your hubby's behavior is horrible, and I am carrying your pain and his betrayal to God in prayer. I hope that you will address this when you are strong and get it worked out. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Becky, I'm sorry for your sorrow over missing your son's graduation. Please pass on to him that we are proud of his service to our country and that we pray for his safety.

I'm overwhelmed as I had five pages to read. I'm sorry for those who are trying figure out their hormones et al. My ovaries seem to be working, though, at almost 49 they are on the wane anyway. I do get warm, but not sweaty, and that's been going on for several years. I wish you all cool nights, and long peaceful sleep.

I'm an ambien taker. Love that drug. I used to go to sleep at 10 and be up at 2 ugh. Now, I sleep all the way until 5:30 which is perfect.

I have been working 3 hours a day at the shop and I think yesterday I could have gone longer but I slipped on the ice and pulled my left groin UGH. I went home and sat for a while and the pain eased up and is now gone. That scared me. Other than that, I'm on the mend and feel like I'm almost new.

No work today, plus we have about 12 inches of snow on the ground here in Chicagoland.

Girls, remember that it will take at least 6 weeks for the inside to heal, and some of you will take longer. My doctor said, It will take longer for your insides to match your outsides and not to be fooled by bright cheeks (hot flashes? ha) and healthy skin. Inside you have stitches and cauterized areas that need to heal.

It's important to listen to your bodies (no matter what others say) and be good to yourselves.

Peace and Love,
Unread 02-01-2008, 08:58 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Thank you ladies for all your prayers and kind words. Isn't it something how this surgery has brought us all together. We talk about anything and give each other support. It doesn't matter marital status, financial status, social or ethnic background we all just came together to help each other. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know all of you. Your post and support have kept me going the past three weeks of recovery.

I finally slept from 11 to 4 last night woohoo but think the percoset I took is why. I was having sharp pains down under and motrin wasn't cutting it. Pillow was wet when I woke up but at least I slept through it til alarm went off. DH (D doesn't stand for dear lol)needs to learn to get himself up. Right after surgery I had energy now I feel like I barely have any. Bm's were fine then now I am constipated and nothing is working. I'm alergic to iodine so usually if I eat anything with salt it well gives me runs(sorry) but salt isn't even working ugh. I walked about a half mile yesterday while waiting for dd to get off bus. Good thing for a big yard lol. I don't have much of an appetite lately have to remind myself to eat lol. Drinking plenty of water though. Think I am going to work on dd's afghan again today wrist permitting. It's nasty outside today. School was delayed due to all the freezing rain now it is snowing. Just lovely weather. I'm going to see if I can get 18 yr old to use dust mop today them bunnies are back lol. Maybe if I offer him money. He's so lazy I swear. Easier to get little ones to do stuff.

onthebrink...how does ambiem work? I was thinking of asking doc for some. I don't have much trouble falling asleep it's staying asleep I have the problem with.

Okay I keep rambling again I'm good at that lol. Have a good day ladies.
Unread 02-01-2008, 09:23 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Hello all. I am feeling physically well (despite a nasty cold), but I am so annoyed right now. Can I just rant for a minute? We had sleet all night, and they called a 2-hr. delay at school (my kids go to a Christian school, but we follow the public school calendar--if they have a snow day, so do we.) All the delay did was give the weather time to get worse. We now have snow on top of the ice. If it had started on time, the roads would have been better (and my DH could have taken the kids to school). I had to walk across a frozen parking lot to take them in. I could just picture falling and ripping something loose in my internal stitches trying to get up. I just wish they would either have school or cancel it...these 2-hr. delays really do me in.

Okay...I feel better. Dee, I am praying right along with everyone else for you and your relationship with your husband. You seem like a lovely lady, and you deserve better.

Brinks, I'm sorry you fell yesterday. I'm praying for your pain to go away. I bet that was scary.

Everyone be well and stay warm.
Unread 02-01-2008, 09:32 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 07-Jan 14,2008

Oh say, I'm sorry, I slipped, but caught myself before going down, and the twisting to keep myself upright got to my groin. But, it's completely fine now. I thought maybe I ripped an interior stitch on that side, but so far so good. Sorry for not clarifying that more.

Now, our 15 y/o cat has had trouble with his tail. It got hurt about 3 weeks ago, and we've been cleaning it with peroxide and antibiotic oint, well, it heals and then he licks it and it opens again. I'm really worried about this darn cat. It's really a nasty, draining wound now.

Our vet comes to our house, but with the snow and him being in a town about 20 miles away at the moment, we are taking him into the hospital. Our vet said that if Sammy has irritated it too much, he could possible need an amputation. YIKES! He's an old cat, taking off his tail? This is so getting to me. Our animals are so precious to us.

** hum.

Thanks for letting ME vent!

Peace and Love,

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