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Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008 Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

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Unread 01-30-2008, 03:01 PM
Another day speeds by

Originally Posted by maume3
Well, maybe its just the same as mefeeling like lifes just going on around me, me not feeling up to getting back into it, yet tired of being cooped up...it will pass...I hope.
I became a little sad myself this evening. My hubby is a courier and delivers all over the US and Canada. He took the day before until the day after surgery off and was suppose to only work in town or where he could be home at Nights at least until I was allowed to drive (If something happens I have no one near to help) Anyway, the day after I came home, he went to Alabama, so was gone from 7am thursday until 3am saturday...fought with me on saturday over not wanting to walk down 18 steps to fix his printer...So he volunteered to work in the office Sunday 7am to 7pm and when he got home said after he read his mail he had to go to bed because he took a run to conneticutt and had to leave at 5am. He called once to gripe about his van but other than that, no real conversation with me since surgery. Here it is Wednesday 2:30am when he finally comes in, doesnt say anything except to the cat. I got up and tried to hug him but only got a half arm kinda pat and a "really" when I told him I missed him. Then he just got in his sleep pants and got in bed, was asleep snoring within second...which is what he's doing now. I got very sad because Im feeling things get worse instead of better...but Im going to chalk it up to a very long day driving for him and see how tomorrow goes.

Other than that...my leg is still killing me, which doc says may take awhile to go away... Im having shooting pains in the vagi- which he says is it healing, and my insides are tender.
Hey, its only almost 8 days post for me so its ok.

I am same day surgery, and had a blue day yestrerday/this morning as well. My DH tries to make me feel better by saying it dosent matter if I have had things removed I am the same to him.. best intentions.. but at least he is talking, maybe your DH is just uncomfortable in speaking about it as he is unsure how you feel yourself. My thoughts, good riddence to it all - caused me nothing but pain and limitations.

My blueness got a perk up by having DH take me for a car ride and stopped to feed my horse a treat, not too close now.. :-) But I think between the hormones and the cooped up, no sleep, pain and pain pills it just wears you/us all down a bit. As well I feel guilty about not working - many of you have gone back to work quickly, I am taking the 6 weeks as I travel and drive a great deal in a very stressful enviornment, not healthy for rehab but I am certain my job thnks I can be back now as well - I have NO BRAIN!! so I think not!

Overall, pain is a bit high for the past two days as well, possibly overdoing it - lots of stairs in my house.. trying to stay super positive but my head wont let me...

Best wishes, soft hugs and happy thoughts to you all!
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Unread 01-30-2008, 03:06 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Wish I was you!!
Im glad to hear your doing well though

Originally Posted by slm77
i have had my appetite since day 1 , i teased my hubby that he was trying to starve me cause he thought i wouldnt be hungary and didnt fix me anything.lol....i have had 4 bms now not really having much pain except when i bend over , just get tired easily...i havent needed any pain meds for the last 2 days didnt really need them before but dr said keep taking anyways...hope everyone gets to feeling better soon
Unread 01-30-2008, 03:19 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

crmass, Im gladIm not the only one..but not glad someone else feels crummy too.
I could really care less that its all gone and wish it was done long ago, but I think hubby stays away because he cant handle dealing with someone in pain/sickness. He's one of those guys who thinks you should be FIXED once surgery is over and jump up and go on with life...ugh
Maybe I will ask him to take me somewhere for a few minutes tomorrow. He has a big superbowl party planned for Sunday and I am just not up to that yet so hoping by then I will be, cause if not I will be in my room with the door shut! Kinda makes me upset that he planned it cause some will be hot tubbing in my hot tub that I havent been able to get in for nearly 4 months due to all that was going on and OH how Id love to get in..
Im beginning to think he should have taken the ovaries because I have always been aware of when I ovulate and such (painful) and I think thats whats happening today because Ive needed the heating pad all day! good with bad I guess.
I am just really hoping that by the 17th I am near normal because I do not want to ruin our trip to Florida for my sons 18th birthday. It would be nice to be able to enjoy everything without bleeding too...I wonder if that will be gone by then...which by the way I am still seeing red when I go pee,but only maybe a spot on the pad all day...but then again I am not up and out of bed. (I have other issues that I had to stay in bed for)
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Unread 01-30-2008, 05:51 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Originally Posted by maume3
I just named it that. It feels like the little flutters you'd have right before or right after an Orgasm...wellI do anyway. I asked my doc and he said its the vagina healing and is good news because it is a clue that the sensation is there (Ive never been an "internal sensation" girl but I guess now Im gonna be?? anyway they drive me nuts because I sometimes mistake it for needing to pee...lol
Your not crazy, it happens.

Thank you for clearing this up. It is good to know my va-jj is on the mends and not anything too serious. I had it for so long after my left ovary and large endometrioma removal from lap vag assist 4 1/2 years ago and finally confided in my really good friend who has a masters in nursing and works maternity. She didn't know and I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor, uhm...that I had constant spasms down there. I started getting some lately and now I am not going to worry and now I know that I have a sister or two with vagiflutters.
Unread 01-30-2008, 06:22 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Your welcome! I love my doc. He's very sexy so I was afraid I wouldnt want to be upfront with him, but hes a real hoot and cracks jokes all the time, so I feel very comfy asking him weird things. He's one of those guys who are cute but must not have been told...
Unread 01-30-2008, 06:27 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Girl, I could never have a cute obgyn. When I was in preterm labor with my first baby and in the hospital, a doctor came in. After we started talking we realized that he was the same age as me...he was a resident and we had been at some of the same social gatherings years before. I was praying he was not going to check me and he never did and that is one rule I do have, you can't be too good looking to be looking and proding down there. My current gyn has gorgeous eyes and reading my favorite book of all time but that is it.
Unread 01-30-2008, 07:11 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

It's my 1-week anniversay and I'm doing very well. I had a TAH with ovaries left in for large fibroids, 16 week sized uterus. I get naseous from anethesia and it panics me to go under, so I was pretty worked up in the preop. They gave me 4 different kinds of nasea medicine but did not give me my tranquilzer like they were supposed to and I had some kind of weird reaction where I panicked and tried to leave. The nurse said it was probably a combination from reaction to one of those medications and anxiety. She got me some versid and things calmed down after that.
The surgery went well, but I was in recovery for over four hours because they couldn't get the pain or nausea under control. They kept giving me morphine and it didn't do anything for me, which I thought was weird. They gave me some kind of synthetic version and it worked well, so I was finally able to go to my room.
Once I was there, I did really well and was able to drink liquids and sit up and talk to my family. The nurse got me up to sit in a chair for a little while that night. They took the catheter and IV out the next morning and I was able to pee right away and walk the halls. I was able to eat and tolerate my pain medicine orally, so my doctor let me be discharged that afternoon.
I had some mild bleeding the first day, and after that, nothing. I quit taking pain medicine after my first day home and I haven't even had to take motrin. I'm not in any pain, just a bit sore, but that gets easier each day. I'm able to sit up regularly now without rolling around to my side and it doesn't hurt when I laugh, sneeze or cough - just a little tender.
I am up and about, doing little things around the house, but not overdoing it. My biggest problem has been the gas pain and feeling bloated. I wasn't really prepared for that, and although I've been taking Gas-X, I don't know if that helps very much. It's only been within the past couple of days that I've started passing some of the gas. My appetite is good, and I'm sleeping great. I get tired really easily. I've been resting and watching a lot of TV, and haven't really gotten bored yet. The one thing that's disturbing me is this POOCH from swelling and gas. This is another thing I wasn't prepared for - I think I expected to come out of surgery with a tiny tummy. All of this is nothing compared to the anxiety I had waiting for my surgery!!
Unread 01-30-2008, 07:32 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Im glad to hear your doing well Jill, its great that some have an easy time of it.
You may want to change your surgery date. Right now it says it was done in 1966. Im assuming you put your birthdate in on accident!
Unread 01-30-2008, 08:59 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

Hi Everyone,
I switched my doctor's appointment from tomorrow to today because the glue came off my bellybutton incision from the laparoscopic surgery part of my LAVH and I thought my belly button was going to split open. I looked at it in the shower and saw it was cut and some white material was puffing out, and I assumed it was fat and thought, oh this is not good, I need to get it stitched up or it will get infected. So I called the doc's office and they nicely switched my 1-week post op appointment to today. The nurse did have me get undressed from the waist down but it wasn't necessary because the doctor did not look inside and said she wouldn't do so until my four-week checkup. She looked at all four incisions from the laparoscopic equipment and when I explained about the belly button she sort of chuckled and said "that's just skin, my dear" and said nothing needed to be done. My blood pressure was back down to 100/60 (It had been higher at my pre-op appointments partly from nerves, I think) and my iron levels were up to 10, from 8 before the four days of iron infusions. She said that 12 is normal and I should easily be there in three weeks and should be feeling good. And they checked my urine and there's no sign of infection. Oh and the pathology report said no cancer, just fibroids, as suspected... but good to hear for sure.

I forgot to ask her about PMS, but I do feel like I'm having some... sore breasts, craving chocolate, irritable (more than usual, ha ha).

As for appetite, mine has been back since the day after surgery and I'm sure I will gain 10 pounds during recovery because I'm used to eating a lot because I exercise a lot. Now I'm just eating, not working out... plus I'm sort of bored with not working and just watching TV or doing small errands. Oh well! I'm just so relieved not to be bleeding this week like I would have been without the surgery. I must decide what to do with all my pads and tampons stored in various places!!

Best wishes to you guys who are still in pain or feeling blue. I will be praying for you and am confident that you will each feel better very soon. Take things day by day and look for the smallest improvements to feel positive about.
Unread 01-30-2008, 09:38 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jan 21-Jan 28,2008

I've heard a lot of oeople say they have a 1 week apt. hmm mine was to be 4 weeks, but got cut back to 2 weeks 3 days, because we will be going to Florida, but Im wondering...Is the one week apts just the Lapro. lap assisted, or abdominal surgeries and not us vagigirls?

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