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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 03-15-2008, 08:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Good Morning Everyone,

It sounds like everyone is advancing at recovery at one rate or another. That is great !!

Got home last night from the road trip to the beach with girlfriends. The weather was pretty good for this time of year (LIncoln City to Depot Bay to Tillamook). Stayed overnight in Lincoln City and had a nice dinner at Kyllos. Then hot tubed it and yacked till 1am. Fri. morn walked on beach then breakfast then to depot bay for fun and art gallery. More beach walking and talking. Great fun we can't wait to do it again. Even one night away was very refreshing and uplifting.

Now walking on the beach is hard work. The first time no problem but the next time was slower and some aches started to come. Nothing that was not taken care of with OTC and rest. Light at the tunnel, yea.

One thing that I noticed is that I am having to drink apple and orange juice through part of the day. Several glasses. Anyone else having to do this.?

Beannasandy---- I also have been having some prob. with low blood pressure and low blood sugar. When you stand up and get light headed that is low blood pressure and when I start to shake and kind of zone out that is low blood sugar my sister thinks. I started drinking juices and carrying one around in the car and drinking it and the low blood sugar thing has really not happend as much. But, yea, you sure do not want to fall down and crack your head and then have that prob along with recovery. Please go to emergency when this happens and they can check you out, better safe then sorry.

When I got home from the road trip I was hyped up until I sat down and started to unwind, then crash. I drove on this road trip because it is more comfortable for me physically then riding so all my attentiion was on the road. Heavy rain and some snow in the coast range kept me focused. Took my sleeping stuff and waited for oldest DD to come home from work then off to bed at 915pm. Only woke up twice to do the potty thing and then finally got up at 7.

I am really glad that I was able to do this road trip to the beach because for one thing it showed me that I will be ready to go to work with some modifications. That is a weight reduced on my shoulders. I start work on monday and my replacement quit a week ago. I guess you can bet that it is going to be one giant cluster f-----. Oh well, I am going to keep telling myself that there are more important things in life and that I don't have to get upset over that situation.

You can tell that everyone is getting better just based on the times and amounts of posting going on. Now it is just morning and night because we are trying to get back to life. YEa.

A face to face meeting would be fun and I don't think that there would be any shyness. I do believe that we have all changed and are becoming the women that was inside of us. I know I am.

Well the two girlfriends that I went to the beach with and myself are all turning 50 around the same time next year so we are going to go to Hawaii in Sept. Yes just the three of us. Oh boy here comes trouble.

Well need to go.
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Unread 03-15-2008, 09:23 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Originally Posted by cindyjo

Thanks for giving me the answer to one of my questions for my doc on Monday. I can't wait to get waxed! I am used to having a little landing strip and now I have a whole airport!! lol

Kathy... I am kind of shocked that your doc did not do a pelvic exam on you for your 6 weeks. I thought that was a standard part of it. I would think he/she would want to check out your cuff. Although I am not looking forward to it I am pretty sure my doc is plannng on "going in".


You cracked me UP with your "I have a whole airport" statement!! HAHAHAHA!!!! That is how I feel, too. I also get the "landing strip" and I just feel like there is a whole forest going on now. When my doc said 1 months from now, part of me was like, "WHAT?!!!" but, then also realized I'm still SOOOOO tender in that whole area that I don't have a desire to be waxed now.

Ask your doctor this specifically even though you know what my doctor said. I say that because when I asked him, he had to look really closely at my inscision to make his decision on that. So, I think it is probably based off of what your incision looks like and how healed it looks.

I was also surprsied he didn't do an internal (not that I WANTED it). Actually, what happened was when the nurse brought me into the room, she told me to take off my bottoms and gave me the sheet to put over me. So, I did that. But, then he walked in and he said, "Oh, I don't know why the nurse had you get ready for a pelvic exam because I don't need to do one on you." I asked him why and he said what i said in my post.. he just said that all of the stitches and everything are inside so he would not be able to see anything.

he did do a lot of pressing on my tummy and pelvic area, and he told me that by pressing on that whole area and the level of tenderness I had told him how well it's all healing.

I guess every doctor just does it differently. I'm not concerned because I have NO pain in my vagina area at all... never have this whole healing process. I guess I'll see how it is when DH and I "do the deed" this weekend!!! woo hoo!!! We'll be putting a movie in for the kids so we can sneak off to the bedroom. ;-) If intercourse really hurts up where the cuff is, then I'll call the doctor on Monday. But, hopefully it will not hurt.

Cindy, why don't you fly? Do you have a fear of flying?? I'm guessing that is what it is.

AS for meeting face to face.... I'm the kind of person who is not shy. haha. I am guessing i would talk to you guys face to face just like I write here... I'm a very open person, but I also am socially aware so I know when it's appropriate in social situations when to talk about something adn when not to. Like I would not go up to someone who helps me in my ESL class with and say, "hey, the "big O" is so much better after a hysterectomy for me." HAHAHAHAH!!!!

But, with people who are going through the exact same thing, I am sure I would not "filter" much. haha. that is just me, though. Most people who know me pretty much know where I stand with them... I don't hold things inside or keep things from people.... it's not my personality.

Anyway, I do think it'd be fun to meet sometime!!! I'm all for that. :-)

Take care everyone.
Unread 03-15-2008, 11:18 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

I went to my internist yesterday because of my eye problem. He put me on eyedrops and more intense allergy medication. I also filled him in on my hysterectomy, and when he heard that my doctor had cleaned up some adhesions, he immediately warned me about the possibility of new adhesions creating a bowel obstruction that would require emergency surgery.

Now, I have had 3 major abdominal surgeries with 3 different doctors, andall of them were very careful to warn me about what I could do and couldnot do after the surgery. But none of them warned me about the symptoms of bowel adhesions and what to do. Here my internist immediately did. I guess its because the other three were ob/gyn--they would never actually see a patient with a bowel obstruction. At least, that is all I can figure.

Since my mom developed a bowel adhesion about a year after her hysterectomy and it was misdiagnosed for years, and she ended up with the surgery, I thought I would share his warning signs.

He said the classical progression is nausea, followed by cramping, no bowel movements, then the cramping intesifies, more nausea, vomiting, and bloating.
He also said that that if you feel something like this coming on to switch to a low residue liquid diet like chicken soup, that sometimes that can avert the problem, but if not, it will require surgery.

I think probably it makes sense for everyone to check with their own doctors what they should be on the look out for. But given that several doctors missed it in my mom for years, I thought folks might want to know what to look for.

So I thought I would pass on the warning signs he gave me.
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Unread 03-15-2008, 11:30 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Thanks Deb for this info! I'm going to my internist sometime in April, so I know she and I will be talking about this kind of thing. I'll ask her about complications after surgery that a gynechologist would not necessarily check for or worry about.

the fact my doctor said we are not completely healed for a full year tells me that any complication can arise within the year.

Hopefully none of us will have to deal with future complications and this is the END of for all of us!!!
Unread 03-15-2008, 12:33 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

One more thing to add....

My EYES are driving me INSANE!!!!! I made an appointment with my eye doctor but could not get in until this coming Friday, so I have to wait almost a week.

I do NOT know what has happened, but the last 3 days I've worn my contact lenses, i can only handle them in my eyes for a couple hours and even wehn they are in my eyes, they are irritating my eyes. My eyes get so red and irritated when my contacts are in, and when I have my glasses on, my eyes are not red, but they just feel irritated.

This DID not happen before my surgery... I mean, I'd have little eye irriatations here and there but it might have been because I had a head cold, or something got on my contact... but I've never had this kind of on-going problem. I didn't bother asking my gyn about this yesterday because I knew I had an appointment with my eye doctor.

I HOPE my eye doctor can find a fix because I do not live a lifestyle where I can wear glasses on a regular basis.

Ok, i'm done venting...

On a GOOD note, I tried on my jeans this morning, and I was actually able to button them and walk around in them for a little bit!!! woo hoo!!! BUT, as soon as I sat down in them..... YEEOOOOWWWW!! that hurt. They dig in RIGHT where my uterus used to be, and that HURT.

So, as long as I never sit (haha), I can wear jeans now I think. haha. Anyway, so I'm half-way there with the jeans...maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to wear them all the time?? I hope!!

Take care....
Unread 03-15-2008, 12:54 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

I think it makes tons of sense that they are most likely to arise in the year, but my internist did warn me they can arise 15 years later...My mom's problem arose about a year later but went misdiagnosed for years.
Unread 03-15-2008, 12:55 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Just wanted to say I have had a fantastic day. I spent the whole day with my Dh. We set off for the shops at 11, arrived at 12, had lunch and then went off around the shops. Before I knew it the time was 3.30 and we set off back home. Got back around 4.30 and then I set about making our supper which I have just finished. So I feel ike I have had a pretty normal day and I feel great!!! My abso is rather swollen and tender but that is all. I dont feel shattered and I take this as a positive sign. Yeah finally on the road to normality.

I hope youve all had a good day,

Ally xx
Unread 03-15-2008, 12:59 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi girls!

I've pretty much been incommunicato for almost a week now - I think it will take me 2 days to get through all the posts (can't imagine if this had happened 2 weeks ago, I'd never have gotten through the posts :-) ) What I've read briefly sounds like all are doing pretty well - Demples, it's not uncommon for you to go off an cry at all!!! Not only are you recovering from major sugery, but your hormones are either screwed up (if you have ovaries) or by now non-existant and either way it's a very hard change! Don't worry, it really will get better and in the meantime you can always come here to post your frustrations and joys!!! We are all behind you 100%!!!

Well, I've been doing better than expected - had a friend come up from St Louis last Friday for the day for lunch and to help me run errands. I was tired after this, and napped Saturday for the first time in a while. then my parents came up on Sunday and Monday we spent the day running all over before we had dinner with DH and back home to play a game. They left early Tues, and I left a couple of hours later to drive about 3 hours to take my old girl (dog) to a vet chiropractor and then visit with a friend for a few days. The next day we started the day training our boys in the field some, then went to run errands for quite a few hours then to dinner with her hubby and finnaly the couch!!! Thursday we trained again, then she bathed both of the dogs I brought with me and since it was so nice outside I dried one (after her hubby put her on a grooming table for me) and then she dried my boy. Then she bathed her boy and we both dried on him and then we trimmed on the boys for a while before we took about 1/2 hour to rest before we took the boys to a dog class for me to work with them (yes I had permission to do this in moderation). So I did class for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours then home for pizza and tv. I came home yesterday and I was TIRED!!! But I found at dog class that with the support panties and jeans I had so much support that nothing moved/jiggled or anything - I didn't hurt, but got tired really quick. Now I did go to bed by 9:30 and slept till after 10 this am, which I haven't done since the first couple of days home. So I belive again this time that the 5 week mark for me was a huge turn around (Friday was the start of 6 week recovery)!

I have my appt with my dr on Monday - will be interesting to see what she has to say! My spotting has finally dwindled and after both the last antibiotics finally quit being pink!!!!

I am hoping all of you have a wonderful day today and that things are definately better for all!!!!

Happy Healing!
Unread 03-15-2008, 04:47 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Cindyjo - What part do you play on rock band? I'm sure enjoying that has helped you get your mojo back!! I've only done the vocals so far Paint It Black was the hardest. Whatever made me think I could do Jagger?!?

Kjjjranch - Ooohh, a walk on the beach sounds sublime! In WV, the only thing I have to wiggle my toes in is lots of mud!

I've been working my way back to the world of normalcy. Ran the vacuum today, just one room. Walking the dog is out for another week. I want to get the muscles that have been sedentary a chance to get a workout. It would be best to bring them back up to speed (sort of) using controlled tasks before I subject them to an 85 lb Lab that might suddenly yank a lease.

My DH and I 'consummated' my recovery, and there was a fair amount of discomfort. It didn't feel like a vaginal cuff issue, more of a burning sensation. My DR had always told me I had a rather large cervix, so it's possibe that, by having it removed, I've lost a bit of girth down there. I'll let nature take it's course and, if things don't improve, I'll consult the DR.
Unread 03-15-2008, 05:40 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Evening all...

Wow, it seems like everyone is really doing pretty well for the most part.

Beannasandy, I'm glad you're going to look into why you still have the dizziness and problems. It's definitely nothing to fool around with.

Specs, I'm glad your granddog was treated and is doing better. Never good to watch a beloved pet become so sick.

Cindy, you don't fly, but now that you're a cheap date (getting buzzed so easily), maybe getting trashed and flying would be ok

Kathy, can't picture you shy. Nope, can't imagine it.

The Voldyne, or some similar thing, is pretty standard for in patient stays these days. It really does reduce the incidence of pneumonia and can't hurt if we bring them home and practice. Of course mine was left at the hospital, really didn't want one more plastic thing in the house. The dogs or cat would have probably found it anyway.

Had a pretty busy day here. DP was actually off from work, something that is extremely rare since she works in retail. We have needed a new dining room/dinette set for a while but it was down our priority list. In truth it still is, but we've been actively shopping for a few weeks...can't hurt to look. Well we found one today, not our dream set, but since the sale that reduces it by $700 ends Monday, we couldn't say no. It's being delivered on Thursday. This was maybe the 7th store we looked in over the last couple of weeks and frankly, I was getting really tired of the shopping process. Big surprise, I'm NOT into shopping.

Just got home about an hour ago to pathetic, starving dogs who were convinced they were going to die at any moment from lack of food.

Have fun ladies...will check in later or tomorrow.


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